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Do Jews Really Want to Destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque?

ערב שבת קודש פר׳ פקודי
ראש החודש השנים עשר ב׳ תשע״ו

YNET: Netanyahu mentions Mufti al-Husseini in speech
The Prime Minister spoke at an event marking the 100th birthday of late PM Yitzhak Shamir. He compared today's Palestinian terrorism to that of the 1920s, saying, "The Mufti claimed the Jews were going to destroy al-Aqsa."

Itamar Eichner: 02.29.16

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu mentioned the Mufti Amin al-Husseini Sunday night at a speech in Jerusalem, comparing Arab incitement of the 1920s to the incitement of the current terror wave.

During his speech at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center marking what would have been late former Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir's 100th birthday, Netanyahu said that the "terrorism in the '20s, when my grandfather came to Israel, was also fed by the claim of Mufti Hajj Amin al-Husseini that the Jews were going to destroy the al-Aqsa mosque and build the third temple in its stead. Sound familiar to you?"

Last October, Netanyahu instigated controversy when he said, in a speech at the World Zionist Congress, that the Mufti inspired the Nazi final solution during a meeting with Adolf Hitler. According to that speech, Hitler intended on expelling the Jews from Europe rather than exterminating them, but his mind was changed, at least in part, by al-Husseini. After his words were widely condemned, the PM recanted.

This time, Netanyahu said, "the incitement is ongoing, and terror waves come and go, and the attempts to explain it with the despair and frustration of Palestinians are incorrect. That statement absolves them of responsibility for their actions, for their terror that has been accompanying us for almost 100 years, before the establishment of the state and before there were territories and settlements, when there was a diplomatic process and when there wasn’t. (cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
The Prime Minister was wrong to recant his statement about the Mufti's incitement and role in the Holocaust.

Grand Mufti Al-Husseini with Hitler ysh"w
May their names and memories be blotted out!
He was also way off when he said that "their [Arab] terror that has been accompanying us for almost 100 years." Just read the Tana"kh (The Bible) and Jewish accounts of history following it, and you will see that ever since the birth of the Arabs' forefather Yishma'el, who is described as פרא אדם, a "wild man" (Gen. ), the People of Israel have suffered at their hands.

The Prime Minister was right about how "...the incitement is ongoing, and terror waves come and go...."

It is all part of the same cycle...

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...which is why it is so frustrating that the Prime Minister, just like all of his predecessors, refuses to do all that is necessary to achieve a permanent end to Arab terror from within Israel,...ALL of Israel.

Now regarding the Jews' desire to destroy the mosques, aren't religious Jews supposed to believe that the Beth HaMiqdash (the Temple) will be re-built? Don't we pray three times a day for the coming of the Mashi'ah, who will rebuild the Beth HaMiqdash, if we fail to do so before his arrival?

Well, the answer to this question can be found in a humorous story I once heard...
Rabbi Meir Kahane hy"d (left) was asked this very question regarding the mosques on Har HaBayith, and the rebuilding of the Beth HaMiqdash. Rabbi Kahane's response to this was not to bother to destroy the mosques, and just build the Beth HaMiqdash in between them. Why? Because if the mosques were destroyed (somehow), then the State would just end up building the Arabs bigger and better ones.
And there you have it, the perfect summary of both the State of Israel, and the state of Israel, more worried about how the non-Jewish, "international community" sees us, than how we see ourselves, let alone how The Almighty, sees us.

We are afraid, afraid of the State, afraid of the goyim. Even though we are only supposed to fear The Almighty,...The Holy One, Blessed Be He.

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