Thursday, February 14, 2019

Speaking of Clients...

ט' לחודש השנים עשר תשע״ט

This post should probably be in Hebrew, too. But, the offensive person in question was an English speaker. So, for now, I'll stick with English.

Even though the person in question was in Haredi livush, PLEASE do not take this as an opportunity to Haredi-bash. Rather, this is an opportunity to be critical of some of those English speakers who identify as "therapists," both real and fake.

While on the bus to Tel Aviv, a man starts talking way too loudly on the phone. No, he wasn't [native] "Israeli," as you people like to refer to "them" vs. "us." He was speaking way too loudly in his native English.

Never heard anyone in Israel speak too loudly on the phone in English? Then you're just not paying attention,...ever.

Anyway, what is this guy talking about? The clients he saw today!

"I saw two couples today. One couple was from XXXXXX (community)...."

Who is he talking to? His consultant? His adviser? His own therapist?

Where on earth did he learn that this is appropriate to talk about clients in a public place? What kind of course in laws and ethics for therapists did he take? Did he even take any such class?

Quite frankly, this is tantamount to "acting-out of therapy."

Why does he even have to speak about his clients in a public place? I don't even think he was trying to show off.

Does he really think that no one will understand English? That since it's only a little demographic data, that makes it ok?

This is not even about risking the clients' confidentiality. Even one iota of data disrespects his clients. They are people, not subjects, and certainly not statistics.

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You Are Not A Therapist!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Moti Alon Revisited... Unfortunately

ח' לחודש השנים עשר תשע״ט

I don't like citing Arutz 7, not in the least. Not thrilled about giving this individual the free publicity either. But, this op-ed needed a response.
Arutz 7 Op-Ed: Mario Lemieux and Bnei Akiva
Rav Chaim Drukman is under attack for helping out Rav Moti Alon. We can learn a lot from Mario Lemieux. 
Rabbi Dr. Aryeh Hirsch, 16/01/19 
It happens that Rav Chaim Drukman is under attack for helping out Rav Moti Alon. To put it mildly, I am incensed to read the attacks against Rav (Rabbi) Drukman by two fellow Jews and Bnei Akiva members, and by something called the Freidberg Foundation. To explain this, though, requires the following background information:

תלמיד חכם שסרח אין מבזין אותו- "a Torah scholar who sins is not to be shamed publicly", says Reish Lakish ( Talmud, Menachot, 99b)- " because, say the Rabbis of the Yeshivah of Rabbi Yishmael, he is sure to do Teshuvah (recreate himself via repentance- Berachot 19a). One would think this also is true of a Talmud chacham (scholar) who didn't sin, but did the right thing - he is not to be shamed. However, let's see: 
Only one figure took pity on this תלמיד חכם שסרח- Torah scholar who went wrong. Rav Chaim Drukman realized that for a Rabbi who had spent his whole life teaching, and on such a scale, to suddenly be forced to give it all up - this would destroy him. So Rav Drukman gave Rav Alon space in Ohr Etzion Yeshivah in order to give shiurim (classes).  
Rav Drukman, however, is not naïve. A longtime MK and Minister, head of the network of Bnei Akiva Yeshivot and Ulpanot, head of the government's Conversion Commission for more than a decade, Rav Drukman has a wealth of practical experience in the human sphere to accompany his scholarship and position as Rosh Yeshivah. Thus Rav Drukman put conditions on his help to Rav Alon - the primary one being, that none of the students at Ohr Etzion's two high schools were allowed to attend the shiurim (classes) given by Rav Alon. To the extent of the community of Ramat Shapira, home to Ohr Etzion, Rav Alon was supervised. 
Of course, Rav Alon had his own Yeshiva elsewhere. Rav Drukman is not the Shabak, and he's not the KGB; and unfortunately it was there that Rav Alon fell back into his old sin of sexual offense against a male student. This time, as soon as this behavior became known, Rav Drukman and others put an end to all of Rav Alon's public teaching. 
However, this appears not to be enough for several holier–than-thous in the Religious Zionist camp. One, who gives major sums to Bnei Akiva but doesn't have the courage to even say who he is, has said that he "is dismayed at (Rav) Drukman's refusal to publicly condemn (Rav) Alon"(Jerusalem Post, Friday, Jan. 11). So much for Resh Lakish's prohibition AGAINST public condemnation; given this Talmudic dictum, Mr. Anonymous won't be getting any condemnations of Rav Alon from Rav Drukman. Another, a former Bnei Akiva World Chairman, is "boycotting the upcoming world Bnei Akiva conference until he [Rav Drukman] is prepared to accept responsibility for his decision to help Rav Alon and for damages to the victims".

Rav Drukman not accepting responsibility? Who does he think he is, speaking thus to a Rav who has accepted public responsibility for the last 50 years? Rav Drukman did everything possible to police Rav Alon's activities while in Rav Drukman's jurisdiction, and pinning blame on Rav Drukman for the recent offenses is, simply, self-righteous defamation of the Rav. (cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Sexual predators can be treated successfully. 100% of them? No idea, but probably not, even with all of the time and money necessary for proper treatment. And, in my professional opinion, the chances of successful treatment are higher if the perpetrator of such crimes actually wants help.

Besides psychotherapy, there is Sexaholics Anonymous [SA]. No. I am not promoting any particular program, nor 12-Step programs. I am simply mentioning that they are out there, and an option.

Of course, I would NEVER DREAM of calling Moti Alon a sexual predator. I am simply using this group of individuals as an example, to drive the point home.

I'm very much for "innocent until proven guilty" approach, and I do not believe that accusers should be automatically believed. I hope I do not have to tell you about all of the men who have lost their jobs, their, families, custody of their children, not to mention their reputations, due to false accusations. Such damage simply cannot be undone.

But the evidence we have heard against Moti Alon is compelling, and a beth din of Alon's mamlakhti (diehard State loyalist) peers previously ruled against him, and, for better or worse, tried to keep the incidents quiet. In my opinion, this was chance enough for Moti Alon. And so, I find this all quite disturbing.

Rabbi Chaim Druckman
But the purpose of this post is not to talk about Alon. Rather it is to respond to an op-ed. I, myself, have already written enough about Rav Druckman's involvement with Moti Alon in תשע"ג-תשע"ד/2013:

Rabbi Druckman Throws Students to the Dogs
Rabbi Druckman Makes a Terrible Situation Much Worse

First off, I will concede that  Rabbi Dr. Aryeh Hirsch may very well be correct regarding public rebuke. Maybe. A similar argument was made against attacking Shlomo Aviner publicly above and beyond the order of the Beth Din of Rabbi Mordekhai Eliyahu ztz"l (Rabbi Ya'acov Yosef ztz"l, Rabbi Dov Lior, Rabbi Zalman Nehemiyah Goldberg, Rabbi Avraham Elqanah Kahane Shapira ztz"l) to publicize its ruling that Aviner should refrain from ruling on issues of family purity. To this day, followers of Shlomo Aviner claim that the motivation to "go after him," was political.

Moti Alon cannot make this same claim.

Since I'm no fan of Rav Druckman's conversion programs anyway...
(I was on Rav Sherman's side the entire time of the conflict and I still think he was right. Every time I heard public debate on this issue, it was Rav Sherman's side providing halakhic support for his position, while Rav Druckman's surrogates engaged in name calling.

It is ridiculous that a secular court intervened. It is an embarrassment that we accepted its intervention in an halakhic matter. And it is a complete disappoint, to say the least that Rav Druckman participated in such a proceeding when most of those sitting in judgment are disqualified from sitting on a beth din.)
...the mention of Rav Druckman's conversion programs do not impress me in the least, and actually have the opposite effect on me. I would have said to boycott the world Bnei Akiva conference anyway.

Hirsch also lists Rav Drukman's various other accomplishments. He should not have bothered listing his positions in the government. Also not impressed. Rav Druckman was a member of the National Religious Party [NRP], reincarnated as The Jewish Home Party, and now transforming into who knows what. The National "Religious" Party asked Rav Mordechai Eliyahu ztz"l whether it could put women on the party list of candidates. Rav Eliyahu said "no." The NRP did it anyway, stating that it had "other rabbis," albeit as Rav Druckman was completing his tenure as a member of Knesset [MK]. Couldn't the NRP just shop around for rabbinical opinions -- not that this strategy is acceptable -- instead of embarrassing itself?

Moti Alon
Rabbi Dr. Hirsch author should also ask his fellow students at Merkaz HaRav Kook why they founded the Ariel youth group. (Hint: because they didn't want their kids going to Bnei Akiva.) מי שמבין יבין

Wait a minute! Even Bnei Akiva members are complaining about Rav Druckman! Perhaps I misjudged them. Perhaps they are waking up. Unfortunately, it has taken incidents of alleged sexual abuse to do it.

I am very disappointed to see this opinion coming out of Merkaz HaRav via one of its recent musmachim, not the opinion itself, but the reasoning used to support it.

Merkav HaRav Kook, in my opinion, truly the flagship yeshiva of [authentic] Religious Zionism, having been in the forefront of the fight against the expulsion from Azza, and whose late Rosh Yeshiva Rav Avraham Shapira ztz"l was in the forefront in the battle against the masses' confusion over the differences between Torah Law and Israeli law and which of these takes precedence.  

(Hint: There is not just one "Religious Zionist" camp. There are at least two: The camp which holds that חוקי התורה קודמין לחוקי האדם, and the camp which is misguided and confused about this.)

But, hey. Rabbis Menachem Froman and Shai Piron also learned at Merkaz HaRav Kook, so unfortunately, we shouldn't be surprised.

Regardless of the degree of Rav Druckman's responsibility for Moti Alon's destruction of the lives of several Jewish men, at the very least, he should make a public commitment to refrain from employing the same strategy over again, expecting different results when it comes to intervening with "alleged" perpetrators of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse.

Has Rav Druckman already done this? If I've missed, then by all means, please post it in the comments below.

Friday, January 18, 2019

התקדמות לכלכלה ישראלית ללא מזומן / One More Step Toward a Cashless Israeli Economy

ערב שבת קודש פר׳ בשלח תשע״ט

English follows the Hebrew.
ב-01.01.19 החוק הבא התחיל לשלוט על הארנקים שלנו.
YNET: חוק המזומן: בוועדת חוקה מאיימים לדחות את החוק; רשות המסים: "תהיה תקופת חסד"
28 יום נותרו עד לכניסת החוק שמגביל את הסכום בעסקאות מזומן - והציבור מבולבל. בוועדת החוקה טוענים שאין תשתית חלופית, אין הסברה ומגזרים שלמים נותרו ללא מענה. ח"כ סלומינסקי: "זו בושה שאין הכנה לחוק"; מנהל רשות המסים מתחייב באולפן ynet: "ניתן 9 חודשים של התנסות"
אליצפן רוזנברג: 03.12.18

28 יום נותרו עד כניסתו לתוקף של החוק להגבלת השימוש במזומן בתחילת חודש ינואר - ואיש לא טורח להכין את הציבור למהלך. גם לא הוקמה תשתית שתאפשר התנהלות גם למי שמורגלים בשימוש במזומן, בלית ברירה או מבחירה.

"מה שקורה זו בושה גדולה", אומר ל"ממון" יו"ר ועדת החוקה האחראית לחוק, ח"כ ניסן סלומינסקי. "הייתה לי הבטחה מבנק ישראל שתהיה תשתית אלטרנטיבית, וזה נשאר בתיאוריה. אני צריך מכשירים שפועלים כבר בשטח, ואני צריך הסברה".

לדבריו, "אני מדבר עם אנשים – אף אחד לא יודע מזה. אתה הולך לעשות מהפך, וסוכם שתהיה הסברה רצינית כדי שאנשים יבינו שיש חוק כזה, מה הוא אומר. זה לא קיים". סלומינסקי מכוון בעיקר לרשות המסים, שאמורה הייתה לצאת בקמפיין נרחב בתחילת נובמבר, ועד היום זה לא קרה. (המשך)
עשר אגורות (2¢):
עכשיו יש נלו עוד הגבלה במדינת ישראל על מה שאנחנו ההאזרחים יכולים לעשות עם הכסף שלנו, הכסף שעבדנו קשה מאוד להררוויח אותו.

להפחית מעשי פלילי הוא פשוט התירוץ להגביל את השימוש בכסף מזומן.

ומה ההגבלה הבאה? לאסור אותנו משימוש במזומן בכלל?

כבר אי אפשר לשלם על נסיעות באוטובוס בעיר הבירה במזומן פרט ותיקים. חייבים להחזיק רב קו. למה? מפני שככה יותר נוח ומהיר לנוסעים.

השקרים הכי היעילים הם מבוססים באמת.

הליברטריאן* היהודי אמר לי שערך המטבע ש 10 אגורות הוא בעצם 12 אוגורות בזכות כמות הנחושת שלו.

אז לא משנה איזה חוקים כוחות השלטון יקימו עלינו בעתיד. כדאי לנו לחסוך את המטבעות האלה. או אפילו כדאי לחסוך אוכל ומים מפני שאי אפשר לאכול מטבעות. אנחנו כבר יודעים את הערך של שטרות הכסף.

אפס אגורות.

*ליברטריאן: אדם הדוגל בעקרונות החופש; מפלגה פוליטית בארה״ב.

   10 Agaroth Coin
On January 1, 2019, the following law went into effect, controlling our wallets.

YNET: Israel passes law to limit cash deals to fight economic crimes
Reuters: 03.13.18

Israel’s parliament passed a law that limits the amount of cash in the economy in an effort to fight against dirty money, economic crime and money laundering.

Israel’s government loses “billions of shekels in revenue every year” because of under-the-table cash transactions, the Tax Authority said on Tuesday.

The World Bank in 2010 said Israel’s so-called shadow economy was equal to 22 percent of economic output. Israel produced about $366 billion in 2017, which would mean the economy loses out some $80 billion.

The new law imposes a limit of 11,000 shekels ($3,197) on cash transactions made to businesses, which could be further reduced by the finance minister 6,000 shekels in 2020. Cash deals between private individuals, such as buying a used car, will be limited to 50,000 shekels, a level that may be lowered to 15,000 shekels.

Violators will receive warnings until the law goes into full effect in 2019, the Tax Authority said.

The law also states that checks will be limited to 10,000 shekels. Tourists will be limited to paying no more than 55,000 shekels to buy services or assets, although they can do so up to five times.
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Now we have another restriction in the State of Israel on what we citizens can do with our money, the money we work very hard to earn.

Reducing crime is simply an excuse to limit our use of cash.

And will the next restriction be? To prohibit us from using cash at all?

Already we can't pay for the bus on the bus itself with cash in the capital except for senior citizens. We must carry a Rav Kav (transit card). Why? Because it is ״more convenient and faster for passengers."

The most effective lies are always based on the true.

The Jewish Libertarian once told me that the value of the 10 Agaroth (1 New Israeli Sheqqel = 10 Agaroth) coin is actually 12 Agaroth, because of the coin's copper content.

So no matter what laws the powers that be will place over us in the future. We ought to waste these coins. Or even save food and water because you can't eat coins. We already know the value of the monetary notes.

Zero Agaroth.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Jews are Thinking of Leaving Scotland. Good!

ז' לחודש האחד עשר תשע"ט
Times of Israel: Scottish lawmakers pan anti-Semitism, as many Jews said thinking of leaving
Community leader last year told parliament meeting on religious freedom that small Jewish population is ‘not feeling at home’ 
By Stuart Winer, 6 January 2019

Two members of the Scottish parliament spoke out against the anti-Semitism faced by Jews in the country, after it emerged that many members of the community are considering leaving Scotland due to feelings of alienation and vulnerability.

Jackson Carlaw, the acting leader of the Scottish Tories, said, “Scotland’s Jews are entitled to feel safe, to feel valued and to look forward with the same optimism as any of us,” the Herald on Sunday reported.

Liberal Democrat MP Christine Jardine called for lawmakers to condemn local anti-Semitism.

“It’s truly horrifying that more and more Scottish Jews do not feel welcome in their own country, and would actually consider moving away,” she said. “Politicians of all parties must be vocal in condemning the disturbing rise of anti-Semitism.”

Their remarks came in response to a parliamentary committee meeting about the fears of the local Jewish community.

Ephraim Borowski, director of the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJec), told a gathering of the Cross-Party Group on Freedom of Religion or Belief last year that local Jews feel that times have changed.

“Mostly the Jewish community used to feel that Scotland was a good place to be Jewish but for many that has reversed,” he said, according to the minutes from the meeting outlining his presentation. Many Jews actively discuss leaving Scotland because they feel alienated, vulnerable and not at home. 
“The general message is not that it is terrible being Jewish in Scotland,” Borowski said. “But, in recent years, there has been a very worrying increase in the level of anti-Semitism in the country, with the result that many Jewish people report they are actively considering emigrating from Scotland.(cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Many Jews will praise these members of the Scottish parliament for speaking out against anti-Semitism.

Still other Jews will encourage the Jews in Scotland to "stick it out," and "not to leave without a fight," believing that they should "not let the anti-Semites win."

They are both wrong.
Mostly the Jewish community used to feel that Scotland was a good place to be Jewish but for many that has reversed.
This makes total sense, at Scotland, along with all other countries outside of the Land of Israel were meant to be temporary dwelling places.
Many Jewish people report they are actively considering emigrating from Scotland.
As they should be.
Scottish Jews do not feel welcome in their own country, and would actually consider moving away.
This is the main problem. Scotland is NOT these Jews' country. The Scottish  MP's believe they are being helpful to Jews. And maybe in the short-run, they are, preventing one or a few more incidents.

But the signs are there, and it is high time to leave, not out of fear but out of love and excitement for the opportunity to return to the ONLY TRUE homeland of the Jewish People, the Land of Israel.
Many Jews actively discuss leaving Scotland because they feel alienated, vulnerable and not at home.  
Good. That's how we're supposed to feel. After all, the exile from the Land of Israel is a punishment, a fact which so many of us have failed to remember.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

נתניהו: טראמפ צודק לגבי החומה / Netanyahu: Trump is Right about the Wall

מוצש״ק פר׳ בא תשע״ט

הפרשנית השמרנית אן קולטר מזכירה לנו על הציוץ מלפני שנה של רה״מ נתנינו:

הנשיא טראמפ צודק. אני בניתי חומה לאורך הגבול הדרומי של ישראל.
זה הפסיק את כל ההגירה הלא חוקית. הצלחה גדולה. רעיון מציון.

עשר אגורות (2¢):
סבבה. אבל מה עם כל המסתתננים המסתובבים בארץ, הגונבים, העושים את צרכיו באמצע הרחובות, המתקיפי מין ובעיקר בדרום תל אביב.

תושבי דרום תל אביב חיים בסיוט 24 שעות כל יום.

כן. אנחנו כבר שמענו את כל התירוצים, ובעיקר האשמת הבג״ץ שלא נותן לממשלה לסלק אותם מארצנו כבר. זאת אומרת כל המסתננים.

אז מה? תעשה משהו כבר.

או זה נכון שאכפת לראש הממשלה יותר מדעות אותות העולם מהאזרחים שהציעו לו ואמורים להצביע לו עודה פעם?

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
AnnCoulter reminds us of when PM Netanyahu tweeted his above tweet.

Great. But what about all the infiltrators who are wandering around the country, the thieves, who meet their needs in the middle of the streets, the sex attackers, and especially in south Tel Aviv.

Yes. We have already heard the excuses, especially the High Court of Justice, which is not allowing the government to remove them from our country already. That is, ALL of the infiltrators.

So what? Do something already.

Or is it true that the Prime Minister really does care more about what the so-called "international community" thinks than what the voters who put him into office think, voters, who probably re-elect him?

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

The End to Jewish-Muslim conflict in Malmö, Sweden?

ג' לחודש האחד עשר תשע"ט
YNET: Religious leaders declare end to Jewish-Muslim conflict in Malmö
Moshe-David HaCohen and Salahuddin Barakat, the heads of the Jewish and Muslim communities in Sweden's third-largest city, will publish joint ad in Friday paper, announcing: 'Jews and Muslims in Malmö stand together in the fight against anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and any form of racism and discrimination against minorities.'

Salahuddin Barakat and Moshe-David HaCohen
Itamar Eichner, 06.14.18 
Norway, Sweden, and Finland
The heads of the Jewish and Muslim communities in Malmö, Sweden have decided to turn over a new leaf. On Friday, they will announce the end of the conflict between their two communities.

There are some 80,000 Muslims in Malmö alone, while the whole of Sweden contains around 20,000 Jews. Malmö is home to 2,000 Jews.

But in recent years, Sweden in general and Malmö in particular have seen a spike in anti-Semitic incidents—from harassment and vandalism to violent attacks against members of the Jewish community—leading many Jews to leave.

Anti-Semitism has become an almost daily occurrence in the city, with incidents such as arson at the Jewish cemetery, threats, verbal abuse and objects being thrown at Jews. (cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Although this is from last summer, it is worth mentioning, and commenting on.

The first thing of note is that no mention is made of who has been perpetrating these anti-Semitic acts? Why is it the Muslim leader involved, and not, say, a Christian leader, unless thee acts have been perpetrated by Muslims? Sure, the "conflict" between Jews and Muslims is alluded to in the title of this piece. But, it purposefully lacks any hint of a value judgment toward one party or the other.

On the other hand, we do know that Muslims are not the only culprits. Needless to say, good ol' left-leaning YNET makes a point of leaving out this crucial fact, either due to not wanting to offend anyone, wanting to maintain its reputation for political-correctness, or just general fear. Or perhaps I should say, due to "Islamophobia." (wink, nudge)

Now, remember, the Oslo "Death" Accords were signed in Norway, and Sweden was where an Arab terrorist, and his "Jewish" counterparts received the Nobel Peace prize. In other words, Scandinavia has not been a great place for Jews.

Oh, sure, many of your will bring up Denmark. The Danish who took possession of Jewish property during World War II, so it would not get confiscated by the Nazi occupying forces. Non-Jewish Danes also ferried many Jews across the sea to "neutral" Sweden.

Of course, no one likes to bring up those Danes who did not turn property back over to Jews after the war, nor those Swedes who turned over Jews landing on Swedish shores.

I cannot emphasize enough the following points:

1. All you have to do is look at the image (right), and you'll understand the first point I want to make. However, I will elaborate.

Besides what we have learned throughout history, and which is recorded in our Holy texts from Genesis through out the Tana"kh (Bible), two Talmudim, midrashim, and latter sources of halakhah, Arabs have been improving their lying capabilities, by learning from the West (Esau), Christians and leftists alike, how to lie differently and more effectively. Saying one thing in English (Swedish, too, I would imagine), and then the opposite in Arabic is old hat for them. The Arab terrorist mentioned above was notorious for this strategy, above and beyond his orchestration of the mass murder of Jews.

2. Sweden, along with every single other land outside of the Land of Israel, is at best a temporary dwelling place for Jews. However, now that the gates have been opened, it is time for all Jews to pick up and move to Israel, and invest their time, money, and energy on the Jewish Homeland, and not the lands of the goyim.

3. But, perhaps most important of all is that so many Jews have forgotten that living in galuth (the exile) is a punishment.

The report concludes with the following:
Rb. Michael Melchior
Rabbi HaCohen and Barakat joinly founded "Amanah: The Jewish and Muslim Trust and Faith Project" in the city.
The two were brought together by The Religious Peace Initiative, headed by former minister Rabbi Michael Melchior. 
Melchior lamented the fact Malmö has made headlines in recent years only in negative connotations and welcomed the joint statement. "This is wonderful news. There is now a spark of hope because of a true and deep connection between the communities," he said.
Well, now we know how the Jewish-Muslim conflict in Malmö ended. Left-wing former MK Rabbi Melchior decided as such. Gee. He never thought to encourage Aliyah (Jewish immigration to Israel)?

No doubt, he needs to reread the quote above, attributed to Albert Einstein, as much as anyone else.

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Even the left-leaning YNET News has had what to say about Swedish shenanigans:
Swedish cities use public money to fund anti-Semitism Aug 28, 2018
Molotov cocktails thrown at building in Jewish cemetery in Malmö Dec 11, 2017
Swedish reporter dons kippa and encounters anti-Semitic abuse Jan 24, 2015
Explosion at Malmo Jewish community building Sep 28, 2012
Swedish mayor blasts Zionism Jan 28, 2010

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

ביום בהיר אפשר לראות את ירדן / On a Clear Day You Can See Jordan

ב׳ לחודש האחד עשר תשע״ט
English follows the Hebrew.

כן. מלכות ירדן עדיין קיימת. הבריטים ילדו את מלכות ירדן כדי למנוע התקף זעם משולטי ירדן, משולשלת השאמית, בני דודים של שולשלת הסעדית.

מלכות ירדן / The Kingdom of Jordan
(mountains in the upper leftההרים בצד שמאל למעלה)

"Mei Eden"

obtained in the Golan

דרך אגב, למה המלון הזה קונה מים מרשמת הגולן? מפעל מי עין גדי נמצא קרוב מאוד למלון. זה לא הגיוני.

לפחות המלון הזה עדיין מתיחס לרק שני מינים (מִגְדָּרים). יש השרדה בין גברים לנשים בחדרי השמש (סוֹלַרְיוּם בלועז) לאו דוקא בזכות הדתיים אפילו שגם דתיים וגם מוסלמים ערביים היו מערכים דבר כזה. אלא יש הפרדה כמו המלתחות במועדון כושר. וגם יש אנשים פשוט מעדיפים לשכב ולהשתזף בערום.

אני לא השתזפתי היום על גג המלון בערום אפילו שהייתי לבד. בכל מקרה הייתי יכול אם רציתי.

יוּסף (שם מזויף) עבד בקבלה כשאני הגעתי. היה הגיוני בגלל כל התיירים הערביים שהיו במלון.

אפילו יש הזדמנות לכתוב על האורחים הערביים במלון ואיך הם נהנים מהזכויות שלהם כאזרח ישראל ועל המשכורות הנותנות להם לבלות כמה ימים בים המלח במלון די יוקרתי ללא צורך לדבר בעברית בכלל, אני לא כותב על זה.

ואפילו יש גם הזדמנות לכתוב על העובדים הערביים במלון, כולל המנהל העומד בקבלה, במלון ואיך הם יכולים לעבוד ללא צורך לדבר הרבה בעברית, ונהנים מהזכויות שלהם כאזרח ישראל, אני לא כותב על זה.

אני גם לא כותב נגד העניין המגוחך שמדינת ישראל היא מדינה של אָפַּרְטְהַיְד (הפרדת אוכלוסייה על בסיס הגזע) .

אני נותן לאנשי ״הסברה״, פעילים למען הזכויות ל (ארץ מולדת), ולעוד יהודים ביחסי תלות שיתופית (codependent בלועז) עם הגוים לדאג על עניינים האלה.
א) מפני שהרבה יהודים, גם בארץ וגם בחו״ל, חושבים שטוב לנו שהערבים (וגם הנוצרים מברית המרצות שעברה ומאתיופיה, המסתננים ממדינות אפריקניות, כל מיני יהודים מזויפים) מתקדמים בתהליך להשתלב בהצלחה , יש להם זכויות ״דמוקרטיות״ במדינת ישראל [יותר] שוות מאזרחי מדינת ישראל עצמם. ואין שום ספק שמנהיגי מדינת ישראל רוצים שהמדינה תהיה ממש כמו כל מדינות הגוים. יש הרבה סיבות למה ההשקפה והאמון כאלה לא מסתדרים עם ענייני התורה, שנאמר לא תחנם. ומצוות לא תעשה הזו היא רק אחת מהסיבות. 
ב) מפני שסוף סוף אנחנו חייבים להתעורר ולהסיק את האכפתיות ממחשבות, דעות, והרגשות של הגוים ממנו. וזאת אומרת להפסיק להיות ביחסי תלות שיתופית איתם, ולהתחיל לדאג על מה שאנחנו חושבים על עצמנו. ואפילו אני מעיז להציע שאנחנו כבר צריכים לדאג על מה שהקדוש ברוך הוא חושב עלינו באמת ולא כאילו.
זה לא משנה מה אומות העולם חושבים עלינו. זה לא משנה אם גוי אחד או מיליון מהגוים יאהבו ויקבלו אותנוֿ, או אם הם ימשיכו לשנוא אותנו. ״עשו שונא ליעקב״ (הרשב״י). והם ימשיכו לשנוא אותנו עד שנלמוד בהצלחה איך לאהוב ולקבל את עצמנו. וההתנהגות הזו כוללת האומץ להגן על עצמנו מאויבינו ללא להתבייש וללא להתנצל על זה וללא לשלם לאויבינו על זה וללא לבנות מחדש את התשתיות שלהם.

ועכשיו, בואו נחזור לדבר על מלכות דמיונית של ירדן. אישית, אני לא רואה אותה במפה למטה. ואתם?

Yes, Jordan is still here, that made-up kingdom, born of the British, to curtain the once, and always, impending tantrum of its rulers, the Hashamite family, cousins of the Saudi Royal Family.

But, first off, why on earth would this hotel have a water cooler supplied with water, presumably from the Golan Heights, when the Ein Gedi bottled water company, is just up the street? OK, it's not exactly up the street, but pretty close.

גברים או נשים ולא שניהם
Men or Women, but not both
Well, at least this hotel still only recognizes one gender. The solaria are not separated based on gender due to religious reasons necessarily, although religious Jews and Arab Muslims certainly appreciate this. Rather, they are separated just like gym locker rooms are separated. Some people also simply like to sunbathe in the nude. Don't you hate tan lines?

No rooftop nudity for me today, although I did have the rooftop to myself for the hour I was there. Nevertheless, I could have if I had chosen to.

When I arrived last night, Yussef (not his real name) was on duty at the reception desk. It made sense, since there was a large group of Arabs tourists staying at this hotel.

Even though this would be a good opportunity to write about these Arab guests, enjoying their rights of Israeli citizenship, and the obvious decent livelihood, allowing them to enjoy some luxury time at the Dead Sea, I won't.

Even though this would also be a good opportunity to write about the Arab employees, including the desk manager, enjoying their rights of Israeli citizenship, and jobs, I won't.

Nor will I write against the ridiculous notion that Israel is an "apartheid state."

I will leave these topics to the emotionally co-dependent Hasbarites, and so-called Indigenous Rights advocates.

1. Because so many Jews, both in and outside of Israel, seem to think this a good thing that Arabs, not to mention Christians from the Former Soviet Union and Ethiopia, refugees insurgents from various countries, and any number of other individual and groups of fake Jews, are becoming increasingly integrated, enjoy, equal "democratic" rights within the State of Israel, which apparently wants to be a nation just like all other nations. In so many ways, this attitude is not in line with Torah. שנאמר לא תחנם. And this negative mitzvah (commandment) is only one of these ways.

2. Because, once and for all, we must wake up, and stop caring about what the goyim (nations) think about us already, and start caring about what we think of ourselves. And dare I mention the Holy One, Blessed Be He?
It doesn't matter what anyone thinks of us. It doesn't matter if one more, or one million more of them comes to love and accept us, or if they will continue to hate us. עשו שונא ליעקב Esau hates Ya'aqov. And his spiritual descendants will continue to do so, until we finally learn to love, accept, and respect ourselves. This includes having the courage to defend ourselves, and not being embarrassed and sorry about it afterwards, resulting in our compensating our enemies, and rebuilding their infrastructure.

And now, back to the made-up Kingdom of Jordan. I don't see it on the map above. Do you?

Thursday, January 03, 2019

מערכת המשפטית ישראלית: ניצחון לימין? / The Israeli Justice System: A Victory for the Right?

כ״ו לחודש העשירי תשע״ט
English follows the Hebrew.
YNET: מכה למערכות האכיפה והביטחון: נפסלו הודאות נער שנאשם בטרור יהודי
הנער, שנאשם במעורבות בהצתה ובהשחתת כנסיית דורמיציון בירושלים, הודה במעורבות בפשעי שנאה. לאחר מכן התברר כי שוטרים התחפשו לאסירים רוצחים בתרגיל המכונה "כלא עכו", והפעילו עליו לחץ כדי שיודה. בית המשפט פסל את כל ההודאות

גלעד מורג ואלישע בן קימון 01.01.19

מכה לפרקליטות, למשטרה ולשב"כ: בית המשפט המחוזי בלוד פסל היום (ג') את קבילות כל הודאותיו של נער, שנאשם בחברות בארגון טרור יהודי ובביצוע עבירות ממניע גזעני, כולל מעורבות בהצתה ובפגיעה ברכוש בכנסיית דורמיציון בהר ציון שבירושלים ב-2012. הנער נעצר במסגרת פרשת דומא, אבל לבסוף נקבע כי לא היה מעורב בה. 

ההכרעה התקבלה במסגרת משפט הזוטא (משפט מקדים), שעסק בקבילות הראיות בהודאתו של קטין. במשפט הזוטא ביקש הנער, באמצעות סנגורו איתמר בן גביר, לפסול את הודאות הקטין בטענה שנגבו שלא כדין. בין היתר מדובר בהודאתו במעורבות בפשעי שנאה, שהתקבלה בתא מעצרים בעכו.

בתוכנית "עובדה" תואר כיצד בתרגיל חקירה בשם "כלא עכו" הושם הנער בתא בתחנת המשטרה בעכו עם שוטרים שמחופשים לאסירים, שם הופעל עליו לחץ גדול על מנת שיתוודה בפניהם. בין היתר אחד מהם הציג עצמו כרוצח ובושלה "הברחת סמים" בתא, וכל אלו בוצעו על מנת לערער אותו כדי שיודה במעשים. סנגורו טען כי נחצה קו אדום והאמצעים הפסולים הללו הם שגרמו לו להודות. "רציתי לתת הכול שייפסק", אמר הקטין, שנחקר גם בשב"כ ובמשטרה.

סנגורו של הנער, עו"ד איתמר בן גביר, הגיש ערר על קבילות ההודאות - וטען כי הן אינן קבילות בעקבות תרגיל החקירה. הבוקר, בעקבות החלטת בית המשפט, אמר עו"ד בן גביר: "זהו יום חשוב לדמוקרטיה הישראלית. הגיע הזמן שבשירות הביטחון הכללי ובמשטרה יידעו שגם לנערי גבעות יש זכויות יסוד. בתיק הזה נחצו כל הקווים האדומים, ואני שמח שבית המשפט קיבל את טענותינו ופסל את ההודאות".

ביוני בשנה שעברה קבע בית המשפט המחוזי בלוד כי הודאות שני הנאשמים בפרשת הרצח בדומא, פיגוע הטרור שבו נרצחו שלושת בני משפחת דוואבשה ביולי 2015, קבילות ברובן, למעט אלה שנגבו ב"אמצעים מיוחדים" או עינויים. הודאות מסוג זה נפסלו. על מהות ה"אמצעים" הוצא אז צו איסור פרסום.

מפרקליטות מחוז מרכז נמסר בתגובה: "הנאשם הואשם בעבירות חמורות, הנושאות השלכות גם בזירה הבינלאומית. חוקרי השב"כ והמשטרה ביצעו במקרה זה תרגיל מדובבים שסברו שעומד בגבולות הדין. בעניין זה התנהל משפט זוטא ארוך. בית המשפט פסל היום את ההודאות ואנחנו נלמד את הכרעתו לעומקה ונשקול את צעדינו בהמשך".
עשר אגורות (2¢):
פעילי הימין בישראל יגידו לכם שפסילת ההתודאות של הקטין ההואשם ע״י השופטת מיכל ברנדט היא ניצחון לימינים.

ברור שאני משבח את איתמר בן-גביר על העוצמה המשפטית שלו והניצחון. לעומת זאת, אני חייב להזכיר לכולכם,...עודה פעם, כי מדי פעם אנשי המערכת המשפטית הישראלית מבינים שהם לא יכולים לנצח נגד מישהו מסוים במצב מסוים כדי לקדם את האג׳נדה של הערב רב. ולכן הם מנצלים את המצב, ובכך הם משכנעים אותנו להאמין שאנחנו ניצחנו איזה קרב מסוים ושיש לנו סיכוי לנצח בכלל. 

המצב הכללי לא השתנה ולא ישתנה בעתיד עד תהיה לנו מערכת משפטית שונה לגמרי. עד שתהיה כזאת, מערכת המשפטית הישראלית תמשיך להרוס האופי היהודי של מדינת ישראל, וזה בהחלט כולל כל קשר הנותר לתורה.

נא לראות את הסרטון (למטה) על הפגנה לפני יומיים למען שלושת הקטינים היושבים בכלא ללא לתת להם להתייעץ עם עורכי הדין שלהם.

למעשה החלק הכי חשוב בדו"ח הזה על "ניצחון של הימין" הוא...
מפרקליטות מחוז מרכז נמסר בתגובה: "הנאשם הואשם בעבירות חמורות, הנושאות השלכות גם בזירה הבינלאומית....."
ההצרה הזאת תומכת במה שאני אומר לכם במשך הרבה הזמן כבר. כי אכפת לאנשי ממשלת ישראל  יותר ממה ש"הקהילה הבינלאומית" (הגוים) חושבת עלינו, מה שאנחנו (המצביעים להם) חושבים על עליהם, שאין צריך לומר ממה שאנחנו רוצים מהם, קל וחומר אין צריך לומר שלא אכפת חהם מהרצון של הקדוש ברוך הוא.

"Hilltop Youth also have Basic Rights"

YNET: Court throws out confession of Jewish minor held on terror charges
Judge slams behavior of investigators after police set up a fake prison cell, pretended to be inmates and even planted drugs in his bed in an effort to secure a confession from the young settler

Elisha Ben Kimon and Gilad Morag, 01.01.19

The Central District Court in Lod on Tuesday threw out a confession given by an Israeli minor detained as part of a far-reaching investigation into Jewish terrorism, on the grounds that it was extracted by unlawful means and under duress.

The teen has been charged with several racially motivated offenses, including arson and damage to property in a 2013 attack at the Abbey of the Dormition in Jerusalem. During the attack, graffitti reading "Christians are monkeys" and “Christians are slaves" was sprayed on the walls of the church.

The youth was also questioned on suspicion of involvement in the deadly Duma terror attack of 2015, in which three members of a Palestinian family died in a fire started by Jewish extremists at their West Bank home. The court, however, found he was not involved in the attack.

The decision to throw out the teen's testimony was made after his attorney, Itamar Ben-Gvir, argued that the Shin Bet domestic security service and the police unlawfully obtained the confession from his client, who admitted to carrying out the hate crimes while he was in custody in Acre.

On Thursday, the investigative television program Fact reported that the youth had been placed in a fake prison cell in Acre Prison, while policemen disguised as his cellmates applied massive pressure on him to confess to his actions, including stopping him from sleeping and eating.

One of the policemen played the role of a prisoner serving a murder sentence, and officers even planted fake drugs under his mattress to pressure him.

Ben-Gvir argued in court that a red line had been crossed and that unacceptable investigative measures had been used to get the confession.

Throwing out the confession, Judge Michal Brandt called the behavior of the police “unfair, to say the least, as well as offensive and threatening,” the Times of Israel reported.

Ben-Gvir praised the court's decision, saying his client had been denied his basic rights.

"This is an important day for Israeli democracy. The time has come for the Shin Bet and the police to know that the Hilltop Youth (young exteme (sic.)-right settlers) also have basic rights. All red lines have been crossed in this investigation. I'm glad the court accepted our claim and disqualified the confession," Ben-Gvir said.

The Central District Prosecutor's Office said in a statement that they may rethink their strategy in light of the ruling.

"The defendant was charged with severe offenses, whose ramifications are also felt in internationally. The police and Shin Bet used measures they believed to be within the boundaries of the law. The court rejected the confession given by the minor under these conditions, and we will thoroughly review the court's decision and consider our future actions."

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Right-wing activists will be quick to hail the ruling of the judge to throw out the accused minor's confession as a victory.

I certainly praise Itamar Ben-Gvir on his legal prowess and win. However, I must remind everyone,...again, that once in a while the Israeli [in]Justice system realizes that they can't win a particular case to further its Erev Rav agenda. And so, it takes advantage of the situation, by making us believe that we "won one," and that justice has been served.

The reality has not changed. And nothing will change, until we have a completely different system in place. Until we do, the self-propagating Israeli [in]Justice system will continue to chip away at the Jewish nature of the State of Israel, and that certainly includes any remaining connection to Torah.

Please see the video (above) of the demonstration two days ago for the three minors who are sitting in prison without letting them consult with their lawyers.

The most important segment of this report on the "right-wing victory" is actually this:
The Central District Prosecutor's Office said in a statement... "The defendant was charged with severe offenses, whose ramifications are also felt in (sic.) internationally...."
 This supports what I have been saying for the longest time. The Israeli Government cares more about what the so-called "international community" thinks about it, than what its own constituents think about, let alone what they want from it, let alone what the Holy One, Blessed Be He, wants from it.

Monday, December 31, 2018

עוד שטויות מנפתלי בנט / More Nonsense from Naftali Bennett

כ"ג לחודש העשירי תשע"ט
English follows the Hebrew.
הקול היהודי עוצמה יהודית: "אין כל חדש ב'ימין החדש'"
בעקבות הודעת בנט ושקד אמש מגיבות מפלגות האיחוד הלאומי ועוצמה יהודית: "בנט חושב שיעשה אקזיט על הגב של הציונות הדתית"

מערכת הקול-היהודי כ"ב טבת תשע"ט - 30/12/2018

בעקבות הודעתם של נפתלי בנט ואיילת שקד על הקמת מפלגה דתית-חילונית, פרסמה אמש מפלגת עוצמה יהודית קריאה לחבר הכנסת בצלאל סמוטריץ' והשר לשעבר אלי ישי לחבור לבלוק טכני שיהווה מפץ ימני שיאחד את כל המחנה הדתי לאומי למאבק על ארץ ישראל ועל זהותה היהודית של המדינה. (המשך)

עשר אגורות (2¢):
נפתלי בנט
אנשי מפלגת עוצמה יהודית מפרשים את זה חי טוב: "אין כל חדש ב'ימין החדש.'"

האסטרטגי של בנט פשוט שטות פוליטי מעוצבת כדי לקחת קולות מהליכוד. בע"ה מפלגת דתי לאומי [מפד"ל], מה שקראו לבית היהודי בעבר, סוף סוף תיקרס.
במקביל הודיעו אלי בן דהן, סגן שר הבטחון וח"כ מוטי יוגב כי ישארו במפלגת הבית היהודי שניהם אף הודיעו כי יתמודדו לראשותה של המפלגה.
ח"כ שולי "מתקיפת זכויות להורים" משולם רפאלי גם עוזבת את הבית היהודי ותצטרף ל"הימין החדש."
גורמים בעוצמה יהודית אמרו בתגובה להחטת בנט ושקד כי "נפתלי בנט איכזב בגדול והיה שותף לחוסר מעש מתמשך שכלל את הפקרת הדרום, השתלטות הבדואים על אדמות הנגב, גירוש יהודים מבתיהם בעמונה ובנתיב האבות, וההתקפלות בחאן אל אחמר חרף החלטת בג"צ כי יש לפנות את המקום". ניסיון של בנט להתנער מאחריותו לממשלה שאמרה ימין ועשתה שמאל, היא פתטית".
מנגד קרנו של ח"כי בצלאל סמוטריץ' שהודיע על התמודדות לתפקיד יו"ר האיחוד הלאומי, צפויה לעלות והוא הודיעה כי יפעל לגיבוש הציונות הדתית סביבו. 
אפשר לראות את ח"כ סמוריץ' מדבר עם נוצרים אבנג'יליקלים (בתמונה למטה). אני שלחתי הודעה למייל שלו בכנסת לשאול אותו על האירוע הזה. עד כאן. אני לא קיבלת שום תגובה. אני מקווה שחברי עוצמה יהודית יכולים לתקן את ההשקפה של סמוריץ' , או שהוא פשוט לא ירצה להצטרף איתם במפלגה שלהם.
זאב אלקין
(YNET) השר להגנת הסביבה ולענייני ירושלים זאב אלקין (הליכוד) תקף הבוקר (א') את נפתלי בנט ואיילת שקד על הקמת מפלגת "הימין החדש". בריאיון שערך באולפן ynet אמר אלקין כי המהלך מסכן את הימין ואת ניצחון הגוש. ח"כ דוד ביטן (הליכוד) התראיין אף הוא בנושא ואמר: "הם בגדו בבוחרים שלהם ובגדו בבית היהודי". 
אלקין אמר שהוא הופתע מפרישתם של שר החינוך ושרת המשפטים ממפלגת הבית היהודי, ואמר כי "זה קצת מתחיל להזכיר לי את 1992. הרבה ראשי מפלגות רצו, ובסוף הימין קיבל הרבה קולות והפסיד בבחירות". הוא דחה את הביקורת של בנט ושקד על מערכת היחסים של נתניהו עם הציונות הדתית, ואמר כי "בסופו של דבר מקימים מפלגה עם אותו ההרכב: בנט, שקד ומועלם-רפאלי. מה השוני מהבית היהודי המקורי? הם פשוט לקחו מפלגה של שמונה מנדטים וחילקו אותה לשתיים. בסופו של דבר אחד משני החלקים יכול להישאר מתחת לאחוז החסימה ולשרוף מנדטים לגוש הימין".
אז יש הבדל בין "הימין החדש" לבית היהודי?

בככל לא.

היא פשוט עוד שטויות של בנט.

המפד"ל לא היתה דתית ולא ימינית.

הבית היהודית לא בית ובכלל לא יהודית.

ועכשיו יש מפלת "הימין החדש," והיא לא ימינית וגם לחדשה בכלל.

התכנית של בנט
The Bennett Plan
The Jewish Voice: Otzmah Yehudit Party: "There is Nothing New in the 'New Right'"
Following Bennett and Shaked's announcement last night, the parties of the National Union and Jewish power react: "Bennett thinks he will make an exit on the back of religious Zionism" 
December 30, 2018 
Following a statement by Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked on the establishment of a religious-secular party, the Jewish Power Party yesterday called on MK Bezalel Smotrich and former Minister Eli Yishai to join a technical block that would constitute a right-wing blow to unite the entire national religious camp for the struggle for the Land of Israel and the Jewish identity of the state. (cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Naftali Bennett
The Otzmah Yehudit Party says it best... "There is nothing new in the 'New Right'"

It's just some political shenanigans, design to pull votes away from the Likud. Hopefully, the National Religious Party will finally implode.
Eli Ben Dahan, Deputy Minister of Defense and MK Moti Yogev, announced that they would remain in the Jewish Home Party, and that they would both run for the party's leadership.
MK Shuli "chip away at parental rights" Meshulam Refaeli is set to join Bennett and Shaked.
Betzalel Smorich
"Sources in Otzmah Yehudit said in response to the Bennett and Shaked attack that "Naftali Bennett was a big loser and was a partner to continuous inactivity, including the abandonment of the south, the Bedouin takeover of Negev lands, the expulsion of Jews from their homes in Amona and the path of the Patriarchs, the place". Bennett's attempt to shake off his responsibility for the government that said right and did left is pathetic. 
Betzalel Smotrich announced that he is running for the chairmanship of the National Union. He also announced that he will work to consolidate religious Zionism around him.
MK Smorich can be seen here (left) speaking to Evangelical Christians. Let's hope that Otzmah Yehudit either sets him straight, or fails to recruit him.
(YNET) Meanwhile, Likud minister Ze’ev Elkin on Sunday slammed Bennett and Shaked for their decision to split, saying that it would weaken the right-wing camp.

"This moves jeopardize the right-wing bloc and an electoral win," Elkin told Ynet. "This reminds me of what happened in 1992. Many heads of parties popped up, the right gained a lot of voices, but lost in the general elections."

Elkin also rejected the claim by Bennett and Shaked that Netanyahu only appealed to the religious-Zionist bloc.

"How is this new party different from Jewish Home? They just took an eight-seat party and divided it in half," Elkin said. "One of the parties might not pass the the electoral threshold (of four seats) and squander the right-wing bloc's seats."

He added: "This is a dangerous move. Those who want a niche party, should vote for the old Jewish Home. Those who seek a party for both religious and secular rightists should vote for the Likud," he said.
How IS it different that The Jewish Home Party?

It isn't.

This is just more Bennett nonsense.

The National Religious Party was neither national nor religious.

The Jewish Home Party was neither Jewish nor a home.

And, now, the "New Right" Party is neither "new," nor "right."

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Practice for a Potential Disaster in Israel

כ"ב לחודש העשירי תשע"ט

Image Credit: Mid-Continent Public Library

I'm sure you have heard this one before...
Q: What does a prepper call a power outage?
A: Practice.
One evening last week, I was welcomed home by a power outage.

But, this was a fortunate one.

My landlady still had power, so I could charge my "luxury items." Yes, that's what I believe phones and computers and the like should be called, "luxury items."

Living in the center of Israel near the coast, I wasn't going to freeze without electricity for heat. One comforter would be sufficient. If necessary, I would add a few layers, including a fleece jacket.

Yet, it was also still cold enough that my ancient half size refrigerator's little freezer compartment was still caked with ice. So, even though, there wasn't any power for 10 hours, the meat for Shabbat was not in any danger of spoiling. Hmm... I now wonder if I will ever decide to call a refrigerator a "luxury" item as well.

One of my neighbors came home to the darkness as well. She told me that the power had been out since that morning. I asked her if she called our landlady. She replied that she was busy at work. OKaaaaay. Apparently, she wasn't terribly concerned. And on one level, maybe I should adopt her attitude. On the other hand, this 36-year-old architect could just go run to her parents house if need be. Anyway, she left, assuming that others would deal with the situation for her... (sigh)

Well, we did deal with it.

The issue was soon resolved. Even though it was more that just flipping a switch or replacing a fuse. My landlady's electrician friend, who had wired the building in the first place was over within 30 minutes. The electric company representative soon followed to finish the job. The power was back even before he arrived, thanks to the temporary measure our friendly, neighborhood electrician.

The point of this story is related to the joke I mention above.

I lit a few candles, as it was pretty dark, and it also helped my landlady to see the electrical box.

The worst thing that would happen is that I would not be able to sleep, because of my noisy [other] neighbor. Running a fan for the white noise usually does the trick. But, without electricity, that would be an issue.

The key here is to examine what I need to do to improve my situation without electricity.

It is already colder, than last week, and it is going to get colder. No problem. I just need to bring my sleeping bag home from work. I could always buy another comforter. (B"H I have the money to do so.) But, that's probably not necessary. I should probably buy one to lend out to another person. That's a decision we all have to make for ourselves.

I certainly hope not to sleep at work, which is in Jerusalem. If I lose power there, I still probably won't freeze, but this native San Diegeño will definitely be uncomfortable. A situation I do my best to avoid, not to mention the possibility of snowfall. I haven't heard anything yet about snow falling in Jerusalem this year. But, I do not intend to take any chances. Jerusalem's winter temperature was one of the reasons I moved out of this city in the first place.

So, all in all, I think I'm in pretty good shape. I just need to keep up my stock of food and water, meaning food which does not necessary need to be prepared with any heat. You know, just in case.
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