Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jerusalem's Social Event of the Season Makes International News!

י"ד לחודש השלישי תשע"ג

And, who said that Hassidim were not fashionable??!!

Even though my invitation must have been lost in the mail, I do still feel a bit snubbed.

Why wasn't my invitation just hand-delivered?

Yahoo: Incredible Photos from the Wedding with 25,000 Guests

Lylah M. Alphonse, Senior Editor, Yahoo! Shine, May 23, 2013

When 18-year-old Shalom Rokeach married 19-year-old Hannah Batya Penet in Israel on Tuesday, it was more than just a lavish wedding —it was the launch of a new era. The groom is the future leader of the revered Belz Rebbe, a Hasidic Jewish sect that began in Poland in the early 1800s. More than 25,000 guests attended the hours-long ceremony, which was filled with traditional significance and lasted until dawn the next day. On Wednesday, photos of the massive event in Jerusalem were published internationally. Here are some of the incredible highlights....

18 year old Shalom, the sole grandson of the Belzer Rav
wearing the traditional crown of a hassan.
(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Not only was Yahoo's Alphonse mostly accurate regarding on the traditions involved in a Jewish tradition, she also seemed positive and upbeat, as this was, after all, a happy occasion.

No doubt, many left-wing news sources would have been critical of the lavish expense, while many Haredim do not work. They, of course, would neglect to note that many Hassidim, in face, do work, in addition to learning Torah. They also would have commented on how oppressive to women such "primitive" cultures are.

But not Alphonse,...

The Hassan and Kallah (groom and bride)
(Photo Credit: Getty Images)
For example, regarding the tradition of veiling, she wrote:
"The veil also has modern significance: If the groom places it over her face himself, then it symbolizes the fact that he values her for more than just her beauty. It also allows the bride to avoid curious stares from guests during the wedding ceremony."

In fact, she also makes allusions to the royalty-like atmosphere surrounding Hassidic dynasties.

The United Kingdom has Prince William and Kate Middleton.

But, we have Shalom and Hayah Basyah!

And, this truly WAS Jerusalem's social event of the season.

Mazal Tov!!

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