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The Uproar Over Gwyneth Paltrow

26 of the Fourth Month 5771
YNET News: Paltrow To Raise Her Kids Jewish
Ashley Baylen, July 27, 2011

American actress and her husband, Coldplay front man Chris Martin, make decision following Paltrow's recent discovery that her family comes from long line of influential East European rabbis

Some people were very upset by this story.

Eliyokim Cohen , for example, makes a few good points.

However, I think Gwyneth Paltrow made herself look worse than her intended target of "hated religion." In other words, her statements against religion will probably backfire.

This was certainly not the first time a celebrity's silly statement has made the news, and will not probably not be the last.

The fate of Gwyneth Paltrow will probably be one of the following:
1. Paltrow will continue to live in ignorance, and neither she nor her children will ever learn anything about Judaism.

2. Paltrow will do further research, realize her misconceptions of Judaism and incorporate some Jewish ideas and values she happens to find compelling into her approach to child rearing.

3. Paltrow will be duped into entering the process of a pseudo-conversion by some charlatan, calling him (her?) self a "rabbi" and praying on her ignorance.

4. Paltrow's research will lead her, her children, and her children's father to Torah and to a kosher conversion to Judaism.

What control do I have over the fate of Gwyneth Paltrow?

What caught my attention in YNET News version of the story was something which diverges a little from the main point of the story:
"Gwyneth, daughter of Jewish film producer Bruce Paltrow, was raised with both Jewish and Christian values."
YNET, intentionally or unintentionally, acknowledges here that Jewish values and Christian values are NOT one and the same.

Israel National News (Arutz 7) could take a lesson from YNET.

There are no such things as Judeo-Christian values.

But, I digress...

Gwyneth Paltrow is not the only one ignorant of Judaism. There are massive numbers of Jews out there (as well as non-Jews who have been duped into thinking they are Jewish) who are ignorant, too.

Paltrow has a valid excuse, though. She is not Jewish. Say what you will about Paltrow. At least she has shown some interest in her heritage, and has taken the initiative to do some research,...silly statements picked up by the news media aside.

To those of you Jews out there with countless questions, issues, and even resentments toward Judaism, or more likely what you thought was Judaism, there are plenty of great places to start your research on the web, such as

Even Birthright, which does not have a religious approach, can get you to Israel, the birthplace of Judaism. There are several independently run Birthright trips which are organized, including "clean and sober" recovery trips. There may even be cycling trips, or trips based on various interests. Check it! Once here, there are countless study opportunities, with countless Jews willing to answer your questions without those old feelings of stupidity and embarrassment.

You are not stupid! You just have not had the right opportunities to get the answers to your questions. And remember, as long as you have questions, you showing that you are interested and that you care about your Jewish heritage and culture.

You just need some support.

There are short-term study programs such as is Isralight, yeshivas such as Machon Meir whose staff knows exactly where you are coming from, and independent rabbis who can quench your curiosity, without the double talk you are afraid you are going to end up getting from them.

There are also several blogs out there, such as Jew In The City (especially good for women!) which can also begin to answer those questions who have always wanted to ask, but were embarrassed to.

Sure, it can be difficult to weed through what is really Jewish, and what is not. Also, be wary of the countless so-called "messianic" site out there as well, ready to pounce on you, and prey on your soul.

But, you will not find any answers, if you do not begin the your search.

Who knows? Maybe Gwyneth Paltrow will never find out what it means to be Jewish, but maybe her story will inadvertently inspire others to do so.

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Haveil Havalim #322b - The Make Up Edition Supplement

23 of the Fourth Month 5771

Hey, out there in the J-Blogosphere!

Last week, the Blog Carnival website appeared to have bumped up a lot of blog post submissions, it apparently had been holding back. It finally decided to "bare the shame" rather than "bare the pain," or however that really tacky expression goes.

Well, before I could get started I saw that To Kiss A Mezuzah had already picked up the ball, and put together an edition from the submissions she received from the Internet burp which came her way. Check it out. It's the "Make Up Edition."

Since I had already made a commitment to our Fearless Leader Jack, to put out at least some kind of edition, here I am.

To Kiss A Mezuzah did not include posts which were older than a month, which is cool. I decided to throw everything in. The only posts I did not include were the ones that were not already included in her edition, as well as posts which I remembered appearing in a previous edition, avodah zarah (eg. Christianity), spam,...oh yeah,...and posts which bash one group of Jews for no apparent reason. That is called sin'ath hinam (baseless hatred).

At least when I bash certain groups of individuals, right or wrong, I state reasons for it, which can then be scrutinized and debated. Hey, sometimes I even admit that I made a mistake. How 'bout that?

Food for thought...

It appears that we incurred two distinct burps containing different posts.
Founded by Soccer Dad, Haveil Havalim is a carnival of Jewish blogs -- a weekly collection of Jewish & Israeli blog highlights, tidbits and points of interest collected from blogs all around the world. It's hosted by different bloggers each week and coordinated by Jack. The term 'Haveil Havalim,' which means"Vanity of Vanities," is from Qoheleth, (Ecclesiastes) which was written by King Solomon. King Solomon built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and later on got all bogged down in materialism and other 'excesses' and realized that it was nothing but 'hevel,' or in English, 'vanity.'
According to our Fearless Leader, Blog Carnival claims to have cleared up its hiccup (and burping, too, I hope) problem. No doubt, I inadvertently included some repeats. Oh, well. I doubt the authors will mind.

We shall see about that....

Before we begin, there is one more important announcement. J-Tweets is presenting Tweet Up In J'lem with Hadassah ("In The Pink") Milner & William Daroff. I mention this here since many of you are "tweeters" as well as bloggers. It looks like J-Bloggers Benjy, Batya, and Rafi may be in attendance. Who knows, maybe even yours truly will finally reveal himself!

Why, this could be as good as an International Jewish and Israeli Bloggers Convention! What ever happened to this annual event anyway?


So, anyway, here it is, the "Make Up Edition Supplement."


Josh at The Pasha Blog presents The Divrei Chaim on the Or HaChaim's Ruach HaKodesh , as wand The Or HaChaim, That We No Longer Have Ruach HaKodesh.

Yehoshofat Oliver at A Chassidishe Farbrengen brings us Refining Sparks: An Individual Mission and Revealing The Inner Harmony Behind The Conflict Of Souls.

Tomer Devorah discovers Who Is A "Righteous Gentile?" ...and who isn't.


Current Events
First of all, EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE, must immediately go to check out this Photo Of The Day posted by Rafi at Like In Israel.

Tomer Devorah
warns us about Glen Beck in Glen Beck Is On Mission From God, or so he thinks.

I provide my Esser Agaroth on Glen Beck in Glen Beck, Insane Jews, And The Universe.

Life In Israel

Mr. Cosmic X in Jerusalem
presents Part III in his series Social Stratification in the Orthodox Jewish Community: FFBs, BTs, and Geirim You may want to read Parts I and II first.

Batya at Shiloh Musings tells us about Which Type Of Israeli Youth Wants Combat In The IDF.

Ruti at Ki Yachol Nuchal! presents Unity: The Peace Of Strength And Valor, Take Two.

Jacob at Good News From Israel brings us Photos Of The English Speakers Summer Kick Off Event and Photos And Videos Of The AACI 4th Of July Celebration In Jerusalem. Photos and videos can never be too out of date to look at!

Daniela at Isreview reviews Feldman's Pomegranate Sorbet Yogurt Pop and Tapuzina Summer Herbal Infusion Drinks.

Mrs. S. at Our Shiputzim gives us Heblish, From The Mailbag Edition.

Israelity shares a few posts: Brian's Israeli iPhone App Climbs To #52 In Two Days, Then Gets Taken Down and David's bittersweet An Eternal Home In Israel.

Katie from the Tripbase Travel Blog presents beautiful photos from Israel from a variety of photographers in Photo Essay: Colors Of Israel. We will call this a "guest post," as it is not a specifically Jewish or Israel related blog, but rather an Israel related piece, which I thought was worth inclusion.

Hutz la'Aretz
(Outside of Israel)

Miriyummy brings us Unique, the tale of her reunion with friends from high school, topped off with her white chocolate halvah recipe.

Israelity's Jessica reports some good news (no matter what anyone else says) in Natalie's Alef. Another Jewish baby has been born into the world!

Well, no one is signed up to host next week's edition. Homeschuling will be hosting August 7.

If you would like to host an edition, please contact Jack directly at

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Glen Beck, Insane Jews, And Their Universe

in16 of the Fourth Month 5775

From Feiglin's Take On Beck, 13 Tammuz 5771

Toward the end of his speech, Beck quoted the Scroll of Ruth:

"I invite you to join us," said Beck. "Your nation is my nation and your G-d is my G-d."

I must admit that when a friendly non-Jew starts to quote the Bible, I get a bit nervous. It is not just the long history of anti-Semitism that has developed a genetic mutation in the noses of Jews, giving them great sensitivity to anything that smells of Christianity - but also my own personal experience with avowed lovers of Israel and the settlers who took great pains to mask their Christian motives.

As Glenn Beck is not in the process of conversion to Judaism, it is impossible to understand his quote from the Scroll of Ruth as meaning, "I am joining you." Apparently, the real meaning of his words is "I am replacing you."

A quick study of Glenn Beck's speeches before non-Israeli audiences and a simple internet search of his biography show that he is a believing Mormon who is motivated by a deep religious consciousness. In a live broadcast from the Temple Mount, Beck theatrically shows his audience how in that very place, Jesus turned over the tables of the Jewish money-changers who served the pilgrims to the Temple. He forgot to mention that with this act, that man created one of the most blatantly anti-Semitic Christian legends that lives on to this very day....

Moshe Feiglin could not have stated this better. Christians have ulterior motives, and my fellow Jews, my brothers and sisters are cluelessly clinging onto their Western culture and sensibilities, allowing themselves to be seduced by the Christians' greatest weapon, the smile.

If you want to support us, us from a far. But remember this: Israel is NOT your Land. You may NOT come to settle here. It is against our laws, even if we had the desire to allow you to. This Land belongs to Am Yisrael. Fulfilling the prophesies of your mythological texts does not interest me. Many of you are really interested in taking a hold of pieces of our Land for yourselves, and are latching onto Am Yisrael, in order to achieve your land-grabbing and conversion goals.

Many of you even feign acceptance of Torah; many of you have even convinced yourselves that your false beliefs are compatible Torah. They are not. Your real motivations in "accepting Torah" are to bring those of us who truly do follow the Torah into

The Midianites, the Mo'abites, and others have tried before you. Your methods are just more advanced and sneakier. That's all. Some of you even send your women out to taught us and seduce Jewish men with your wiles. There is a term for this

Those of you calling yourselves "Efraimites," those of you "volunteering" all through Samaria and the territory of Binyamin, those of you purporting to be "Biblical Zionists," those of you running missionary radio stations right under the noses of Members of K'nesseth, those of you demanding to make aliyah before conversion, and are led by a know "messianic," WE ARE ONTO YOU!

To Jews who think that Christians are our close & dear friends:
I know that you've already made up your minds. I have no chance of convincing you otherwise, no chance of convincing you to going against your [Western] feelings.

If if the halakha (Jewish Law) matches your preconceived notions which stem from WESTERN (ie. non-Jewish) culture & sensibilities..., then you will agree with it. If not, then you will think that there must be something wrong with the halakha!

Wake up! Whether or not Christians worship the same deity we do (I can't believe there are Jews who really believe that Christians do), they do it in an unacceptable way, thus avodah zarah (foreign worship, not necessarily idolatry). Christians are disqualified from being B'nei No'ah, until they give up their beliefs in Yesh"u (which, by the way, stands for "May his name and memory be blotted out! ...and who may not even have existed!). Anyone who believes otherwise, knows nothing of halakha.

Christians are not the problem, though.

Jews like you who continue to deny that you confuse the influence of 2,000 years of Western galuth (exile) on Judaism with Torah are the problem.

Jews like you who refuse to open your minds to the possibility that your insulated, whether modern or Haredi, North American, Ashkenazi Jewish universe is incomplete without the contributions of your non-American, non-Ashkenazi brethren are the problem.

Jews like you who align yourselves with Esau are just as dangerous as our brethren who align themselves with Yishma'el (Arabs & other Muslims). The smile and the flowery tongue of Esau is just as dangerous as the sword of Yishma'el. The Kiss Of Esau (הנשיקה של עשו) is just as dangerous as the bite of Yishma'el.

Wake up! ...before it is too late, and are wiped out with your Christian (avodah zarah) "friends" when HaQadosh Barukh Hu (The Holy One Blessed Be He) has had enough with the pollution of our Land by their unholy beliefs being brought (by you!) into our Holy Land!


Additional Reading:
Jewish Israel: Why Jews Should Be Uncomfortable With Glen Beck

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Haveil Havalim #321 - Better Late Than Never

10 of the Fourth Month 5771

Welcome to Haveil Havalim Edition #321!
Founded by Soccer Dad, Haveil Havalim is a carnival of Jewish blogs -- a weekly collection of Jewish & Israeli blog highlights, tidbits and points of interest collected from blogs all around the world. It's hosted by different bloggers each week and coordinated by Jack. The term 'Haveil Havalim,' which means"Vanity of Vanities," is from Qoheleth, (Ecclesiastes) which was written by King Solomon. King Solomon built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and later on got all bogged down in materialism and other 'excesses' and realized that it was nothing but 'hevel,' or in English, 'vanity.'
Something seems to be up with Blog Carnival's on-line submission system OR no one is interested in being included in this week's edition (besides The Rebbetzin's Husband) OR everyone is boycotting HH when I host. How's that for paranoid, self-centered grandiosity?

I did not receive any submissions, save for the two from TRH left as a comment on this blog.

What's going on?

Under the circumstances, I did the best that I could, searching for pieces from regular contributors and hosts, as well as from my usual reads.

Regardless of any problems from the Blog Carnival on-line system, WE NEED HOSTS. Please consider hosting an edition. As you can see, this week's edition is very short, and late. Whatever you are able to produce will be welcomed. Many of the previous hosts, myself included, would be happy to give you assistance and support. Thank you for considering the opportunity!

Today (9 Tammuz) was the ninth anniversary of [one of] the French Hill bomb attacks. As a survivor of this attack, I feel a certain obligation to keep the memory of this event alive. This edition is dedicated to the memories of those Jews murdered in the attack:

Haveil Havalim #321 - Better Late Than Never Edition


The Rebbetzin's Husband opines on Israel's Chief Rabbinate in Part I - Our Love For The Chief Rabbinate of Israel and in Part II - Our Disappointment In the Chief Rabbinate Of Israel.

And speaking of rabbis and the State of Israel, Tzippora Pinner investigates The King's Torah: A Clash Of Values. What was behind the arrests of two prominent rabbis in Israel, Rabbi Dov Lior (Hevron-Qiriyath Arba) and Rabbi Ya'aqov (ben Ovadiah) Yosef (Givath Moshe)?

Rafi at Life In Israel reports on Jews Returning To Jericho. He also has several videos on his blog this week, including one from Shlock Rock and one from Leonard Cohen.

Rafi also reports on Suing To Give Out Free Food At The Kotel.

Mr. Cosmic X In Jerusalem writes about Social Stratification In The Orthodox Jewish World.

Joe Settler @ The Muqata reports on the controversy surrounding a video comparing Israeli military and police with Nazis, the Jewish "N-word."

Ariel at The Torah Revolution wants you to Keep Your Hands Off His Shabbat!

Ruti Mizrachi at Ki HaKol Nuchal! asks How Much Can You Buy With 100 Sheks?

I took my first shot at live blogging when I reported on the Demonstration For Nahla'oth Families.

Hutz la'Aretz
(Outside of Israel)

This story really bothered me when I saw it. Jewish Orthodox Woman Faces Jail Time For Vegetable Garden. Where are the environmental activists? Where are the healthy eating advocates? Why aren't they rallying to her side? If you have more information on this story, please leave a comment.

Frume Sarah thinks back to her love of The Brady Bunch in There's A Story....

Ima On The Bima reports her experiences from camp this year in A Little Bit Artsy and Skipping Away.

To Kiss A Mezuzah tells us about how she Was Trying To Do The Right Thing this week.


Don't forget to check out the Tammuz edition of the Kosher Cooking Carnival at Cooking Outside Of The Box.

Susan Esther Barnes at To Kiss A Mezuzah will be the host of next week's Haveil Havalim. Please send her your posts via the on-line carnival submission form.

If you would like to host an edition of Haveil Havalim, please contact Jack directly at

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Haveil Havalim #320 Is Up!

2 of the Fourth Month 5771

This week's edition of the world's largest Jewish and Israel-oriented blog carnival Haveil Havalim is up at Frume Sarah's World.

It's the Summertime Edition.

We really need bloggers to step up to the plate and volunteer to host. Please contact Jack directly at

I'll be hosting next Sunday's edition. If you find that there are problems with the Blog Carnival on-line submission form, then you may leave your submission information here as a comment.

Live Blogging: Demonstration For Nahla'oth Families

Rosh Hodesh of the Fourth Month 5771

I am here at 4:55 PM, live blogging from the demonstration taking place in the Nahla'oth neighborhood of Jerusalem.

Find us and connect with your neighbors on Facebook here.

As events occur, I will hit the publish button to update you!

The press has arrived. The Ariel girls are here chanting, and representatives from Nahla'oth's diverse community are here, Religious Zionist, modern orthodox, traditional, secular, and haredi.

Nahla'oth musicians Maury Epstein (guitar) and Nadav Serling (percussion) are playing.

Nahla'oth rabbi, Rabbi Aaron Leibowitz is organizing participants, and getting ready to speak. It's still not too late to come out and show your support!!

It's now 5:15 PM. Some of the signs posted and carried read...

Struggling for the sake of:
Better education,
Friendlier sidewalks,
More secure playgrounds,
Children's cultural activities
at a reasonable price.

I want to grow up in Na

Why aren't there any group activities in Na

Tables with children's activities, such as crafts, have been set up by the initiative of the girls from the Ariel youth group. Food and drink tables have also been set up. A little boy just came up to me, offering bags of popcorn at 2 sheqqels a piece.

A juggler is now roaming around. The atmosphere has a very positive feel to it, one worthy of Rosh Hodesh. It does not at all have the feel of anger, as one might expect at a demonstration.

That's Nahla'oth for you!

That's Even though I know how frustrating it must be to have a neighborhood youth group, evicted from its meeting facility, and now homeless.

It's now 5:45 PM...

Local singer Aharon Razel has joined Maury and Nadav in creating the light, yet upbeat atmosphere of the gathering.

One of the madrikhoth (teen youth group counselors) from Ariel explained to me the current situation of their group. The girls are meeting in Sakker Park, and in any number of other, public venues. For some reason, the neighborhood matna"s (culture, youth, & sport community center) will not provide them with a space, even though Ariel has the ability to contribute to the City of Jerusalem youth group budget.

This seems rather odd to me.

As has been reported previously, the former Ariel meeting facility was turned over to something called Tel Aviv High, leaving the Ariel girls group from Nahla'oth without a meeting place.

Well, as my battery begins to get too low for comfort, I must leave this report here, and incomplete. I will try to keep you updated how the situation here in Nahla'oth progresses.

A niggun (tune) from Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach z"l plays in the background....

Israel On The List Of Countries Which Support Terrorism? And "The Final Solution"

Rosh Hodesh of the Fourth Month 5771

Pam Gellar @ Atlas Shrugs reports on the latest idiocy of the U. S. President's administration via Yid With Lid. She comments...
Obama Administration Puts Israel On List Of Countries That Support Terrorism, Removes North Korea

It is only fair that deluded and self-loathing Jews who continue to support the despot in the White House despite his relentless campaign against the Jews should be the first on the Obama trains. And they are coming.

Obama's relentless pounding on the Jews mimics previous dictatorial leaders in recent history who promoted alienation of the Jews in concert with national socialism (another Obama favorite)....

Here is my response:

Is the U. S. President...

a) insane?
b) evil?
c) stupid?
d) not in control of his own administration?
e) all of the above?

Regarding your comment about the Jews jumping onto the wagon, I am afraid I have to agree with you.

But, I am not sure you and I will agree on the cause for this mental disorder.

I believe that the basis for their misguided attitudes is our 2,000 of exile, resulting in gross examples of assimilation. We our strangers in a strange land. We must come back to our only, true Homeland, now that we opportunity to do so.

Israel is far from perfect. It means learning a new language, adapting to brothers and sisters from countries of different cultures, lowering ones standard of living, fighting for our Land, and combating the infiltration of Christian missionaries, and others who would steal our Land, such as the growing Black [Non] Hebrew community, as well as struggling to unify our People in the face of all of our differences, all the while battling various elements in our own Israeli government who would erase our borders completely (not just Judea and Samaria) if they could, claiming we no longer need a Jewish Homeland, because it is "safe" for Jews to live in many countries around the world.

We Jews must reject the idea that the U. S., or any other country besides Israel, is our homeland.

We must return to Israel, invest our energies here, and face those challenges which await us.

We must become a people again.

It is the only, real "Final Solution."

Friday, July 01, 2011

Demonstration On Behalf Of The Families Of Nahla'oth

29 of the Third Month 5771

From Rabbi Aaron Leibowitz...
Recently the Minhal Kehilati (community administration) rented out the fried center, which was the Ariel* girls snif (branch), and a preschool for our kids. They rented it to a private for profit school called, get this, Tel Aviv High. Our kids are displaced. There are no programs for families in the local community centers unless we create them. Our largest communities pray in bomb shelters, packed small shuls, and parks. Our few playgrounds are to small for the local children. Our streets are covered in trash and dog droppings. Take a look at the activities in Matnasim (culture, youth, & sport community centers) in other family friendly hoods, and it becomes clear where we are in the priorities of the city and the Matnas. Come join us for a virtual matnas, showing what it should look like. It is very important that we get a big turnout, the press have been informed, your participation will make all the difference.

The demonstration is scheduled for Sunday, Rosh Hodesh Tammuz (July 3, 2011), 4:00 - 6:30 PM, on Shirzili Street.

Nahla'oth is one of the oldest Jerusalem neighborhoods to be built outside of the Old City. Its truly Middle Eastern feel of stone archways and paths winding through buildings of various ages can be found on the south side of Aggrippas Street from Shuq Mahaneh Yehudah. Shirzili Street can be found by entering Nahla'oth on Shomron Street across from the Klal Building. Then make the first right.

Find us Facebook, and show your support!

*Ariel is a Religious Zionist youth group. Youth groups, such as Ariel, B'nei Aqiva, Ezra, and Tzofim (Scouts) are much more of an integral part of elementary and junior high school education in Israel, than they are in the U. S. Many Israeli schools dismiss their students early one day per week (Tuesday), for the sake of youth group participation. Youth groups also meet regularly on Shabbath.
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