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Israeli Students Mourn The Foundation Of The State Of Israel

ערב שבת קודש פר' נשא תשע"ג

Arutz 7: Israeli Students Mourn Establishment of Israel
A group of Arab and Jewish students protested against the “nakba" at Tel Aviv University, and were countered by pro-Israel protesters

David Lev, May 13, 2013

Two protests were held at Tel Aviv University Monday – one, by a group of Arab and Jewish students protesting against the “nakba,” the defeat of Arab forces that resulted in the independence of Israel in 1948, and the other a group of pro-Israel students from the Im Tirzu organization, counter-demonstrating agains the nakba group.

This is the second year the anti-Israel groups have held a nakba event, said Alon Schwarter, an organizer of the Im Tirzu counter-demonstration. “We realize that these events are part of the attempts to deligitimize (sic.) Israel,” he said. “We see it in events like this, as well as when they call for a boycott of Israel, and in the academic realm, where professors equate the nakba with the Holocaust. We will not allow it to continue. We have unfortunately found that when there is no one to protest, these things continue, and they are successful. We will not stand by and allow this to go on.”

Sa'ar Szekely, a leftist activist and among the organizers of the nakba event, doesn't see his group as anti-Israel at all. “We believe that it is very important for Israelis to learn about the nakba. This is the one way for justice and equality and peace here. Only when we recognize the injustice can we find ways to correct it and restore relations between the two nations. We all live in one land.

“I see the nakba as a tragedy,” he added. “You can talk about the causes and the reasons on either side – that the 1948 war of independence led to independence or nakba – but there is no doubt that a tragedy took place here. And as a Jewish Israeli, it is my tragedy as well.” (cont.)

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
So, let me get this straight.

The Arabs of at least six nations, including those Arabs living within the borders of Eretz Yisra'el (the Land of Israel) rose up to annihilate the Jewish People. And that is supposed to be a nakba (tragedy),...for the Arabs.

Why? Because they didn't succeed??

On November 29, 1947, the United Nations voted to grant Israel statehood. The council which would later become the nascent Israeli government was overjoyed. The Arabs did not like the international community's compromise So, when Israel finally declared its independence the following 5 Iyyar (May 15, 1948), and fought off the annihilation, and Arabs began to run away, even though leftist "Jews" begged them to stay, that is supposed to be a nakba?

Of course, the Arab Nations eventually succeeded in taking over the United Nations, and have held it hostage several times, in order to get its way. But, that is another story for another time....

So, I suppose that these Tel-Aviv University students are ready and willing to relinquish Ramat-Aviv, the northern Tel-Aviv neighborhood where their university currently stands, and which used to be known Sheikh Munis (الشيخ مونّس), but was abandoned.

Every time some pitiful, self-hating Jew brings up the necessity to "give Arabs back 'their' land," I respond with the necessity to "give back" Sheikh Munis. Yet, conveniently, any number of excuses are brought up to counter my recommendation.

Often, these Jews have never even heard of Sheikh Munis, and have never learned that Tel-Aviv itself is just over 100 years old.

This combination of hypocrisy and ignorance is supposed to contribute to Israeli's future, in the way of its so-called "future leaders." These "future leaders" are more like Israel's future de-Jewifiers and destroyers.
May God help us!

Whatever happened to the old adage: "The winners of wars write history?"

In Israel, though, this adage only applies if the Labor Zionist, Erev Rav-controled government were routing for you.

The only "nakbas" (النكبة) in Israel are...
1. The horrid, self-hating, assimilationist education our children receive.
2. The nebeshy, Jewish mentality of slobbering over the non-Jews, begging for validation and acceptance.
3. The refusal of Jews to stand on their own feet. The left depends on Europe and on Arab "moderates;" the right depends on the U. S. and on Christians, who not-so-secretly want our souls AND our Land.

4. The numbed out Israeli mentality of "learned helplessness," both in regards to the Arabs and to its own self-destructive government.
5. The very short memories of Jews of how we have been treated by both the Arabs (Yishma'el) and the West (Esau). (Click the links for more on these "nakbas.")

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