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The Same IDF Treatment Toward Jews as Palestinians? Not Quite.

ז׳ לחודש החמישי תשע״ה
YNET: IDF: Same treatment for Palestinian, Jewish rioters 
Soldiers ordered to respond to Jewish stone-throwers just as they do to Palestinians - with riot control measures, Krav Maga. 

Yoav Zitun, 07.13.15

Israel's security forces often find themselves in delicate situations that have led to harsh claims of racism and misconduct. But orders passed through the chain of command over the last year paint a different picture - one in which both Palestinian and Jewish rioters earn the same response.

"The command tells soldiers not to treat Palestinian or Jewish stone throwers differently," said a military source who expanded on the details of the order.

"In every case of Jewish attacks against Palestinians, the reaction has to be immediate," said the source, "And there are four red lines: One, damage to property or the body of a Palestinian; two, throwing stones at security forces; three, verbal violence against a soldier, police officer, or border police officer; four, damage to IDF property."

 The order has been revised several times in the past, first appearing as a result of several incidents between right-wing activists and IDF soldiers. In many of these cases, soldiers stood by in instances of violence against Palestinians.

"We explain to combat soldiers that there is no difference between a Jewish and a Palestinian who breaks the law," said a senior officer. "There are no special regulations for firing on a Palestinian." (cont.)
And thus there are no special regulations for firing on a Jew.

Anyone out there, worried about a "War Between Brothers" (civil war), this is your cue to start whining about it. (Hint: It already began ages ago.)

Just like the Jew hatred is pushing Jews in the direction of, the erev rav gov't is pushing settlers/religious Jews (including Haredim)

Towns like Yitzhar get it. But, what about towns like Ofra and Neve Daniel? Will they?

Jews and Arabs are to be treated the same, huh? Not quite.
Arutz 7: Jewish Minor Brutally Assaulted by Cops in Demolition Protest
Youth protesting Beit El destruction gets violently assaulted by cops, necessitating hospital treatment; now his case is in court.

Nir Har-Zahav, 7/20/2015

The Jerusalem Magistrate's Court is to discuss on Monday the case of a Jewish youth who was arrested near Kiryat Arba in Judea on Sunday night, during one of a series of protests against the intended demolition of homes in Beit El located north of Jerusalem in Samaria.

The Honenu legal aid organization has revealed that the Jewish minor was brutally assaulted during his arrest by police officers, and was treated at Shaare Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem on Monday night for wounds sustained during the beating.

Honenu has turned to the division for the investigation of officers, in a request for an investigation against those policemen who beat the youth. (cont.)
Yeah, good luck with that one!
PM Netanyahu
The Supreme Court ruled roughly a month ago that several buildings in the eastern part of Beit El are to be demolished by July 30.

In a stormy meeting last Monday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu admitted he intends to renege his campaign pledge to build 300 housing units in Beit El, saying he will allow the demolition to go ahead.

Netanyahu reneging on a campaign pledge? Please do not tell me that this comes as a surprise to you. 
He also clarified his intentions to continue a covert total freeze on Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria that his coalition governments have been enacting for roughly two years now.

Regarding Beit El, there has been criticism against the paradigm by which all non-state land in Judea and Samaria is automatically considered to be Arab-owned private land, even without any proof of ownership, and therefore construction on it is deemed illegal.
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Go figure. Since the Torah says that the Land is ours, and the government says that it is not, that means that the government is contradicting the Torah.

And, PLEASE, do not tell me that this comes as a surprise to you, and PLEASE to not throw one of those mamlakhti (diehard State loyalist) responses at me, like "it's more complicated than that" or "we have to be patient" or that "the K'nesseth is a stand-in for a Jewish king."

Haven't you learned your lesson yet?

Still think the Government Of Israel [GOI] is a Jewish government?

I think not.

Who could possibly forget this powerful photo taken at the expulsion of Jews from Amona in תשס״ו/2006?
Nili: “You see me in the photograph, one against many, but that is only an illusion – behind the many stands one man – [Prime Minister Ehud] Olmert, but behind me stand the Lord and the people of Israel.”

Nili is pretty optimistic when she says that there is only one person standing on the other side of the Yassa"m (Israeli riot police) shields. For she is actually up against the Erev Rav. But, she is right about one thing. She has got The Almighty and the People of Israel behind her. We just need to remember that those people calling themselves "Jews" or "Israelis," who are not with her, are against her.

Should we now expect the same IDF treatment towards Jews as Pseudostinians?

Of course not! It has never been the same, and it never will be. This report is simply code for...

It is going to worse for the Jews!

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