Friday, May 27, 2016

Why Can't This IDF War Veteran Leave the Hospital?

ערב שבת קודש פר׳ בחקתי תשע״ו


Wounded Soldier Isn't Returning Home Because he is a Settler

Yehuda HaYisra'eli who was critically wounded in Operation Protective Edge (צוק איתן ,2014) is unable to leave the hospital because the Ministry of Defense does not give approval to building a ramp in his home. The reason - he lives beyond the Green Line, in a town without an [approved] urban building plan.


Yehuda HaYisraeli
(Photo: Yoni Yisra'eli, 3/27/16)
ערוץ 7: נזכיר כי בקרבות ברפיח נפצע יהודה בראשו ופונה כשהוא פצוע אנוש לבית החולים סורוקה - שם הצליחו לייצב את מצבו. בהמשך עבר ניתוח להוצאת רסיס מראשו עד שהועבר לבית החולים תל השומר, שם אושפז תקופה ארוכה ללא הכרה.

(Arutz 7) Recall that Yehuda was wounded in the head, and was taken to Soroka Hospital believed to be mortally wounded - there they succeeded in stabilizing his condition. He then underwent surgery to remove shrapnel from his head, until being transferred to Tel HaShomer Hospital, where he remained unconscious a long period of time.

This photo was taken from Yehuda's se'udath hodayah, in Har Brachah. A se'udath hodayah is a traditional feast of thanksgiving made after surviving a life threatening event.

I am not at certain of the detail's of Yehuda's current condition, including the functioning of his right eye. The Arutz 7 report above included that "Yehuda Yitzhaq began issuing words from his mouth a few months ago."

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Where are the disabled rights activists?

Where are the veterans rights activists?

This is not the first time the State has turned its back on its war veterans.

Why isn't anyone noticing?

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