Saturday, June 01, 2013

Coca Cola In Israel: Find Your Hebrew Name

מוצש"ק פר' שלח תשע"ג

It seems that every year in Israel, the Coca-Cola company has some kind of gimmick going on during the summer months, in order to take advantage of the hot weather to increase sales. These usually include games and contests and maybe a party sponsorship or two. Then at the end of summer, Coca-Cola caps it all off with special sales and larger and decorative bottles during the Rosh HaShannah/Sukkoth, fall holiday season.

Makes good, beverage company, business sense, doesn't it?

This year, however, I believe that Coca-Cola did something especially clever. It printed names on each bottle. Now, everyone who goes to the store can spend some time searching for his or her name. English speaking tourists who can find their names on a bottle of their favorite Coca-Cola product, have found a pretty cool and pretty cheap souvenir to take back home with them. Even the least Torah-connected of these tourists have the opportunity to bring back a bit of Hebrew, he or she actually understands and which carries meaning for them.

For all I know this has been done before. We have all seen personalized key chains, notebooks, clothing, and license plates. So, why not disposable drink containers?

My buddy Eitan "finally broke down" and bought his name.


Of course, clever photoshoppers were also quick to take advantage of Coca-Cola's gimmick. This next version was seen going around Facebook.

Get it?

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