Friday, August 31, 2007

Top Ten Words and Phrases of 5767/תשס"ז

Erev Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Wayelekh-Nissanim 5767

The following is the list of Top Ten Words and Phrases of תשס"ז/5767. The presentation of this list is an annual tradition. Do not expect to understand all of these words, unless of course, you currently live with me in the same domicile (a word which did not quite make the list,...maybe next year).


Shannah Tovah.

10. Tedious This year's [hopefully] self-explanatory word

9. Poser Pseudo intellectuals to simple fakers and liars, posers are annoying.

8. Vermin Let's put it this way. I had to use some mouse traps smuggled in from the US, as the Israeli [legal] ones aren't so effective.

7. Uncouth A nice way of saying "Am Ha'Aretz."

6. Ill-Bred Provincial Another nice way of saying "Am Ha'Aretz." Unfortunately, one phrase just isn't enough for me.

5. Hiatus That annoying thing that TV series do, instead of perpetually pumping out new episodes. No, I don't have a working television.

4. Vulgar It's not what you think. If it was used in the book Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thacheray, then it's OK to use in a blog post.

3. Insolence A favorite word of Dr. Evil, and quite a useful one at that.

2. Sparking Olives What would it sound like if the "Sparkling Wiggles" girl said "Sparkling Olives" instead? Think about it.

And the top word or phrase of תשס"ז/5767 is...

1. Harry Potter Really now, do you have to ask?