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Israel and the Arabs: The Same Old Recycled Solutions

מוצש״ק פר׳ תרומה תשע״ו
YNET: Political initiatives and online outreach: We can stop incitement for terror
Op-ed: This intifada has already reached a point in which military and intelligence initiatives can no longer provide an adequate solution. Israel needs to increase monitoring of social media and arrest main agitators, but also promote a political initiative that includes unilateral moves that could lower the tensions.
Ron Ben-Yishai, 02.10.16 (cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Ron Ben-Yishai's first error is to assume that all military options have been tried. They have not. The State of Israel has been locked in a bitter cycle, for I don't know how long. In a nutshell, it has been doing a half-hearted job to

Even in the Six-Day War, the State of Israel stopped short. Until this day, it has not annexed Yehudah and Shomron (Judea and Samaria), for fear of having figure out what to do with the Arabs, for fear of "what the goyim will say," for any number of fears.

Ben-Yishai then suggests that "Israel needs to increase monitoring of social media and arrest main agitators."

Yeah, sure. Why not? Of course, when these suggestions are initiated by the left, pseudo-right, and really by anyone in the government, the ultimate goal to apply these strategies and laws to Jews, not Arabs, in order to maintain control over the populace. Just be aware of that.

And, what does Ben-Yishai mean by "unilateral moves?"
UN Partition Plan
Primarily, giving the Palestinian Authority complete control of the East Jerusalem Arab neighborhoods. This does not mean that the IDF and Shin Bet will not be able to enter Abu Dis or Qalandiya when the need arises - based on intelligence. But the residents in these neighborhoods should not have Israeli IDs, which allow them to drive terrorists to attacks inside Israel. Another solution is transferring Area C to the Palestinian Authority, granting building permits to Palestinians and even encouraging projects that could create jobs.
Israel can also hint to the Palestinians that if things calm down, it will consider freezing settlement construction outside the large settlement blocs and releasing prisoners. Each of these political measures, and other similar ones, could and should bring about a change in the current climate, and signal to the Palestinians that their situation could change. This may affect even the hotheaded youths and mostly give parents a good reason to restrain their offspring.

In other words, give them more stuff, give into their demands, because if only we just give them enough, then they will finally come around.

Now, how long have we been employing this very strategy? How many more Jewish lives must be lost before we finally realize that this approach has produced nothing but bitter failure?

Ben-Yishai needs to look as the maps (below) of mythical "Palestine," which has never existed. The Arabs and they certainly do not cities such Hevron, Efrat, and Beth-El as any different from cities like Tel-Aviv, Haifa, and Be'er Sheva.

Remember, in 1947, while Jews were perfectly happy to settle for the UN Partition Plan chop job, the Arabs rejected it, in favor of annihilation of the Jewish People, and the conquering of all of Eretz Yisra'el (Land of Israel). What on earth makes Ben-Yishai, and others like minded Jews, believe that the Arabs have changed, or for that matter, will ever change?

As if...
Like the all of the secular, Ashkenazy, "cultural elite," including those non-Ashkenazim who have  השתכנזו (Ashkenized), they insist on hammering an Arab, square peg into a Western, round hole.

The irony here, is that "right-wing," Foreign Ministry Director-General Dore Gold, has misapplied this very idiomatic expression...
"We intend to show that Israel needs a security process as well as a peace process.... To continue with the old diplomatic approach would be like hammering square pegs into round holes." (Time. February 19, 2001)
Making the same mistakes over again, expecting different results.

The truth is that the Western assimilated, un-Jewish Left sees "progressive," Western culture as the superior culture, a global community without borders. Nationalism is the enemy, not armed Arabs.

Well, Ron, that's just too bad. Because the Arabs are right about one thing...

We can have this....

Fata"h Party Emblem
PLO Emblem
worn by Arafat ysh"w

Or this...

Check out this video, to see one of the reasons why...

Friday, February 12, 2016

Bye, Bye, Golan Heights!

ערב שבת קודש פר׳ תרומה תשע״ו

Here is the State of Israel's moment of truth.

Will it cave in to international pressure and name calling?

Will it take in these refugees which it cannot even afford to support?

Will anyone in the Israeli Government finally have the guts to point out the lack of Arab states taking part in the absorption of these "refugees?" Only Jordan appears to have been bullied into taking any in.

Will Israeli citizens bother to put up a fight, or just cave into the misguided, leftist minority, which is really in control of this State?

Is this a tactic, from outside forces, to ease the removal of the Golan Heights from the State of Israel's hands? Or just a side "benefit" to be secretly embraced by the Erev Rav?
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report: In new Syrian exodus, some 50,000 refugees head to Jordanian, Israeli borders
February 10, 2016

Syria’s refugee crisis in the north is now repeating itself in the south, with tens of thousands of destitute women, children and elderly people fleeing their homes – not this time from beleaguered Aleppo to the Turkish border, but from the southern region of Daraa towards the Jordanian and Israeli borders.

Unlike the broad coverage of the refugee crisis on the Syrian-Turkish border, the refugee exodus from the south has received scant media attention – even from Israeli correspondents.

With the intensification of attacks in southern Syria, about 50,000 refugees are now streaming toward Jordan and another 20,000 making tracks from Israel’s Golan border at Quneitra.

debkafile’s military sources report that, since the weather has cleared and Russian air strikes resumed against the rebels holding the northern part of Daraa, tens of thousands of civilians are on the move from the South. About 15,000 to 20,000 have reached the Jordanian border, and more than 30,000 are believed heading that way; while another 20,000 refugees may be making for the Golan town of Quneitra on the Israeli border. (cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
This is yet another opportunity for "rabbis" to claim that taking in these refugees is the "Jewish" way,  or the "Torah" way, even when there is not halakhic (Torah legal) support for this whatsoever, especially if Israel is considered to be in a position of strength (יד ישראל תקיפה).

These rabbis include those mamlakhtim (die-hard State loyalists) such as Rabbi Yuval Cherlow (left), who identifies as "Religious Zionist." Just how wrong these rabbis are seems to depend upon their willingness to accept that the Torah differentiates between Jews and non-Jews, and not just in our respective, and very different, obligations on this earth.

Aside from their demented השקפה (preconceived notions), if even one in these thousands of refugees turns out to be a terrorist, then what would these rabbis have to say? That it was worth it?

Irrespective of the "unhelpful" actions of these "rabbis," very few have been willing to acknowledge that the Syrian refugee crisis, is neither Syrian, refugees, nor even a crisis. The following video by Rabbi David Bar-Hayim, Rosh Machon Shilo, elaborates on this.

The above Debkafile report concludes with...
The Israeli government has not yet issued any statements of policy with regard to the Syrian refugees heading for the Golan.
What I would like to know is why the heck not. This is a no-brainer, or at least it should be.

Brace yourselves, especially those of you in the Golan. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

U. S. Government Spies on its Own Citizens. Duh!

ב׳ לחודש השנים עשר תשע״ו

Well, "they" have finally come out with it. But, of course, those of us bothering to pay attention already knew this was going on in one form or another.
The Guardian: US intelligence chief: we might use the internet of things to spy on you
James Clapper did not name specific agency as being involved in surveillance via smart-home devices but said in congressional testimony it is a distinct possibility

Spencer Ackerman and Sam Thielman in New York, 9 February 2016

The US intelligence chief has acknowledged for the first time that agencies might use a new generation of smart household devices to increase their surveillance capabilities.
Image Credit: Mid-Continent Public Library
Cutting to the chase...
...James Clapper, the US director of national intelligence, was more direct in testimony submitted to the Senate on Tuesday as part of an assessment of threats facing the United States.

“In the future, intelligence services might use the [internet of things] for identification, surveillance, monitoring, location tracking, and targeting for recruitment, or to gain access to networks or user credentials,” Clapper said.
...which they attempt to justify, claiming that...
Online threats again topped the intelligence chief’s list of “worldwide threats” the US faces, with the mutating threat of low-intensity terrorism quickly following. While Clapper has for years used the equivocal term “evolving” when asked about the scope of the threat, he said Tuesday that Sunni violent extremism “has more groups, members, and safe havens than at any other point in history”.

The Islamic State topped the threat index, but Clapper also warned that the US-backed Saudi war in Yemen was redounding to the benefit of al-Qaida’s local affiliate.

Domestically, “homegrown extremists” are the greatest terrorist threat, rather than Islamic State or al-Qaida attacks planned from overseas. Clapper cited the San Bernardino and Chattanooga shootings as examples of lethal operations emanating from self-starting extremists “without direct guidance from [Isis] leadership”.
And, while the U. S. Government attempts to justify spying on its own citizens...
On the Iran nuclear deal, Clapper said intelligence agencies were in a “distrust and verify mode”, but added: “We have no evidence thus far that they’re moving toward violation.”
...which is code for "We are really stupid," or "We are collaborating with Iran," or most likely, "We are being lax in security, so that an attack will surely occur, justifying further measures to increase control over the populace."
Clapper’s admission about the surveillance potential for networked home devices is rare for a US official. But in an overlooked 2012 speech, the then CIA director David Petraeus called the surveillance implications of the internet of things “transformational … particularly to their effect on clandestine tradecraft”.
In other words, someone screwed up, and even the U. S. Government could not hide it anymore. Due to its arrogance, it underestimated its own citizens.
Clapper suggested that US adversaries had overtaken its online capabilities: “Russia and China continue to have the most sophisticated cyber programs.”
...which is suppose to justify the U. S. Government's goal of accessing...
Connected household devices [which] are a potential treasure trove to intelligence agencies seeking unobtrusive ways to listen and watch a target...
...which, in conclusion, means...
...“Law enforcement or intelligence agencies may start to seek orders compelling Samsung, Google, Mattel, Nest or vendors of other networked devices to push an update or flip a digital switch to intercept the ambient communications of a target,” the authors wrote.
The introduction for the television series Person Of Interest (2011) explains one way in which the U. S. Government could theoretically spy on all of its citizens simultaneously.

The existence of this show suggests that either there was a leak (very doubtful)...

Or "they" are trying to convince us just how far-fetched this is, in an attempt to keep the wool pulled over our eyes...

Or this is one of the ways in which "they" are trying to get us used to the idea of being spied on, and attempt to show us how this is for our "own good."

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Stab a Jew, Get your Cousin a Work Permit!

ראש החודש השנים עשר תשע״ו
YNET: Israel plans to increase number of Palestinian work permits
Plans to grant 30,000 additional work permits to Palestinians from the West Bank meant to ease economic hardship which Israel fears could lead to terrorism.

Reuters, 02.08.16

Israel plans to increase the number of entry permits it grants to Palestinian workers, Palestinian and Israeli sources said on Monday, in a drive to ease economic hardship that has contributed to a wave of Palestinian attacks.

Publicly, the Israeli government has accused Palestinian leaders, including President Mahmoud Abbas and Islamist groups, of inciting violence. But Israeli security officials have also cited desperation among young Palestinians who see a bleak economic future for the West Bank.

A Defense Ministry official confirmed a report in Israeli media on Monday which said Israel would increase the number of work permits given to Palestinians by 30,000. "A few plans are being looked at," a second Israeli official said.

About 55,000 Palestinians currently have permits to work in Israel, mostly in construction and agriculture, according to the Bank of Israel. They must clear Israeli security checks before the documents are issued.

An additional 30,000 undocumented Palestinian laborers also enter Israel each day. The new plan would raise the number of Palestinian workers vetted by Israeli security officials. (cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
This plan "to ease economic hardship that has contributed to a wave of Palestinian attacks" smells of pseudo-nationalist, Naftali Bennett. Although I cannot be sure that he has had any influence over the formation of this proposal, he is known for talking up the theoretical cause and effect between economy and terrorism.

Now, let's do the math.

55,000 Arabs from Yehudah and Shomron (Judea and Samaria) with work permits plus 30,000 more plus a good percentage of the 30,000 workers without work permits, who are unable to obtain them, and so will continue to sneak in, comes to around 100,000 Arabs.

Now if I were to say that over 30,000 more Arabs being granted work permits equals over 30,000 more potential terrorists, then I would be branded a racist. So, of course, I won't do that.

But, I will ask you this question: If there were 100,000 bottles of water, and you knew that one of them was poison, how many of them would you risk drinking, before getting up off your tuchus and digging a well? One? One hundred? One thousand?

This appears to be what the Israeli Government is doing, playing with poisoned bottles of water.

Or is it?

Perhaps, its plan to integrate the Arabs from Yehudah and Shomron (Judea and Samaria) into a two-state solution with expanded borders for Israel. Already, there have been proposals to revoke residency status of families of terrorists. Who else's residency status will be revoked? Who else will be deported?

Jews. Don't laugh. It's coming.

In the meantime, the Israeli Government is highly underestimating the actual number of poisoned bottles of water being sneaked into its midst. Yet, digging a well, and removing all chances of being poisoned appears to be out of the question. So, stay tuned for more reports of Jewish deaths by "poisoning."
"Police say most of the near-daily Palestinian attacks since October...have been carried out by Palestinians who cross into Israel without permits from the West Bank."
And what about all of those attacks which have been carried out by Arabs with Israeli citizenship?

May God please help us!

Monday, February 08, 2016

למה אהל תפילה ליד כרמי צור נשרף?/Why was the Karmei Tzur Prayer Tent Burned Down?

ל׳ לחודש האחד עשר תשע״ו

Scroll down for English.

אוהל שמשמש מקום תפילה הוצת בסמוך להתנחלות כרמי צור. ספרי תורה שהיו באוהל הושחתו כליל. במשטרה טוענים כי העקבות מובילים לעיירה הפלסטינית חלחול. שר החינוך בנט: "התמונות לקוחות מן הלילות האפלים בהיסטוריית עמנו". ראש הממשלה נתניהו: "נמצה את הדין עם האחראים"

אלישע בן קימון ואיתמר אייכנר: 07.02.16

אלמונים הציתו בליל שבת אוהל שהכיל ספרי קודש על גבעת שורק בסמוך להתנחלות כרמי צור שבגוש עציון. לא היו נפגעים, אולם לספרים נגרם נזק רב. במשטרת מחוז ש"י פתחו בחקירה וציינו כי עקבות החשודים בהצתה מובילים לעיירה הפלסטינית הסמוכה חלחול.

לפי המתנחלים, מדובר באוהל שמשמש מקום תפילה ופעילויות לילדי האזור. תושבי כרמי צור טוענים כי המציתים אספו בערימה את ספרי התורה והציתו אותם. האוהל צופה על המקום שבו נמצאו גופות שלושת הנערים שנחטפו ונרצחו ב-2014, ואינו מאויש באופן קבוע...

...בכרמי צור מביעים זעזוע עמוק מההצתה, וטוענים כי נחצה קו אדום. "קשה להשלים עם העובדה שבלב הארץ מתרחש אירוע שמזכיר היסטוריה אפלה ביותר, ואסור לשכוח כי פחות מ-100 מטרים מפרידים בין הגבעה לבתי התושבים. ההגעה לשם היא הקדמה מסוכנת להמשך. צריך ואפשר לשים לדבר סוף", אמרו בהתנחלות.....

עשר אגורות (2¢) :
"בכרמי צור מביעים זעזוע עמוק מההצתה, וטוענים כי נחצה קו אדום."
באמת? כאילו אף אחד משם לעולם לא יצפה שהערבים יעשו דבר כזה?

הם בהחכשה? הם תמימים? או הם פשוט עברו בהצלחה שטיפת המוח של מערכת החינוך הממלכתי? זאת אותה מערכת החינוך שאני מאמין ש

העיתונאים של YNET לא קוראים לתושבי כרמי צור ״תושבים,״ אלא ״מתנחלים.״

מתי השמאלנים יפסיקו כבר להבדיל בין מקומות ככרמי צור לתל אביב?

הערבים בהחלט לא מבדילים ביניהם. הם מאמינים שכל ארץ ישראל שייכת להם.

ומה תושבי כרמי צור מאמינים?

YNET: Arson suspected in prayer tent fire
Law enforcement investigating locals' suspicions that a fire that burned several Torah books was deliberately started by a Palestinian

Elisha Ben Kimon: 02.06.16

Anonymous individuals on Saturday night set fire to a tent containing Torah books next to the settlement of Karmei Tzur in Gush Etzion. No one was hurt, but the books were heavily damaged. Judea and Samaria District Police opened an investigation and said footsteps believed to belong to suspects led to the adjacent Palestinian town of Halhul.

According to locals, the tent serves as a place of prayer and other activities for the area's children. Karmei Tzur residents said arsonists had put the books in a pile and let them on fire. The tent overlooks the spot where the bodies of the three teenagers who were kidnapped and murdered in 2014 were found.

Karmei Tzur residents said they were deeply shocked by the incident and that they felt a red line had been crossed. "It's difficult to accept the fact that in the heart of the country, an incident has occurred that is reminiscent of the darkest history, and we must not forget that less than 100 meters separate the hill and the residents' houses," said a resident. "Reaching there is a dangerous precedent for the future. We must and can put an end to this." (cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
"Karmei Tzur residents said they were deeply shocked by the incident and that they felt a red line had been crossed."
Really? So, no one from Karmei Tzur would ever expect Arabs to do something like this? Have they so easily forgotten that this pray tent was built in memory of three boys who were murdered at this location? Was that not already crossing a red line?

Are they in denial? Are they naive? Or have they just successfully passed through the brainwashing of the mamlakhti educational system? The same education which I believe contributed to the boys' in the first place.

Meanwhile, YNET journalist do not call the residents of Karmei Tzur "residents," but rather "settlers."

When will the leftists finally stop making distinctions between places like Karmei Tzur and Tel-Aviv? 

The Arabs certainly do not make any such distinctions. They believe that all of Eretz Yisra'el (the Land of Israel) belongs to them.

What do the "settlers" from Karmei Tzur believe?

Another Israeli State Law to be Used Against Jews

כ"ט לחודש האחד עשר תשע"ו

Think this is good thing? A great way to crack down on Arab terror attacks? Guess again.
YNET: 'Stop-and-frisk' bill gets final approval
Knesset passes bill permitting police to conduct body searches with probable cause; wording softened from previous version, but some fear that minorities will be unfairly targeted.

Omri Efraim, 02.02.16

A Knesset plenum approved on Monday night the "stop-and-frisk law" proposed by Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, which expands law enforcement's authority to conduct searches. The law permits police officers to search someone's body and belongings if there is a reasonable suspicion that he may be about to commit violence, or in the event that he uses threatening or violent language.

The bill permits police to search anyone in a group believed to be suspicious. Police will only be able to conduct weapons searches in certain places in accordance with the law, or in the event that there reasonable suspicion of someone carrying a weapon.

Furthermore, the law will allow the chief of a police district to designate a location in which there is suspicion of terrorist activity as a location where body searches are permitted in order to locate illegal weapons. This declaration would remain in effect temporarily and would be the result of heightened security.

The bill is essentially a softened version of the original, which was formulated by the Public Security Ministry and encountered widespread public opposition, including by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel.

Attorney Avner Pinchuck, director of the association's Civil and Political Rights Unit, said the bill originally allowed body searches without probable cause, "but the approved version threatens citizens no less." Pinchuk argued that Ethiopian Israelis, Arabs, and darker-skinned Jews will remain vulnerable to harassment without any oversight. Indeed, the bill has raised fears of discrimination among Ethiopian Israelis and Arabs.

Minister Erdan, for his part, said passage of the law constitutes "an important boost to the police's ability to more effectively fight terrorism and violence."
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
The highlighted words and phrases above are all relative, if not completely subjective, the definitions of which will be selectively decided upon by the pawns of the Erev Rav controlled government.

This bill is the classic of governments worldwide, a response to terrorist attacks and other acts of violence. Governments use these events as excuses But, the ultimate goal is increased control over the populace. In Israel's case, this contributes to the ultimate goal of shaping the country.

While the left has decried that this will be selectively enforced against Arabs. I believe that, in fact, the end result will quite the opposite. The targeting of those "settlers" and Haredim, who dare to hold Torah in a place of authority over the State, will be much easier now. The secular youth fed up with Arabs' seduction and assault on our sisters, will be more easily "dealt with."

The application of this law to the only real threat to our physically safety, the Arabs, will be seen by the public only minimally, just enough to keep the wool pulled over our eyes, maintaining our belief that this law is "for our own good."

The Israeli Government is not nearly as concerned with the Arab threat, as it is with what it believes to be the existential threat to the State. Anyone who disagrees with its vision and direction for the Jewish People, assimilation into the global community of goyim, is high on its priority list.

And what about the rights of citizens based on the State's own claim of being a democracy? In other words, expect the government to show us more examples of how it repeatedly breaks its own rules.

A friend of mine was once stripped naked in the middle of a group of female border patrol officers. Were his religious rights respected? No, they were not. And, yes, there are such a things. At least there are supposed to be.

We have also heard allegations of these rights of young religious women being violated in the Tirza prison, having been forced to appear in states of undress in front of male officers. However, reactions to these allegations by feminists and women's rights advocates have conspicuously absent.

Enter additional proposed laws, the revocation of residency status of terrorists' families, and/or the blowing up of their homes.

Not so long ago, a friend of mine was acquitted of "incitement to racism." He was brought to trial for daring to suggest that we consider removing hostile (not all, but only hostile) Arabs from Azza (Gaza).

The so-called "right-wing" will undoubtedly being celebrating over these proposed laws. But, what happens when their children are labeled as terrorists, or even just suspected of violence or incitement? What happens when their own children become, or become confused with, the very hilltop youth they themselves make a hobby of demonizing?

Their tunes may change, but it will be too late.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Israel is the Homeland of the Jewish People, not Europe

כ״ד לחודש האחד עשר תשע״ו
YNET: German Jews fear rising anti-Semitism during Mideast refugee influx
Jews fear attacks by refugees from countries hostile to Israel, adding another level of complexity to the enormous challenge facing German society. 
Reuters: 02.02.16 
When Judith G. helped out at a refugee center near Frankfurt last October and identified herself as Jewish, she was spat on and insulted
German Jews say the case of Judith G., a 33-year-old optician who asked not to be fully named, isn’t isolated and underlines concerns many have about the record arrivals of asylum seekers, largely from Muslim countries in the Middle East.

Official figures show German-born far-right supporters commit the vast majority of anti-Semitic crimes in the country, and Muslim leaders say nearly all asylum seekers – who can be targets of hate crime themselves – are trying to escape conflict, not stir it up.

Nevertheless, Jews across Germany are hiding their identity when volunteering at refugee shelters for fear of reprisals, adding another layer of complexity to a social, economic and logistical challenge that is stretching the fabric of German society. (cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Complexity? What complexity? "Complexity to the enormous challenge facing German society?"

Who cares? While Esau (Edom/Rome/The West) and Yishma'el (Arabs/Islam) battle it out, Jews have two choices, to remain on the battlefield as sitting ducks, or get out.

Jews like Judith G., who mean well, need to get a clue and get out of Germany. It's not your country, Judith, and those million "refugees" appear to be there to make sure that you, and all of the other Jews still in Germany, finally get the message.

Unfortunately, it may already be too late for Jews like Nina Peretz and the other “Friends of the Fraenkleufer Synagogue.”
Some Jewish groups, such as the Berlin-based “Friends of the Fraenkleufer Synagogue”, have taken the cultural exchange issue into their own hands with around 40 volunteers helping out at a local refugee center. 
“We want to send a message to all the Jews who sit at home and build big fences around their synagogues that it’s possible and necessary to approach one another, because if we don’t try, things can only turn for the worse,” said Nina Peretz, head of the initiative.
Their actions are reminiscent Jews in Israel who have reached out to Arabs, opened their towns to them, and have gotten wounded or killed as a result. Efrat, Otni'el, and Teqo'a, are only a few of the towns affected, not to mention Israel's capital of Jerusalem.

And, who can forget the three boys who were killed, after being tricked by an Arab who feigned car trouble?

Coexisting with goyim may be a necessity for survival, while residing in the golah (exile). But anyone who has ever visited a zoo should know that come feeding time, the zookeepers do not hand feed, and try to pet, the big cats, the alligators, or the poisonous snakes.  Instead, they know to keep their distance, and not bother with cultural sensitivity training. Although the president of the Central Council of Jews might think so...
“Among the refugees, there are a great many people who grew up with hostility toward Israel and conflate these prejudices with hatred toward Jews in general,” Josef Schuster, president of the Central Council of Jews, told Reuters in an interview conducted in October. 
When will we ever learn? When will we finally stop repeating the same mistakes, expecting different results?

Like I said, Jews in Europe have two choices, to get out now, or to wonder around in the plague of darkness (Ex. 10:21-23), which they do not even know that they are in.
According to a 2013 study by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights, 64 percent of German Jews avoid the public display of symbols that would identify them as Jewish. It also found that only 28 percent of them report anti-Semitic incidents. 
Such incidents, as recorded by the Interior Ministry, dropped in 2015 but Jews still remember chants by young Muslims proclaiming “Jews to the gas” on German streets in protests against 2014's Operation Protective Edge.
Yet again in this report and others like it, aliyah (Jewish immigration to Israel) is never mentioned as a solution. Israel's own attacks, by both Arabs and its own refugees infiltrators are often used as excuses for not making aliyah. But, what Jews in Europe, and North America, and elsewhere, need to realize is that Israel is our only true homeland. The other countries where we have lived are the lands of our exile, and exile is a punishment. Israel is the only land where we should be investing our money, our energies, our lives.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

I'm Shocked! Arab Terrorists Lie in order to enter Israel!

כ״ג לחודש האחד עשר תשע״ו
YNET: Hamas member fakes illness, enters Israel
Two Gazans used fake medical documents to travel to an East Jerusalem hospital. The next day, the 'patient' was found perfectly healthy in Umm al-Fahm.

Itay Blumental and Yoav Zitun, 02.01.16

The Shin Bet and the police have arrested two Palestinian men from the Gaza Strip who entered Israel using forged medical documents, it was cleared for publication on Monday.

The suspects, Mahmoud Maatouk, 30, and Ayoob Maatouk, 51, are both residents of Jabalia, and Mahmoud is a known Hamas member.

According to the Shin Bet, the two men entered Israel on January 7, after presenting authorities with documentation stating Mahmoud was in a state of multiple-organ failure, and that he required immediate hospitalization at the Al-Makassed Hospital in East Jerusalem. His evacuation required an ambulance.

The next day, it turned out the two had left the hospital and reached Umm al-Fahm on their own, while perfectly healthy.

During questioning by the Shin Bet, the two admitted to forging medical documents with the aid of a relative, who was in contact with a doctor in the Gaza Strip.

They said they paid about NIS 7,000 for the documents, which stated Mahmoud was a paraplegic. They also gave details regarding other Palestinians who have entered Israel in a similar manner. (cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
So much for Israel's world famous security measures!

Now, I suppose that if I call these men lying Arabs, I will be demonized as a racist. Then, when I remind you that these men are members of Hamas, you'll pause for a moment, and then try to change the subject.

Hamas Emblem
Notice the map of what they believe belongs to them.
The Western/galuth (exilic) mentality, led by our feelings, instead of politically-incorrect (yet absolutely correct!), Torah Law, is insidious and powerful.

If you want to know about Arabs, and their threat to us, all you have to do is read the Tana"kh and works of HaZa"L (Our Sages z"l). When will we ever learn?

The report concludes with...
Shin Bet officials said Monday, "This is a very severe incident, which shows the cynical exploitation of Israel's willingness to answer the humanitarian needs of Gaza Strip residents, in order to illegally enter Israel, something which could bring about the tightening of entry policies and eventually harm the people of the Gaza Strip."
This is not the first time that Shin Bet has warned against the dangers of policies and practices of the Israeli Government it serves.

The Shin Bet may be right this time, but this incident, and others like it, could have been avoided, if Torah Law was used as a guide to determine the correct course of action toward Arabs, instead of our Western/galuth feelings.

Unfortunately, high level government officials find Torah loyalty and observance to be more of an existential threat to the so-called "Jewish Democratic," State of Israel than Arab terrorism.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Israeli Government Testing the Waters of Weapon Confiscation

כ״ג לחודש האחד עשר תשע״ו
Arutz 7: Woman gets back gun license taken over Temple Mount prayer
Old City resident successfully petitions having her license revoked in the midst of a terror wave for ‘Praying on Temple Mount.’

Arutz Sheva Staff, 1/31/2016

In the middle of the Arab terror wave, a 55-year-old female Jewish resident of Jerusalem's Old City had her license to carry a handgun removed by the Internal Security Ministry, after police claimed she "prayed on the Temple Mount” in December.

The woman, Feiga Tavnes, has lived in the Old City for the past 35 years. For all of those 35 years she has held a license to carry a firearm and owned a personal handgun, and in all those years she has never been investigated or run afoul of the law. (cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Of course, this attempt at revoking this lady's gun license has absolutely nothing to do with whether she prayed on the Har HaBayith (the Temple Mount), or even ascended it.
It should be noted that Tavnes was not investigated for prayer on the Temple Mount, which even if it occurred, does not constitute legal grounds for revoking a weapons permit. 
She would have been pounced on by Arabs, if they even suspected such a thing. The Wakf (Jordanian Muslim authority) would then have complained VERY LOUDLY, and the Israeli Police officers present would have immediately kowtowed to their demands, without even obtaining the lady's side of the story.

She would then have been whisked away. At least I hope that she would be whisked away being an older woman. If she were a man, then she certainly would have been removed with much greater force.

Man or woman, the suspect would then have been banned from ascending Har HaBayith, for who knows how long.

This incident was simply an example of the powers that be testing the waters of weapon confiscation, which I have no doubt will be expanded from the current targets in Yehudah and Shomron (Judea and Samaria). We have now seen a hint of its expansion in Jerusalem.

Apparently, the Israeli Police force did not do its homework, and chose to attempt the revocation of the license held by someone for 35 years, and free of any negative record.

UN Secretary General is Living Under a Rock! Or is he?

כ"ב לחודש האחד עשר תשע"ו

And here's the proof!

Actually, Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon is pictured here, taking a leisurely tour of one of Hamas's luxury, terror attack tunnels! UN chief Ban 'alarmed' over Hamas vow to rebuild Gaza tunnels
"Such statements and actions put at risk reconstruction, humanitarian and development efforts by the international community and Palestinian and Israeli authorities," Ban said.

Danilles Ziri, 01/30/2016

In a statement delivered by his spokesperson, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on Saturday that he was "alarmed" by the recent statements from the Hamas leadership in Gaza stating their intention to continue building tunnels and firing rockets at Israel.

"Such statements and actions put at risk reconstruction, humanitarian and development efforts by the international community and Palestinian and Israeli authorities," Ban said. "They also do a serious disservice to the long-suffering people of Gaza."

The secretary-general added that "after three major conflicts in the past seven years, people in Gaza and the people of southern Israel deserve a chance for peace and development."

He also reiterated that he condemns terrorism "in all its manifestations" and added that every effort must be made to improve the living conditions of the people of Gaza.

During a funeral for seven Palestinian Hamas operatives who were killed when a tunnel they were digging had collapsed on them earlier this week, senior official Ismail Haniyeh vowed on Friday that the Islamist organization will continue in building its network of underground passages.

“The Hamas military wing will continue with its preparations both underground and above ground,” the former prime minister of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip said. “On land and at sea, we will not stop until the liberation of the holy places [in Jerusalem].”

Hamas announced on Thursday that seven members of its military wing, Izzadin Kassam, were killed when a tunnel collapsed. (cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Is the UN Secretary General really that naive? I think not. The following clip from the classic film Casablanca (1942) sums up his reaction to a tee.

Ban-Ki Moon
UN Clown General

Furthermore, when a terror organization which takes pride in every Jew it kills, honors the murderers as holy martyrs, and reiterates its desire to annihilate the Jewish People, every chance it gets, makes its intentions even clearer with statements such as...
Hamas officials said that they were “proud that hundreds of our men are working quietly to prepare for defending and protecting our people over and under the ground.”

“The Gaza Strip has built twice the number of resistance tunnels that were built in Vietnam, a subject which is studied in military schools,” Haniyeh said on Friday. “The military wing has built tunnels around Gaza in order to defend it and to liberate the al-Aksa mosque and the holy places.”

Haniyeh said on Friday that Hamas would also continue its efforts to perfect rocket and missile fire.

“In eastern Gaza, heroes are digging tunnels underground, and in western Gaza heroes above ground are conducting test launches of rockets,” Haniyeh said.

Haniyeh said that the armed factions in Gaza are preparing for the next round of fighting with Israel. makes it all the more clear that United Nothings Clown General Ban-ki Moon must be living under a rock,...that is, under a rock without television, radio, or internet. Or is he?

Fata"h Emblem
Meanwhile, Hamas's political rival Fatah... 
...reacted to the collapse by denouncing Hamas leaders as "merchants of war who know nothing about life other than burying their youths in the sand."
Fata"h, of course, wants to wipe Israel off of the map, too, but is perhaps a little bit more patient going about its attempts to accomplish this goal, than Hamas.

Just look at the map embedded in Fata"h's emblem. Apparently, Ban-Ki Moon is oblivious to this fact as well. Or is he?

Perhaps, the UN Secretary is not as clueless as most all news sources have lead us to believe.

Maybe, he just hates Jews. Ever thought about that?

Either way, he is still a just clown, albeit a very dangerous clown to the Jewish People.
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