Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Israeli Rabbinate Caves into the Israeli Secular Courts' Demands,...Again.

ראש החודש העשירי/ז' חנוכה תשע"ד
Life In Israel: Rabbanut appoints its first female kashrut supervisor
December 2, 2013

...According to Srugim, the Rabbanut has finally responded to the Supreme Court saying they have decided to reform the system and allow any organization to run a course to train mashgichim, rather than the previously limited list of approved courses. This decision will de facto open the doors for women to be certified as kashrut supervisors. they can now take a course and the exam just like everyone else...
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
The most important question here is that of the Rabbinuth's autonomy regarding religious matters, which it clearly does not have. The State's democratically-appointed, or rather deMOCKractically-appointed, Israeli Supreme Court Justices have demonstrated time and time again that they have the last word on everything.

I was also wondering if businesses will be exempt from accepting a female kashruth supervisor, if it goes against its religious convictions (I did not say halakhah; I said "convictions."). Great care has been given to Muslims, Druze, Christians, and even those Black NON-Hebrews in Dimona (and spreading!), regarding their religious convictions. Yet, for Jews, the rule is to impose upon them Western, "progressive" standards,...such as democracy.

It should be pretty clear to all that the State does not give a rat's tuchus about halakhah (Jewish, and thus Torah, Law), unless it happens to be a convenient way to fool the public into thinking it is Jewish, or somehow serves its anti-Torah agenda in the long-run. SHOULD be clear....

The first mashgihah (female supervisor) will apparently be a very frum woman, assigned in the Haredi town of Beitar Illit. Well qualified or not, who will next? Non-Shomer Shabboth supervisors? Supervisors who dress (purposefully) like whores, there just to push their agenda on those who are not in the least bit interested?

All Jews in have equal rights to assert our religious beliefs, but some of us (modern orthodox, mamlakhti-undying State loyalist, feminist, etc.) are more equal than others. After all, they have already bought into much of the Western assimilation the State pushes on us.

Such is the hypocrisy of Israeli deMOCKracy.

The Israeli Rabbinate has caved into the Israeli Secular Courts' demands,...yet again.

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