Monday, February 09, 2015

Actually,...President Obama is Right

כ' לחודש האחד עשר תשע"ה

U. S. President Obama has been receiving a great deal of criticism over statements he made during his speech at this years National Prayer Breakfast.

Everyone from news analysts and politicians to historians and clergy members have been debating both the accuracy and the wisdom, or lack thereof, of his statements.

Here are only a few snippets from the speech in question.

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
So, was President Obama right?

Yes. I think so.

Of course, here at Esser Agaroth, we reject the U. S. President's application of the term "christ" to the main figure in the Christian mythological texts.

Christ is derived from the Greek, meaning anointed (χρισμένος). In Hebrew, anointed is "mashi'ah," (messiah).

Other than that, President Obama is right on the mark. However, I refer only to his comparison of the actions of ISIS to those of Christians during the Crusades.

The only thing new here is Esau's change in strategy, parallel to their progenitor Esau's  own change in strategy.

Besides The Crusades, let us not forget the Spanish Inquisition, and subsequent murder and expulsion of Jews from that country, expulsions from Portugal, Great Britain, and other countries.

The imprisonment of Jews in the Ghettos of Venice and elsewhere, the forcible wearing of yellow hats of the Jews in Rome, and other forms of humiliation and oppression, which can be likened to the Muslim treatment of their "dhimi."

Don't be fooled by Esau's current, two-faced approach, which lacks the spilling of Jewish blood. This is only another change in strategy, which is expected to lead to the same, eventual goals.

Esau's descendants are both the "progressive" Left, which demonizes Israel, as well as the Christians who want to be our "friends."

They seek the spiritual destruction of the Jewish People through either indoctrination into an assimilated, "progressive" global community or through the worship of their false diety/messiah.

They seek the physical destruction of the Jewish People through intermarriage to their daughters.

They seek control of the Land of Israel. Whether through the landing of U. S. or NATO troops, use of Arabs as their pawns, gobbling away of our land a bit at a time, Vatican takeovers of King David's Tomb and Mt. Zion, the Russian Orthodox and Greek Orthodox expanding empires, or a single housing unit in the Shomron (Samaria) at a time, the goal is the same.

Esau wants his birthright back.

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