Sunday, February 08, 2015

Abraham Foxman Is No Jewish Leader!

י"ט לחודש האחד עשר תשע"ה
YNET: Top US Jewish leaders calls on Netanyahu to cancel Congress speech
Director of Anti-Defamation League Abraham Foxman says that political storm that has ensued after speech has made the move counterproductive, calls on Netanyahu to cancel speech. 
February 7, 2015 
The controversy surrounding Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's planned speech to Congress might have reached its peak with one of the US' top Jewish leaders, director of the Anti-Defamation League Abraham Foxman, calling on the Israeli prime minister to stay home on Friday. (cont.)

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
A Jewish Leader does not try to tell the Prime Minister of Israel what to do, when he does not even care to live in Israel himself. A Jewish Leader does not criticize, denegrate, nor otherwise embarrass another Jew in front of goyim.

Abraham Foxman
A Jewish Leader does not invest his time and enery in defending the sworn enemies of the Jewish People. A Jewish Leader does not waste his time on such matters, especially when Jewish lives are in danger.

A Jewish Leader does not forsake the Land of Israel. A Jewish Leader encourages Jews to leave their lands of exile, and move to their only true, homeland, the Land of Israel, since has now been possible to do so for the passed 66 plus years.

A Jewish Leader does not encourage Jews to continue their co-dependence on validation from the goyim. A Jewish Leader encourages Jews to stand on their own two feet, take pride in themselves, and take responsibility for their own, instead of throwing their own under the bus.

A Jewish Leader does not invest his time and energy in the land of his exile, except to keep Jews safe until they can leave, and to make it easier for Jews to exit.

A Jewish Leader leads his fellow Jews toward Ge'ulah, instead of doing everything in his power to keep them in exile, both physically and spiritually.

A Jewish Leader never finds himself in the position of being culpable for subborning harm toward other Jews.

A Jewish Leader does not criticize Jews who follow the Torah. Rather, he follows it himself.

Did I embarrass Abraham Foxman? Did I embarrass Abraham Foxman in front of the goyim?

I doubt it, because he is damned proud of himself and his actions, even though they run contrary to Torah.

I doubt it, because he probably has some "raaaaaaabbi" lakey, whispering in his ear, his Torah "interpretations" which justify Foxman's words and deeds.

If I wake up one Jew, encourage him to pack his bags and get on a plane to Israel, and distance himself for the likes of Abraham Foxman, then I assure you, it was well worth the dent in Abraham Foxman's, not so Jewish, ego.

If, by some small chance, Abraham Foxman was a little bit embarrassed, as a result of this post, then BE"H it will serve as the spark under his tuchus, which encourages him to do teshuvah.

Abraham Foxman is no Jewish Leader!

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Yakov Butterfield said...

A Jewish leader does not encourage intermarriage. The US has a 79% intermarriage rate.
67% of Secular Jews are not raising their children Jewish.
23% light Sabbath candles
71% of intermarried families & 32% Jews had a Christmas tree according the the The Pew Research Religion and Public life project: A Portrait of Jewish Americans 2013

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