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Avigdor Lieberman's Connection to Torah

ח' לחודש האחד עשר תשע"ד
Times Of Israel: Yisrael Beytenu seeks to disband Israel’s religious councils
New bill would shift responsibility for all religious services from exclusively Orthodox bodies to elected local government

Haviv Rettig Gur December 31, 2013

A new bill proposed Monday by two Yisrael Beytenu MKs would mark a revolution in the Israeli state’s religious services for Jews, a source in the party told The Times of Israel.

The measure, proposed by the powerful chairman of the Knesset Law Committee, MK David Rotem, and MK Robert Ilatov, would transfer all responsibilities and assets of dozens of religious councils throughout Israel into the hands of local elected municipal and regional governments. This would include funding and oversight of local synagogues and rabbis, the building and maintenance of mikvaot, or ritual bathing facilities, burial and more....

The bill follows close on the heels of the successful passage of the so-called Tzohar Bill, which passed into law in the last Knesset session over the summer and formally went into effect Monday.

The Tzohar Bill, too, sought to weaken local religious monopolies, this time by allowing Israeli Jews to register their marriage at the rabbinic registrar of their choice anywhere in the country.
Click here (or scroll down to the post immediately preceding this one) to read what I  already wrote about what is really the motivation behind this attempt Avigdor Lieberman's party to disband local religious councils, in favor of democracy, which in Israel's case means deMOCKracy.

Now read about Lieberman's "piece plan...."
Arutz 7: Liberman: Israel’s Border to be ‘Near Highway 6’
Liberman supports agreement, but asks how new PA state will handle 3 million new Arab residents.

Maayana Miskin, January 5, 2014

"Can't Lieberman ever just
keep his mouth shut?!"
(Photo Credit: YNET Archives)
Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman spoke in favor of Israel-Palestinian Authority diplomacy on Sunday, while rejecting some of the PA’s key demands.

Liberman began by thanking United States Secretary of State John Kerry for his efforts to push a deal. “I want to express genuine appreciation for Kerry’s efforts, and for his stance regarding security in particular,” he said.

“Any alternative proposal that Israel gets from the international community will be worse than what Kerry offered,” he argued.

Israel-PA talks are important even in the absence of mutual trust, the Foreign Minister said. However, he said, “without an exchange of land and population, I cannot support a peace deal.”

He clarified his idea, “Unlike in the Disengagement, in the case of land exchanges, nobody will be uprooted. The border will just move toward around what is now Highway 6.”

Highway 6 runs from southern to northern Israel, passing well to the west of Jerusalem. Liberman was apparently referring to his stated plan to give over the majority Arab “triangle” region in the Sharon region south of the Galilee to the PA. Israeli Arab leaders have roundly rejected the proposal. (cont.)

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Brilliant, Avigdor! Just brilliant!

Slicing and dicing up the only true Homeland of the Jewish People is "OK," if we get some other pieces in return??!!

No! ALL of Eretz Yisra'el belongs to us. It is not for you (or Bibi or Shimmy or Johnny) to say otherwise.

(Click to enlarge)

But, since you will not listen to this Torah logic, even though it is the only logic that should matter in anyone's peace calculations, I will appeal to your pragmatism.

Former Prime Minister Sharon warned of the problem of defending this thin strip land, even with the Arab Triangle. The country can be cut in half in minutes, from Tul-Karm to Netanyah.

Once again, is it the Arabs who have to save the day, by rejecting the latest "piece" plan?!

We should be as stubborn as them. But, clearly, The Almighty has intervened, just just he intervened with Pharoah, "hardening his heart" (Ex. 8:15).

I will appeal to Avigdor Lieberman's sense of logic, which you occasionally display, like when you suggested that Arab "rock-throwing [should] be treated like shooting using firearms." During last year's election season, he also made excellent exploitation use of the photo of himself with his granddaughter (below), when she came to visit him at the K'nesseth. And so I will give Avigdor Lieberman the benefit of the doubt by believing that might just actually possess some logic,...occasionally.

PA President Mahmud Abbas's vision for Israel: Wiping it off of the face of the map.

The Arabs want it all. They will not stop at Road No. 6, nor wherever the final border is set. By now, Lieberman should know that,..."should" being the operative word in this sentence.

U. S. Secretary of State Kerry
trying to push Israel around again
Remember all of those times... Remember those handful of times... Remember those one or two times when Avigdor Lieberman upset the Left, and even embarrassed his own faction by saying the right thing, even though it was considered to strong?

Well, now would be the perfect time to have THAT Avigdor Lieberman present, and jabbering away. It might be just what the doctor ordered to send Secretary Kerry on his way.

Secretary Kerry may say that he wants U. S. Troops to be stationed in the Jordan Valley,...initially. But, you never know. They may just show up in Noqdim one day, the door of the Lieberman Family (May The Almighty forbid!)

Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Lieberman (Likud-Beiteinu) with his granddaughter

If Avigdor Lieberman had been struggling personally with his connection to Torah, that would be one thing. Kvelling over his granddaughter, living in Yehudah (Judea) south of Jerusalem, and having a religious daughter would be enough.

(Photo credit: Gali Tibbon, Israel Hayom)

After all, growing up in the former Soviet Union, and pining for a life in Eretz Yisra'el, and being free to live as a Jew, has already been a long and arduous journey for him, no doubt.

But, he has been playing with moreshoth (heritage) of the entire Jewish People, the Torah and Eretz Yisra'el, and they are not toys.

Avigdor Lieberman needs to achieve a greater connection to Torah (as we all can continually do), and what this means to the Jewish People on a day-to-day, practical level. Or else, we are in big trouble.

But, fortunately, for Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, it is never almost too late for teshuvah (repentance).

It was too late for Pharoah.

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