Friday, September 14, 2018

U. S. Voting Rights for Non-Citizens

ערב שבת קודש פר׳ וילך / שובה תשע״ט

Let me first remind all of you of what I have stated several times in the past: American elections are for entertainment purposes only.

That being said, this post will be short and sweet.

The short answer to the question is, of course...

There aren't any voting right for non-citizens, nor should there be.

It boggles the mind that there is even a drop of consideration for this by the average American citizen on the street. At least those globalists, who are "out" about their opinions and objectives, have an excuse, albeit a cockamamie one.

Do Americans have the right to vote in Canadian or Mexican elections?

Does and American registered to vote in Los Angeles County have the right to vote in San Diego County? Or in East Coast terms, should an American from New Jersey be allowed to vote in elections in New York City or Philadelphia?

No. Of course, not. This should be so obvious that I must assume it has already been mentioned countless times in American news and social mass media, which I mostly ignore.

So, how else can the U. S. government protect its elections from infiltration?

I have no idea. Not my problem.

It's the problem of Americans, and I am no longer an American citizen.
However, I will engage in some speculation, as a segue into something which I find to be much more important, Jews living in Israel.

I hardly like the idea of yet another piece of identification forced upon the populace. But, in the U. S. the photo-less Social Security Card won't cut it, and not everyone has a driver's license, nor do all non-drivers have a state identification card.

Here in Israel, we already have personal identity cards, so we're already use to it indoctrinated. Until not so long ago, our identity cards even included "nationality," ie. Jewish, Druze, Arab, and would have included the recently made up [neo-]Aramaen nationality as well. Nationality was removed as the Minister of the Interior at the time, Eli Yishai, an act of damage control, in response to the Israeli Supreme Court's acceptance of quasi-conversions for the purposes of determining nationality.

But, I digress...

Now we have biometric identity cards being phased in, under the guise of being "voluntary," initially voluntary that is, and "more convenient." More convenient for the Israeli Government to track us, that is. But, we're not allowed to talk about that. Apparently, our countrywide Rav Kav (transit card) doesn't quite cut it, when it comes to tracking our movements. Damn those anonymous Rav Kav's! And they aren't exactly even anonymous either.

But, I digress...

The real issue taking place in the U. S. has nothing to do with who can or cannot vote.

Oh sure, there is the illusion of an adversarial "nationalist vs. globalist" relationship being played out out by the Republicans and Democrats, with the masses stuck someplace in the middle. But, regardless of how the minions of their minions present themselves, the powers that be all want the same thing, control. And new and improved tracking is just a means to an end.

Stay tuned for embedded microchips,... for our "convenience," of course.

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