Thursday, August 15, 2013

More Racism In Israel

ט' לחודש השישי תשע"ג

Barch Marzel
Activist Baruch Marzel does it again!

This poster publicizing a protest two days ago at the Ayalon Prison for the release of Jewish prisoners, in light of the Israeli government's cave into demands for the release of Arab murderers of Jews,...all for the sake of "peace," or rather, for the sake of "piece," to BEG the Arabs, and the U. S. to ALLOW Israel to give up pieces of the Jewish Homeland which is has no right to hand over (mesirah) in the first place.

Murder = Murder
Punishment = Punishment
Release = Only Arabs
Protest for the Release of Jewish Prisoners
See the list of recently released Arab murderers, the details of their crimes, and their victims on The Torah Revolution.

So, if the release of Arabs with Jewish blood on their hands is going to happen, ALREADY happening, then why not be fair, instead of being what the leftists should call RACIST, and release Jewish prisoners, too?


The Israeli government cares only about what the West wants and expects.

The Israeli government does not care about what its constituents want and expects, the Jewish People, let alone what The Almighty wants and expects.

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Devash said...

You are absolutely right. Erev Rav all.

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