Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jewish Nakba النكبة

23 of the First Month 5769

For those of you planning to observe Holocaust Memorial Day next Tuesday night (5:46), and for those of you who are not, for those of you who are of Ashkinazy decent, and for those of you who are not, I would like to recommend the below video montage, which provides some history and statistics regarding the pogroms and other atrocities incurred by Jews residing in Muslim countries.*

Although the plight of non-Ashkinazy Jews during World War II, such those in North Africa and Greece,** has gained increased publicity and understanding over the years, I still find it necessary to remind my fellow North Americans that the hardships on Jews

Those Jews from New York, Los Angeles, and Montreal are not unfamiliar with Persian, Syrian, Moroccan, and even Yemenite Jewish culture and history. Yet, most others still appear to be rather ignorant of their existence, let alone their histories, which which has paralleled their own.

Jewish Naqba النكبة (Catastrophe)


*For more information on on Jews from Muslim countries, see Shelomo Alfassa's site.
**A significant percentage of Dutch Jews identify as being Sefardi (Spanish decent).

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