Thursday, February 14, 2019

Speaking of Clients...

ט' לחודש השנים עשר תשע״ט

This post should probably be in Hebrew, too. But, the offensive person in question was an English speaker. So, for now, I'll stick with English.

Even though the person in question was in Haredi livush, PLEASE do not take this as an opportunity to Haredi-bash. Rather, this is an opportunity to be critical of some of those English speakers who identify as "therapists," both real and fake.

While on the bus to Tel Aviv, a man starts talking way too loudly on the phone. No, he wasn't [native] "Israeli," as you people like to refer to "them" vs. "us." He was speaking way too loudly in his native English.

Never heard anyone in Israel speak too loudly on the phone in English? Then you're just not paying attention,...ever.

Anyway, what is this guy talking about? The clients he saw today!

"I saw two couples today. One couple was from XXXXXX (community)...."

Who is he talking to? His consultant? His adviser? His own therapist?

Where on earth did he learn that this is appropriate to talk about clients in a public place? What kind of course in laws and ethics for therapists did he take? Did he even take any such class?

Quite frankly, this is tantamount to "acting-out of therapy."

Why does he even have to speak about his clients in a public place? I don't even think he was trying to show off.

Does he really think that no one will understand English? That since it's only a little demographic data, that makes it ok?

This is not even about risking the clients' confidentiality. Even one iota of data disrespects his clients. They are people, not subjects, and certainly not statistics.

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