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Esser Agaroth

The author of Esser Agaroth was born and raised in Southern California.  He flew to Israel for the first time in 1997, stayed, and has not left the country since 1998. With a B. A. from UCLA, and an M. S. from California State University, East Bay, he has worked in a variety of fields, including education and mental health. He has lived all over central Israel, including Tel-Aviv, Beth-El, Ofra, K'far Tapu'ah, and has worked all over the Binyamin and Shomron areas.

He now lives in Jerusalem, continuing to identify with the "real settlements" and "real settlers," not the poster child suburbs favored by the Jerusalem Post and the like.

A few days before Rosh Hodesh of the First Month (Nissan) 5774 (March 26, 2014), he renounced his American citizenship, and is now holds only Israeli citizenship.

Esser Agaroth (10 Agaroth) is the approximate equivalent of in Israeli currency, as in "giving my worth."

Esser Agaroth is a commentary on life in Israel and on being Jewish.

Yosef Stein
Director of Hasbarah

Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Yosef is a graduate of Cornell University. He has since made aliyah, and resides in the hills of Hevron, where King David prepared himself for greatness.


Living in an undisclosed location in the Oppressive and Occupied [by Arabs] Territories (AKA: Yehudah and Shomron), this IDF veteran knows just where to look for those scoops in Hebrew you probably won't ever find in English!

The Sun Lion
Investigator and Analyst

Comfortably Frum

An IDF veteran, originally from the East Coast of the U. S., Comfortably Frum serves as Esser Agaroth's "Devil's Advocate."

Destination Green Hill

An IDF veteran, currently lurking around the East Coast of the U. S., Destination Green Hill pulls no punches!

Director of Investigations

A Jew, born and raised in London, "Bond" currently resides in an undisclosed location within the United Kingdom. He specializes in separating the truth from the lies, and in connecting the dots in order to discover the big picture.


Faster than an Intel chip! Sneakier than MicroSoft! More powerful than Malt Liquor! Sharkskin can find ANYTHING on the Net, and I mean ANYTHING!

"The Yiddishe Cup"
Shadkhanuth Correspondant

Protecting Jewish Men and their wallets, as well as their bris milas! Exposing shady Shadkhaniot! We're onto you, Ladies, and we're not going to take it anymore!

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