Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Arutz 7 (Israel National News) Fail!

כ"ג לחודש החמישי תשע"ז

Arutz 7 has been involved in in kinds of shenanigans, forcing me and other bloggers to cease citing their reports. But this fail of theirs takes the cake, forcing me to mention me to mention them here.

Last night, one side of the pedestrian walking bridge connecting B'nei B'raq and Giv'at Shmu'el was knocked down by a truck. Arutz 7's Hebrew site reported on this accurately.

 Arutz 7's English site did not.

The bridge that collapsed was not the bridge at the Giv'at Shmu'el "Coca-Cola" Junction, but rather the next bridge north. The report appears to have been fixed, at least by midnight last night.

So, the writer made a mistake. Big deal, right? We all make mistakes.

But, c’mon! All the writer had to was to look at Arutz 7’s Hebrew counterpart’s report posted 15 minutes earlier. Not sure of the exact names of the bridges? Maybe the names are different in Hebrew than in English? (By the way, they’re not.) A quick search on Google Maps or Ymaps in Hebrew would have confirmed

Since 2005, I was invited to be interviewed by Arutz 7 four times. And I am happy to say that each time I turned them down. None of these radio talk show hosts even knew who I was, except that some of them knew that I had a blog (big deal!), a blog which none of them had ever bothered to read before inviting me to be interviewed. I don’t know about you, but this sounds pretty desperate to me.

I recall the time not too long after Arutz 7’s founding, the self-sacrifices of Rebbetzin Z. Melamed, David Shapira, and others suffering raids on the station in Beth-El and worse. Such times are long since over.

Around the time of the expulsion of Jews from Azza (Gaza/Gush Qatif) and the Northern Shomron in 2005/תשס״ה, then future MK Ya’akov “Katzeleh” Katz reported threats from outside of Israel to cease donations to the Yeshiva’s foundation, due to Rabbi Z. Melamed’s canceling of Rabbi Shlomo Aviner’s class at the Yeshiva. Rabbi Aviner’s rulings on taharath hamishpahah (family purity) were under scrutiny by a Beth Din (rabbinical court) set up by Rabbi Modechai Eliyahu ztz”l, issues which today have never actually been clarified.

Tensions in Beth-El rose due to disagreements over how IDF soldiers should deal with orders to remove Jews during the impending expulsion. Should soldiers follow them? Refuse them? Pretend to be sick?

But, I digress…

As time went on, Judeo-Christian Values were being pushed by the head of the English division.

Cheerleaders for Christian “Friends of Israel” were being propped up as rock stars.

In 2010, I had the opportunity to witness just how many of the reports on their their news flash make their way to the site. News feeds are set up from other Israeli new sources in Hebrew, and they are translated. As far as I know, this is legal, and other news sites do this too. But, doesn't YNET, for example, pay a fee to the Associated Press [AP]? Just sayin'.

In all fairness to Arutz 7, according to one confidential source, close to a former head of the English division, donations, including donations from Christians, flow first through the Yeshiva’s foundation, then trickle into the Arutz 7. He also claims that what the “news” station receives is not very much.

But, who knows? Maybe Christians will feel sorry for Arutz 7 and pump some money into the station. Stranger things have happened.

And before Arutz 7 complains about this post, someone from over there should thank me for the free publicity.

Monday, August 14, 2017

למה דוד חי חסדאי יושב בכלא?/Why is David Chai Chasdai Sitting in Jail?

כ״ב לחודש החמישי תשע״ז
English follows the Hebrew.

"All of us are with
the Prisoners of Zion"
בית משפט העליון החליט להשאיר את דוד חי חסדאי במעצר עד תום הליכים בבית סוהר מאחורי סורג ובריח וכל "חטאו"
הוא שדיבר עם חבריו שנאסר עליו לדבר איתם מצד השב"כ בצו מנהלי צו המתנהל ללא משפט וללא הצגת ראיות,

דוד חי מצטרף לעוד נערים יהודים שיושבים בבתי סוהר בחשד שדיברו עם חבריהם והפרו בכך את הצו מנהלי שקיבלו ללא שעשו כל פשע!!!

דוד חי חסדאי
David Chai Chasdai
עשר אגורות (2¢):
זאת לא פעם הראשונה נערים יהודים נמצאים בכלא בגלל הדיבורים עם חברים.

מאיר אטינגר נכלא בגלל המאמרים שהוא כתב, וכנראה גם מפני שהוא נכד של הרב מאיר כהנא הי״ד. וגם אסרו לו לדבר עם חברים שלו.

בשנת תשס״ו/2006 חודשים אחרי הממשלה גירשה את כמעט 10,000 יהודים מביתם ומאדמתם בחבל עזה ובצפון השומרון, שלוש נערות יהודיות מכפר תפוח ישבו בכלא בגלל ההשתתפות שלהן בהפגנות נגד הגירוש, וגם לא אמורות להשתחרר עד תום התהליכים ״מפני שהן ידברו עם תושבי הישוב שלהן.״ ומה היתה הבעיה אם הן היו מדברות עם השכנים שלהן? אולי הן יצליחו להשפיע להם.

אוי ואבוי!

אולי מי שעדיין טוען שמדינת ישראל היא מדינה יהודית ״דמוקרטית״ יתעורר כבר לראות שזה בכלל לא נכון, ובנוסף אין דבר כזה ״זכות לדיבור חופשי.״

לצערי, כנראה שלא.

All of us are with the Prisoners of Zion:
The Israeli Supreme Court has decided to leave David Chai Hasdai in detention until final court proceedings imprisoned behind bars for all of his "offenses."

David Chai spoke with friends he was forbidden to by the Shabba"k (Israeli secret police), which was implemented without any court ruling nor any presentation of evidence.

David Chai joins other Jewish boys who are sitting in jail on suspicion of talking to their friends and thereby violating the administrative order they received without having committed any crime!!!

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
This is not the first time we have seen Jewish youth imprisoned for exercising their right to free speech, such as speaking to their friends.

Meir Ettinger was imprisoned for the articles he wrote, and probably also because he is Rabbi Meir Kahane's hy"d grandson. He was also forbidden from speaking with a list of 100 of his friends and acquaintances.

In the year תשס״ו/2006, months after the Israeli Government expelled almost 10,000 Jews from their homes and land in Gaza and the Northern Shomron (Samaria), three teenage girls from K'far Tapu'ah sat in prison because of their participation in demonstrations against the expulsion, and were also not supposed to be released until final court proceedings "because they will talk with the other residents of their town." And what was the problem if they were to speak with their neighbors? Because they might have influence over them.

OMG! (eyes rolling)

Perhaps those who still claim that the State of Israel is a Jewish, democratic state will wake up and see that this is not at all the case, and that there is no such thing here as "freedom of speech."

Unfortunately, the probably won't.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

יהודים בטורקיה תעלו לארץ ישראל מייד!/Jews in Turkey, Move to Israel Now!

ג' לחודש החמישי תשע"ז
English follows the Hebrew.
הזירה הדתית מתלהטת: שני מקרים של הפגנות מאיימות ואף אבנים ובעיטות בדלתות בתי כנסת באיסטנבול בסוף השבוע. "או שהציונים ייקחו את עצמם בידיים, או שנחזור לפה", איים מנהיג מקומי - בזמן שהנשיא מתסיס סביב אירועי הר הבית

איתמר אייכנר: 23.07.17

תי הפגנות מאיימות ואף פעולות ונדליזם נגד בתי כנסת בטורקיה, שנראה כי יצאו לפועל בתמיכה שקטה של המשטר - בצל אירועי הר הבית, מדאיגות מאוד את הקהילה היהודית במדינה.

בלילה שבין חמישי לשישי התקיפו את בית הכנסת "נווה שלום" באיסטנבול עשרות מפגינים, השליכו אבנים לעבר בית הכנסת, בעטו בדלתותיו וניסו לפרוץ פנימה. המפגינים ביקשו למחות על הצבת המגנומטרים בהר הבית וקראו קריאות "אללה אכבר".

בכניסה לבית הכנסת נאם מנהיג מקומי של מפלגת "האיחוד הלאומי", קורסאט מיצ'אן, והאשים את ישראל ב"הטרדת אחינו הפלסטינים ופגיעה בחופש הפולחן שלהם". הוא הוסיף: "או שהציונים יקחו את עצמם בידיים, או שנחזור לפה שוב". חלק מהמפגינים צעקו "אם לא תיתנו לנו להיכנס למקום הקדוש שלנו, לא ניתן לכם להיכנס למקום הקדוש שלכם".

אחד המפגינים בעט בדלתות בית הכנסת, ושני מפגינים טיפסו על הדתות ותלו שלטים שעליהם תמונות של כיפת הסלע. בקהילה היהודית נדהמו מכך שזמן קצר לפני ההפגנה עזבה את המקום ניידת המשטרה שמאבטחת דרך קבע את בית הכנסת – שבעבר היה יעד לפיגועי טרור. (המשך...)

עשר אגורות (2¢):
האם אתם קראתם מספיק מהשטויות האלה? האם אתם עדיין רוצים לנסוע לטורקיה לחופש?

החלק הכי המצער הוא לא שהמוסלמים הטורקיים המחזיקים בסטנדרטים כפולים כאלה בלבם כמו הערבים כאן בארץ.

אלא החלק הכי המצער הוא שאנחנו, היהודים, עדיין מאמינים שאפשר לגור "בשלום" עם בני ישמעאל, פרא אדם, ולשיטות דיפלומטיות בסגנון תרבות המערב יש סיכוי להצליח להביא אותנו למצב של שלום איתם. אפילו שהשיטות כאלה לעולם לא הצליחו, חוץ מתקופות זמניות.

וגם הייתי אומר שעצוב מאוד שאנחנו היהודים עדיין לא נטשנו את העניין המגוחך של פלורליזם דמוקרטי. רוב היהודים, גם כאלה החובשי כיפות והמתגוררים בארץ ישראל, עדיין לא מוכנים לשמוע את זה, קל וחומר לא לקבל את זה.

והם טוענים שהעניין הזה מופיע בתורה? אם כן אז איפה? או הם סוף סוף הפסיקו לנסות להוכיח לפי התורה?

כשאני עליתי ארצה לפני 20 שנה, פגשתי כמה עולים חדשים מטורקיה שלמדו באוניברסיטה. אני הייתי עצוב כששמעתי שהרבה מהם "חזרו הביתה". האם המצב הנוכחי בטורקיה ישפיע להם לחזור לישראל ולהביא איתם יהודים אחרים? או הם יישארו בטורקיה, בתקווה שהמצב ישתפר, כלומר, עם ראשיהם בתוך בור בחול. וכשהמצב כן ישתפר, האם הם ישכחו בקלות את היום שבו בתי הכנסת שלהם הושחתו? ... למרות שזאת לא הפעם הראשונה, ובוודאי לא תהיה הפעם האחרונה.

הנשיא ארדואן
כמו שכתבתי כבר למעלה, שאר בכלל לשווה לכם לקרוא את שאר המאמר הזה של YNET, חוץ ממסקנתו:
נשיא טורקיה רג'פ טאיפ ארדואן גינה בשבת את "הפעולות המופרזות" שישראל עשתה בדיכוי ההפגנות כמחאה על הצבת המגנומטרים. ארדואן כינה את שלושת הפלסטינים שנהרגו במהומות "שהידים". הנשיא הטורקי נמנע מלגנות את רצח השוטרים בהר הבית וכינה את הפיגוע "תקרית".
נראה לי שאני כתבתי מספיק.

YNET: Jews in Turkey under attack over Temple Mount crisis
Temple Mount crisis escalates into religious rift abroad, as Muslims in Turkey block entry into, and vandalize synagogues, threatening to 'come back again' unless Israel changes its policy. 

Itamar Eichner, 23.07.17

Two threatening demonstrations and mounting cases of vandalism against synagogues in Turkey—apparently carried out with the regime's tacit support against the backdrop of the Temple Mount crisis—are raising concerns among the country's Jewish community.

On the night between Thursday and Friday, dozens of demonstrators attacked the Neve Shalom synagogue in Istanbul, threw rocks at the synagogue, kicked its doors and tried to break in.

Attacks in Turkey
At the entrance to the synagogue, a local leader of the Great Union Party, Korsat Michan, spoke out and accused Israel of "harassing our Palestinian brothers and damaging their freedom of worship."

"Either the Zionists get a grip, or we will come back here again," he said.

Some protesters shouted, "If you do not let us enter our holy place, we will not let you enter your holy place."

As protesters kicked the doors of the synagogue, two demonstrators climbed up the building and hung signs with pictures of the Dome of the Rock.

The Jewish community was stunned that the police patrol car—which regularly protected the synagogue as it is a target for terror attacks—had left the area shortly before the demonstration started. (cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Read enough of this tripe? Do you still want to travel to Turkey for a vacation?

The sad part isn't that the Turkish Muslims, like their Arab counterparts, hold such double standards dear to their hearts.

The sad part is that we Jews still believe that will can live "in peace" with these animalistic descendants of Yishm'ael.

I would also say that it is also very sad that we Jews have not yet to abandon the ridiculous concept of democratic pluralism. But, most Jews, even those with kippoth and residing in Eretz Yisra'el (the Land of Israel) are not ready to hear this, let alone accept it.

Where do they claim such a concept can be found in the Torah anyway? Or have they finally stopped trying.

But, I digress...

When I arrived in Israel 20 years ago, I met some Turkish Jews who were attending university here. I sad to hear that many of them "returned home." Will the current situation motivate them to come back to Israel, and bring many other Turkish Jews with them? Or will they remain in Turkey, hoping that the situation will improve, in other words, with their heads in the sand. And when the situation does improve, will they so easily forget the day their synagogues with vandalized? ...even though this wasn't the first time, and certainly will not be the last.
The Jewish community was stunned that the police patrol car—which regularly protected the synagogue as it is a target for terror attacks—had left the area shortly before the demonstration started.
Will they be stunned the next time, and police car leaves the scene? Will they be stunned the next time, when the police car is involved in the attack?

President Erdoğan
Like I said, the remainder of this report is not worth reading, except perhaps the report's conclusion:
On Saturday, Erdogan condemned Israel's "excessive force" in suppressing the demonstrations in protest against the placement of the metal detectors, calling the Palestinians killed in the riots "martyrs." 
The Turkish president refrained from condemning the murder of policemen on the Temple Mount, calling the attack "an incident."
'Nuff said.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Ambassador Dave Sharma, Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

ב׳ לחודש החמישי תשע"ז
Dave Sharma
YNET: 'If Israel abandons the values of democracy, it will lose world’s support'In a farewell interview, Dave Sharma, Australia's ambassador to Israel, talks about the security ties between the two countries and the need for an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement both sides would benefit from, and announces that 'by the end of 2018, it will be possible to fly from Tel Aviv to Sydney directly.'

Itamar Eichner, 06.07.17
Dave Sharma, who finished his four year service as as the Australian ambassador to Israel last month, left his replacement a list of tips for survival in the Jewish state.

“Australia has snakes, sharks, spiders, etc. Here in Israel, I explained to him, there are no dangerous animals, at least not outside the Knesset,” says Sharma with a charming smile as he continues to lay out his tips.

“Do not wear a suit; ties in Israel are only for funerals and official events. The tuxedos should be pushed deep into the back of your closet, you will not need it.

“You must learn some Hebrew phrases. If anyone says to you, 'It will be alright’—start worrying. The word ‘balagan’ means something isn’t working at all, but in the end it somehow works out.

“There is no such thing as a line in Israel. And it’s a waste of time to stand in one, because everyone will cut you and try to get ahead, and you’ll be the sucker who finds himself at the back.”

Sharma, 41, was sad to leave Israel. If he could, he would have extended his term another year, but he already received a one-year extension, the maximum possible. During his time here, he managed to acclimatize to Israel, fall in love with the country, and get to know it in depth. One might say that he is one of the most Israeli ambassadors to have served here, and perhaps the most popular as well. (cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
You are welcome to waste your time reading this entire piece on recent, and now former, Australian Ambassador to Israel, Dave Sharma, with all of its raising of hasbarah (publicity; from the Hebrew for explanation) and the importance of how Israel looks in the eyes of non-Jews onto a pedestal, and back handed compliments. Or you can just follow me, in reading between the lines of the most significant sections of this piece.

But, first, it is no secret that bloggers and journalists alike often attempt to find unflattering photos of their subject, their targets caught in the act, if you will, to bring home their message of their hit pieces. But, who knew that Dave Sharma would provide such an unflattering photo of his own accord? (see above) Perhaps  didn't have a choice, as it seems that this is the official Australian Foreign Ministry's photo of him, and where I ended up finding it only posts profile photos in black and white. So, go figure.

Yet, the new Australian ambassador's official photo looks just fine (considering). Change of photo policy perhaps? Or just a poor choice on the part of Dave Sharma and and his people?

Let us begin the analysis of Ambassador Dave Sharma's farewell interview from the (never disappointingly left-wing) YNET.
During his time here, he managed to acclimatize to Israel, fall in love with the country, and get to know it in depth. One might say that he is one of the most Israeli ambassadors to have served here, and perhaps the most popular as well.
Acclimate? Fall in love? Get to know it in depth? You mean from his bubble in Hertzlya Pitu'ah, known for its limousine liberals? Yes, he loves it so much, that he encourages us to give a big chunk of it away. Even though it is not ours to give away (It's The Holy One's, Blessed Be He), and not to mention continually reinforcing Arab terrorism, by caving into their demands.
“There is no such thing as a line in Israel. And it’s a waste of time to stand in one, because everyone will cut you and try to get ahead, and you’ll be the sucker who finds himself at the back.” 
(sigh) This hasn't been true for almost 20 years, at least in the big cities. Thanks for the throw in of the self-deprecating comment, YNET! Actually, the Ambassador said it, so it was more like a nasty kidney punch.
"I do not blame the media. There is a conflict they need to cover. But I think everything else happening in Israel is not being covered. If you do a Google search on Israel, you see confrontations at checkpoints, terrorist attacks, IDF operations in Syria: People think this is all that happens in Israel. even though there are hundreds of other things happening here."
Granted, the Israeli Government needs to stop being wishy-washy, stop making the same mistakes about "more talk" and "more prisoner releases" and "more land giveaways" will make one damn bit of difference with these descendants of Yishma'el, and furthermore, make up its mind already as to whether Eretz Yisra'el (the Land of Israel) belongs to it or not, stop Can it be changed, or is it a lost cause? There are terror attacks all over the world now, but other places are not branded in this manner.
The day after the attack in Sarona, you went with your embassy staff for coffee at Max Brenner. Why was it important to do that?

"It was a gesture of solidarity with the people of Israel. We wanted to say that if you are not afraid, we are not afraid. We received amazing and heartfelt responses from the Israelis, but we did not do it for the responses. We wanted to do something meaningful.”

(eyes rolling)
The youngest, Daphne, is four years old and has lived most of her life as an Israeli. Sharma says his daughter has a warm Israeli temperament and only eats Israeli food (bourekas, shakshuka and hummus). 
See how easy it is to become "Israeli," even when not Jewish? The Israeli government, or rather those higher on the food chain than the Israeli government, have watered down "Israel" so much, it has made it so much easier for them to bring a replacement population of mostly non-Jews from the Former Soviet Union, foreign workers from India and the Philippines, as well as African insurgents, including the Black [Non-] Hebrews. Who will be next? Evangelical Christians from the U. S.? (link)
When he [David Sharma] speaks about Israel, his eyes light up, as if he were a Zionist or a Jew—even though he is not.
Not a Jew? We knew that. Not a Zionist? We knew that, too. Anyone who believes that Israel must be like every other nation, and give away at least some of its Divinely promised Land could not possibly be a real Zionist. But not a Zionist, even according to the definition of the Labor Zionists who hijacked the term? Unclear.
"We have also succeeded in advancing the hi-tech relations between the two countries
Translation: We have also succeeding in exploiting the State of Israel's desperate need for love and validation from the outside. And why shouldn't they love that we love them? After all, we almost never condemn building in the settlements (see below).
Ambassador Sharma says the Australian army is also involved in defending Israel's borders. There are Australian soldiers among the UN forces in the Golan Heights and in southern Lebanon. An Australian commander leads the multinational force in the Sinai Peninsula, both overseeing the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt and taking part in the war against ISIS in the peninsula. 
For the last time, I will say that I never want to hear anyone tell me that foreign troops are not stationed in Israel. They are!

Oh, and the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt?  Gee. I wonder why the ambassador didn't mention Jordan as well. Did he know something was going to break down with that in advance, or is it simply in Arab nature to react in a violent tantrum anytime it gets upset? You be the judge.
Australia is now considered one of the friendliest countries towards Israel. It is one of the only nations to consistently support Israel in important votes at the UN and it almost never condemns Israeli construction in the settlements.

"We support a two-state solution and the establishment of a Palestinian state,...”
Seriously?! Sorry, Dave, but you cannot have your cake and eat it, too. A country cannot be considered one of the friendliest countries towards Israel while at the same time supporting the giving away of its Divinely promised lands to a people and country which do not even exist.

Along with his love for Israel, Sharma is concerned about anti-democratic things happening in the country. “Israel’s strength and its ability to survive depends on the vitality of its democracy, its liberal and pluralistic nature, its freedom of press and freedom of expression, no less than its military superiority,” he says. "Values such as separation of powers and the free press, the fact citizens and organizations can criticize government policy without being outlawed or arrested—all of this makes Israel unique in the Middle East and grants it international legitimacy. Israel depends on the support of the West, which is based on shared values, shared morality and common governing methods. If Israel abandons these principles, in 20-30 years, it will not enjoy the same legitimacy and support it enjoys today.” 
Liberal and pluralistic nature, its freedom of press and freedom of expression...?

Oh, Dave! Where were you all this time you were ambassador to Israel?! In the bubble of Hertzlya Pitu'ah? With your head in the sand? (same thing, really) You actually missed the torture of settler kids in Shabba"k (secret police) custody? The court orders, based on police a  recommendations forbidding suspects to talk to their friends? Where is the freedom of speech and expression in that?

Shared (Western) morality? This is undoubtedly code for that whole Judeo-Christian Values crap rearing its ugly head again.

Legitimacy and support it enjoys today? First of all, what legitimacy and support? The Australian Government supports the giving away of Land Divinely given to the Jewish People. One of our greatest friends indeed! I'm sorry. Did I say that already? Well, it bears repeating.
According to Sharma, “The democratic nature of Israel is as important as its Jewish nature, and I don't think you need to strengthen one at the expense of the other. Today, Israel's Jewish nature is expanding at the expense of its democratic and pluralistic nature. When you see things like this happening, it becomes increasingly difficult to identify with Israel from the outside. This is bad hasbara.”
Democracy? deMOCKracy be a nation like everyone else? We all know what that means: Globalism, assimilation of the the Jewish People into oblivion. (daughters...sons Gen.) There's that word again, "hasbara" (From Heb. root for explanation; public relations). The problem with this opinion of Dave Sharma is not that he believes that Israel should be like any other deMOCKractic nation. (Did you get that one?) The problem is that most members of the Israeli Government, Israeli citizens, and their rabbis agree with him.
The hospital (Ziv Medical Center, Tzfath) has treated more than a thousand Syrians wounded in the civil war raging in the neighboring country. When the ambassador first came to Israel, he was surprised to learn Israel was treating citizens of an enemy country.
Well, I'm not in the least bit surprised. More publicity, more opportunities and more fruitless attempts of the Israeli Government at obtaining love and validation for our very existence, from non-Jews. See? Israel is quite capable of committing suicide. We do not need any outside nation to assist us in our own destruction. Just great...
I'm hoping to have Qantas do a pilot of direct flights to Israel this October, as 3,000 Australians are arriving on charter flights for the 100th anniversary events marking the liberation of Be'er Sheva from Ottoman rule in World War One (by ANZAC, Australian and New Zealand Army Corps).
Of the 3,000 Australians expected to arrive this fall, how many will be Jews who are not in the least bit interested in actually living here? How many will be Christians scoping out the Land, while handing out a flier or two, taking advantage of Israel's commitment to the freedom of religious expression? Oh yeah, and how much slobbering and groveling will the Israeli Government do over Australia and New Zealand, even though the "liberation" was for the British Empire, and certainly not for the Jews? (eyes rolling)
Based on the amusing video that the embassy produced, in which Sharma leaves a list of tips for his successor, he certainly can consider a career in acting.
Yeah? Well, maybe Dave Sharma should have considered acting as a career before he took on the post of ambassador to Israel.

The unfortunate truth is that Dave Sharma is like every other foreign diplomat. He is either here to deliver suggestions orders from the government he represents, or to formulate them himself, and then deliver them. And his youthful appearance, supposedly positive attitude toward Israel, and ability to say a few phrases in Hebrew is supposed to cause us to praise him slobber all over him, all the more?

On the contrary. A neutral, even a hostile, government, which attempts to order us around, is at least being true to itself, and is no big surprise to us. For Esau hates Ya'aqov. And I no longer buy the "western nations naivete and ignorance" excuse, either. A fallafel-eating foreigner with a smile on his face, whose government wants us to give away land and make other concessions to people who want to eradicate us, is nothing more than a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Kitten Training 1

כ״ד לחודש הרביעי תשע״ז

Operant Conditioning is applied to modify behavior, either to increase it or to decrease it, through reinforcement or punishment.
Positive Reinforcement means adding a a desired stimulus to increase a behavior.

Negative Reinforcement is often confusing to people. It actually means to take something away, as oppose to mean something unpleasant. For example, putting on a seat belt takes away that annoying beeping sound, encouraging an increase in our seat belt putting on behavior.

Positive Punishment does not, in fact, mean something like making some each too uch ice cream. Rather, it means adding something undesirable, such as the proverbial, electric shock.

Negative Punishment means punishing by taking something away, such as your child's dessert, cell phone, or car privileges. Because maybe that'll teach 'im!
In the case of this kitten, I used food to increase the "coming close to me" behavior.

Other factors are involved, of course, such as the kitten's habituation (getting used) to my presence.

By pairing lip smacking/kissing sound (stimulus) with the food (positive reinforcement), and I can train this kitten to then come to me, in the absence of the reinforcement (food).

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Guest Post: היהודים סוף סוף מתעוררים?/Are Jews Finally Waking Up?

כ"ב לחודש הרביעי תשע"ז
English follows the Hebrew.

אחרי שני שוטרי מג"ב נהרגו בהר הבית ע"י מחבלים ערבים ואזרחי מדינת ישראל, פעיל למען הר הבית מיכאל מילר כתב:

מיכאל מילר
Michael Miller
אני רוצה לקחת את ההזדמנות עכשיו להודות למחבלים ערבים, בני דודים הישמעאלים שלי, לדבר אחד: סוף סוף, סוף סוף, יהודים כותבים פוסטים בפייסבוק על המצב הביטחוני בהר הבית (מי/מה/מתי/איפה/מדוע/ואיך) ו"מתעוררים"?? למציאות הגועלת נפש/על הפנים במקום שיחפרו של ראשיהם באדמה כשהם עושים 24.7. כמה מתאים שהם מבצעים את הפיגוע במשך ה"3 שבועות" המפורסמים ומזכירים לנו מה עדיין חסר לנו במדינה "היהודית" שלנו. 
שאלה ממש אחרונה: מתי היית הפעם האחרונה שאתה/את ביקרת בהר הבית??? אכן, ככה חשבתי...

After two Israeli Border Police officers were killed on Har HaBayith (the Temple Mount) last week by Arab terrorists and Israeli citizens, Temple Mount Activist Michael Miller wrote:
I would to thank the Arab terrorists, my Yishmaelite cousins, for one thing: finally Jews are posting statuses about the temple mount situation (who/what/when/where/why/how) and are "waking??" up to the reality instead of burying their heads in the sand like they do 24/7. How fitting they do it during the 3 weeks and REMIND US WHAT WE STILL LACK IN THIS "JEWISH" COUNTRY.

One last question: When was the last time that YOU visited Har HaBayit???...That's right...I thought so...

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Western Wall's Blocked Compromise

כ׳ לחודש הרביעי תשע״ז
YNET Op-Ed: A state denying its own people
Op-ed: The government took a historic agreement on the Western Wall and threw it in the faces of millions of Jews around the world. In an anti-Zionist move, it proved to its people—and to its enemies—that Israel is no longer the Jewish people’s state. 
Yizhar Hess, 26.06.17 
We made a mistake. We believed the government, we believed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, we believed that we must finally stop this quarrel between us over the Western Wall, and we accepted a compromise agreement. But the government’s decision on Sunday, a cynical—even vicious—decision, took this historic agreement and threw it in the faces of millions of Jews around the world, adding a slap.

Listen carefully, Jews of the diaspora: Not only will you have no share or claim to the Western Wall, but conversion in the Jewish state will be performed exclusively according to the Orthodox Judaism. 
We made a mistake. We wanted to make Jerusalem a matter of consensus again, so that we Jews would finally stop fighting with each other over something that belongs to all of us. But we were deceived. The compromise agreement made us give up the right to pray in an egalitarian manner at the Western Wall that we know. We have been fighting for this for decades, but out of a sense of historical responsibility and—let’s admit it—the huge pressure we have been under, we acted against our natural instinct, and perhaps unwisely agreed to compromise. (cont.)

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
All you need are the first, few paragraphs of this op-ed. You can read the rest of the above rant -- which is completely devoid of anything even remotely Jewish -- if you really want. Or you can go do something more productive with your time.

Now, let's go through first, few paragraphs, step by step, shall we?
In an anti-Zionist move...

First of all, what is Zionism?

Zionism is the concept that the Jewish People has an inherent connection to Eretz Yisra'el (the Land of Israel), and that it is ours, and no one else's. The concept of Zionism originated where, you may ask? Hertzl? The United Nothings United Nations? The Balfour Agreement?

None of the above.

Zionism originates from The Holy One, Blessed Be He, who promised us this Land, and transmitted this promised to us through His Holy Torah, given to Moshe Rabbenu.

The Torah is also the only justification for the Jewish People's claim to the Land, not because we were here first. We weren't. The Canaanites were, and they The Almighty took it away from them. Any declaration or law created by humans, which allows, encourages, proclaims, or enforces the Jewish People's connection, to Eretz Yisra'el, and any claim it has to settle and reside here can be revoked by humans, just as easily as it was created.

And we are seeing this happen right before our eyes: the Oslo Death Accords, the establishment of the Pseudostinian Authority [PA], selling and giving away land to Christian groups, preparation for man-made borders with a "security" fence, etc.

In a nutshell, these people seem to want to equate Zionism with Democracy, or in the State of Israel's case, deMOCKracy. But, more democracy later....
Listen carefully, Jews of the diaspora...
Jews of the diaspora? As if they should have any say in the matter? Why on earth should they have a say? Furthermore, these people go off on democracy and being a nation like are the other nations. Yet if that is the case, why on earth should those of us actually living here (on the front lines) allow them to be involved? Because of their financial support money? (shohad/bribe)

Democracy, or in the State of Israel's case, deMOCKracy (Yeah, I know I said that already.) is a Greek system of governance, Greek as in Hellenist, as in the assimilated, Hellenist Jews we fought against, and defeated, in the war which culminated with the re-dedication of Beth HaMiqdash (the Temple), and the creation of the holiday of Hanukkah.

These Jews, or rather "Jews," are running scared,...they know that t
Because of sham conversions, acceptance of "patralineal descent," and even intermarriage according to their own definition, how many of these "liberal Jews" are even Jews to begin with?
Listen carefully, Jews of the diaspora: Not only will you have no share or claim to the Western Wall, but conversion in the Jewish state will be performed exclusively according to the Orthodox Judaism.
Conversions? One may not convert to Judaism through bodies which are not Jewish, and even if they were, their "judges" are disqualified from serving in such positions, due to their various distortions and denials of the Torah, primarily the Oral Torah, and other heretical beliefs, not to mention their gender. In the recent list released by Israel's Chief Rabbinate, of those individuals whose statements of "proof of Jewishness" are no longer accepted, women were conspicuously absent. Why? No need. It is already a given that they are disqualified from providing such eiduth (testimony).

If one wants to "convert" to "Conservativism" or "Reformism," by all means, let them. After all, these religions are not Judaism. So, what do I care? Unfortunately, the Israeli government, as well as the [non-]Jewish Agency, accepts paperwork from these groups' clergy for the purposes of nationality.

Orthodox Judaism? As if there were any other kind... I think he means Torah-observant Judaism, which is, of course, redundant.

Fill the land up with those who actually think they are Jewish, so as to battle against the Torah from within.

Tantrums win out.
We made a mistake. We wanted to make Jerusalem a matter of consensus again, so that we Jews would finally stop fighting with each other over something that belongs to all of us.
Well, you see that's the whole point, isn't it? Does it really belong to you? Yet, again, I have to ask, just how many of you are Jewish?

The Ramba"m goes a step further suggesting that even if you are all really of Jewish matrilineal descent, it doesn't matter. I'll let you look this one up yourselves (Mishneh Torah, Laws of Repentance 3:14-27). Oh, and don't forget to look it up in an uncensored version.

Of course, this is just talking about many of your "leaders." Most of you do not know

I'm sorry to hurt your egos. But, Judaism is all about asking questions. If you have been turned off by rabbis who do not answer your questions, or cannot even say "I don't know the answer, but I can research it," then continue your search for someone who can provide you with sources to support his view, and who will not make you feel stupid or embarrassed. If you have encountered rabbis who have done this to you, they you were right not to bother with them.

But, if you really believe that Judaism is your heritage, and not just some wall, you owe it to yourselves to continued you search.

But, I digress...

While we were still in Egypt, the Erev Rav (mixed-multitude/false converts) cried when they were told that we were journeying to Eretz Yisra'el. Why? Because not being from any tribe, they would not inherit. They did not feel any connection to the Land. And ever since then, their descendants have been causing us problems, one of which has been not only to forsake the Land, but actively chop it up and give it away. After all, what do they care?

Whereas true converts accept the Will of HaShem.
We made a mistake.
Yeah, you made a mistake alright. Besides not truly investing your time and energy, blood, sweat and tears by actually residing in Israel, by intermarrying -- including marrying those with sham conversions -- is that unlike the "ultra-orthodox" and "settlers," as you call us, you are not having enough children.

The Left saw this coming ages ago, and so has actively had to recruit goyim from the Former Soviet Union, airlift Christians from Ethiopia, grant special status to foreign workers, and facilitate the flow of infiltrators into Israel from Africa, in order to counterbalance the population growth of Torah-observant Jews.

But, this has still not been enough. Neither has the indoctrination into diehard State loyalty through the State's educational system and IDF service. While the religious mamlakhtim (diehard State loyalists) continue to throw their kippahs off during army service, the Haredim and few [real] "settlers" allowed into the IDF do not.

Be careful what you pray wish for. Because if you want democracy, then  you will have to live with the results consequences. Most of the Haredim and residents of Yehudah and Shomron (Judea and Samaria) -- the proper names of these communities -- commit the greatest crime of all.

We vote.

Oh, and by the way, when will you finally wake up to the fact that Arabs consider Tel-Aviv to be a settlement, just as much as Hevron or Beth-El?

I would say that it is only a matter of time before we vote you out of power. However, history has shown that anytime we start winning, while playing by the rules that is, you simply change the rules.

You see, you are right when you say that...
Israel is no longer the Jewish people’s state. 
The State of Israel is not controlled by the Jewish People. מי שמבין יבין

I don't count the fading Shabbos and Kashruth laws, and the Prime Minister occasionally donning a kippah and reading from the Tana"kh (The Bible). Does he really mean it? I mean REALLY mean it?

And so, I guess this will force us to wait a little longer...
For you to intermarry some more and assimilate out of existence.

For those of you in Israel, for you to run away to Europe or to the U. S., when the situation gets too tough for them.

Or for you to wake up finally, do teshuvah (repentance), and join us.
Unfortunately, I am not optimistic about seeing too many take this last opinion, and so I am not holding my breath.

My only consolation is that these people are fighting over the parking lot a wall of Har HaBayith (Temple Mount), and so they are too busy to concern themselves with Har HaBayith itself.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Truth About the Black Non-Hebrews

י״ח לחודש הרביעי תשע״ז

The Black Hebrews are actually the Black NON-Hebrews. Let's call 'em what they really are, because they are certainly NOT Jewish.
"The Black Non-Hebrews include thugs who beat up Jewish senior citizens in the '70's in Chicago. They came to Liberia, were kicked out of Liberia, and settled in Dimona in the Negev Desert. They have been allowed to stay here, only because they threatened mass-suicide, until the Israeli government caved."

-paraphrased from Rabbi Me'ir Kahane hy"d, in a response to a question about this community on talk radio.
Currently, they enjoy defacto autonomy. New members appear to come to Israel at will, or with their leadership's permission. Some now live in Tel-Aviv and other cities.

They make up observances according to their leaders' decisions and "interpretations:"
Fasting on Shabboth
Polygyny, in defiance of Israeli Law, while Jews are prohibited from this practice
Tying a blue braid on their [closed] shirts and pants as if these were tzitziyoth
Making a new date for Pesah
They are a complete mockery of Torah and Israel. They are koferim (deniers of some or all of the Torah), just like the Christians and Muslims (Mishneh Torah, Laws of Repentance 3:17).

Once, I confronted one of their youth, selling CD's next to the central bus station in Jerusalem. He was very clear when he yelled back at me, proclaiming that they are the "real" Israelites, and that we are the fakes,...and he was talking about all of us, not just one particular subgroup.

Of course, there are now several infiltrators into Israel from Africa, who lay claim to our heritage and birthright, and wander around South Tel-Aviv and other areas in Israel, threatening Jews.

That all being said, there are some who have successfully escaped this community, have come to realize the lies they were living, and have gone through proper conversion.

Read more about the Black Non-Hebrews at Tomer Devorah.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Israel Back to the Beach 5777!

מוצש״ק פר׳ בלק תשע״ז

Beach season has been well-underway in Israel, and that includes the Hof HaNifrad (Separate Beach) in Tel-Aviv. Tel-Aviv's religious beach is located just north of the Hilton Hotel, down the hill from Gan HaAtzma'ut Independence Park.

Men's days are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Women's days are Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Other separate beaches in Israel divide the days up like in Tel-Aviv. Others stagger the mornings and afternoons instead.

One of the criticisms of the beach's designation as a religious/separate beach is the lack of a mehitzah (divider) on its south side. It was dilapidated and in disrepair, and so why finally taken down, but has yet to be replaced. From where I was standing, nothing "exciting" can be seen anyway. Nevertheless, it should be rebuilt.

Ironically the next beach south which can be seen right underneath the Hilton Hotel has been gradually developed into the unofficial gay beach. You can see the rainbow roofed shaded areas which were just never taken down after an annual celebration.

This beach sports a volleyball net, which was in use most of the time I was there on the day  of these photos.

So was the gym equipment.

But, the most exciting scene of the day was the "purple flag," indicating the presence of meduzot (jellyfish). There were quite a few of them too. I, myself, was stung, or shot at, or whatever jellyfish do.

The are very hard to see, like glass in water. Even though when they get beached, their color is a milky white.

The lifeguards will occasionally catch them to show the beach goers, especially the kids, in order to educate them about this beach hazard.

One thing I noticed which was new this year was at the snack bar. It seems that it still carries the usually ice cream novelties and junk food. But, it has also added four different beers on tap!

Be careful, though, as alcohol can be dehydrating.

Enjoy the beach!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

הכהן שבירך את ברכת הכהנים על הר הבית נעצר/Cohen Arrested on Temple Mount for Priestly Blessing

ה׳ לחודש הרביעי תשע״ז
English follows the Hebrew.
הסרטון ע״י ארנון סגל

Video by Arnon Segal
"This dear priest paid the price of being arrested for saying the Priestly Blessing (Num. 6:24-26) on Har HaBayith (the Temple Mount). What fun for the State of Israel."
 (Tip Credit: Michael Miller)  

עשר אגורות (2¢):
המלחמה הקרבים על הר הבית ממשיכים. ישמעאל (הערבים/המוסלאמים) רוצה את זה. שתי החלקים של עשו (הנוצרים וגם השמאלני מערב העולם) רוצים את זה. ויש יהודים שרוצים לאחד את ישמעאל עם עשו ולקחת את זה ביחד. (מומלץ לבדוק את מה ש קול התור ועוד קורא ליהודים כלא.)

ולדעתי מדינת ישראל לא רוצה את זה. או לפחות לא רוצה שאף מחזיק את זה.

יש רק מעט יהודים שמשתדלים להחזיק את הר הבית. ובגלל המדינה הם רק יכולים לפעול לאט לאט ובידיים עדינות, ולפעמים מוסרים את נפשם למען ההר דרך ישיבה בבית הכלא.

דרך אגב, אתם שמתם לב לאיזה יהודים עלו להר הבית עם הכהן? יהודים תורנים וחרדים יחד, וזאת אחדות ישראל. ואחדות ישראל כזאת היא ממה שכוחות השלטון לא רוצים להתקיים.

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
The war battles over the Temple Mount continue. Yishma'el (Arabs/Muslims) wants it. Two facets of Esau (Christians as well as the Western leftist/"progressives") want it. Some Jews want to unite Yishma'el with Esau, and take it together. (I suggest you see what the Kol HaTor and others call such Jews.)

And in my opinion, the State of Israel does not want it. Or at least does not want anyone to have it.

There are only a few Jews who are truly trying to keep the Temple Mount within our possession. But because of the State, they are only able to act very slowly and with kid gloves, and sometimes even sacrifice themselves for the sake of the Temple Mount by sitting in prison.

By the way, did you pay attention to which Jews ascended Har HaBayith? Torah nationalists and Haredim together. Now that is Jewish Unity, the unity which the powers that be feel truly threatened by.
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