Saturday, December 08, 2018

ההתראה הראשונה מיוטוב של עשר אגורות! / Esser Agaroth's First YouTube Strike!

ערב שבת קודש חנוכה / פר׳ מקץ תשע״ט

השבוע אני קיבלתי את התראה הראשונה שלי על הפרת הנחיות הקהילה של יוטוב.

This week I received my first YouTube strike for violating its community guidelines.

קיבלתי את ההתראה מפני ששמתי סרטון של אירגון טרור חמאס יש״ו בכתבה ״אני רוצה לקבל בחזרה את אורי אריאל הקודם״ (אנגלית). ואפשר לצפות את זה למטה מהערוץ של פלוואטש (מבט לתקשורת פלסטינית). אני שלחתי ערעור על ההתראה שהסביר ששמתי את הסרטון הזה לא כדי להציג את התמיכה שלי אלא להראות לכולם את האמת עליו, ושאחת ההמטרות של האירגון הזה היא להשמיד את עם ישראל ולכבוש את כל ארץ ישראל. וכן המטרה הזו אפילו כוללת כיבוש תל אביב. (תראו את המפה בתוך סמל חמאס שמאלה)

בדרך כלל אני לא מוריד, שומר ומעלה מחדש קובצי סרטון לערוץ יוטוב שלי. אני משתמש באסטרטגיה הזו, רק אם יש חשש שהסרטון "ייעלם" מהאינטרנט, כדבר כזה מקורה לפעמים באתרים מיסיונריים נוצריים. כמובן, האלה כוללים מה שנקרא נוצרי ציוני ו/או חברים של ישראל. כולם מאוד ערמומיים.

סמל חמאס
Hamas Emblem
תוך כמה שעות אני קיבלתי את דחיית הערעור. זאת בכלל לא הפתיעה לי, שבשביל ההודעה שביתה לעיל מזכיר כי הכוונה והסברים, שאני לא הספקתי לכתוב בתיאור וידאו, הם לא השיקולים היחידים.

I received this strike because I posted a video from the Hamas terrorist organization, may its name and memory be blotted out, in a post entitled "I want the Old Uri Ariel Back," and which can be viewed below from PalWatch. I appealed the strike, stating that I had posted this video not to show my support but to show everyone the truth about it, Of this organization is to destroy the people of Israel and conquer the entire Land of Israel. And this goal even includes the conquest of Tel Aviv (See the map within the Hamas emblem, left).

I usually do not download, save, and re-upload video files to my YouTube channel. It is the strategy I use, only if there is a concern that the video will "disappear," such as in the case of Christian missionary sites. These, of course, include so-called Christian Zionist / friends of Israel sites. They are all very sneaky.

Anyway, within hours, the I received the rejection of the appeal. This did not come as any surprise, as the above strike notification mentions that intent and explanations, which I did not bother to post in the video description, are not the only considerations.

אני לא מודאג על ההתראה עצמה. כתוב שהיא תימחק בעוד שלושה חודשים.

יש כתבנים ושדרנים אחרים שהם המטרות של הטרדה על ידי כוחות השלטון המשתמשים ביוטוב ככלי למנוע את הבעת דיבור החופשי. זה כולל את הנחיות הקהילה הנכתבות בזהירות. יוטוב מרוויח מאוד מהסרטונים
של הכתבנים ושדרנים האלה, אבל זה לא משנה להם.

בטח שיש אתרים אחרים המארחים סרטונים. בא״ה בעתיד יתקיימו אתרים כאלה שיכולים להשיג המון צופים  להיות כמו יוטוב. עד אז, אנסה להשתמש בקודי ההטמעה [באישור] מערוצים אחרים ביוטוב.

I am not concerned over the strike itself. The notification says that it will be erased in only another three months.

There are other writers and broadcasters who are the targets of harassment by the powers that be who use YouTube as a tool to impede the expression of free speech. This includes the cleverly crafted "community guidelines." YouTube profits greatly from these targets' monetized videos, but that doesn't matter to them.

There are, of course, other platforms. One of these day they will hopefully be able to compete and reach the kind of numbers YouTube can. Until then, I will try to use the embed codes [with permission] from other YouTube channels.

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Does the American Left Really want to Eliminate the Electoral College?

נר שלישי של חנוכה תשע"ט

I have often said that to me, American politics and elections are for entertainment purposes only. However, we can still certainly pick up important information from the events and trends in American politics and elections activities, information which could be reflective of world-wide trends to be aware of and prepared for. (Op-Ed): Trump should broaden his appeal or risk his re-election in 2020
Ari Fleischer, December 2, 2018

...Hillary Clinton won almost 3 million more popular votes than Trump, who captured only about 46 percent of the popular vote. The only reason Trump is president today is because he won in the Electoral College.... 
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Many on the left in the U. S. have been increasingly complaining about the Electoral College, how unfair it is, and how unreflective it is of the “will of the people.”

Have they forgotten one of the most fundamental concepts they were supposedly taught in high school civics class?

No, I don't think so. At least those in the Leftist leadership have not forgotten why the Electoral College exists. They simply want to get rid of it. And that's not all they want to get rid of.

Why? Simply because they believe that they will have a better chance of securing the presidency in future elections?

No. Maybe the left-wing, robotic masses think so. But, that's not the real reason.

The Electoral College was set up and structured in the way that it is, in order to maintain some sense of balance between the people's will and that of the states. It's the United "States" of America. Remember?

For those non-Americans, and for those Americans who have forgotten, each state receives a proportional number of electoral votes based on population, in other words, the number of the state's congressional representatives, plus two more votes for the state's senators. Each state has two senators. In the District of Columbia's [DC] case, the two additional votes are the senatorial equivalent.

And speaking of the U. S. Senate, this is the governmental body established to represent the states and their associated rights. The elimination of the Senate, I believe, is the next objective of the Left,  after its disbanding of the Electoral College. This would be accomplished, presumably through a Constitutional Amendment, if not a Constitutional Convention, which has been brought up more and more, both on the left and the right.

Those duties assigned to the Senate, such as advice and consent regarding executive and judicial appointments, would then have to be relegated to another body. Or perhaps when the Left gains control of the White House again, such oversight will be cancelled entirely, the checks and balances inherent in the Constitution, and carried out through the three branches of government will be thrown out the window.

Centralized control through a single chambered Congress, may eventually be transformed into a parliamentary government. At first, it will look something like France's government, which has parliament, but with a strong presidency. Next, the presidency could be reduced to an increasingly symbolic role, like we have here Israel.

The concern of the Left is not over an overly powerful executive branch, nor even the "will of the people." That's just a front.

The true and eventual goal is to pave the way for the U. S.'s participation in a world government. Transformation into a parliamentary government is simply their next probable step.

But, this all begins with complaints and rallying against the Electoral College, which is just code for the reduction in autonomy of the individual states.

Monday, December 03, 2018

Hanukkah: What and Why do we Celebrate? (Full Version)

נר ראשון של חנוכה תשע"ט

What were Jews fighting for?

Who were they actually fighting against?
(Hint: Assimilated Jews, and foreign, governmental forces)

Why do we actually light candles during Hanukkah?

Where is the miracle of oil lasting longer than expected mentioned in Jewish texts?

Why is the miracle of the oil not mentioned in every textual reference to Hanukkah?

This is the full version Rabbi David Bar-Hayim's shi'ur on Hanukkah from last Tuesday.

The following is only a segment of the shi'ur, in case your time is limited, and want to get a sense of it first.

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