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Israel's Chief Rabbinate Understands the Real Threat from the Christians

ערב ראש השנה תשע״ה

Arutz 7: Chief Rabbis Decry Mass Christian Prayers Near Temple Mount
For first time since liberation of Old City, mass Christian prayer at southern wall of Temple Mount planned for Hoshana Rabbah.

Shlomo Pyotrkovsky, Ari Yashar, September 22, 2014

The Chief Rabbinate of Israel, together with rabbis of the Derech Emuna organization rabbis of Jerusalem's Old City, have launched a campaign against a new mass Christian prayer initiative at the southern wall of the Temple Mount.

For the first time since the liberation of the Old City in the 1967 Six Day War, the Christian groups are reportedly poised to hold a prayer service for the "return of Jesus" on the morning of Hoshana Raba, the last day of the Sukkot holiday, which falls on October 15 this year.

The prayer service, which is to be open to all, will be held at the feet of the Hulda Gate on the southern wall of the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism.

Derech Emuna rabbis point out that the prayer service is part of a recent troubling trend of expanding control by the Christian Church in the Old City.

That expansion has most notably included a secret deal revealed in July in a Knesset Interior Committee, by which Christians received permission to hold fixed Mass prayers in the David's Tomb Compound in a breach of the status quo of the site, and a breach of the law regarding holy sites.

"For those responsible for giving the permit for this: prevent the gathering," the Chief Rabbinate demanded in a statement responding to the prayer service.

The Chief Rabbis likewise called on Jews not to join the prayers, saying "to our brothers in the house of Israel, it must be said not to join a prayer meant to prevent the true redemption of Israel."

"The goal of the organizers is to get their hands on the (Old) City and the Holy Land, and to disconnect our brothers the house of Israel from the Land of the Living," added the Chief Rabbis in a reference to the Torah. "According to our holy Torah we must distance from this event, and it forbidden under any circumstance to join them."

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Rabbi Yitzhaq Yosef and Rabbi David Lau
Israel's Chief Rabbis

To those of you who still want to claim that Christianity is not avodah zarah, not the same as the Christianity during the time of HaZa"L, not avodah zarah for them, but just for us, Catholics are different that Protestants, Evangelicals shun paganism, etc., etc., let me tell you that this simply doesn't not matter. Nor does it matter that many of you ignore the shared texts and the shared mythology, doctrine, and shared belief in a final outcome, which is the antithesis of Torah.

The stealing of precious, Jewish souls and their corruption, is just a side benefit for those Christians who have decided to be patient, and to move on to the next stage in their agenda.

They want our Land.

They believe that they are entitled to it, that they are the true inheritors of The Almighty's favor, and thus, the Land of Israel as well.

Some Christians believe they will mingle with us, and take it all, our souls and our Land.

Some believe that they will inherit the northern kingdom, and re-institute Torah commandments (even though they had previously done away with them, due to rejection of the Oral Law), while Jews take the southern kingdom, and add Christian mythology to their belief and practice (חו״ח).

Christians have already been "volunteering" in the Shomron (Samaria) and Binyamin.

One hilltop near the town of Har B'racha, is now absent of any Jews. The town is filled only with Christian "volunteers." The last Jew "left," after various charges by the town were tripled. I don't call that "leaving;" I call that being run out of town!

Incidentally, the set up of a "worship tent" on this hilltop was recently approved by Rabbi Eliezer Melamed. Who exactly do you think they are worshiping, Rabbi Melamed?? Gimme a break! And, by the way, who exactly do you think they are worshiping in your vineyards??

Even Israel's Chief Rabbis appear to see the threat of Christian influence and objectives to usurp us, physically and spiritually, in our own Land. Through all of the Christian money, through the Members of K'nesseth, such as Danny Danon (Likud), with Christian friends, and through the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, Rabbi Yosef and Rabbi Lau were still able to recognize this threat, and had the courage to expose it.

Either way you slice it, in a forthcoming post, I will reveal why it does not matter whether Christians of the status of practitioners of forbidden worship or not. They still may not be considered B'nei No'ah, let alone become gerei toshav (resident aliens), and they still may not reside in the Land of Israel, even temporarily. 

Stay tuned!

In the meantime, I recommend that you read Spiritual War In Samaria by Donny Fuchs.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The "Unbreakable" New Israeli Shekel

כ״ו לחודש השישי תשע״ד

Wikipedia: New Israeli Sheqqel
The 20 sheqqel banknote is the first, as of April 2008, to be made of polypropylene, a polymer substrate, which is superior to the current paper note with a circulation life of a few months only. The polymer note is printed by Orell Füssli Security Printing of Zürich, Switzerland. 1.8 million of the new banknotes were printed with the writing "60 years [anniversary] of the State of Israel" (in Hebrew), in red ink.
Ripped 20 Sheqqel Note

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
When these fancy-shmancy polypropylene 20 sheqqel notes first came out, "they" were raving about how amazing they were, and that you simply could not rip nor cut them. Well, perhaps these polymer notes have a better circulation life than paper, but they are certainly not invincible.

The pattern of this tear may even suggest some sort of flaw, which has now been exposed.

Irregardless, it is still difficult for me to fathom that plastic has a "value" of 20 sheqqels, or even one sheqqel. Gold-backed, paper certificates were one thing. The gold backing was taken away, and the wool was pulled over our eyes. Now, here in Israel we are not only carrying around plastic, credit cards, but plastic currency as well.

It is no secret that Israel, and many other countries, have been forcing the move toward a completely, plastic, or electronic, economy, for our "safety and convenience," of course.. It is now almost impossible in Israel, to have ones salary paid by check which can be cashed or deposited into a third party's account, let alone receive cash, period!

It would be a welcome awakening and relief, if we were finally to realize that the value of paper or polymer currency is only an illusion, created by the banksters and their governmental pawns, and continually enabled by us, the masses over whom they want to maintain control.

Believe you me. There may very well come a time when a bag of rice will be worth more than a piece of plastic, a piece of paper, or even a piece of metal.

Speaking of "value," the new 50 sheqqel note is worth even than the 20 sheqqel note. Its value is equal to one big fat embarrassment plus a symbol for the annihilation of the Jewish People.

Arutz 7: 'The Symbol of Assimilation, Now the Symbol of Israel'
Netanyahu's brother-in-law Dr. Ben-Artzi calls on Israelis not to use new Tchernichovsky 50 shekel note; asks 'where is Jewish Home?'

By Uzi Baruch, Ari Yashar, September 19, 2014

A new 50 shekel banknote bearing the likeness of Russian-born Hebrew poet Shaul Tchernichovsky (1875-1943) entered circulation on Tuesday, but Dr. Hagai Ben-Artzi of Bar Ilan University refuses to use the new note and calls on others to follow suit.

Ben-Artzi, who is the brother-in-law of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and lectures on the Torah and Jewish Thought, told Arutz Sheva that the new banknote is a disgrace to the state of Israel.

The noted lecturer reminded that Tchernichovsky was married to a Christian woman his entire life, and refused the insistent pleading of former Chief Ashkenazic Rabbi Shlomo Goren to have her convert to Judaism as befitting the wife of a key Hebrew poet in modern Israel.

"Shaul Tchernichovsky became a symbol of assimilation - the ideology of assimilation. It cannot be that a man like this, even with all his importance as a poet, should become a symbol of the state of Israel," said Ben-Artzi.

The new note sends exactly the wrong message at a time when "in Europe there's an 80% rate of assimilation and in the United States 60% assimilation," argued Ben-Artzi. "The Jewish people are becoming annihilated due to assimilation; how can the state of Israel be capable of turning precisely Tchernichovsky into a symbol?"

Ben-Artzi also criticized the Jewish Home party for not speaking out against the committee recommendation to use Tchernichovsky in the new bank note; the criticism comes at a time of talk in the party of splitting due to fears of a changing focus away from religious Zionism.

"Where is the Jewish Home?" asked Ben-Artzi. "Where are the hareidi parties? Where is the Likud party that declares itself to be Jewish and nationalist?"

Calling for a boycott on the new banknote, Netanyahu's brother-in-law stated "each any every one of us is obligated to explain the problem with the note. We must not accept this miserable decision to push this man into every home in Israel."

"Is the state of Israel deriding us? We will turn the decision into a public discussion. In every street corner they will talk about the problem. If a million citizens will not use the note, the state will have no choice but to remove it from financial circulation," concluded Ben-Artzi.

(Tip: The Torah Revolution)

The New Israeli Sheqqel made be holding against the dollar and the euro, but it is truly broken.

The Last Haveil Havalim of 5774 Is Up!

כ"ו לחודש השישי תשע"ד

The last Jewish-Israeli Blog Round-Up, Haveil Havalim, of the year 5774 is up at Shiloh Musings!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Scotland Fails to Regain its Independence. So, What?

ערב שבת קודש פר׳ נצבים-וילך תשע״ד
Algameier: Scottish Rabbi, Creator of Jewish Tartan Says Country’s Jews Oppose Independence (INTERVIEW)

Rb. Mendel Jacobs
Dave Bender, September 16, 2014

Scotland’s only local-born rabbi, and the creator of the only official Jewish tartan pattern, believes that, “From the Jewish perspective, we’re hoping for a ‘no vote,’ in the vote for independence,” from the United Kingdom on Thursday. “From my understanding, a majority of the Jewish community, or ‘the’ majority of the Jewish community wants a ‘no’ vote,” Rabbi Mendel Jacobs, told The Algemeiner Tuesday.

“I don’t think a nationalist country has ever been good for Jews,” Jacobs said of fears within the 10,000-member community, and stressed “that if [the vote] went yes, anti-Jewish sentiments would increase.” (cont.)

(Tip: Daled Amos)

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
By now, we have all heard that Scotland will not be reclaiming its independence, anytime soon.

Still, I cannot help but comment on it, not because I have any feelings about Scottish independence one way or another. But, rather, since I have become quite jaded over the years when it comes to "major" news items, why they are being reported on, and why others are not.

What is the issue of Scottish Independence designed to distract us from? The Ethnic minorities in Iraq who are getting slaughtered? Financial shenanigans going on behind the scenes? The British Parliament or other government voting on something completely unrelated, as the same time, so that no one will notice their rights being chipped away?

Your guess is as good as any. But, what concerns me, is whenever there are Jews who have been sucked into the process, albeit unbeknownst to themselves.

Rabbi Jacobs might just be one of those Jews.

In all fairness to Rabbi Jacobs, I have no doubt that he cares very deeply for Am Yisrael, and does whatever is in his power to assist and support the Scottish, Jewish community, and to bring its members closer to Torah and to maintain an environment, conducive to Jewish, spiritual life.

In addition, he does touch upon the issue of aliyah (Jewish immigration to Israel),...
...unlike some Scottish Jews who have succeeded in resettling elsewhere, including in Israel, “some can’t leave – they’re stuck,” either due to age or infirmities. 
So, how about using any time and energy spent on dabbling in exile-related issues, such as goyshe designs to help Jews feel more comfortable in galuth (exile) and local referenda, on helping those who are "stuck" to get out, and resettle in Israel?

Another Jew from Scotland has a different take on the issue...
Nick Henderson, 26, was born and raised in Glasgow, and emigrated to Israel in 2004. While he’s friends with Jacobs – who is even sending him yarmulkes made with the “Chosen” tartan – Henderson, who holds an absentee ballot, told The Algemeiner on Tuesday that he has mixed feelings about Scottish independence, both as a Scot, and as one who left to make his life in the Jewish homeland.

While calling Scotland ”a safe place, a warm place, for Jews,” he pointed to unpleasant experiences, as an identifying pro-Israel Jew.

“You’re judged on your Judaism by how much you criticize Israel or not,” he charged.

“When I started at my previous job, the first thing my boss asked me was what I thought about Palestine and Israel,” adding that if Jews don’t hew to the popular anti-Israel tropes, “you’re seen as a Zionist, in a negative sense.”

He noted comments by Scotland’s pro-independence movement leader, First Minister Alex Salmond, who on Sunday equated Israel with ISIS, as exemplifying the hard left attitude towards Israel among some in Scotland.
The bottom line, either way you slice it, is clear. Which is better, an independent Scotland with an ignorant, Israel-hating First Minister, and citizens telling Jews they must possess anti-Torah beliefs, or be ostracized, or an United Kingdom with Scotland, already filled to the brim with potential murderers of Jews?

Nick Henderson, for whatever reasons, seems to have gotten the message somehow, left the country of his birth and exile, and came to live in his only true homeland, the Land of Israel.

One day, I pray, we will no longer see ourselves as Scottish Jews or American Jews, Russian Jews or Moroccan Jews (nor Ashekenazi, Sepharadi, Yemenite), but just Jews living in the Land of Israel.

The U. S. Government Wants to Tell to Psychotherapists how to do Psychotherapy

ערב שבת קודש פר׳ נצבים-וילך תשע״ד

WND: Pro-'gay' courts muck up meaning of 'free speech'
Rulings in change-therapy dispute sets up likely trip to Supremes

Two appeals courts have disagreed on how to define “speech,” setting up a likely challenge to the U.S. Supreme Court over “change therapy” counseling, which aims to relieve unwanted same-sex attractions.

It’s illegal now in California and New Jersey for minors to receive such therapy, but for different reasons, warranting intervention by the highest court, argues Liberty Counsel.

California was the first state to make such therapy illegal for minors. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals concluded the therapy, which mostly involves talking, is “conduct” rather than speech.

But when New Jersey made the therapy illegal for minors, the 3rd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals determined it is speech but concluded it is not protected by the First Amendment.

“The laws banning counseling in this area are simply unconstitutional violations of free speech,” asserted Mat Staver, chairman of Liberty Counsel. (cont.)

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
As a psychotherapist who is not a fan of "reparative therapy," I am still very much against any laws banning or limiting the providing of such treatment.

This is not because I believe that there are a few men and women out there who may benefit from working with psychotherapists, experienced in reparative therapy. (And I do believe this.)

Personally, my experience is that some such individuals, presenting same sex attraction [SSA] were never "gay" to begin with. The nature versus nurture debate, in other words, "why" a patient presents one sexual orientation or another, is irrelevant here. An experienced therapist, whether oriented (pun intended) toward reparative therapy or not, will know to be prepared for anything that a patient may bring into the therapy, and will also know to change his original, therapeutic strategy if necessary, or refer the patient to another therapist.

If reparative therapists want to claim such patients as "success" stories, then so be it.

Whether or not reparative therapists can any evidence to support the effectiveness of the form of therapy is a discussion for another time.

And, by the way, I do not see why any true GLBTQ activist would not want heterosexuals to be able to explore and discover their own, "true" nature, and through such clarity, self-understanding, and happiness, just as they expect to be allowed to "embrace" their own true nature, and to pursue happiness.

So, why fight reparative therapy at all? My guess is because it is unpopular and controversial, thus making it a prime target.

My fellow psychotherapists, the general public, and apparently, various officials in the U. S. Government are concerned that one form of therapy or another may actually be harmful to patients, a valid concern for certain. Where should the line be drawn? More importantly, who should be the one to drawn the line?

Even some forms of confrontational therapies used in prisons and in the military could be considered "abusive." Yet, some professions believe these to be the most effective and therapeutic approach toward the treatment of some character disorders (eg. sociopathy). The brick wall needs to be demolished, before a more flexible structure can be built back up in its place.

In my experience, damage to patients is done when professionals violate their own ethical guidelines, apply techniques which are not within their training and scope of practice, and, of course, those who are not professionals to begin with. As far as the last example on the list goes, the government can have at them, but only after the relevant professional organization(s) get the first crack at them.

The battle against reparative therapy goes beyond freedom of speech. This goes beyond the pushing of one agenda or another through the courts. This is about government chipping away at individual freedoms.

This is about government deciding what forms of therapeutic treatment will be made available to the public, and which treatments our not.

This is about government telling professionals what form of therapeutic treatment they are allowed, or not allowed to provide.

How is a government of non-therapists qualified to make such decisions? Even if it had countless professional consultants, is this the sort of decision a government should be making in the first place?

How will this be policed? Will records be subpoenaed?

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate my position.

I am not "pro"-reparative therapy. This form of therapy should continue to be scrutizied, and those who provide such therapy should continue to be encouraged to provide support for its continued practice, just like all other therapeutic techniques. Only in this way, can therapeutic techniques undergo continuous evaluation of their effectiveness, and prospective patients can receive the necessary information to make informed choices about psychotherapeutic treatment

I am against governments interfering with patients' choice.

I am against governments telling professionals how they should, or should not, practice their professions.

Let psychotherapists be guided by their peers, by their respective professional organizations, when it comes to forms of treatments, and, if need be, ethical challenges,...just like we have already been doing.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dear JTA: No, I Will Not be Donating to you this year, nor any year...

כ״ג לחודש השישי תשע״ד
13th Anniversary of the fall of the Twin Towers (9/11)
New York, NY

Did any of you receive the following e-mail request, like I did?

Dear JTA Reader,

How are European Jews coping with the wave of hatred and violence against them sparked by the Gaza war? Is Hungary trying to whitewash its role in the Holocaust? Do Kiev’s Jews need self-defense groups? Will a right-wing surge in Europe undermine tolerance?

Jewish news doesn’t stop in the United States and Israel. JTA’s dedicated correspondents are tracking developments in dozens of countries.

It’s a massive job covering the global Jewish community – never-ending, sometimes dangerous and always costly. Can you please help us?

A contribution of $50 or $100 will support our global team of correspondents. They dig for facts, expose myths, reveal hidden truths and bring the full story to you and to the world.

I hope we can count on your support.
Thank you.

Be well,

Ami Eden
CEO and Editor in Chief

P.S. Your gift also backs JTA’s fast-growing online services including Breaking News alerts and the Daily Briefing. Click here to support JTA or mail your tax-deductible check to JTA, 24 West 30th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10001.

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Dear Ami,

No, I cannot help you, not this year, and probably not any year.

How are European Jews coping with the wave of hatred and violence against them sparked by the Gaza war?

Sparked by the Gaza War? Nothing was sparked by the Gaza War. Re-awakened, perhaps, but not sparked. It has also been there, since the birth of Yishma'el (Arabs/Mulims) and since Esau (The West) first went out to murder his brother Ya'aqov (us).

Is Hungary trying to whitewash its role in the Holocaust? 

What about how the Labor Zionists have tried to whitewash their tole in the Holocaust?

Do Kiev’s Jews need self-defense groups?

No, they do not. They just need to get out of there, and any assistance to do so.

Will a right-wing surge in Europe undermine tolerance?

Right-wing surge?! What about a left-wing surge, a middle-wing surge, or an upside-down-wing surge?

But, would a story or report with any of the themes I propose above ever make it into the JTA?

How is it that right-wing surge was mentioned, but there wasn't any mention of Muslims? Don't want to hurt anyone's feelings? Or just a little employing a little "creativity" to your letter.

Objective journalism, indeed!

And, you ask that I donate money to the JTA? For what? So that I can be a collaborator in keeping the Jewish People locked in their prison of co-dependent exile?

No thank you.

Britain Growing Increasingly Anti- Semitic: Really? You Think?

כ״ב לחודש השישי תשע״ד
Britain Growing Increasingly Anti- Semitic
Lloyd Levy, August 18, 2014 
I actually never thought I would have to write an article like this, from the green and pleasant land of England. However it is becoming truly frightening to be a Jew in UK. What is so remarkable is how quickly it all appears to have happened. One can now start to experience what it must have been like in parts of Europe under Nazi threat, when friends and neighbours suddenly and without warning, turn on you because you are Jewish.
In the last week or so alone, we have seen the Tricycle Theatre banning the annual JEWISH film festival, which is one of the most important Jewish events of the calendar. The famous Edinburgh Fringe arts festival has also banned Israeli connected theatre groups.
We have the Parliamentary Member from Bradford, a large town in Yorkshire, announcing his town to be “Israeli” free, as well as reading that a leading Scottish Nationalist has apparently declared that an independent Scotland will be “Israeli free”. None of us are surely naïve enough to not understand that in practice it means Judenfrei, unless individual Jews renounce their loyalty to Israel. 
Leading Supermarkets have been invaded and ransacked by anti-Israel terrorists, threatening staff and customers. The supermarkets have succumbed to this terrorism, with rumours swirling around that they are soon to stop selling all Israeli products. Only a day or two ago, a major supermarket in Central London, actually took all kosher products off the shelf. Think about that… all Jewish products banned, many not even from Israel at all. Over 100,000 people marched through London recently in an anti-Israel and anti-Jewish orgy of sheer hatred. I know people whose life-long friends are putting the most hideous anti-Semitic ranting on their “Facebook” pages. 
Our Jewish so called leaders have let us down. I personally haven’t seen nor read any leading member of our Jewish representative bodies, or Rabbis, standing up in public for our community. 
This is not a good time to be a Jew in Britain . Apparently in France it is far worse. We are being cowed and terrorised by home grown anti-Semites, and by imported oriental ones. 
Only in the last few days have some of the leading Newspaper columnists begun to wake up to the hatred they have themselves stirred up by their coverage of Gaza, replete with its ancient Jewish blood libel of deliberate child sacrifice. 
Natan Sharansky said recently that Europe is death to Jews, and he is so correct. History shows that anything can generate the hatred. If it wasn’t Gaza it would be something else.

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
What can I say? Natan Sharansky is right about at least one thing. Europe IS death to Jews.

The author of this piece, Lloyd Levy, is also right, and provides us with a comprehensive report of recent, Jew-hating events in England.

I am not in the least bit surprised by any of these events, and neither should any of the large number of religious British Jews. These attitudes and events are written all over the Tana"kh (Bible), and elaborated upon by Our Sages, may their memories be for blessings (HaZa"L).

What concerns me about Levy's piece is that he seems to write as if England being Judenfrei is a bad thing. Why is it a bad thing?

Read the entire article on Times Of Israel!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Knesset Urged to Act Against Leftist Attorney General

כ״ב לחודש השישי תשע״ד

Arutz 7: Knesset Urged to Act Against Leftist AG
Yedidya Ben-Or, Ari Yashar, September 16, 2014

The Knesset has come under fire for its silence in the wake of an unprecedented court ruling last Wednesday by Judge Nava Bechor of the Kfar Saba Magistrates Court, in which she criticized Attorney General Shai Nitzan for his "scandalous" bias against the political right.

Bechor accepted in full the evidence presented by Attorney Adi Kedar of the Honenu legal rights aid organization, which showed that Nitzan, in Bechor's words, conducted an automatic selective enforcement of incitement laws.

The judge took Nitzan to task for letting leftists and Arabs off the hook for outrageous calls such as "death to the Jews" and "castrate the settlers," based on evidence from the years between 2008 and 2011 during his time as Deputy Secretary General.

Following the ground-breaking judgement, Honenu turned to numerous MKs with a request to take steps against Nitzan's crackdown on the right.

"After an exhausting case the court ruled clearly: Shai Nitzan and the State Attorney are negatively discriminating against the Jewish public," wrote Honenu director Shmuel (Zangi) Meidad in the letter.

Meidad elaborated on the meaning of the ruling, saying that "in essence, they (Nitzan and the State Attorney) are automatically cooperation with the enemy."

"Attorney Adi Kedar of the Honenu organization, who received important materials from Hani Luz of the Tadmit organization and from the Legal Forum, has already proved (the case), and the court has already seen it and ruled. So what else is needed?" Meidad asked the MKs.

"From here on starts your obligation to work as representatives of the public," wrote Meidad in a call to action. "We demand in the name of the many injured parties we have and are treating that you not wait any longer."

The evidence was presented in the trial of Uri Baram, who published videos against Nitzan. Bechor convicted him of inciting to racism and violence, destroying evidence and disrupting court procedures; it should be noted that Baram argued his provocative videos against Nitzan were meant "to expose the discrimination that Nitzan has in investigating complaints over incitement."

Meidad called on the MKs to "shake the state of Israel, so that it first of all immediately drops the charges against Uri Baram, and so that it starts investing its resources - our resources - in fighting the enemy and not in fighting us and itself. What is this silence?"

Sun Lion:
It seems that since the Treif Bird is officially unofficial, a lot of people have found the courage to speak up. Furthermore, a few thousand "Peace Presents" from Gaza also help to wake people up.

The vast majority of the nation has always been against the Oslo treason and the Sharon Pogrom. Time after time they have tried to elect people to stop the madness and time after time they have been betrayed by the servants of foreign money.

It seems that the latest flair up in the war to exterminate us was a turning point for the Jewish People, both in Israel and outside of Israel. We saw clearly that we have no one to rely upon other than G-D and ourselves. We also seemed to have realized that there are serious and dangerous enemies in our midst. Enemies that can no longer be ignored or tolerated.

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Jewish-Israeli Blog Round-Up: "When you come into the Land..."

כ׳ לחודש השישי תשע״ד

Founded by Soccer DadHaveil Havalim is a carnival of Jewish blogs -- a weekly collection of Jewish and Israeli blog highlights, tidbits and points of interest collected from blogs all around the world. It's hosted by different bloggers each week, jointly coordinated through our Facebook Group. To find out how to submit your posts or to offer to host an edition, see the information provided on our Hosting Calendar. The term 'Haveil Havalim,' which means"Vanity of Vanities," is from Qoheleth, (Ecclesiastes) which was written by King Solomon. King Solomon built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and later on got all bogged down in materialism and other 'excesses' and realized that it was nothing but 'hevel,' or in English, 'vanity.' Submissions may be may through our on-line submission form on, which requires you to log-in first.
Batya willing be hosting next week's edition both on Shiloh Musings and Me-Ander. Send her your submissions by e-mail:
וְהָיָה, כִּי-תָבוֹא אֶל-הָאָרֶץ, אֲשֶׁר יְהוָה אֱלֹהֶיךָ, נֹתֵן לְךָ נַחֲלָה; וִירִשְׁתָּהּ, וְיָשַׁבְתָּ בָּהּ. -דברים כו,א

And it shall be, when you come to the land which the LORD your God has given to you for an inheritance, and possess it, and dwell there; -Deuteronomy 26:1
Well, so why aren't YOU here yet?

Written 20 days after the toppling of the World Trade Center, Moshe Feiglin tells us why American Already Lost.

Debbie Schlussel remembers 9/11 on 9/11: Who Did it and Who Celebrated The Best PR Move by Muslims Ever.

The Absolute Truth brings us The Absolute Truth that Nobody Believes (or even knows).

And speaking of truth, and attempts to suppress it, Jewish Israel Contributed a Presentation at "Cancelled" Counter-Missionary Event in the Shomron (Samaria). Find out why one hotel canceled a contract to hold this conference on its grounds.

Arlene Kushner claims that one of her well connected sources in the PA says that the proposal of Egyptian President Al-Sisi to grant land in the Sinai for the formation of a "Palestinian" State Never Happened.

Michael Snyder asks ‘ISIL Is Not Islamic’? Is Obama Completely Insane?

I ask if Israel Should Fear Islamic State [IS]?

We get a historical geography lesson from Yeranen Ya'akov in From Tifsah Until Aza.

Batya at Shiloh Musings shares some Facts About Palestine, as well as her belief that If Convicted Arab Terrorists Want to Kill Themselves, Don't Interfere!!

Ariel at The Torah Revolution writes about Zionism as a New Religion.

Tomer Devorah warns us of The Coming World Religion. See Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Meanwhile, she lets us know about a False Messiah.

Esav Exposed introduces us to The Groat Family, Hayovel Volunteers. I think that you had better meet them, too.

I examine Freedom of Religious Expression in Israel.

Donny Fuchs at The Jewish Press warns us about The Cult Of Uman.

Rafi at Life In Israel reports on what appears to be an odd form of kleptomania in Notes he did Not Take from the Kotel.

Sarah Chandler writes about Shmita in the Diaspora: Release and Sharing for All.

Batya at Me-Ander shares about Real Rosh HaShannah New Year's Cards!

Jacob Richman tells us about some New Israeli Educational Stamps.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Freedom of Religious Expression in Israel

י״ג לחודש השישי תשע״ד

Almost daily, there have been reports in the news of Christians being attacked, kidnapped, raped, and killed in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, and Bangladesh, all at the hands of Muslims.

Although Muslims have been notoriously abusive of their own, in "honor killings" around the world, as human shields and a terrorist trainees, have maimed, killed, and otherwise abused non-Muslims regardless of their religion, Christians have certainly been a sometimes favorite target, albeit not as popular as Jews.

Recent events reminded me of the following grafted, I had seen posted on Jews News, earlier this year.

(Avodah Zara censored out.)

This Christian praises Israel for the religious freedom it affords its citizens.

Actually, though, not only do Christians enjoy such religious freedoms in Israel, but so do Muslims, Druze, and several others, in probably the only country in the Middle East that allows it.

In a way, non-Jews enjoy more religious freedom than religious Jews.

Bedouins in the South practice polygyny, without fear of reprisal from the Israeli Government. Even though polygyny is "illegal," under Israeli law.

The thugs from Chicago, calling themselves the Black [Non] Hebrews do the same. And had did they even get into Israel, you might ask? Well, they started creeping in, after being kicked out of Liberia. That's right, kicked out. Then when threatened with deportation by the Israeli Government, they Black Non-Hebrews threatened back,...with mass suicide if they were not allowed to remain. Well, the Israeli Government certainly did not want that on its hands, and so now they enjoy defacto autonomy, funneling in whomever they want, whenever they want.

Of course, if a Jew dared to petition the government to marry one than one wife, he would be demonized as an oppressor of women. If he were to marry one woman on the the government's books, and have one on the side, all of the parties involved would be jailed for tax fraud.

Meanwhile, Muslims may pray on Har HaBayith (Temple Mount), yet Jews are still forbidden. Even Christian tourists seem to be afforded more leniencies than Jews. Anyone who says that Jews have control over Har HaBayith is blind, an idiot, or both.

Even if there truly were freedom of religious expression for all peoples in Israel, "all" meaning religious Jews, too, where is the basis for this in the Torah? How is the concept of allowing, even encouraging, the practice of religions other that Judaism supported by halakhah (Torah Law)?

Actually, it isn't.

Freedom of religious expression simply does not exist in the Torah, with possible exception of the diversity of our religious customs.

The phrase שבעים פנים לתורה (Seventy Faces of the Torah) which liberal Jews, in particular, like to throw around, refers to the diversity within halakhic (Torah legal) parameters. This phrase can refer to midrashic interpretations, as well as hashqafah. It does not, however, refer to doing whatever you want, and calling it Judaism, let alone "Torah."

Any "face" absent of halachic basis is no face of the Torah. In fact, it is forbidden to interpret the Torah contrary to halakhah.
משנה אבות ג,יד [יא]
רבי אלעזר המודעי אומר ... והמגלה פנים בתורה--אף על פי שיש בידו מעשים טובים, אין לו חלק לעולם הבא.

Mishnah Avoth 3:14 [11]
Rabbi Elazar of Modi'in said: If a man ... teaches meanings in the Torah which are not according to Halachah, even though he has a knowledge of the Torah and good works, he has no share in the world to come.

See also TB Sanhedrin 99a.
This covers the so-called "movements," claiming to be full fledged denominations of Judaism, albeit they are anything but. Although, they, too are gaining ground in the way of "rights," as they also serve the Erev Rav's anti-Torah agenda.

The so-called religious "rights" of Christians and Muslims serve the same agenda, assisting in the attempting chipping away of the Torah's influence. Keeping the Christian-aligned, right-wing pitted against the Muslim-aligned, Left-wing is just an added benefit, as in "divide and conquer."

There have been several debates recently regarding Christians and Muslims in particular. Are Christians to be considered practitioners of avodah zarah (foreign/forbidden worship) or not? Land be sold, rented, or even given away to Muslims? Can we currently accept either of these, or any other, religious groups as gerei toshav (resident aliens)? But, these debates are irrelevant.

Neither Christians nor Muslim could ever be considered B'nei No'ah, and thus candidates for becoming gerei toshav, as they have added and subtracted from the Torah. They have not accepted the Torah 100%, as the truth.

The Ramba"m says this more clearly, when he provides Christians and Muslims as examples of koferim (Hil. Teshuvah 3:17). However, since everyone's favorite comeback line these days seems to be "We don't pasqin like so-and-so!" So, I figured that I would keep it as simple as possible.

Non-Jews who are forbidden from residing with in Israel, remain here anyway, not only because of the beliefs that we are unable to resettle them elsewhere and that the international community would become enraged, but because of the belief, even of "rabbis," that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the non-Jews remaining.

And so, whether Christian or Muslim, Bahai or Hindu, non-Jews may enjoy religious freedom while residing within the State of Israel's deMOCKracy, it is without any sanction from the Torah, the only Law which should really matter to Am Yisrael.
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