Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The U. S. Finds Israeli "Settlements" te be Illegitimate

ח' לחודש השישי תשע"ג

Arutz 7: U. S.: "Settlements" Are Illegitimate
President Obama
The United States says it disapproves of construction in Judea and Samaria, after Israel approves construction of more than 800 units.

Elad Benari, August 9 ,2013

The United States said on Thursday that it was against Israeli approval of new Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria.

The comments were made hours after it was reported that the Civil Administration has authorized construction of 878 housing units in Judea and Samaria. The units were approved for towns in the Binyamin region, the Jordan Valley, and Gush Etzion.

Secretary Kerry
Speaking to reporters, State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki responded when asked about the new construction, "The United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued settlement activity and opposes any efforts to legitimize settlement outposts."

She added that Washington had taken up the issue with the Israelis.

"The Secretary [John Kerry] has made clear that he believes both the negotiating teams are at the table in good faith and are committed to making progress," said Psaki.

In the same press conference, Psaki confirmed that peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority will resume next week and will be held in Jerusalem, followed by another meeting held in Jericho.

President Peres
She stated that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry "does not expect to make any announcement in the aftermath of this round of talks." Kerry was the host of the last negotiation meeting in Washington.

Israel has agreed to release 104 terrorist prisoners as a gesture to the PA for its willingness to resume talks.

Water and Energy Minister Silvan Shalom revealed this week that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was prepared to offer the PA a building freeze in Judea and Samaria instead of the terrorist release, but the PA rejected that offer.

Israel previously froze construction in Judea and Samaria for ten months in 2009, when PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas demanded a freeze so talks can resume. At the conclusion of those ten months, however, Abbas refused to come to the negotiating table, demanding instead that the freeze continue and adding more preconditions to talks.

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Esser Agaroth (2¢):
PM Netanyahu
Think that Israel is successfully defying the U. S.'s authority by building any housing units at all, against Big Brother Obama and Big Brother Kerry's wishes?

Guess again.

It is only an illusion propped to up in an attempt to fool people into thinking that Israel's government actually has its manhood in tact a backbone.

The reality is that Prime Minister Netanyahu is getting bitch-slapped,...yet again.

All the while, the U. S. demands that Israel...

And while everyone in Israel is in an uproar over what the U. S. thinks, and mourning the loss of "our best friend," for the umteenth time, "our best friend" is meddling a heck of a lot more in Israel's affairs than you think, with its Not So Secret Millitary Involvement, what the Israel government seems to be trying to distract us away from.

Believing that the U. S. is our friend, that the U. S. will stand by us, that the U. S. will protect us, and even that an alliance with the U. S. is our divinely expected hishtadluth (best efforts on the ground), are only some of the mistakes we continue to repeat over and over and over again, expecting different results, in other words, insanity.

Time for us Jews to stand on our own feet,...again, with The Almighty at our side, as in times of old.


Ariel ben Yochanan said...

B"H - It is in G-d's hands now, always was and always will be. We have control over ourselves only, over our free will, not over history, which is Hashem’s playground. I am afraid there are plenty of sins, individual and national, for which He may want to play this out against us, G-d forbid. It's an old story and we never seem to learn. Even if we have our very own Levi Report on the legality of the "Settlements", it is securely locked up in some establishment office. So the question that begs to be answered is this: Why do we tolerate this anti-Jewish, anti-Torah establishment ruling us on the Land? One of the possible answers is: Because they brainwashed us into it. It seems that the Jewish people dance around this modern day Golden Calf in a collective trance, hypnotized by the Zionists.

Shy Guy said...

Ariel, first you say it is in Hashem's hands. Then you beg the question, why do we tolerate the situation?

Do you see the contradiction.

Personally, I see Hashem playing chess with us/them here. While there are baby steps (read: Hishtadlut) that can - and must - be taken at the present time to protest, resist and revolt against the anti-Jewish Israel regime, we simultaneously wait for "U'letzion Goel Tahvi."

Esser, thank you for posting 4 very appropriate pics for this article on illegitimacy - 4 pics of mamzeirim.

Ariel ben Yochanan said...

B"H - I see that you may see a contradiction here Shy Guy, but it doesn't mean that there is one. The idea is that if we made tsuva, if were more Torah oriented, than Hashem wouldn't give us our enemies and current difficulties. Let's not forget that "peace" is a divine quality, promised us for compliance. In this context the release of Arab terrorists is just another outright counterproductive move. Why? Because it angers Hashem.

Esser Agaroth said...

Shy Guy, What? You didn't like the South Park clip?? ;-)

Guys, you probably agree on things in general about 90%.

According to the non-Jewish K'nesseth, that makes you more than allies (85%).

Can't we all just get along? ;-)

I hope your debates are like hevrutot in yeshiva who argue, and then go out for coffee afterwards, leaving the debate in the Beth Midrash.

Shy Guy said...

I'm generally off of coffee. Tea. Lotsa tea.

Ariel, I know full well that we need to do teshuva. In the interim, however, we should not be mitya'esh. Pat of our teshuva should also be to show our disdain for what the government is doing - for the right reasons, of course, such as the one you gave regarding angering Hashem. Indeed we do - way too often.

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