Sunday, October 04, 2015

Guest Post: Continued Double Standards against Jews in Israeli News

הושענא רבה תשע״ו

by Geula Girl

If you are aware that the war on terror has been re-focused to be war on "Jewish Extremism," and my opinion that this will lead to Mashiach and those who follow him, then it should be no surprise that tonight Jews were labeled "extremist" when they attacked an Arab driver near Mamilla in Jerusalem following the brutal attack by arabs near the old city.

i24 News in their scrolling updates said the following....

"Jewish extremists attack Arab driver"

But the label used for the Arab who murder two Jews and shot a baby was a "stabber" not terrorist or murderer or even Arab.

"Stabber in Old City attack shot by police"

And Arabs who were stoning IDF soldiers in Ramallah were labeled "Palestinian rioters"

"West Bank: Palestinian rioters hurl rocks, Molotov cocktails..."

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