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The Iran Deal

 ג׳ לחודש החמישי תעש"ה

At first, I saw little point in chiming in on the throwing of Israel under the bus by the U. S. in its "deal" with Iran.

There are plenty of other writers out there, including those with whom I rarely agree, already doing a very good job of reporting on

But, what the heck? Maybe I'll be able to add some details to this story, which you might not have thought about.
YNET: Israel warns of Iran's continued nuclear R and D, problematic inspection With only partial access to military sites and a 24 days warning period prior to inspections, Iran can continue to realize its nuclear ambitions unimpeded; world powers conceded on many of their main concerns during the negotiations. 
Itamar Eichner, 07.15.15 
Many Iranians rushed onto the streets of Tehran on Tuesday night to celebrate what they see as a great victory - an agreement on the country's nuclear program that would leave Iran a significant portion of its capabilities and remove the sanctions that are choking its economy. 
1,500 km away, officials in Jerusalem are warning that the agreement will preserve Iran's nuclear capabilities, while making effective supervision very difficult. An Israeli government official said Tuesday evening that "According to the agreement, Iran can be warned up to 24 days before being visited by inspectors. It's as if police who want to raid a drug lab would give the criminals 24 days warning – it is inconceivable." (cont.)

Esser Agaroth (2¢):

So, the bottom line appears to be that...

The U. S. Government has bribed Iran with a bazillion dollars and sanctions against weapons imports removed, help with its nuclear research and development, including a clause defending against an Israeli attack against it, and help to defend against Israeli cyber attacks, and for what?

A promise not to blow up the world?

Seriously? A promise?

Anyone else besides me feel like we are watching Jack And The Beanstalk here, but with only regular old beans, instead of magic ones?

President Obama has even dishonored his own, fallen U. S. troops, who were killed by Iranian forces. No surprises there.

This strategy had never worked, trying to fit a non-Western peg into a Western slot. Yet, the U. S., and Israel even more so, continues on this same, fruitless path anyway.

VP Joe Biden
Is the U. S. President really that stupid to believe that this time will be different? Could anyone in such a high position be that naive, or for that matter, that stupid? The Americans who voted for him, yes, and Vice-President Biden definitely, unless he has actually been giving an Oscar worthy performance all this time.

I do not know about you, but I am not falling for the naive and stupid defense of President Obama again.

This man in the White House either wants to control the Land of Israel, like everyone else in the world (Zech. 12-14), wants to assimilate the Jewish People into the non-Jewish, “progressive,” world, or just wipe us out in anyway he can.

And, now Germany's Foreign Minister is taking issue with Israel's objection to the agreement, which has its destruction written all over it. No surprises there, either.

Irans' Supreme leader has already come out in favor of "Death to the U. S." and "Death to Israel," and, by the way, had said that the deal must be scrutinized before agreeing to it, if it does not already include everything that Iran could possible have wished for.

Our only hope that the deal will not go through, is if The Almighty decides to show us mercy, save us again, by hardening the Persian (Iranian) leader's heart, like he did to Pharoah in Egypt, and like he perhaps did to Arafat in 1993, causing him to reject the deal.

Or perhaps, he will use Yair Lapid as a tool to bring down the Israeli Government. Unfortunately, I am afraid that Israel's voters will just elect the same ol' people, spouting off the same ol' promises, and we will be back to where we started, thanks to Israeli deMOCKracy.

Only time will tell.

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