Monday, November 30, 2015

Like Most Jews, Maybe Jonathan Tobin Never Thought that...

י״ט לחודש התשעי תשע״ו
Commentary: The Face of #BDSfail: Anti-Semitism

JONATHAN S. TOBIN / Nov. 27, 2015

Can there be anything more ludicrous than a movement that is dedicated to isolating the state of Israel than for its website to be built using a platform created by and operated from that same Jewish state? Not really. But that’s the situation the BDS — boycott, divest, sanction — movement finds itself in today as news spreads that once again one of its main organs is using the Israeli company Wix’s services to operate its website. That leaves Students for Justice in Palestine, which got caught doing this two years ago left trying to explain why its okay for them to make use of an Israeli product while trying to compel others to boycott them. But the contretemps over the decision of the SJP chapter at the University of Denver to repeat the actions of its Cornell University group two years ago once again gives us insight not only into the absurdity of Israel boycotts but the psychology of hate at its core. Their embarrassment, along with the growing number of incidents of hate speech associated with BDS and humiliating failures, should inform the decisions of those asked to join this movement as well as members of Congress as they ponder whether to include language prohibiting such boycotts in trade legislation.

The only word in the colloquial dictionary that adequately describes SJP’s excuses for using Wix is lame. BDS’ers work hard to convince the world that Israel should be treated as a pariah state and to refrain from all economic intercourse with it. Their purpose is to wage war on it and, by gradually tightening the economic noose, force its collapse. Yet SJP thinks its perfectly okay for them to avail themselves of the brilliant achievements of the “Start-Up Nation.” Like all those who wish to see Israel eliminated, but are not prepared to give up the benefits that come from employing the products it creates, including medical advances that save lives, BDS groups are forced into the humiliating position of saying that they can decide which kinds of economic interaction with Israelis is acceptable. (cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
I can appreciate Jonathan Tobin calling out the hypocrisy of BDS, and associated, groups, as well as calling out Jew-hatred when he sees it. Unfortunately, this the level where the majority of the American Jews can be found, concerned with their image in the eyes of the goyim, being liked, being loved, and doing anything they can to obtain validation for their existence, not from God, not from themselves even, but from the goyim. Certainly, most of these Jews are be appalled at my use of the term goyim. Even though it simply means “nations,” in other words not us.

But, many, perhaps most, American Jews are appalled by being singled out and isolated as being “different,” even more so than my use of a Hebrew word, which they are too embarrassed to admit they do not understand. So distanced they are from their own heritage, their own traditions, even their own people, desiring to be “just like everyone else,” and not the distinct and separate people which we are supposed to be, and under the most ideal circumstances, residing in our own land,…ALL of our own land.

So, perhaps BDS is actually doing us a favor, and is not so much in the hands of the goyim as many of us think.


Jews Who Boycott Israel? The Definition of Peace?


Unknown said...

The last line is the truth! Hashem has to use strongarm tactics to get the Jews to realize that we're not like the goyim. And, be careful, Falker- saying "goyim" too much can get you thrown off the plane. Goyim. Goyim. Goyim. If you didn't see "Meet the Parents," then my joke makes absolutely no sense.

Yakov Butterfield said...

One of the real problems is on College and University campuses with the BDS movement. Jewish students are in real danger from attacks both physical and psychological. Unfortunately no one in the University administration is willing to take BDS seriously and do something about it. Just maybe Jewish students will wake up and make Aliyah after something bad happens if not before. The vandalism on campuses is just the start of trouble.

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