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Netanayahu Freezes Building; Bennett Sits. Good Doggie!

יום ירושלים תשע"ג
Jerusalem Reunification Day, 5773/2013

Arutz 7: Netanyahu Orders Judea, Samaria Construction Freeze
Prime Minister meets with Housing Minister, orders halt to new projects in Judea and Samaria.

Maayana Miskin, May 7, 2013

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has requested that the Housing Ministry freeze new construction projects in Judea and Samaria (Shomron), IDF Radio (Galei Tzahal) reports.

Netanyahu met with Housing Minister Uri Ariel and asked him to halt promotion of new projects in the region, including by no longer putting up for bids tenders on new projects.

Just days ago Ariel said that if the state budget did not include funding for promised construction in Judea and Samaria, such as the planned project in E1 in Maaleh Adumim, his party would not support the budget. (cont.)

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Arutz 7: Min. Ariel Vague on Threat over Freeze
Housing Minister hints Bayit Yehudi would not vote for budget if construction is frozen in Judea and Samaria.

Gil Ronen, May 7, 2013

Min. Uri Ariel
Construction and Housing Minister Uri Ariel (Bayit Yehudi) used vague wording Tuesday when asked if the Bayit Yehudi party would vote against the proposed budget if Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu follows through on a reported decision to freeze Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria.

Min. Ariel refused to confirm the report about the freeze, and about a meeting on the subject between him and Prime Minister Netanyahu. "I do not confirm things that I do with the Prime Minister," he told IDF Radio. "I cannot respond to that."

When asked about his commitment several weeks ago, to vote against the budget unless construction is allowed to take place throughout Israel, he replied evasively: "I said that if the budget does not reflect construction we will consider our support for the budget. I usually stand behind my word, and I will do so this time, too." (cont.)

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
So far, MK Uri Ariel, whom I USED to call the only man of Torah and integrity in the K'nesseth, seems to have been fielding all of the questions and confrontations regarding the housing freeze. He is the Minister of Housing, so it makes sense, right?

Is MK Uriel's "vague wording" a hint to some sort of "strategy" in the works? I sincerely doubt it. Just say the truth already. All of Eretz Yisra'el belongs to Am Yisra'el, and we will build wherever the heck we want!

But, where is his "Nationalist," Jewish Home Party Chairperson Naftali Bennett all this time? If Bennett has responded to the freeze, then I cannot find it. There is nothing about it on the Jewish Home Party website, nor on Bennett's Hebrew OR English Facebook Fan Pages.

PM Netanyahu tries to look good for the goyim.
Minister Yair Lapid is his backseat driver.
Minister Naftali Bennet (self-explanatory)
Meanwhile, those of us with a brain know that there isn't a damn thing the Israeli government could do to satisfy the Arabs demands (see photo below), save for encouraging all Jews to leave Israel, and get European Union passports, as if the EU were issue them to us anyway.

PA "President" Mahmud Abbas (Abu Mazen) and his vision of "Palestine."
Avraham Burg
Well, one former Speaker of of the K'nesseth did just that, obtain a French/EU passport, and suggested that other Israelis do the same. You remember France, don't you? Where Jews get beaten up and killed.

This former K'nesseth Speaker's name is Avraham Burg (Labor), embarrassment son of the late Yosef Burg, head of the National Religious Party, now known as the Jewish Home Party.

Avraham Burg's kippah (head covering) is even smaller than Naftali Bennet's,...but not by much.

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