Saturday, May 18, 2013

Netanyahu's Qiddush HaShem קידוש ה' של אבנר נתניהו

מוצש"ק פר' נשא תשע"ג

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Avner Netanyahu with Rabbi Avraham Greenberg
Ohel Moshe Synagogue, Shanghai, China
אייר תשע"ג/May, 2013
When I saw this photo, and heard the story surrounding it, I just had to put it up.

While they were touring this ancient, Shanghai synagogue, Prime Minister Netanyahu's son Avner asked the rabbi for a pair of Tefillin to put on. So, the rabbi brought him a pair. Avner put them on, and then takes out his smart phone, and starts to pray. He used the siddur (prayer) on his phone, and there weren't any available in the synagogue.

When asked by the Chinese on-lookers what those leather straps were, Avner replied, "They remind us who we are."

I have been very critical of Prime Minister Netanyahu, as well as his his wife Sara. Yet, even Sara gets points for the time when she and her son had to endure shouting from on-lookers as they walked home from schul on Yom Kippur. They could have rode in an escorted vehicle with full security, yet Sara chose to walk with her son.

The Netanyahu Family playing in the pre-election, Jerusalem snow
שבט תשע"ג/January, 2013
Say what you will about the Netanyahus. But, as we say in the educational psychology field, if this is how this kid is turning out, then his parents must be doing something right.

In this case, the result was a Qiddush HaShem.


Batya said...

The Netanyahu's also took in their elderly fathers when the men were too old and feeble to live alone. The boys have been raised seeing and practicing kibbud av v'em, honoring one's parents.

One must remember that.

goyisherebbe said...

We have the PM that we, the people of Israel elected, because we are not there yet. He is not perfect, but he is an improvement on the past. Soon IY"H we will have a King from the House of David who not only puts on tefillin every day but also writes two Sifrei Torah for himself.

Esser Agaroth said...

Goyshe Rebbe, Thanks for commenting.

Honestly, I don't think there's much difference between Netanyahu and Peres (who's really calling the shots).

Re: a King from the House of David, you are correct. However, we do not have to wait that long to take action. We may appoint a king who is not from that line until he arrives.

We can also begin work on the Miqdash.

What's stopping us?

Felix said...

The boy is dating a Norwegian christian.

How does that mesh with the good rearing theory?

Esser Agaroth said...


That's a different son.

But, you're right. It doesn't.

I just said they must've done something right,obviously not everything.

I have been, and continue to very critical of Netanyahu on this site. He deserves more.

But, of course, he's not really in charge of going on here anyway.

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