Saturday, February 05, 2005

Conspiracy Theory or Possibility?

Leil 25 of the Eleventh Month 5765

The following "theory" has been brought to my attention.

I want to acknowledge that yes, it does seem far fetched. But, is it truly outside the realm of possibility, given the craziness going on the world, the government????

The beginning seems more possible than the end.

So, apparently the was a classified ad in the New York Times, in Paris, in Moscow, and in other cities advertising the need for mercenaries. I have yet to see any such ad, and I have no idea how this was phrased.

The mercenaries are to aid in the [God forbid] evacuation of Jewish towns in Judea, Samaria, and Azza. They are to replace IDF soldiers who refuse to carry out such orders. According to the theory, non-Jews are specifically being sought, believing that many Jews would have less of an issue defending their homes against non-Jews. Once the process of this defense begins, the next stage of the plan begins.

Once such a conflict ensues, that will give the Israeli government justification to call upon the US for assistance.

A precedent has already been set for the US to go into a sovereign nation to assist in "ethnic conflict:" Serbia/Kososvo.

The residents of Yesh"A who are left (May God be merciful regarding Am Yisrael), will be around (God forbid) and tried as war criminals.

If even a drop of the above is true.......

Pretty sadistic, huh?

Yeah, I know it seems far fetched. Let us still be aware of the possibilities.

HaShem Yishmor Otanu (God watch over us).