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U. S. State Department to Hike Renunciation Fees to US$2,350

ב' לחודש השישי תשע"ד

State Department to hike renunciation fees to US$2,350; says “no public benefit” in respecting human right to change nationality
Posted on August 27, 2014 by Eric in Issues regarding US persons abroad

Confirming reports passed on by commenters at the Isaac Brock Society, DiploPundit points to a State Department interim rule just placed on public inspection for printing in tomorrow’s Federal Register, which raises the fee for renunciation of U.S. citizenship (but apparently not relinquishment) to US$2,350 [from the current fee of US$450], more than twenty times the average level in other high-income countries. As they state:
[D]emand for the service has increased dramatically, consuming far more consular officer time and resources, as reflected in the 2012 Overseas Time Survey and increased workload data. Because the Department believes there is no public benefit or other reason for setting this fee below cost, the Department is increasing this fee to reflect the full cost of providing the service. Therefore the increased fee reflects both the increased cost of the provision of service as well as the determination to now charge the full cost.
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that “No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality”, while the Expatriation Act of 1868 says that renunciation of citizenship is “a natural and inherent right of all people” and that “any declaration, instruction, opinion, order, or decision of any officers of this government which restricts, impairs, or questions the right of expatriation, is hereby declared inconsistent with the fundamental principles of this government”.

As of press time, the State Department has not yet commented on whether it sees “public benefit” in other human rights such as freedom of election or freedom of marriage, or whether anyone seriously believes that charging people a month’s salary to get a ballot paper or a marriage certificate would not restrict or impair those rights. (cont.)

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
The rest of the article contains interesting details regarding "relinquishing of citizenship," as well as the inner workings of the U. S. State Department. I recommend reading it, in order to elaborate the general information provided above.

I wonder if the U. S. government and/or its State Department is running scared. Is it afraid of looking bad because of the rising renunciation numbers? Perhaps it believes that it can curtail this through an increasing the renunciation fee as a deterrent.

As I have written previously, I renounced my U. S. citizenship this spring at the Consulate in Jerusalem. I paid the $450 fee. However, since I paid in Israeli sheqqels, I was forced to pay more due to the sheqqel-dollar rate (3.6:1) posted on the Consulate’s website, rather that the real rate of 3.47:1. This may sound nit-picky, but I do not like the idea of paying even a penny more to the U. S. government, or to any other government for that matter.

It took a couple of weeks to get my certificate. When I was told that I had to come back in a week after some “time for thought and reflection,” I asked the vice consul to show me where this was written, that this was the law. She said she said it was just State Dept. policy. I was later told by another official that if I had brought a lawyer, I could have pressed the matter to get it all done in one visit. (sigh)

These are only two examples of the shenanigans propagated by the representatives of our "democratically-elected leaders" (eyes rolling).

Now, it appears that the U. S. State Department will be raising the fee by almost 500% for the "right to change nationality."

Groucho Marx
Groucho Marx apparently said, "I refuse to join a club that would have me as a member."

Well, personally, I refuse to a club which does not allow me to leave, even if it was never my choice to join it in the first place.

"Clubs" like these only possess the authority they possess, because we have allowed them to possess it.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Found: More Christian Missionary Crap!/נמצא: עוד חומר שטויות של מיסיונרים הנוצרים!

ל׳ לחודש החמישי תשע"ד

במוצ"ש בדרך הביתה ממלווה מלכה, אני מצאתי חומר מלוכלך ומעגיל של מיסיונרים נוצרים בספסל בשכונת גאולים (בקעה) בירושלים. בטח שאני לא אשים את חומר כזה כאן. אבל כדי לעזור לכם לזהות את זה, הנה חלק של האלון אחרי שתיקנתי את זה.

On Saturday night, on my way home from a Melaweh Malkah, I found some filthy and disgusting, Christian missionary material on a bench in the Geulim (Baqa'h) neighborhood of Jerusalem. Certainly, I would not post such an material here. But, to help you identify it, here is a piece of the pamphlet, with appropriate corrections before I placed it here on my site.

 השם האמיתי והמדויק של האירגון הזה שהוציא לאור את האלון הזה בכלל לא "תקוות ישראל," אלא "השמדת ישראל!" והשערים שהם ציירו באלון באמת שערי גהינום!

The true and precise name of this organization is certainly not "The Hope of Israel." Rather it is "The Destruction of Israel!" And the pictured below are truly the Gates of Gehinom!

התמונה של האלון כולל תיקונים המתאימים
The  pamphlet image with appropriate corrections to it

כשאני הבאתי את זה איתי כדי לסרוק את זה, אני נשאתי את החומר הזה בתוך התחתונים שלי נגד עור הישבן שלי כדי לתת לחומר המגעיל הזה את הכבוד היחיד שמגיע לו. (מי שמבין יבין.)

When I brought it with me, so that I could scan it, I carried it within my underwear against the bare skin of my rear end, giving this disgusting material the only "respect" that it deserves.

יש ״תקוות ישראל״ אך ורק כשמקיימים את מצות העשה להרוס את חומר עבודה זרה כזה כמו שצריך.

There is only "Hope for Israel" when the misswah (Torah commandment) is fulfilled to destroy false deity/false messiah/intercessor worship material.


וְנִתַּצְתֶּם אֶת-מִזְבְּחֹתָם, וְשִׁבַּרְתֶּם אֶת-מַצֵּבֹתָם, וַאֲשֵׁרֵיהֶם תִּשְׂרְפוּן בָּאֵשׁ, וּפְסִילֵי אֱלֹהֵיהֶם תְּגַדֵּעוּן; וְאִבַּדְתֶּם אֶת-שְׁמָם, מִן-הַמָּקוֹם הַהוּא. (דברים יב,ג)

As it is written...

And you shall break down their altars, and dash in pieces their pillars, and burn their Asherim with fire; and you shall hew down the graven images of their gods; and you shall destroy their name out of that place. (Deut. 12:3)

Even with Islamic Threats, European Jews still don't Seem to Get It

ל׳ לחודש החמישי תשע״ד

Although many French Jews seem to have been opening up their eyes, Thank God, packing their bags, and getting on the plane to Israel, many other European Jewish communities still do not seem to get it, in spite of the continually growing Islamic threat.
YWN: Parts Of Europe Are Already Ripe For Islamic State Attack Says EJC President
(Monday, August 25th, 2014)

European Jewish Congress President Dr. Moshe Kantor has said that the last few weeks have demonstrated that parts of Europe are unfortunately already ripe for a terrorist attack by the Islamic State.

“Over the last few weeks we have witnessed tens of thousands of radical Islamists on the streets of Europe calling for Jihad, the slaughter of Jews and the imposition of Sharia law,” Dr. Kantor said. “The fact that specifically Jewish targets have been attacked in growing numbers demonstrates that the perpetrators are seeking to ignite a religious war on the continent and in some cases the authorities have been slow to act, further emboldening the extremists.”

“The level of violence and rhetoric has only increased and it is clear that terrorist groups like Islamic State, whose flag has been waved openly across Europe, are watching the impunity of these violent demonstrations and taking note.”

Since the beginning of the conflict between Israel and Hamas, tens of demonstrations have taken place across Europe, some have openly attacked Jews and Jewish institutions and chants like “Jews, the Army of Mohammed is coming for you”, “Hitler was right” and “Hamas, Jews go to the gas” have been heard.

“In May, a terrorist with ties to the Islamic State who trained in Syria killed four people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels. Unless European leaders prevent the import of fanatic terrorists into Europe and act strongly against extremist preachers, incitement to religious hatred and sleeper cells, this could be the first of many attacks,” Dr. Kantor said. “It is vital that European governments take a ‘zero tolerance’ policy against anyone who is inciting to violence or assisting in the perpetration of violence.”

“However, first and foremost, authorities have to take measures to reassure the Jewish community that it will be protected against the largest and most violent wave of anti-Semitism in Europe since the end of the Holocaust. Nevertheless, as we have seen in Iraq and Syria, Islamic State targets Christians, other Muslims and anyone that doesn’t follow its brand of regressive fanatical Islam.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

(Tip: Destination Green Hill)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
I cannot say whether this article pains me more, or angers me more.

Probably both.

"Who wouldn't be pained and angered by what has been escalating in Europe against the Jews,...again?!"

Perhaps, but to me, the rise of Islam within Europe has been in the making, ever since the Muslims were turned back at the gates of Vienna in 1683, and incidentally, on September 11. Instead of attacking to infiltrate Vienna and beyond, the have been "immigrating."

The Muslims have simply been doing what Muslims (Ishmaelites) do: lie, steal, rape, pillage, and conquer. So, no surprises here.

The European governments' strategy of placating the Muslims within their borders has not only been failing, but has been failing to reveal any surprises. The leaders of the European nations have been doing what the leaders of European nations have been doing throughout contemporary European history: attempting to placate the Muslims, and forcing Israel to do the same.

As Destination Green Hill pointed out to me, Europe is getting punished middah k'neged middah (measure for measure). Let the Holocaust of Jews happen, even participate in it, perhaps even cheer it on, and you get the same back in return.

What pains and angers me is the continued no response response of the European Jewish leadership.

What pains and angers me is the continued refusal to recognize that Europe is not home to the Jewish People; it is the Golah, the Exile, and it is a punishment to be there.

What pains and angers me is that along with others writing similar material will be called names such as "alarmists," "inciters," and "Apocalyptic nuts." My ego is not that big that I concern myself with such silliness. Rather,  I am concerned that Jews in Europe, particularly their "leaders," can be so thick headed that they refuse to see the writing on the wall, that moving to Israel is not even to be considered an option.

What pains and angers me is that picking up, and moving to Israel will be considered "giving up," "quitting," and "running away," instead of running to the place we are supposed to be, and always have been, Israel.

The gates have been opened, yet not only do they refuse to run to the opened gates with joy, they refuse to see that the gates have been opened; they refuse even to look.

This has all happened been before.  

Rabbi Yissachar Shlomo
Rabbi Yissachar Shlomo Teichtal ztz"l, from the Hungarian community attempted to warn the Jews about what was going on around them in Europe, encouraged aliyah (immigration to Israel), and attempted to allay the frum communities' fears regarding the anti-Torah influences to faced in the Land of Israel.

The Hungarian Jewish communities, such as Satmar, were particularly vehement in their stance against the Zionist movement. Not only did they firmly believe that since The Almighty took us out of Israel, and put us into exile, only The Almighty could take us out of the Exile, and bring us back to Israel,...directly.

But this was not their only issue with the Zionist movement. They were against Zionism also due to the profoundly anti-Torah elements often associated with it, such as haskalah, secular-humanism, communism, and last but not least, Labor Zionism.

Could you blame them?

We all know what happened next, after Jews did not heed his warnings, nor examine his Torah reasoning for moving to Israel, even before the revealing of Mashi'ah.

Let us hope that this does not happen again.

Yet, in Dr. Moshe Kantor's own words,...

"...the largest and most violent wave of anti-Semitism in Europe since the end of the Holocaust."

The solution is not to talk and educate and legislate.

Been there, tried that,...a bazillion times.

The solution is not only to look at the writing on the wall, but to read it, and absorb it.

What are they waiting for? Mashi'ah?

Let's do Mashi'ah a favor, and do some of the ground work on our own, shall we?

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The War between Israel and Gaza Reaches the Soccer Field

כ״ט לחודש החמישי תשע״ד

Washington Free Beacon: Qatari-Funded Soccer Star Messi Won’t Acknowledge Death of Israeli Child
Messi previously expressed remorse over death of Palestinian children

Adam Kredo, August 24, 2014

Pressure is mounting on social media for soccer superstar Leo Messi to publicly condemn the death of a four-year-old Israeli child who was a fan of Messi’s before he was killed by Hamas rocket fire on Friday {fired from a United Nations Relief and Works Agency [UNRWA] facility, no lees}.

Messi, who plays for a soccer team funded by the Qatari government, which also serves as Hamas’ chief financier, has come under increasing pressure to condemn the death of Jewish child Daniel Tregerman just two weeks after the soccer player expressed remorse over the death of Palestinian children.

Daniel Tregerman hy"d, age 4
Negev Region kibbutz

Tregerman was pictured in photographs sporting Messi’s Barcelona team jersey.

Israelis on social media are now launching a campaign to pressure Messi into condemning Hamas’ ongoing attacks on Israeli citizens.

Lionel "Leo" Messi
“Hey Leo Messi, take a look at that boy, Daniel Tregerman, wearing the national jersey of the best player in the world,” Liran Cohen, an Israeli citizen, wrote in a Facebook post that tagged Messi, according to Israel Hayom.

“As you can see, you were Daniel’s hero. He was killed today, by a mortar which was fired by Hamas, the terror organization that your team’s #1 sponsors is [sic] sponsoring,” Cohen was reported to have written. “Is this what you stand for? FC Barcelona—is this what you stand for? I guess money can buy everything.”

The post went viral on Facebook and also on Twitter, but has yet to prompt a response from Messi. (cont.)

(Tip: Daniel Mael)

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
The bitter irony here is not just that Leo Messi coldly ignores the death of one of his tiny fans, nor that he ignores his huge, Israeli fan base as a whole.

The bitter irony here is that not so long also, the Israeli Postal Service started a promotional offer, featuring none other that Leo Messi, and his Qatari-sponsored Barcelona Football (Soccer) Team.
The package included stamps,...

Bios of their favorite Barcelona players...

And even a Leo Messi football...

All that for about $20.00.

Can you imagine what it would have meant to little Daniel Tregerman hy"d to have met Leo Messi? Or perhaps even have a quick mention from him about the plight of Israeli children, along side his sympathetic comments regarding Arab children of Gaza?

What about what it would have meant all of those Jewish boys and girls spending much of their days in bomb shelters? What a morale booster that could have been!

Unfortunately, we must face up to the true perspective of the international community:

"All Middle Eastern children are equal, but some are more equal than others."

If only we were only having to deal with the simple hypocrisy presented in George Orwell's Animal Farm, the book from which I adapted the above statement.

Instead, Hamas is using their children as human shields, while Israel is expected to sacrifice its own.

Haveil Havalim Parashath Re'eh 5774

כ״ט לחודש החמישי תשע״ד

Founded by Soccer DadHaveil Havalim is a carnival of Jewish blogs -- a weekly collection of Jewish and Israeli blog highlights, tidbits and points of interest collected from blogs all around the world. It's hosted by different bloggers each week, jointly coordinated through our Facebook Group.The term 'Haveil Havalim,' which means"Vanity of Vanities," is from Qoheleth, (Ecclesiastes) which was written by King Solomon. King Solomon built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and later on got all bogged down in materialism and other 'excesses' and realized that it was nothing but 'hevel,' or in English,'vanity.' Submissions may be may through our on-line submission form on, which requires you to log-in first.
First order of business... We still need hosts! Please join our Facebook group to find out more about how you can participate, including hosting. It's not that hard,...really!

Second order of business is a shameless plug for my buddy Dovid Farin, originally from Miami, FL, and from Jerusalem, who was recently spotted on the Israeli version of the reality talent show, The Voice. "Brother Dave" now advances to the next round!

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Third on the agenda is to let you know that while I was working on this edition, I heard rocket warning sirens in the distance, somewhere west of Jerusalem. I took a break to catch to rocket interceptions, and heard two additional explosions in the distance.

And now,...back to our regularly scheduled program....

Starting us off, is a post which I initially forgot to put in, a 3 Year Jewish Holiday Calendar 5755-5757 (2014-2017) by Jacob Richman.

Tomer Devorah writes on Parshat Re'eh: Of False Prophets and Idolators., and points us to The Essential Core of the Whole Torah.

Donny Fuchs at The Jewish Press warns us about Esau Rising: The War Against the Jewish Soul,...right in Israel, in our own backyards!

Eliyokim Cohen, Founder of Jews News warns us that Bombs used to kill Jews are still in Gaza, this war accomplished nothing.

I also write about Hamas: Connecting Some More Arab Dots.

IDF and the Laws of Warfare is posted at Yaacov Lazowick's Ruminations.

Wonder why Jews are beginning to feel isolated? Yeranen Ya'akov posts a Mashiah and Aliya Message from Rabbi Nachman Kahana.

Aviv Ben-Menachem asks What's Positive about IS[IS]? He explains how the Islamic State is a wake-up call - for Israel.

Batya at Shiloh Musings writes the Here We Go Again... Being Bombed by Gazan Arab Terrorists! What Protective Edge?. She also writes about ISIS For Dummies.

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Batya at Me-Ander writes about Jewish Prayers as Pop Songs.

Ariel Ben Yochanan at The Torah Revolution reports on a friend of ours Efraim Khantis in Jail: Not A Private Matter. It will shock you to find out why he was arrested!

Ariel also comments On Daniel Tregerman's Death. HY"D!

Shmuel Sackett writes about what it will take for Israel to win in We Cease, They Fire.

MK Moshe Feiglin asks about US Aid: When does Israel get it? He also tells us how Zoabi isn't the problem; the Israeli Supreme Court is.

Debbie Schlussel reports on HAMAS Group: “We Muslims Are Behind Ferguson Race Riots; Help Us Mobilize Michael Brown Movement”.

Donny Fuchs at The Jewish Press criticizes the Kabbalah Centre in Talking To The Dead.

We still need a host for next week's edition. Could that host be you?

Hamas: Connecting Some More Arab Dots

כ״ח לחודש החמישי תשע״ד

It seems that after making connections between the people, places, things revolving around Arab Terrorist organization Hamas, I find that there are plenty more connections to be made.

Pay special attention to the items highlighted in red.

My running, Esser Agaroth (2¢) commentary is interspersed between the lines of a few recent news reports, followed by a connecting of the dots conclusion.
YNET Report: Qatar threatened to expel Mashal
Senior Fatah official claims Qatar claimed it would banish Hamas leader if he agrees to Egypt's compromise offer in indirect negotiations.

Roi Kais, August 20, 2014

A senior Fatah official claimed in a conversation with the Al-Hayat newspaper that Qatar recently threatened Hamas' political bureau chief Khaled Mashal that it would expel him if Hamas accepts the Egyptian ceasefire truce deal in its current format.

The same source also stated that Hamas asked Egypt that Qatar assist in ending the conflict between Israel and Hamas, adding that Cairo should invite Qatar's Foreign Minister or Qatar's head of Intelligence to take part in the indirect negotiations.

Egypt, according to the same source, refused outright to consider the proposal, conditioning its implementation on Qatar's apology over the policy it adopted since the overthrow of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.
Sounds like the is tension in the snake den, enough to distract them. The truth is that there is plenty of such tension. It just doesn't often reach the mainstream news. I would be very interested in discovering why it made it this time. Wouldn't you?
In addition, Qais Abu Laila, a senior leader from the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine who was in Cairo, said Wednesday morning that the Palestinians filed a document on Tuesday agreeing to a two-stage proposal.

The plan includes the lifting of the siege in its first stage, opening the crossings and reconstructing the Gaza Strip without restrictions or conditions, and postponing the discussions on more complex issues such as an airport and seaport by a month. 
Gee! I guess they realized that the a new airport and seaport were pushing it at this point, and deciding to stick with finding more low-tech ways of rebuilding its arsenal through smuggling.
According to Abu Laila, the two sides failed to reach an agreement during the last round of talks due to Israel's insistence on the disarmament of the factions and the limiting of their weapon build-up capabilities.
Translation: How dare Israel insist on preventing a serial aggressor from being allowed to rebuild it arsenal!
Giving an example of a difference of opinions that thwarted the agreement, he claimed that Israel insisted that the opening of the Gaza border crossings would be done "in coordination with the Palestinian Authority." According to the delegate, "that would mean that Israel would be able to veto the decision whenever it wants."
To my chagrin, it is Israel which is currently allowing humanitarian aid, or pumping its own aid into Gaza, including electricity, to replenish its enemies' supplies. Still, it is clear that Israel simply wants control over the border crossing to prevent the smuggling of arms.

YNET: 'It's time to abandon truce talks, reach decisive victory over Hamas'
Ministers criticize Netanyahu for failing to convene security cabinet following collapse of ceasefire negotiations

Moran Azulay, Attila Somfalvi, August 20, 2014

Despite the heavy barrages that hit southern and central Israel on Tuesday night, and the collapse of ceasefire negotiations, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has yet to convene his Security Cabinet.

Cabinet ministers criticized the prime minister, saying "he's not convening the cabinet because he doesn't want to bring the decision on decisive action to a vote. He's putting up a tough front, but hopes something happens and an agreement with Hamas is reached quickly."

The latest ceasefire, that was set to expire on midnight, was broken some 8 hours earlier when three Grad rockets fired from the Gaza Strip fell near Be'er Sheva and Netivot on Tuesday afternoon. The IDF responded by hitting different targets in the Gaza Strip.

Many government ministers demanded Israel delivered a fatal blow to Hamas in Gaza, and abandon ceasefire talks altogether.

"The government policy of 'calm will be met with calm' is fundamentally wrong. We need to talk and negotiate with Hamas only when it has surrendered. We now must seek a quick and decisive end to Hamas," Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said in a meeting with Yisrael Beiteinu MKs.

Cabinet member, Economy Minister Naftali Bennett, said following the resumption of rocket fire that "when you want to defeat a terror organization, you reach a decisive victory. When we hold peace talks with a terrorist organization we get more terror. Hamas thinks that rocket fire helps them reach their goals in talks and so they fire even during a ceasefire. Rockets are not an accident as far as we're concerned, it's systematic."

Bennett went on to say that "Only a severe response, like any sovereign nation responds to rocket fire on its territory, will be able to stop the deterioration (of the situation). Sooner or later, Israel will need to subdue Hamas, there's no way to avoid it."

In a Facebook post, Finance Minister Yair Lapid reiterated his position that Israel must not end Operation Protective Edge before ensuring the disarmament of the terror infrastructure in the Strip, and before the transfer of international funds to Gaza is monitored and supervised, so Israel doesn't find itself in another round of hostilities soon. (cont.)
Etc., etc. And then, even...
Opposition leader Isaac Herzog (Labor) said that "the Israeli government and prime minister's job is to provide protection and complete calm to the southern communities. If, as the prime minister claims, Hamas has indeed been defeated, then he (Netanyahu) is expected to reach a diplomatic accord with conditions that benefit the state of Israel. But if the government folds to bring faux-calm, as the one we experienced today, then it would indicate on the failure of a weak government."

It is now perfectly acceptable to say not nice things about Hamas.

I get it.

Still, this not so "new and improved" logic floating in and out of the mouths of Members of the Israeli government, even the leader of the opposition do not impress.

The same logic should be applied to Fatah, but it's not. The reasons behind this concern me greatly. Is Palestinian Authority President Mahmud Abbas being set up to be the "Good Arab," with whom we can negotiate? Abbas's Holocaust denial, and masterminding the 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre, not mention all of the addition Jewish blood he has on his hands, seem to have been magically forgotten.

And speaking of Fatah, as a side note, have we yet heard "secular" Fatah declare any official stance regarding the growing Islamic State of Iraq and Syria [ISIS]?

Inquiring minds want to know....

YNET: Hamas - Israel tried to kill armed wing leader Mohammed Deif
Hamas' military wing call on Israel to 'reveal the real reason' behind bombing of Gaza City home, that Palestinians say was hit by 5 missiles; child and woman killed in attack, as well as third unidentified victim.

Ynetnews, News Agencies, August 20, 2014

Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzouk charged on Wednesday after Gaza truce talks collapsed in a spasm of violence that Israel had targeted the group's armed wing leader Mohammed Deif in one of its air strikes on Tuesday in the coastal territory. (cont.)

Isn't this what the West has demanded of us, "surgical strikes?" OK, so we need a little fine tuning. What's the big deal?

After all, just because these women and children happen to be the wives and children of Hamas terrorist leaders, they are not any less the human shields that the other women and children in Gaza are. And besides, baby Arab terrorists grow up to be adult Arab terrorists, and continue in the family business of Jew-killing.

What the leftists crying, "stop the cycle of violence" fail to comprehend is that this cycle is only repeating itself because the Israeli government, as well as the West, insisting on treating the Yishma'elim (Arabs/Muslims) like Western "progressives," which they are most certainly not.

However flawed the recommendations of Lieberman, Bennett, Lapid, Sa'ar, and even Herzog are, if we did follow them, we would probably be done with Hamas, and perhaps even delay any attacks from Fatah or Hezbollah, who might then be compelled to rethink their current strategies.
...The IDF would not specify any of the targets of some 30 attacks across Gaza in response to rocket fire aimed at Israel. Marzouk said Israel had ruptured the truce alleging it was in order "to assassinate Mohammed Deif," but that civilians were killed at the site of the attack.

In a statement, the IDF said it was attacking targets throughout the Strip, and said it was "ready to continue and work to secure the residents of Israel." Palestinians said that the Strip was sustaining IDF fire from both sea and air.

"In response to the breach in the ceasefire by Hamas, the prime minister and defense minister have ordered the IDF to hit terror targets in Gaza," an official within the Prime Minister's Office said.
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
While many normal Israelis, and Jews around the world, appear to be beginning to wake up and smell the blood and rockets, and beginning to see our "Fearless Leader" Prime Minister Netanyahu as being weak in the knees, when it comes to Hamas, as well as the international community, they still cannot see the forest for the trees.

The only question is if this is a conscious pulling of the wool over our eyes, or lingering naivete and stupidity amongst those serving in the Israeli government.

There is no difference between Hamas and Fatah, except for their levels of patience, and abilities to play the West for the Jew-hating fools that they are. In this regard, Fatah seems to have the upper hand.

When confronted Abbas eventually has to deal with the reality of ISIS, I am not sure how he will play out his hand. Only time will tell.

When Israelis, and Jews around the world, talk about the threat of ISIS, some acknowledge the potential ISIS enclave of Hamas. Yet, Fatah never seems to enter the picture. And Arabs possessing Israeli ID cards are the furthest players from their minds.

It have always been dumbfounded by this attitude of "These Arabs" are different than "Those Arabs."

But, then my hevrutha (study partner) pointed out an interesting take on this from the 19th Century Torah Scholar Rabbi Meir Leibush ben Yechiel Mechel Weizer (Malb"im), commenting on Numbers 33:55.
וְאִם-לֹא תוֹרִישׁוּ אֶת-יֹשְׁבֵי הָאָרֶץ, מִפְּנֵיכֶם--וְהָיָה אֲשֶׁר תּוֹתִירוּ מֵהֶם, לְשִׂכִּים בְּעֵינֵיכֶם וְלִצְנִינִם בְּצִדֵּיכֶם; וְצָרְרוּ אֶתְכֶם--עַל-הָאָרֶץ, אֲשֶׁר אַתֶּם יֹשְׁבִים בָּהּ.

But if ye will not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you, then shall those that ye let remain of them be as stingers in your eyes, and as thorns in your sides, and they shall harass you in the land wherein ye dwell.
The Malb"im) teaches that לְשִׂכִּים בְּעֵינֵיכֶם "stingers in your eyes" cause us to be blinded. The presence of these goyim, who are not supposed to be here, blind 

He uses the word לסכך to cover, as in the Skhakh of a Sukkah. It seems that the sometimes interchangeable letters ס and the שׂ could be a component of the Malbi"m he learns this concept out, but I cannot be sure. I have to look into this further.

When I heard this, only then could I finally understand how our "leaders," both serving in the Israeli government, and many of there "rabbis," have managed to make the same mistakes, whether engaging in "peace talks" or doing a halfhearted job in wiping out the Arabs' arsenals, weapons building and smuggling capabilities, over and over and over again, expecting the same results.

They have been blinded, for not having properly taken possession of the Land in the first place.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Irrelevance to Israel of the International Court in The Hague

כ"ד לחודש החמישי תשע"ד
The Guardian: Hague court under western pressure not to open Gaza war crimes inquiry
Potential ICC investigation into actions of both the IDF and Hamas in Gaza has become a fraught political battlefield

Julian Borger,18 August 2014

The international criminal court has persistently avoided opening an investigation into alleged war crimes in Gaza as a result of US and other western pressure, former court officials and lawyers claim.

In recent days, a potential ICC investigation into the actions of both the Israel Defence Forces and Hamas in Gaza has become a fraught political battlefield and a key negotiating issue at ceasefire talks in Cairo. But the question of whether the ICC could or should mount an investigation has also divided the Hague-based court itself.

An ICC investigation could have a far-reaching impact. It would not just examine alleged war crimes by the Israeli military, Hamas and other Islamist militants in the course of recent fighting in Gaza that left about 2,000 people dead, including women and children. It could also address the issue of Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories, for which the Israeli leadership would be responsible.

The ICC's founding charter, the 1998 Rome statute (pdf), describes as a war crime "the transfer, directly or indirectly, by the occupying power of parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies".

Also at stake is the future of the ICC itself, an experiment in international justice that occupies a fragile position with no superpower backing. Russia, China and India have refused to sign up to it. The US and Israel signed the accord in 2000 but later withdrew. (cont.)
International Court of Justice
The Hague, The Netherlands

The first I noticed, entering the International Court of Justice's website, was the choice of languages provided, in which to view the site:

Français | English | اللغة العر بية | 中文 | Español | Русский

Arabic is there, of course. Yet, isn't it odd that Russian and Chinese are available, even though China and Russian refused to sign on.

Someone at the ICJ has brain, knowing that providing information to the Russian and Chinese public is not to be underestimated in the advancement of its agenda.

"the transfer, directly or indirectly, by the occupying power of parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies" certainly has nothing to do with Israel and Gaza anyway. However, this was alluded to in the report above, perhaps even an excuse to be able to get into the issue of Israel's settlement of its own God-given Land.

The sad part is that the Israeli government might even feel compelled to defend itself. Even though it withdrew from the ICJ-ICC agreement in 2000.

Even by goyim's own logic, Israel would be not be occupying "Palestine," as there has never been a Palestine, save for the renaming of of Israel as Palestine be none other than the Roman occupying forces.

Israel never fought against an attack from a Palestinian state, not in 1948 nor in 1967. Rather, Israel fought against attacks from the made-up country of Jordan, and took, or rather, re-captured our Divinely promised homeland.

Just as countless other nations of the world, when Israel defended itself against attacks, it acquired land in the process, or in Israel's case RE-acquired Land, the Land promised to us by The Almighty.

But, none of this matters; it is all irrelevant.

Simply put, the International Court of Justice in The Hague has never had, nor ever will have any authority over the Jewish People, nor Land of Israel.

You see, everything is backwards, upside-down, or on the verge of being backwards or upside-down.

When Ge'ulah is complete, everything will be situated as it should. At that point, it will be the goyim and their courts answering to the Sanhedrin.

Now as to the true motivations of those desiring to avoid ICJ-ICC intervention, the report continues...
The French lawyer representing the Palestinians, Gilles Devers, argued that it was for the court's preliminary chamber, not the ICC's prosecutor, to decide on the court's jurisdiction in the Palestinian territories. Devers said negotiations were continuing among the Palestinian parties on whether to file a new request for an investigation, even though he believed it to be unnecessary in legal terms. Ultimately, he said, the outcome would be determinedly politically.

"There is enormous pressure not to proceed with an investigation. This pressure has been exerted on Fatah and Hamas, but also on the office of the prosecutor," Devers said. "In both cases, it takes the form of threats to the financial subsidies, to Palestine and to the international criminal court."

Among the biggest contributors to the ICC budget are the UK and France, which have both sought to persuade the Palestinians to forego a war crimes investigation.

Is the U. S. really only worried about successfully infusing the Hamas terrorist organization with funds?

Or is it trying to hide something else?

Stay tuned...

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mordechai Keidar: Excellent Analysis, Lousy Solution

כ״א לחודש החמישי תשע״ד

You may remember Dr. Mordechai Keidar from his exciting debates on Al-Jazeera, in which he displays his command of the Arabic language and culture. He also wears a kippah, but you might not have guessed this from his photo.

I must admit that I do not recall Dr. Keidar's approach, in his appearances on Al-Jazeera, whether he argues using [Western] logic, for which the Arabs care little, or applies a Torah approach (ie. Israel belongs to us, the Jewish People. Deal with it!).

Since I do not recall any Jew on Al-Jazeera applying a Torah approach, I will hazard a guess that Dr. Keidar employs the same [Western] logic, as I saw him use in a panel presentation with Caroline Glick and Yoram Ettinger at the OU-Israel Center, in the summer, 2011, just as he does below.
Arutz 7 Op-Ed: What is Going to Become of Gaza?
Pipe-dreams that have no connection with reality are not going to come true.

Mordechai Keidar
Dr. Mordechai Kedar, Senior Lecturer in Arabic, Bar-Ilan University
August 8, 2014

What is going to happen in Gaza?

The question worrying everyone who has an interest in Israel's security is how Operation Protective Edge will end and what the near and distant future of Gaza will be. The media are filled with Israeli and foreign speakers who know what should happen to Gaza, each according to his own mindset. In this article we will attempt to evaluate the predictions according to the way Hamas sees things. Let us enumerate some of them:
*EA: I have only listed the headings here. In a manner of speaking, these are the "myths" he proceeds to debunk. I have included his conclusions below, in full. The complete piece is lengthy, but very informative.
1.Hamas will need outside help on a massive scale to rebuild its ruins.

2. Gaza must be demilitarized

3. Hamas will have to change for the sake of the Gazan civilian population

4. Gazans will rebel against Hamas rule

5. Hamas' demand to lift the sea blockade is sensible and justified

...Worst of all, Israel has several organizations, most of them funded by the New Israel Fund (AKA New Israel Death Fund), that used legal and public measures to make it easier for Hamas to prepare its military infrastructure.

6. We must bring the PA to Gaza to replace Hamas' rule.

7. The "secure passage" from Gaza to Judea and Samaria must be opened.

Three main conclusions can be reached from the above:

The first is that we must not reach any agreement with Gaza. What can bring quiet to Gaza is only fear based on the sure knowledge that any provocation – and it doesn't matter which organization does that provocation – will be answered with a non-proportionate response. The idea of removing the sea blockade should not even be broached and certainly not the thought of an airport. Israel can continue to sell Gaza food, water, medicines, gasoline and electricity to prevent a humanitarian tragedy there.

The second is that it is important to start moving towards the only solution that can result in security, stability and quiet in Judea and Samaria, and it is establishing seven Emirates for the "hamulot" (family tribes) living in the Arab cities of Ramallah, Jericho, Kalkilya, Tul-Karem, Shechem (Nablus), Jenin and Arab Hevron. Israel must remain in the village areas while offering Israeli citizenship to the residents of those villages. The program is described in full here.

Under no circumstances can Israel allow another Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria, as within a short time it will become a Hamastan. Israel and the world must take apart the PA and on its ruins establish the 8 Emirates, which include Gaza - which can stay under Hamas rule, just as long as it is deterred from hostile actions against Israel.

The third is that Israel and the world must understand that in the Middle East one only achieves peace through victory. He who manages to convince his neighbors to leave him alone for their own good can enjoy tranquillity. There are no kisses and hugs in the Middle East, just disputes and struggles, look at what's going on in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Yemen and wherever. In the Middle East there is one rule, that phrased by Helene Ensign Maw: Freedom is for those willing to defend it".
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Dr. Keidar provides a very good analysis of Israel's local Arab situations, especially the part about "no hugs and kisses in the Middle East" (between nations), but provides a lousy solution.

The short answer as to why his solution is a lousy one is that it has already been suggested countless times before, in one form or another by...

Gen. Yigal Alon (1967)

Techiya Party (1979-1992) a break off from the Likud, Annexation Yehudah, Shomron, and Azza (Judea, Samaria, and Gaza), yet without any mention of the departure of the Arabs.

Rabbi Benny Elon (2002) former MK, Minister of Tourism, and Head of the Moledeth Party and combined National Union Party.

MK Naftali Bennett (2013) Minister of Economic and Religious Affairs, and Head of the Jewish Home Party.

The Bennett Plan vs. The Oslo (Death) Accords
What's the difference? Not much.

I would really appreciated if someone were to inform me as to how Keidar's strategy has any significant difference, let alone any greater chance of success, than any of the other plans, listed above, which have preceded it.

The second answer as to why Keidar's solution is a lousy one is also a short one.

His solution, like those similar solutions preceding, are in contradiction to the Torah, albeit Rabbi Elon's plan, may have eventually show to foot the bill,...eventually.

Before anyone starts screaming about Shiv'im Panim leTorah, or Rav Ovadiah said, or anything even remotely similar to the party line, let me first state that when I say "in contradiction to the Torah," I mean "in contradiction to the ideal, full observance of Torah."

I do not refer to the strategies, necessarily employed in order to reach this ideal state of Torah Law reaching the heart of every Jew, and every millimeter of Eretz Yisrael, which may have to include moving slowly and adding objectives gradually.

However, there is NO excuse for Jews and "Jewish" parties within the system of government of a "Jewish" State to refrain from stating their eventual goal of the manifestation of Torah in This World, throughout Eretz Yisrael, unless, of course, this is not their goal.

The Torah already teaches us what HaShem's Will is in everyone of our day to day situations, whether it is how to interact with non-Jews in war or in peace, how to fight a war itself, how to set up and operate a properly Jewish army, and, of course, how to set up and operate a proper, Jewish government.

Granting Arabs citizenship, at this point in time, is NOT one of those instructions, and is, in fact a violation of the negative commandment "lo techonem" (Mishnah Torah, Hil. A"Z 10:1-9*) In addition, reviewing Rash"i, Sforno, and the Or HaHayim on Num. 33:50-56 should clear up any confusion regarding the Who's Who? of goyim and how they relate to Eretz Yisrael.

*For the purposes of the negative commandment of "lo techonem," including [even temporary] residence he term 'oved 'avodah zarah does NOT exclude Muslims, a common misunderstanding of the Ramba"m's application of this term in this context (Rambam: Teshuvah 148, Tur, Beth Yosef, [uncensored] Ba"ch) Furthermore, even if Gerei Toshav, resident aliens accepting the 7 misswoth B'nei No'ah, were currently accepted, will they be placed under the conditions of missim we'avduth?

Half measures have NEVER worked for us, and never will. Half measures, whether dealing with Hamas, Gaza, or the Arabs in general have never worked for us and never will.

However, Dr. Keidar is certainly right about one thing...

"Pipe-dreams that have no connection with reality are not going to come true."

However, his criticism of pipe-dreams appears to be directed toward this misguided, naive, and/or suicidal Israelis, and Jews around the world, who envision a Western-style, "melting pot"-like coexistence with the Arabs.

Although the criticism raised here is an important one, and unlike most Jews, Dr. Keidar may have long since awoken to the smell of Jewish blood and rockets, his own pipe-dreams will die in the light of exposure to reality.

Not only will they fail to work, they will fail to lead the Jewish People to its ultimate goal of Torah sovereignty in the Land.

Torah is neither a pipe-dream, nor something to be placed on a pedastel, never to be touched.

For the Jewish People, the Torah is our reality.

The Jewish-Israeli Blog Carnival (AKA: Havel Havelim) for Parshat Eikev is Up!

כ״א חודש החמישי תשע״ד

This week's edition of the Jewish-Israeli Blog Carnival (AKA: Havel Havelim) is hosted by Batya at Shiloh Musings.

The edition is entitled עֵקֶב "And it shall come to pass..."  

We still have openings for edition hosts! Please join our Facebook Group to find out how!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Hamas: Connecting The Dots

ערב שבת קודש פר׳ עקב תשע״ד

حماس: حركة المقاومة الاسلامية
Hamas: the Islamic Resistance Movement

Dot #1: What does the Left-wing Israeli say?
When I saw the recent report on transgendered, Israeli pop star and left-wing poster child Dana International's diatribe against Hamas, like many, I thought that Mashi'ah was surely on his way. He very well could be. But it is well worth our time to take a closer look at what Dana International, as well as what she did not say.
Breibart: Transgender Israeli Singer to Europe: 'Shut Your Mouths About Gaza, You Raped the World'
Raheem Kassam, August 7, 2014

...these criticisms have not gone unmatched, with the latest rebuke coming from a former Eurovision song contest winner, and leading transgender icon.

Dana International, who was recently featured on YouTube dancing in a synagogue, issued a firmly-worded statement aimed at Israel's critics. She said: “You need to shut your mouths, you have murdered millions and millions of people throughout history.

"Shut up Dutch people! Shut up Belgians! Shut up British people!

"You conquered half of the world. You raped Africa, you raped half of the world. Bring back Africa's money!

"There is no nation in Europe who can come in guilt free and criticize Israel.

"[Israel] is learning our first steps of normal civilization, normal culture.

"Israel has a different mentality than Europe. Europe had many wars. Now it’s our turn to learn how to become more cultural.”

International's words serve to highlight Europe's alleged hypocrisy in hitting out at Israel. Her point, according to PinkNews, was made during a video interview in the Netherlands, which took place at the Israeli Ambassador's house. It is unlikely that European ministers, who are always quick to hit out against the Jewish State, will heed her words.

(Tip: Jews News)
I do not exactly know what Dana International means by "normal civilization, normal culture," or by "more cultural." I will hazard a guess that it has something to do with being more like the goyim, only not anti-Israel,...theoretically. Like many Jewish endeavors, this could mean outdoing the goyim at their own game, being more goyshe than the goyim, an anti-Torah message, if their ever was one.

With the apparent "awakening" of the left-wing in Israel, and the change in tune of a handful of Jew-haters, . In pure, native, leftist denial, they continue to insist that "These Arabs" are different from "Those Arabs."

Thus, this "awakening" of the left is really only an illusion.

Dot #3: "The Green Prince"
The documentary, "The Green Prince," recounts the capture, interrogation, imprisonment, and subsequent "handling" by the Shabba"k (General Security Service AKA: Israeli Secret Police) of Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of Hamas leader Sheikh Hassan Yousef.

Is is any coincidence that the "The Green Prince," has only had its general release seven days ago on August 8, even though it had already been completed ages ago, and had  won the Sundance Film Festival award for Best Documentary back in January?

This Shabbath will be the anniversary in the Gregorian calendar of the Expulsion of Jews from Gaza (inclusive of Gush Qatif).

Was this just a strategic move on the producer's part, capitalizing on the publicity Hamas has been garnering while bombarding Israel with missiles?

By the way, I do not happen to believe that the Shabba"k necessarily has any involvement in such a conspiracy. I believe they have other things with which to concern themselves, which they believe to be more pressing.

Dot #3: What does the Right-wing Israeli say?
This one doesn't even deserve a dot. It's way too boring. But, whatever...

The right-wing Israeli says whatever the internal voice, stemming from his programming indoctrination he received in the Israeli public, "religious" education system, tells him to say.

And, in case of any , there is the fail safe of the numbing calming, collective voice of the puppets "rabbis," on the payroll of the State, as well as those "rabbis," who genuinely confuse the State with Torah. As farfetched as this may seem, these "rabbis" most certainly do exist. Not only that, but they are very popular, charismatic, and effective at making speeches, telling the masses what they want to hear, that which is palatable and easy to digest.

Dot #3: Demon-acracy
Demon-acracy is just one of the many consequences, resulting from the continuous failed attempts at pounding Arab, square peg into a Western, round hole.

Team America: World Police
Parody? Or Documentary?
Is no secret that the U. S. was, and continues to be, very unhappy that democracy backfired on them when Hamas came to power in the Palestinian Authority elections in 2006.

Sure, Hamas risks the lives of its constituents by using them as human shields, that is if children unable to vote count as constituents. Still, Hamas does build hospitals and schools, and provides just enough food to take credit for it, and blame Israel and the rest of the world for what it lacks.

The U. S. Government may or may not have sown the seeds of Hamas. But, they certainly watered and fertilized the terrorist organization, with the enthusiastic collaboration of the Arabs in Gaza.

When will the U. S. Government ever learn? Probably when it is too late, when the battle between Esau (The West) and Yishma'el (Arabs/Muslims) is at it climax,...and only after it sees that its attempted "mating" with Yishma'el does not produce the desired results..
United States Humanitarian Assistance to Gaza
Office of the Spokesperson 
Washington, DC 
July 21, 2014

Today, Secretary of State John Kerry announced that the United States is providing $47 million to help address the humanitarian situation in Gaza. This assistance includes:
  • An initial $15 million contribution to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) in response to UNRWA’s $60 million Gaza Flash Appeal;
  • $3.5 million in emergency relief assistance from USAID’s Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA);
  • $10 million in existing USAID bilateral funding, redirected to meet immediate humanitarian needs; and
  • $18.5 million in new USAID bilateral funding for humanitarian and emergency relief assistance.
These funds will provide critical humanitarian aid, including shelter, food, and medical supplies to Palestinians in Gaza. The United States remains committed to addressing the humanitarian needs of the Palestinian people, and will continue to monitor the humanitarian situation closely.
"Monitor the humanitarian situation closely," perhaps, but not the money trail.

I find it VERY difficult to believe that the U. S. Government is that naive in thinking that the $47 million in "humanitarian" aid will actually be used for humanitarian purposes. A hospital, a school of radical Islamic doctrine, and little bit of food,...the usual pattern.

Perhaps the U. S. believes that a portion of these funds are bound to become unaccounted for anyway; some funds trickling down to the people is better than no funds at all. And besides, to the U. S. Government, Jewish blood seems to be pretty cheap!


Dot #4: Friends in Name Only,...Not Even That
The Jewish Press: Obama Holds Up Weapons Transfer to Israel
Tensions between Israel and the Obama administration are at an all-time high.

Rachel Levy, August 14th, 2014

An imminent delivery of Hellfire missiles set to arrive in Israel from the US has been held up by the White House.

Moreover, the transfer of any weapons and other military hardware to Israel, even routine munitions requests, is now being blocked by the State Department and the White House.

In clear language, it means that any form of American military aid – once a ‘given’ by Israel’s “closest friend and ally” – is now being scrutinized by President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, at a time when Israel is facing an enemy supplied by Iran and Syria, and intent on its destruction.

The move has only served to further wind up an already tense relationship between the White House and Israel.

According to an Israeli government official quoted by the Wall Street Journal, “We’ve been there before with a lot of tension with us and Washington. What we have now, on top of that, is mistrust and a collision of different perspectives on the Middle East. It’s become very personal.”

Specifically, the Pentagon blocked delivery of the Hellfire missiles because officials at the White House and in the State Department were worried about the reaction of Palestinian Arabs in the US and abroad, according to the report.

The WSJ article cited a number of past conflicts between the Obama administration and the Netanyahu government. It then went on, however, to say the straw that broke the camel’s back had to do with the attack near the UNRWA school in Gaza.

“The watershed moment came in the early morning in Gaza July 30. An Israeli shell struck a United Nations school in Jabaliya that sheltered about 3,000 people. Later that day, it was reported in the U.S. that the 120-mm and 40-mm rounds had been released to the Israeli military,” WSJ reported.
A US diplomat complained about being “blindsided” and officials at the White House and State Department were disturbed by what they considered a risk to regional stability and Israel’s interests due to a “humanitarian catastrophe,” according to the report.

However, no one was blindsided. The Israelis filed a routine request for munitions as they always did. Israeli bureaucracy is famous for its automated mentality, which is set in motion months in advance. Even the draft notices for upcoming 18-year-olds begin two years earlier – at age 16 – and then are sent out six months before the actual appointment.

“There was no intent to blindside anyone. The process for this transfer was followed precisely along the lines that it should have,” the official said.

But with regard to the July 30 attack, the information was reported from Gaza inaccurately from the start, deliberately manipulating and inciting American officials.

Pallywood wins again – but it is a bit odd that top government officials could so easily be misled, unless it’s an active choice on their part.

That’s not the fault of American media but rather due to the Hamas propaganda machine and the willingness of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) to collaborate.

It’s also due to the need for journalists to stay alive; there have been more than a few reporters who have managed to leave Gaza and later were courageous enough to admit they were threatened with death if they were to photograph, let alone report, the truth of what they were doing to their own civilians there.

The lone shell that was fired struck outside the school compound, as was already admitted by at least one UNRWA official in a tweet several hours after the event.
This report from Rachel Levy was not bad, albeit to kind to everyone involved, and no information was provided regarding the munitions hidden in this UN "schools," nor reminders of previous UN collaborations with Arab terrorist organizations.

And, by the way, before we start blaming Obama and Kerry for everything -- and I certainly do not mind blaming them -- I must say that this all just part of the illusion of significant differences between Democrats' and Republicans' attitudes toward Israel (and Jews).

Ronald Reagan was perhaps the least worst. Yet let us not forget the Iran Contra Affair (AKA: Iran Contra Mess). Which would have been worse? That he knew about it? Or that he did not know about it?

George Bush, Sr. threatened Prime Minister Shamir, if he did stop building in Yehudah and Shomron.(We're still here, by the way!) He insisted on Israeli "restraint" during the first Persian Gulf War

George Bush, Jr. sold us out for Arab oil.

All of them made a mess of Iran and Iraq. Donald Rumsfeld is Saddam Hussein's buddy one, day, and enemy the next.

There isn't any significant difference. As far as I am concerned, anyone who does not see the following map as Israel,...

...and the border shall go down from Shepham to Riblah, on the east side of Ain; and the border shall go down, and shall strike upon the slope of the sea of Kinnereth eastward; and the border shall go down to the Jordan, and the goings out thereof shall be at the Salt Sea; this shall be your land according to the borders thereof round about.' And Moses commanded the children of Israel, saying: 'This is the land wherein ye shall receive inheritance by lot, which the LORD hath commanded to give unto the nine tribes, and to the half-tribe; for the tribe of the children of Reuben according to their fathers' houses, and the tribe of the children of Gad according to their fathers' houses, have received, and the half-tribe of Manasseh have received, their inheritance; the two tribes and the half-tribe have received their inheritance beyond the Jordan at Jericho eastward, toward the sun-rising....' Numbers 34:11-15 anti-Israel. I guess that is not saying too much about members of the Israeli Government, either, does it?

Although perhaps the Democrats are just more open about their vile hatred for us....
Conservative Tribune: Obama Supports Charging Israel With “War Crimes” 
(Tip: Destination Green Hill)
War crimes? What are we supposed to do? Roll over and die? (חו״ח) Apparently....

But, I digress...

The most important piece of information I believe Rachel Levy mentioned in her report was...
...but it is a bit odd that top government officials could so easily be misled, unless it’s an active choice on their part.
Just as I point out above, regarding the fate of "humanitarian" aid, funneled in through Arab terrorists, the question is...
Are members of the U. S. Government really that stupid, or are they evil?
Food for thought....

Dot #6: Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu
I have yet to figure out what this man's motivations are. People like former Israeli President Shimon Peres are much easier to figure out. מי שמבין יבין

In any event, it appears that, for whatever reason, PA President Mahmud Abbas is being made out to look like the "Good Arab." This is supported by the Left above, cursing Hamas, and yet still "loving" the Arabs more than themselves.

This map of PA President Mahmud Abbas's vision should say it all. But even this in-your-face map has difficulties penetrating the deep denial of Jews, implanted within us by the Exile, and by those collaborators insistent on our remaining there...

PA President Mahmud Abbas's vision for a Palestinian State, ie. absent of any Jewish state.

Connecting the Dots
Well, if you have been paying attention, you will see that...

The U. S. is not our friend, and never has been. It has only helped us when it supported its agenda. From the arrival of the colonists to the "promised land," to the "manifest destiny" of the Polk Administration, even the toying with the idea of using Hebrew as the official language of the U. S., the West has been waiting in the wings to challenge Israel for its birthright.

Holocaust denier and one of the masterminds behind the Munich Olympic Massacre of 11 Israeli athletes, Mahmud Abbas is now the "Good Arab?"

"These Arabs" or "Those Arabs," take your pick. Either way, Israel is simply repeating the same mistakes over again, expecting different results.

Nothing has changed, only some of the details and strategies to make us think that they have changed.

Israel is on the same co-dependent path toward self-destruction.

As Rabbi Me'ir Kahane ztz"l (OOOOH! There's that "scary" name! Scary, out of ignorance, and defensiveness of the Western-assimilationst mindset....) teaches in his book Listen World, Listen Jew, the strategy of assimilation, of trying to be just like the goyim, and seeking their acceptance, has not been working for us, at least not since our significant presence in Spain, and subsequent expulsion.

So, how about trying a different strategy already?

Let's try to live like Jews, instead of like goyim?

And, how do we do that? The instructions are right in front of us. We just have to pick them up, and study them.

Instructions of how to live like a Jew are all in Torah. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Whose Money is it Anyway?

ט"ו לחודש החמישי תשע"ד
Tu b'Av 5774
Yahoo!News: Woman, 78, caught with cash in girdle at airport

ROMULUS, Michigan (AP) — A 78-year-old Florida woman tried to fly on an international trip to the Philippines from Detroit Metropolitan Airport with almost $41,000 in cash hidden inside her girdle, bra and carry-on bag, federal authorities said.

A complaint filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Detroit said the Clearwater woman was trying to board a flight April 2 to the Philippines with her daughter. She initially said she had $200 in cash but submitted a form declaring she had $1,200, prompting questions.

During a search, Customs and Border Protection officers found $8,000 in wallets in her carry-on bag, $4,000 sewn into a cloth pouch and nearly $1,000 in envelopes, according to the complaint. She then told them she had $3,000 in her blouse and $2,000 sewn into the strap of her bra.

Officers continued to search and said they found about $21,000 in her girdle. The woman told authorities that she had recently sold her home for $120,000, wired some money to the Philippines and had planned to carry a portion of the money with her.

"She stated that she did not wire the proceeds to the Philippines this time because she thought it was safer to carry the money," according to the complaint.

Federal law requires travelers to declare if they are carrying more than $10,000. The woman hasn't been charged, but the government in the forfeiture complaint said it wants to keep the money. The Detroit News reported details of the request Friday.

Federal court records don't list a lawyer for the woman. The Associated Press left a message Saturday seeking comment from her at a telephone listing in Florida.
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
This report raises several questions. I have to tell you, though, that none of these questions are new. However, these questions may seem new to some of you. And it never hurts for us to remind each other about the power being asserted over us, either with the illusion of our consent, or without our consent entirely.

Are U. S. paper dollars and coins the property of those who bear them?

Or are they actually the property of the U. S. Government, which "graciously" affords us the opportunity to use them for our convenience?

If these material items with supposed value do belong to us, then why is there a limitation placed on how much of "our" money can be moved out of the U. S., without declaration?

I remember when this limit was only $5,000. It now appears to be $10,000. What business is it of the U. S. Government's? I suppose it is just for our "own safety and security," a common reason doled out to the populace.

What is the U. S. Government worried about? It can always just print more, and continue on its path of artificially manipulating the value of this colored paper anyway. In Israel, the 20 sheqqel note is now being produced with synthetic materials.

The dollar and other currencies have value, because we give them value, and the various governments of the world do everything the can to reinforce this.

From where I sit, I see only one option to keep my head above the ebb and flow and probable fall in currency values. Invest in things which have intrinsic value.

For some of us that means precious metals and stones. They may maintain their value into the distant future; they may not. Even government-produced coins have value, based on their metallic content. But, my rule of thumb is always to keep in mind that I cannot eat precious metals and stones.

You be the judge. But, whatever you decide, I suggest that you accept that the "money" being sold to us by the powers that be, has value only because we assign value to it, and because others do the same and thus, still desire it.

But, at the end of the day, it is still all just paper, synthetics, or number on a display screen or print out.

And so, all currencies are equal in this sense, yet it appears that some currencies are going to be increasingly less equal than others.

BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) Announce $100 Billion Reserve To Bypass Fed, Developed World Central Banks

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Jewish-Israeli Blog Carnival (AKA: Haveil Havalim) -- Between Tisha b'Av and Tu b'Av

י"ד לחודש החמישי תשע"ד

Founded by Soccer DadHaveil Havalim is a carnival of Jewish blogs -- a weekly collection of Jewish and Israeli blog highlights, tidbits and points of interest collected from blogs all around the world. It's hosted by different bloggers each week, jointly coordinated through our Facebook Group.The term 'Haveil Havalim,' which means"Vanity of Vanities," is from Qoheleth, (Ecclesiastes) which was written by King Solomon. King Solomon built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and later on got all bogged down in materialism and other 'excesses' and realized that it was nothing but 'hevel,' or in English,'vanity.' Submissions may be may through our on-line submission form on, which requires you to log-in first.
First order of business... We still need a host for next week's edition. Please join our Facebook group to find out more about how you can participate, including host. It's not that hard,...really!


Daniel Pinner comments on Tisha be'Av 5774, and then writes on Parashat Vaet'chanan/Shabbat Nachamu: The impure well-springs of redemption.

Yeranen Yaakov posts on 1946 Years Since The Hurban.

Rafi, The Jewish Libertarian presents an interesting piece on Halachic Proof that Circumcision is a Violation of the Non Aggression Principle.

Tomer Devorah posts on the abductions of soldiers, and the Israeli Government's reactions to them in Putting the Myth to Rest. She also fills us in on what has been going on behind the scenes in Gaza Psy-Ops. and warns of the Invitation to an Intervention.

A Soldier's Mother asks How Long Till the Next Time?

I ask about This Summer's War in Gaza: What Did It Accomplish? This post was rejected from the Times Of Israel, on the basis that it disseminates hatred toward a particular group of people. I then ask anti-Israel activists What is Israel Supposed to do? Roll Over and Die?

Yoel Meltzer asks us to ponder some Food For Thought: Rockets From Gaza.

Ben-Tzion is Bursting With Pride. Whereas Ariel at The Torah Revolution
believes that IDF Soldiers In Essence Are Required To Renounce Their Judaism in Order to Be Soldiers!

Additional Current Events
Mrs. S. at Our Shiputzim brings us Counteracting The Meraglim VI.

Yoel Meltzer brings us a summary of the Temple Mount Event he organized, together with the Tel-Aviv International Salon. The event featured MK's Moshe Feiglin (Likud) and Ruth Calderon (Yesh Atid).

Hey! Anyone Want to go on a Tractor Ride with an Arab?

Life In Israel
Ester at It's All From HaShem recounts for us An Early Morning Phone Call,...and much more.

Ricki's Mom at Beneath The Wings tells us about A Yelp and a Scream.

Batya at Me-Ander brings us photos in Family Time Touring, Yes, Suitable for the 9 Days.

Rivka Ester at The Adventure of Being (Just) Me shares her personal story and connection to Israel in The Story Behind the Picture.

Here is an amazing story, reported on by Rafi at Life In Israel, A Crook with a Heart.

The Jewish Fist lists The Top Ten Signs that You are an Orthodox Jewish Feminist, part 2. Personally, I do not happen to believe that there are any such things as Orthodox Jewish Feminists, but whatever!

And finally,...Israel Brews and Views reports on Hindi -- Malka's New IPA. What's an IPA?

The Exile

Yanir Dekel at Times Of Israel seems to have an answer to Rafi's befuddlement. He reports on the Gay Jewish, "adult film" star Traveling To Stand with Israel. I'll bet this is a first for Haveil Havalim!

Rafi at Life In Israel writes Sometimes I Just Don't Get It.  He is talking about Queers Against Israeli Apartheid. Rafi, there you go again! Making too much sense!

Donny Fuchs writes about Barack "Hussein" Obama: Enemy of G-d. This appears to be the post which got Donny banned from the Times Of Israel! Can't you wait to read it?!

Batya at Shiloh Musings writes that America is Becoming a Danger for Jews. 47th Street isn't the USA.

Batya then asks and answers some Dumb Questions: 1- Americans Killing Innocent Civilian Iraqis? 2- Anti-Democratic to Ban Hamas in Gaza? 3- What Ceasefire if Hamas Attacking Israel?

Daniel Greenfield reports on an Australian Muslim Leader: "Also Kill Left-wing Anti-War Jews."

First One Through provides us with a comprehensive summary of Arab hypocrisy in Please, Sir, May I Have Some More?

Meanwhile, Dov Bar-Leib at End Of Days reports that ISIS Invades Lebanon: News at 11.

Batya at Me-Ander presents us Running From Giants: A Book Review.