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Reform Movement: Bringing Jews Closer,... To What?

מוצש"ק פר' פנחס תשע"ג

NRG: The President of the Reform Movement: "We are learning from Chabba"d how to bring [Jews] closer to Judaism."
The Reform "rabbi" Rick Jacobs says that in his movement, it is understood that in the current era, one does not have to wait for Jews - rather go to them: "In Chabba"d they have understood this for years. We also want to be like this."

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Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Oh, great! Just what we need!

Women in bikinis handing out Shabbath candles on Ben-Yehudah Street in Jerusalem, or on the Venice Beach Boardwalk, or in New York's Central Park.

Shabbath field trips or road trips to night clubs and the beach. Don't forget to bring money to buy Shabbath lunch.

I remember one the Reform Movement's "Hessed Projects," handing out sandwiches on Kikar Tzion (Zion Square). Do I really have to tell you what was in those sandwiches? No. I didn't think so. Because we all know.

because after all, anything goes! Do Jews really have such short memories? Does no one recall the Reform stance the halakhah (Torah Law)? It is not binding.

Try as it may to change its image, the Reform Movement simply cannot, B"H. Take kippahs off, putting them back on, wearing talithoth which look like those priests and ministers, wearing talithoth which look like Orthodox Jews, emphasize rationalism, emphasize spirituality, looks very much like the flexible strategist and multi-faced Esau. Yet, it makes absolutely no difference. Those who fall into the clutches of the Reform Movement are those who always have:
1. Jews who are so distanced from Judaism, that (by no fault of their own), they will believe that anything is Judaism.

2. People who are not Jewish, whether they think they are or not.

3. Jews who are actively trying to find excuses and various other means to rebel against the Torah.
Later in the article, Rick Jacobs was asked...

Perhaps the problem is that the majority of Reform are not sufficiently committed to Judaism - The do not come to the synagogue every Shabbat and do not keep kashrut and mitzvot?
"I do not agree with this statement. Assimilation is a side-effect of social openness. During specific periods of time in Europe there wasn't any concern over assimilation, because no one wanted us. In the U. s. and in Canada, it's another. An example of this it is possible to see in the Clinton Family, there Chelsea married a Jew."

I am not at all certain how this answer helps Rick Jacobs's argument. I doubt that it was his intention, but there seems to be an implication here that the isolation of Jews prevented at least one problem, that of assimilation. I happen to believe this to be true. I am just rather surprised that such a statement came from Rick Jacobs mouth.

But, by all means, please double-check my translation of the article.

When asked whether he would perform such a [mixed] marriage, Jacob's replied that he did not currently perform marriages. Some in the Reform Movement would perform such a marriage, but many do not.

Interesting non-response, if you ask me. But that doesn't matter. Assimilation concerns Jacobs, and yet his own Reform Movement is just making it worse, acceptance of intermarriage probably even being the least of their problems. The precedence given to Western "progressive," assimilationist "social justice" over Torah justice is probably one of their biggest obstacles, guaranteeing their eventual fall.

Rick Jacobs's "dream" of bringing Jews closer to Judaism is more like a delusion. Because the Reform Movement is not Jewish,...not in the least.

Reformism is its own religion. So, when they send out their emissaries to bring Jews to closer to Judaism, they will actually be leading them farther away from Judaism.

In fact, they will be leading them deeper into the depths of assimilation, not to mention, closer to sin.

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Shy Guy said...

Reform Judaism: the religion of Silly Putty.

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