Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Did John Kasich Really Say That?

ד' לחודש השני תשע"ו
John Kasich to Orthodox Jews: Abraham, not Moses, the star of the Torah
April 13, 2016
WASHINGTON (JTA) — John Kasich bantered with haredi Orthodox Jews about which biblical figure was most significant and other lessons from the Jewish Bible. 
On Tuesday, the Ohio governor and one of three Republicans left vying for the party’s presidential nomination toured a Jewish book store in Borough Park, a Brooklyn neighborhood, Jewish Insider reported. New York state’s primary is on April 19.
Ohio Governor John Kasich
“The story of the people are Abraham and God made a covenant with Abraham — not Moses!” Kasich told Ezra Friedlander, a haredi lobbyist who was escorting Kasich through the heavily Haredi neighborhood.

Friedlander had tried to explain that for Jews, Moses is considered the most important biblical figure, and more important than the patriarchs, because he brought the law to the Jews.

“Moses is up there,” Friedlander said, as Kasich, an Anglican who was born Roman Catholic, examined shelves of Jewish texts.

Kasich’s conversations seemed predicated on the assumption that his fervently religious interlocutors didn’t know much about Judaism.

“Have you studied Joseph?” he told a group of yeshiva students. “Did you hear the most important thing Joseph said to his brothers? ‘My brothers you meant it for evil, but God meant it for good.’ Did you know that?”

Kasich went on to explain: “He may have been a little bit of a braggart, you know, Joseph, may have been a little, maybe, but they threw him in that ditch and then his brother saved him, and then they sold him into slavery, and that’s how the Jews got to Egypt. Right? Did you know that?”
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Why is everyone so shocked?

Of course, he touts Avraham Avinu (Abraham) as the "star" of the Torah.

He is a Christian, and like all Christians, he believes that they are Avraham Avinu's true inheritors. Muslims believe the same for themselves.

But the truth is that the Jews are Avraham Avinu's inheritors, through his grandson Ya'aqov Avinu (Jacob), and certainly not through his son Yishma'el, as Muslims would have you believe, and and not through the Ya'aqov's tricky brother Esau, who is well-known for his self-righteousness, as well as his pursuit of immediate gratification, food, sex, you name it.

Christians believe that they are here to pick up where Ya'aqov's children left off. But, the reality is that Christians are actually the spiritual descendants of Esau.

Idiot Kasich not only had the hutzpah to lecture yeshiva students on Torah, even though like all Christians he lacks the entire Torah, and so could never possibly know what he is talking about, but also had the hutzpah to lecture them on the Christian false deity!

If Christians really want to "be our friends," and sneak into our hearts, our souls, and yes, into our Land (their current goal), then they had better find another commander in their army to replace Kasich.

In the meantime, let's hope that Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for President, crosses Kasich off the list of possible running mates,...and fast!

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