Sunday, October 18, 2015

Arab Terror and the Jerusalem Post's Sham Report

ו' לחודש השמיני תשע"ו

Anyone who thinks that the Jerusalem Post (AKA: Palestinian Post) is "right-wing" and "settlement" is gravely mistaken.

The Jerusalem Post only supports the "well-behaved, loyalist" settlers. Any Jews whom the JPost considers to be too Torah-observant are presented as hooligans or a slackers. Thirty Israeli students attacked during unauthorized visit to Joseph's tomb, 5 arrested10/18/15 
Joseph's Tomb set ablaze by Palestinian rioters Around 30 Israelis attacked by Palestinians while visiting Joseph's Tomb 
The students did not coordinate their visit with the IDF and were subsequently attacked by Palestinian Authority forces and local Palestinians. Five of the students were later arrested. 

Thirty Israeli yeshiva students from Jerusalem were attacked early Sunday morning after visiting Joseph's Tomb compound in Nablus without IDF coordination. As a result, one of their vehicles was attacked and set ablaze, and several students suffered minor injuries.

An initial investigation by security forces revealed that the students were instructed by their Rabbi to paint and restore the tomb.

When they arrived, Palestinian Authority police arrived on the scene and subdued the students using batons and weapons. 
Shortly afters, a group of Palestinians arrived and began attacking the students.
Most of the students escaped with minor injuries, while five of the students who were unable to escape, three minors and two adults, were eventually turned over to the army who had entered the compound to rescue them. The students were later arrested and interrogated by security forces for attempting to violate public order.

"Israelis who wish to enter Area A [in the West Bank] can be life-threatening," the Judea and Samaria police said in a statement. "We have warned the public several times and and we warn them once again: It is absolutely forbidden to enter these areas and is a breach of security." 
"These students who entered the compound were irresponsible, and the situation could have ended very tragically, especially during times like these where tensions are heightened." 
Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovich, the rabbi of the western Wall, denounced the entry of the worshippers to the Tomb of Joseph.

"This was an act of insanity with no halachic permission," he said. "These people risked their lives, endangering all of us. These actions must be denounced and actions must be taken against these serious acts."

The students' visit comes days after hundreds of Palestinian rioters attempted to set fire to the tomb on Friday morning.

The religious site suffered severe damage in the fire. There were no reports of injuries.

The IDF said that it will repair the site in order to allow worshipers to enter. Furthermore, the military's statement said that this incident is being viewed with the utmost severity, adding that it will work to identify and stop the arsonists.
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
JPost clearly reports the incident as if the Jews "had in coming" to them. Imagine that. Jews visiting a Jewish Holy site, with their "rabbi's instructions to paint and restore the tomb."

Jews in the Shomron (Samaria) have attempted to maintain Yosef's Tomb, ever since the initial trashing of it by local Arabs back in 2000. They periodically volunteer there time, and spend their own money to repair the the damage caused at the hands of Arabs.

It is difficult to believe that anyone could treat such a site by trashing it, and even urinating all over it. Arabs have claimed this site as their own, also believing it to be the Tomb of Yosef. Yet this is how they treat the tomb of one who is venerating even in their distorted version of history?

And why the heck is the JPost calling the ancient city of Shchem "Nablus?"

And now we come to Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovich, the rabbi of the western Wall, who "denounced the entry of the worshippers to the Tomb of Joseph."

Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch showing Pope Francis the Western Wall
"This was an act of insanity with no halachic permission," he said. "These people risked their lives, endangering all of us."

Halakhic (Torah legal) permission? What halakhic permission did Rabbi Rabinovitch have to welcome the Pope, woshipper of a false deity, to one of Judaism's Holiest sites?

It is a good thing that the wind blew his garment up to cover face. It saved me the trouble of greying it out myself. No coincidence there.

And speaking of halakhic permission, why wasn't the students' rabbi interviewed, to learn his opinion? Was he even contacted? We have heard Rabbi Rabinovitch's opinion. Now let's hear the students' rabbi's view.

Why was Rabbi Rabinovitch picked to present his opinion? Why not Israel's Chief Rabbis? Why not Rabbi Levanon, the Rabbi of the Shomron? It seems to me that Rabbi Rabinovitch was hand-picked, knowing how he would respond in advanced from past experiences with him.

This is not what is called journalistic objectivity. Rather it is just a sham report, being passed off as journalism.


Neshama said...

insanity doesn't differentiate between religions or cultures or people, it reigns supreme right now. Like a virus infecting many people.

Do you remember the story about the chassidim who had to paint something on their forehead so when they looked at each other they would know they were sane, because everyone around them was crazy! Its one of those chassidishe stories.

we may be getting to this stage very soon.

Anonymous said...

Its not that they "had it coming". If some one warns you not to go home because there are three armed men in your house, are you going to say "who are you telling me not to go home". In theory, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Jews going to a holy site. However, with the current matzav one is risking their life. Is it really more important to try and make a point?

Esser Agaroth said...

Neshama, Who are you calling insane? ;-)

Aharon, I never said anything one way or another regarding whether it was, or was not, a good idea (or mutar) to go to Qever Yosef.

My criticism was of the Jerusalem Post for its lousy investigation, and one-sided view.

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