Friday, August 23, 2013

A Southern Tel-Aviv of Coexistence and Chic? Guess Again!

ערב שבת קודש פר' כי תבא תשע"ג

Israel Seen: In Southern Tel Aviv, Coexistence and History Find Their Chic

Debra Kamin, August 23, 2013

Israel’s biggest city is changing, especially in its southern neighborhoods. A walk through them reveals a mixed bag of sights and citizens amid a surprising air of tolerance. Jaffa is where Tel Aviv really began. The oldest port in the world, once a capital of Canaan, then a bolt hole for both King David and King Solomon, destroyed and rebuilt time and again, the place has been ruled by nearly every great emperor in history. (cont.)

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
1. Why does IsraelSeen allow the use of the term "Palestinian Territories" on its site, even in an author's bio.? The only occupation is that of the Arabs laying claim to the heartland of Israel.

2. Debra, I used to teach at a mixed Jewish and Arab school in Yaffo. The tolerance is only one-way. The Jewish AND Arab teachers bent over backwards trying to effect unity. But, they were just repeating the same mistakes over again expecting different results,...just like the Israeli Government, on the left AND the so-called right.

When the '91 Gulf war broke out, efforts in Yaffo to make Jewish-Arab children's activities and clubs failed, because the Arab kids kept cheering, every time a scud hit Israel. These are only a couple of many examples.

I am not sure how much you realize just how offensive Arabs find it, when Yaffo is referred to as "part of Tel-Aviv." My guess is that you are completely oblivious to this.

"Channel 2 News: African citizen struck MK Stern."
(screen shot), April, 2013
3. Concerning "South Tel-Aviv," how fair and balanced could this report possibly be without a single mention of the problems, caused by the infiltrators, above and beyond the illegal aliens, above and beyond the "refugees."

This is not journalism, this is not even commentary. Normally, I would say that it is whitewashing.

But, with the naive application of the word "tolerance," and the complete absence of any mention of the theft, the added filth, the sexual harassment, and the aggression perpetrated by the African infiltrators (...who are apparently considered --not necessarily by Debra--"politically-correct," or rather too "politically-sensitive" simply by virtue of their skin color, which, where I come from, is called racism.), I will have to suggest the possibility of propaganda here.

May Golan for Tel-Aviv City Council
I suggest that you do an interview with May Golan, candidate for Tel-Aviv City Council. She will tell you ALL about the non-chic, and even dangerous, part of South Tel-Aviv.

San Diego Skyline
"America's Finest City"
4. Hmm... Now that I see that you are a fellow San Diegueño, I am forced to give you the benefit of the doubt, and reserve further judgment. I have gone back and re-written this response in order to tone it down,...believe it or not.

Just wondering how often you ever frequented City Heights, North Park, or even Golden Hill (before re-gentrification). My guess is that Rancho Santa Fe was more up your alley. But, I have been known to be wrong.

'Nuff said,...for now.

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