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Is Jaffa Part of Israel? ...Report on the Protests

כ״ד לחודש השביעי תשע״ו

Even with YNET's particularly self-hating bias from yesterday, it was unable to cover up a crucial element regarding the latest wave of Arab terror.
YNET: Turbulent day as Palestinian storm continues
Tensions around the country remain on knife's edge, with violence erupting in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Jaffa. About 50 Palestinians were wounded, as well as several Israelis, including a baby girl.

Eli Senyor, Roi Yanovsky, Omri Ephraim, Elisha Ben Kimon, 10.06.15 
Tensions remained on a knife's edge Tuesday as violent clashes wounded at least 50 Palestinians, 3 IDF soldiers, 3 police officers, and a baby girl.

Three police officers were lightly wounded by rocks thrown Tuesday night by masked Palestinians during clashes that erupted in Israel's centrally-located city of Jaffa, just kilometers south of Tel Aviv. 
The violence came as an Arab protest against Israeli policy on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem got out of control and two of the rioters were arrested. Police said the protest was held without the proper licenses. A bus and vehicle were also damaged by the rock throwers. It is the first time clashes have reached central Israel since a wave of violence began recently in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. (cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Here lies the gross inconsistency. Although possibly a journalistic error, the confusion here still reflects the confusion of the Jewish People, and the Israeli Government's failure to keep track of its propaganda, and to keep it in order.
"Twelve Jewish Israelis were arrested..." 
My guess is that these Jews were arrested pretty easily, while the police struggled to arrest one Arab in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Shu'afat, having to call in reinforcements from border patrol (Magav).

Furthermore, this statement suggests that there are non-Jewish Israelis, as well as Jewish ones. One would think that in the undisputed area of Yaffo (Jaffa), the Arab residents and citizens of the State of Israel would not be referred to as "Palestinians."

So, who are they? Arab Israelis or Palestinians? Jews are confused. YNET is confused. But, I guarantee you that the Arabs of Yaffo are not confused. As early as תשנ״ט/1998, when I was an elementary school teacher in Yaffo, students differentiated between Arab identity and Palestinian identity. One student was quite adamant in stating that his mother was "Arab," but his father was "Palestinian," probably due to where his father had been born.

In תשנ״א/1991, during the First Gulf War, a joint Jewish-Arab youth activities were held. Jewish parents had intelligence to pull their children from the program. Needless to say, this particular, Leftist program of indoctrination and assimilation failed.

"Arab-Israeli" citizens, who support Arab terror against Jews, and who want to see Israel wiped off of the map, and replaced by a Palestinian state, apparently have their "freedom of speech" protected, even when they do not have permits to protest.

Do not be so naive to think that Jews are afforded the same "freedom." We are not. Instead, we are put into administrative detention without being charged, and without sufficient access to council.

Furthermore, I have yet to see any attempts to cart off Arab children for "re-education" by the Ministry of Education, like Torah-observant, Jewish children are.

I guess the Israel Government does not want to admit it failure to indoctrinate Arab children, solely through its public education system. That only works on Jews, and with the support of mamlakhti (die-hard State loyalist) "rabbis."

Reports from DEBKA and Arutz 7 were less confusing, and much more enlightening.
DEBKAfile Pro-Palestinian Israeli Arabs clash with police in Jaffa
October 6, 2015
Hundreds of pro-Palestinian Israeli Arabs clashed with police in Jaffa, a suburb of Tel Aviv Tuesday night. Extra police were brought in when more protesters kept on coming in, brandishing Palestinian flags, blocking streets and throwing rocks that injured several police officers. 
Arutz 7: Israeli Arab Protesters Wound Police South of Tel AvivArab citizens in Yafo hold no-permit protest, throwing rocks at cars and police, blocking streets and waving PLO and Hamas terror flags. 
Yedidya Ben-Or, 10/6/2015 
Arab citizens of Israel living in the coastal city of Yafo directly south of Tel Aviv held a violent protest on Tuesday night, demonstrating against the "harm" to Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount, where police have been forced to defuse planned Arab attacks involving explosives and rocks. (cont.)

Video: "Israeli Arabs" protesting and waving Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and Hamas flags. (Arutz 7)

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
PLO Insignia
Fatah Emblem
And so, to answer the question, "Is Jaffa (Yaffo) part of Israel?" according the PLO, Mahmud Abbas's Fatah Party, and [no need to say] Hamas, the answer is "No."

Look closely. According to them, there isn't ANY Israel!

The Arabs, do not care about the 1967 borders, the 1949 Armistice Line, nor even the 1947 United Nations Partition Plan.

They want all of Eretz Yisra'el (Land of Israel).

They way we're going, living in complete denial of this fact, and with the Israeli Government lacking a backbone (among other parts of the body), it is truly a miracle that we are still around.

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