Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How Is Spain Granting Citizenship To Jews A Good Thing?

י"ד לחודש התשעי תשע"ג
It's not. 

JPost: Spain: Sephardi Jews To Receive Instant Citizenship

Marion Fischel, November 27, 2012

Spain has decided to offer automatic citizenship to anyone who can successfully prove their Sephardi origins.

Spanish Coat Of Arms
Spain has decided to offer automatic citizenship to anyone who can successfully prove their Sephardi origins, Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz Gallardón announced during a ceremony last week at Madrid’s Casa Sefarad-Israel.

Presiding over the ceremony was Casa Sefarad-Israel director Florentino Portero, and attendees included Gallardón, Foreign and Cooperation Minister José Manuel García-Margallo, and Isaac Querub, president of the Federation of Jewish Communities and Casa Sefarad’s director, the Spanish daily El Pais reported.

In his speech, Querub referred to the “nostalgia” and “longing” of the Sephardim for Spain,...

Why aren't they longing for Eretz Yisrael? Pretty sad, coming from the president of the Federation of Jewish Communities.  I detect Erev Rav influence at play here.

...and the 500 years that had passed from the 1492 Expulsion Decree until King Juan Carlos’s 1992 visit to Madrid’s Beit Jacob synagogue, where the king emphasized that “the Hispanic Jews are at home.” 

No, they are not.  The only true, place for Jews to be at home is Eretz Yisra'el.

Querub said the king’s words had come true in the updated version of the Carta de Naturaleza (“conditions for citizenship”).

In that charter’s previous incarnation, the naturalization stipulations – for those who could prove they were Jews originating from Sefarad (Spain) – included a two-year residence period in the country. The upgrade has abolished that condition and allows for granting immediate citizenship to those able to come up with a mixture of family anecdotes, genealogical trees, ancestors buried in Jewish graves, language and customs, whether they live in Spain or abroad, said Gallardón.

He called the move a mechanism for putting the Sephardim back into Spain – “a procedure aimed at reuniting those who have been unjustly deprived of their nationality and have recreated in their hearts a Spain that they never resigned themselves to losing and that from now on is as much theirs as it is ours, under the law.” (cont.)

(eyes rolling)

Lure Jews out of Israel, and possibly ordered to do so by the powers that be.
You can continue reading this report from JPost.  But, I wouldn't bother.  It's just more of the same fawning over the goyim.

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Shimon Yehouda said...

The ancestry on my mother left Spain because they we persecuted.I will not go back to Spain,no way.Spain to the Spanish and Israel for bené Israel.

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