Monday, January 18, 2016

Israel and El Salvador's Romantic Bad Break-Up

ח׳ לחודש האחד עשר תשע״ו
YNET: El Salvador threatens to move its embassy to Ramallah
In reaction to Israel's decision to close its embassy in San Salvador due to budget cut, El Salvador says this will strengthen voices within country opposed to ties with Israel.

Itamar Eichner , 01.17.16

A severe diplomatic crisis has broken out between Israel and El Salvador due to the Foreign Ministry's decision last week to close its embassy in San Salvador.

The closure is part of the Ministry’s plan to close five diplomatic missions abroad due to budget cuts. Diplomatic sources said that El Salvador is considering closing its embassy in Israel and moving it to the area controlled by the Palestinian Authority.

El Salvador’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave Israel a diplomatic letter which stated that it received the news of the closure with shock, disappointment and complete surprise. They were particularly hurt by the fact that they learned about the decision from Yedioth Ahronoth. (cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Foreign Ministry, huh?

Why it just seems like the other day that the head of the State of Israel’s Foreign Ministry was accused by Education Minister Naftali Bennett of being a Leftist bent on isolating Israel from the rest of the world.

And it seems like the other day, because it WAS the other day when this occurred!

Central America
Anyone even remotely familiar with the history of the State of Israel should know that El Salvador, along its neighbor Costa Rica, is one of the State of Israel’s biggest fans.

The report continues…
Moreover, the new Ambassador of El Salvador, Werner Matias Romero, a very senior diplomat who served as the head of El Salvador’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the past, came to Israel only two months ago with the aim of strengthening relations between the two countries on all levels.

Romero said that his country still hopes to reverse the decision: "I am very worried that this decision will open a Pandora's box. What Israel has done is to bite the friendly hand that was outstretched to it. This is not how one acts towards friends. It could definitely strengthen the voices in El Salvador opposed to ties with Israel.
And so, maybe Israel’s intel has revealed that El Salvador is quickly sliding down the cliff into Leftist Jew-hatred, suggesting that it should cut its losses in Central America, and boost its co-dependent investments elsewhere.

The closure of additional embassies in the world, such as in Minsk, in Jew-hating Belarus, also suggests simple, but selective, cost saving measures.

Until תשע״ו/2006, El Salvador, and Costa Rica, were famous for insisting on maintaining their embassies in Jerusalem, instead of Tel-Aviv like most other countries. However, using the Second Lebanon War as an excuse, both nations moved their embassies out of Jerusalem to Herzliya. If they were concerned about safety, this was certainly the wrong move to make, Hertzliya being more at risk of missile fire than Jerusalem. It seems more likely that this action was taken out of fear of Arab reprisals. If this was the case, then good riddance.

Furthermore, El Salvador is threatening the ultimate slap in the face to the State of Israel, moving its embassy to Ramallah. Wait a minute... If this were to remain El Salvador's embassy to Israel, wouldn't that be more of a slap in the face of the Pseudostinians, demonstrating support for Israel's control over Yehudah and Shomron (Judea and Samaria)?

Confused? I sure am.

So, what is behind the closure of the embassy in El Salvador? Self-destructive behavior on the part of the Leftist controlled Foreign Ministry? Or a strategic move, on the part of the current Foreign Minister, Prime Minister Netanyahu?

Only time will tell.

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