Thursday, December 22, 2005

Time To Throw The Baby Out With The Bath Water

21 of the Ninth Month 5766

The following reported by Arutz 7 is indicative of one of the reasons why, in retrospect, I might have wasted my time and NIS 48 per year registering and maintaining my membership in the Likud Party, for the sake of Moshe Feiglin:

A7: Likud Trying to Keep Feiglin Off List of Candidates

Likud Trying to Keep Feiglin Off List of Candidates
21:27 Dec 21, '05 / 20 Kislev 5766

The Likud Party has postponed by one week the vote on a list of candidates in the coming election and is preparing a new law that would forbid Moshe Feiglin from running, according to the Mabat television news program.

Agriculture Minister Yisrael Katz said the delay is aimed at Feiglin, head of the Jewish Leadership faction who won 12 percent of the vote in this week's primaries which chose Binyamin (Bibi) Netanyahu to lead the party. Mabat said that Netanyahu is preparing a new law blocking the candidacy of anyone who served three months in jail. Feiglin served time in prison in the 1990s for his civil disobedience actions protesting the Oslo Accords.

My Comments:

No matter what decent Jews with Yirat Shamayim (Fear of Heaven) try to do to change the system internally, the sick system just keeps on finding ways to remain sick, like passing laws at will which prevent anyone they don't like from being picked for the team. "He's got freckles." "He's too short." "He believes in Torah and misswoth."

Welcome back to elementary school.

Unfortunately, this is not a game.

Rabbi MK Benny Elon's famous (or infamous) "Po'alim bifnim" (working within) has yet to show any signs of working.

Prof. Paul Eidelberg's cries for how turn Israel into a real democracy continue to be mostly ignored (and feared?) by the left AND the right.*

(*This is not a cricism of Prof. Eidelberg, but rather of the chronies in the gov't and of the numb populace who refuse to listen to him.)

To Moshe Feiglin I say: It was worth a shot. People who laughed at you at first, later called you "dangerous." Now they refer to you as someone who can no longer be ignored. You received and took the opportunties and publicity you could to bring some important issues to the foreground.

My time and few hundred sheqqels were certainly well-spent for you and Manhigut Yehudit (Jewish Leadership) to accomplish even that.

But, let's face it, the people who [really] run the government are evil, and will not let you, or, for that matter Benny Elon or Paul Eidelberg, change anything.

It's time to throw the baby out with the bath water.

The Cycle Of Abuse II: The PeSh"A Council, the Israeli right wing, & Us

21 of the Ninth Month 5766

A7: The Victims Of Abuse

On 20 Kislew 5766, Yehudah Poch wrote on A7 in his "The Victims Of Abuse:"

"Until the Judea, Samaria and Gaza Council is prepared to begin acting in the long-term interests of the population it claims to represent, they will continue to play the neglectful parent role, as the government plays the abusive parent role. And the children of this abusive marriage - the residents of Judea and Samaria and the rest of the Israeli right-wing - will continue to suffer emotionally and physically at the polls."

I say that it's better to rewrite it like this:

Until the residents of Judea and Samaria realize that its PeSh"A Council will NEVER act in their interests short- or long-term, they will continue to repeat the cycle of the "victim having delusional hopes that its neglectful & passive-aggressive (PeSh"A Council) parent & abusive step-parent (Israeli right wing) will change. The residents of Ye"Sh require serious therapy (placing Torah before this government's non-Torah). Codependently hoping for their "parents" to heal is nothing less than self distructive.

Lacking any child abuse hotline, we must find a new parent: God. But, he's not actually new; he's been there along.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Dogs, Vomit, & Netanyahu

18 of the Ninth Month 5766

Likud Party

Aryeh Zelasko eloquently wrote in response to the following A7 piece:

"Actually this is more in the realm of a dog returning to his vomit but each to his own analogies. I wonder what high level jobs these two will be getting in the near future?"

A7 Report

Feiglin Responds to Yesha Endorsement of Netanyahu
Sunday, December 18, 2005 / 17 Kislev 5766

Likud Manhigut Yehudit Jewish Leadership faction head Moshe Feiglin compared the Yesha Council endorsement of Binyamin Netanyahu to a "battered woman returning to her abusive husband."

Feiglin stated that the decision by veteran Yesha leaders Bentzi Lieberman and Pinchas Wallerstein to back Netanyahu is testimony to their achievements in their battle to preserve the communities in Gaza and northern Samaria. Feiglin added that Netanyahu is well-aware that he will be able to carry out the next expulsion, resting assured he will have the backing of the settlement council.

My comments:

What a minute! Wasn't it the YeSh"A Council who brought down Netanyahu back in 1998?

Specificly, I recall that "residents of Ofra" had been involved, and maybe even took a little pride in it.

Included in the list of prominent residents of Ofra, Wallerstein, Uri Elitzur (He's OK, as far as I know), Hayim Falk (the not at all famous #9 on the Mafda"L list), Rav Avi "Don't Pick Arab olives [even though Rav Eliyahu says it's OK, and other rabbanim say there's no such thing as Arab olives]" Gisser (member of the infamous Dovrat Education Comm.). Less prominent residents of Ofra include the Lt. Ravsha"tz Gabbi Biton who turned into the police three teen-aged girls for allegedly letting the air out of the tires of an Arab car or two. He then took time out of his day to go to the police stn. to fill out forms and provide testimony. If he HAD to do something, why not just call their parents? And where were these cars? The mini Arab (white and green tag) workers parking lot just outside the entrance to the yishuv, and next his wife's restaurant. (Many Arabs enter the yishuv every morning to work.) His wife openly does business with these animals, and even rides around with them in their cars.

Well, that's Ofra, for you. And from my experience, Ofra is not alone in its mamlachti ideas. It has many other yishuvim in its camp of misguided idiocy and self-destruction.

But, I digress... With so-called "religious, Zionist" Jews like these, the Arabs and leftists do not even have to break a sweat to do their evil!

Anyway does this ring all ring a bell? This sure supports the above statement about returning to ones vomit.

Regarding "high-level" jobs, what DID ever happen to Mor-Yosef, also from Ofra? You know the former PeSh"A Council member who removed his beard because he didn't want to look like a "fanati." Did he ever get that job with the Foreign Ministry in exchange for securing that Ofra will never be dismantled? Guess again Mr. Mor-Yosef.

Well, at least the good news is that as usual the YeSh"A Rabbanate has its priorities arranged more appropriately than the PeSh"A Council, placing Torah before all else, including avodah zarah, fascism, and idiocy.

I would hope that we can expect nothing less from our rabbis.

Well, I guess I'd better go out and do my duty as a registered member of the Likud, and vote.

Gee....Whose advice should I follow? The advice of Amei HaAretz or some of the decreasing number of decent Rabbanim in this country?

See its point of view below.

A7 Report

Yesha Rabbinic Council Calls on Likud Voters to Choose Feiglin
22:33 Dec 18, '05 / 17 Kislev 5766

Although the Yesha Council has called on the public to vote for Binyamin Netanyahu, the head of the Rabbinic Council of Yesha (Judea, Samaria and Gaza) has issued an endorsement for Moshe Feiglin.

This is not the first time that Yesha' rabbinic leadership has come out on the opposite side of an issue from the government salaried lay-leaders.

Rabbi Dov Lior, who heads the council, called Sunday night for Likud voters to choose the candidate, "who is faithful to the values of the Nation of Israel and who will strengthen the Jewish identity of the State, who fought the whole way against the cursed Oslo process and against the destruction of Gush Katif and northern Samaria and in the end truth will overcome."

Thursday, December 08, 2005

A Boy, His Mom, Her Political Party, & The Universe

7 of the Ninth Month 5766

In Batya Medad's It Feels Like a Death in the Family, she's writes of her disappointment in Tzahi HaNegbi through a trip down memory lane...

Here is my response:


Oh Please! "Let's keep the land, but not kick out the Arabs."

Please correct me if I got that part wrong.

What kind of idiocy is that? Even many Leftists were not in denial about Israel's euphemistically labeled "demographic problem." They did things to egg it on, of course, but they were no longer in denial about it.

Regarding Ge'ulah Cohen, let us not forget that she was,...let's just say, "highly instrumental" in having Rav Kahane's ZTz"L HY"D Ka"Kh Party outlawed. She and all of the other religious and nonreligious Mamlachtim are guilty of nothing less than mesirah and kefirah. They sold a kosher Jew and Talmid Hacham down the river, denied and continue to deny some fundamental Torah principles, and as a result -- well look at us, as a country, as a people. Need I say more?

...Gee, what was the name of her assistant who actually drafted the legislation? His name currently eludes me, but I know I'll think of it one of these days....

"Lo nishkah welo nislah....",

You're right, Batya. Tzahi HaNegbi is no longer ideologically motivated. He's only thinking of himself.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Leave The Turkeys Behind!

20 of the Eighth Month 5766
Print this out and given to your kids [or spouses] to color so they don't bother you in the kitchen!

Also, please don't forget two things: 1) Make sure to cook your turkey stuffing separately, then stuff it afterwards. This way you won't risk under-cooking parts of your turkey and put your family at risk for food poisoning (God forbid!). 2) To my brothers and sister in the galuth (diasporah), physically and spiritually, please take at least the effort you're taking now, to prepare for Thanksgiving, to prepare for the Rosh HaShannah, Sukkoth, Pesah, and Shavu'oth holidays,...and eventually every Shabbath. 3) If you don't know what one, or any, of the above are, please do not be embarrassed. Make a commitment to yourself to call up your local Orthodox* rabbi and ask. Don't feel connected with him? That's OK. Call another one!

Thanksgiving is nice, and certainly one of the least offensive U. S. holidays,...IMHO. But, don't're Jewish! You're heritage and traditions, at the very least, deserve more regard, time, and effort than American holidays!

For my brothers and sisters who are not familiar with American holidays,...and slang, feel free to e-mail me for the double-meaning punchline of the caption above.


*The term "Orthodox" is used for clarity. In the U. S. Jewish concepts can be very confusing, especially due to those who distort, or even reject, Torah sheb'al peh (Oral Torah), a crucial segment of our rich tradition, without which, it is impossible to comprehend fully the Torah as a whole. Many of these people refer to themselves as "rabbis," thus it is important to distiguish rabbis, those who observe and teach the Torah, from these other people.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Hints of the Next Expulsion..." May God Forbid!...

Erev Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Wa'Yira 5766

Not too long ago, U. S. Secretary of State Conadaleezza Rice YSh"W expressed her vision for more expulsions of Jews from areas of Eress Yisrael,...including from the Jordan Valley (See below, Regarding Concessions For Peace, 17 Tishrei).

PM Sharon YSh"W has stated that he does not consider giving up the Jordan Valley as an option.

By now we should all know the worth of Sharon's words: Zero, Zilch, Nada, Klum....

Even former Israeli PM Ehud Baraq's proposal for giving up much of Judea and Samaria held onto at least part of the Jordan Valley. Baraq, a military man, albeit a leftist one, even knew the danger of allowing the Yishma'elim (Arabs) within Israel [some refer to with the misnomer "palestinian"] to share any border with Jordan.

Yet, read the recent report by Arutz 7 below. Is this unchecked Yisma'elite activity a hint of the next stage of expulsion of Jews from our Land? May God forbid!

Israeli citizens, please contact MK's regarding this most obvious next step.

U. S. citizens may find their U. S. Reps. and Senators to ldge their protestes at and respectively.

U. S. Secretary of State Rice may be contacted through the website. Please include complaints regarding her recent, unfortunately succcessful, push for Israel to relinquish control over the border between Gaza and Egypt.

Arutz 7: Arabs Taking over Jordan Valley
Arabs Taking over Jordan Valley
23:39 Nov 17, '05 / 15 Heshwan 5766

( The government has allowed Arabs to take over thousands of acres in the Jordan Valley, according to charges made by Jordan Valley Regional Council leader Dovi Tal. He said Civil Lands Administration officials have ignored Arab confiscation of lands while demanding lease money from Jews who farm government land.

"Two and a half years ago, the IDF abandoned several camps, and there was an agreement with the defense and agriculture ministers that we could use the land for farming," Tal explained. "Nothing happened because the Lands Administration wanted lease money...but the Arabs have no problem in taking over the land" without any government interference.

This blog entry, along with other pertinent articles and information, can be seen on:Jewish Indy

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Shimshon Cytryn Has Finally Been Freed!

Leil 14 of the Eighth Month 5766

Shimshon Cytryn

Finally! Shimshon Cytryn has been released into the custody of a rabbi until his trial on the trumped up charges of attempted murder. The totalitarian government had planned to hold him over in prison until trial, which could take several months.

According to Shimshon's parents, he will be under the supervision of the head of an academic yeshiva until trial.

As Jews accused of greater crimes have been released to house arrest, and Yishma'eli (Arab) terrorists have been released outright to acquire more Jewish blood on their hands (lehavdil),'s about time!

See more of Shimshon Cytryn's story at the following websites, where the relavent pages have been directly linked:

Voice Of Judea on Shimshon Cytryn Arutz 7 on Shimshon Cytryn

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Response to an ADL Staff Member's Request

Leil 14 of the Eighth Month 5766

No To the ADL!

Dear Anonymous ADL Staff Member,

You wrote:

"Please remove my name from your mailing list."

I will be more than happy to remove you from my mailing list. However, I cannot take responsibility for the automated e-forwarding and e-distributing set up by some ADL branches.

I will continue to e-mail the ADL.

The "Write-A-Letter, Make-It-Better" and "Educate the Goyim to like us and valid our existence" ADL *must* be kept aware of pressing issues in Israel.

If different ADL branches want to numb-out and remain in denial (I'm *not* referring to you, as you did not state the reasons for wanting to be removed from my list.) regarding certain basic Torah precepts such as "Yishma'el is a pere adam" (a wild-animal man) and "Esau sone eth Ya'aqov" (From Haza"l: "Esau [Rome] hates Ya'aqov [Israel]") then they will have to make the effort to block my e-mail address or set up a filter to send it directly to the trash folder.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. "Land For Peace" not only doesn't work, it is forbidden under Torah Law,...the contradictory opinions of "rabbis" who compromise Torah principles in order to scrounge money for their communities not withstanding.

Please note that this e-mail will be CC'd to other ADL e-mail addresses, after I have removed your name and any other identifying information.

On the front lines in the Shomron....

Thursday, November 10, 2005

The "Red Diamond:" Israel Should Say "NO"

Leil 8 of the Eighth Month 5766

סמל מגן דוד אדום נמחק
Red Magen David Adom (Red Shield of David) symbol getting erased.

On Nov 10, 2005 12:25 am (Israel Standard Time), someone wrote:

A recent proposal would adopt a Red Diamond as an additional symbol to the red cross and red crescent - allowing Magen David Edom "Full entry" - THIS IS A JOKE the other symbols are NOT GOING TO BE REPLACED-only the JEWISH STAR is being ruled unacceptable


See: for additional details.


Also see:


This proposal begs the question: Why do Jews still care about what the goyim think? Why must we continue to seek their validation of our existence and place in the Universe?

You are correct. Israel should say the red diamond. But Israel should also say "no" to the Red Cross and to the Red Crescent., let me correct that. Israel should tell them both where to get off.

The Red Cross knew damn well what was happening to Jews HY"D at the hands of the Nazis YSh"W. But instead of doing anything about it, they used a Nazi-approved visit to the Terezanshtat "Model Artist Colony" (Read: "Concentration Camp") to justify their denial that anyting out of the ordinary was going on in the then relatively "Arab-free" Europe. Clueless to the messages of Nazi atrocities embedded in the Terezanshtat Jews' artwork, the Red Cross did nothing to help save Jews from being slaughtered in the Holocaust.

The Red Crescent? The story of the Red Crescent is shorter than that of the Red Cross. The Red Crescent ambulances have been smuggling bomb making materials and other munitions from Arab controled into Jewish controled areas of Israel in order to perpetrate attacks against Jews. The so-called "international community" decries the lack of humanitarian consideration on the part of the Israeli Defense Forces for their searches of Red Crescent ambulances. In other words, how dare we Jews attempt to prevent ourselves from being shot or blown weaponry smuggled in by the Red Crescent.

I will not even get into the blatant marginalization of the Red Cross/Red Crescent by disallowing Jews from determining our own symbols for our own organizations.

Who cares? Worried about Jews not being provided necessary services in their countries of residence by those governments or by those other organizations? Then help to bring those of us still stuck out there, both physically and spiritually, to get out of those dangerous places, and to come to Israel.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Shimshon Cytryn

Erev Rosh Hodesh of the Eighth Month 5766

Shimshon Cytryn

Shimshon Cytryn still sits in jail on trumped up charges, even though eye witness testimony has suggested he did not even do what he was accused of doing -- throwing rocks at a Yishma'eli (Arab).

Shimshon Cytryn stands accused of attempted murder. Unbelieveable!

Even if he was throwing rocks, [the leftist] Channel One news has clear film footage that the "wounded" Yishma'eli instigated the incident. Thus, Shimshon would only have been involved in an act of self-defense.

As his mother says below, it's all politically motivated.

How many Arab terrorists have been released AND repeated their crimes against Jews, like in Be'er Sheva (lehavdil)? Many.

How many non-religious Israelis accused of murder are released on house arrest until the trial?

Yet, Shimshon Cytryn sits in jail for two reasons: 1) his ideology and 2) that his ideology and way of life include following the Torah.


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Regarding Concessions For Peace

17 of the Seventh Month (Hol HaMo'ed Sukkoth) 5766

Setting aside for the moment that I believe strongly that there should not be any concessions on the part of Israel, and that Arabs and goyim in general (with a few possible exceptions...maybe) must vacant the Land of Israel,...

...I believe we have support for the notion that nothing is "safe," not with Ariel Sharon YSh"W in power, nor anyone else in the current limelight, for that matter.

Although Sharon YSh"W has denied that the "security fence" will eventually serve as a defacto border, it looks more and more that he is moving in that direction. Those people (including many Jews from English-speaking countries, as it happens) living the "block" of Jewish towns known as Gush Etzion (south of Jerusalem near Beth-Lehem like Efrat, Newe Daniel, Elazar, Bat-Ayin, Alon Shvuth, Kfar Etzion, etc.) have always belived that they are "safe" from being expelled from their homes, and that the fate of the Jews in Gaza will never be their fate. They have been told this often enough by the Israeli government. Recently, it was announced that Sharon's fence will not encompass all of Gush Etzion, but rather go through it. With only some exceptions, including the residents of Bat-Ayin, many of these Jews are what we consider to be "Mamlachtim," Jews concerned that shouldn't be any disagreement between the Torah and this [evil] government, thus often make compromises with Torah. Relief from their cognitive dissonance overpowers the absence of hallachic (Jewish legal) logic which their rabbis employ. These have become complacent. Their complacency will be their downfall (may God forbid), if they do not wake up, not only to reality, but to Torah, which for a Jew are one and the same.

Similar discrepencies in the fence's route exist in the Shomron (north from Beth-El through Shchem and Ganim). Sharon is now talking about strengthing the Golan and the Jordan Valley.

But, U. S. Secretary of State Rice YSh"W has already been talking about the Jordan Valley as one such "concession."

What if the Syrian regime turns around over night, like some are predicting Asad YSh"W will do out of fear, comparing his potential future overtures to the US like those of Qadafi YSh"W.

Will Israel then be force to make a "friendship" gesture to the "new" Syria?

And what are the major Jewish organizations outside of Israel doing? They are certainly not helping,...not helping Jews that is. With the possible exception of the Zionist Organization of America [ZOA], they are helping the Yishma'elim (Arabs), unintentionally for the most part.

Nothing is "safe," not our Land, our lives, nor our neshamoth (souls), not until we Jews take responsibility for ourselves and stop relying upon and worrying about the goyim.

Let us rely only upon the Almighty, and be guided only by his Torah, has handed down to us by our Hachamim (Sages), and not distorted by so-called "liberal" Jewish leaders who distort the Torah, and interpret it according to how they feel, and then mix and match misinterpreted Hallachic sources after the fact, in order to support the dissemination of their lies to the numbed-out, self-hating, Jewish masses, (may they turn to the Almighty and his Torah and be guided).

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Qanadian Qedushath HaShem

Leil 19 of the Fifth Month 5765

Efraim Hershkovits

Here is a video clip on yahoo about Efraim Hershkowits, who was recently placed on administrative detention. The video distorts the truth, as one would generally expect from the CBC.

A certain "Rabbi" Pupko made some pretty serious claims against Efraim, and on a TV station that would certainly be broadcasting to goyim. Hmm....

However, pay attention to the narrated Qedushath HaShem at the end: Efraim was given the choice to go to Canada, where he also holds citizenship, for a time or to sit in jail in Israel. He chose to sit in jail in Israel.;

(Cut and paste link address into your web browser.)

Thursday, August 18, 2005

YeSh"A Coucil Or Pesha Council

13 of the Fifth Month 5765

A report came into today from someone who went down to Ofakim in the Negev to join a group which was to try to enter Azza.

When this group, led by a guide from the YeSh"A (Judea, Samaria, & Azza) Council, arrived at the Kissufim Junction, they stopped.

One of the group asked the guide why they didn't try to go on through. After all, there were only a few soldiers. The guide replied that they don't actually want o "stop" the disengagement (read: expulsion) plan, just protest it. No, they couldn't do that.


Because that would rip the country apart.

This is yet more evidence that the YeSh"A Council deserves the name Pesha (Crime) Council.

Their job is supposed to entail the encouragement of settling the Judea, Samaria, & Azza, not the dismantling of it. They are nothing more than power-hungry politicians, and nothing less than collaborators with the Israeli government.

Residents of YeSh"A need to wake up. This is by far not the first time that parts of YeSh"A have been sacrificed,...for who knows what.

And I am afraid, that unless they are exposed for who they really are, and stopped, it will not be the last time.

May God forbid.

A Ride with the State's Religious Representative

Leil 13 of the Fifth Month 5765

Mamlachti: Hebrew for "of the state"

--from Re'uven Alkalai's Hebrew-English Dictionary

I grabbed a ride this afternoon from someone in the Shomron, on the way to work in Jerusalem. He drove me a small part of the way, before dropping me off and turning off the main road toward his destination. There I would wait for the next person to pick me up to take me through the next stage of my journey to work.

The driver mentioned that there was a pigu'ah (attack) near Shchem. He continued by saying that a mehabbel Yehudi (Jewish terrorist) entered the area and started shooting Arabs.

I took exception to the word mehabbel, and said it appears that he could be a gibor (hero).

To that he started to go off on how a Jew can't just go and start shooting at individual people who never did anything to him, especially when it involves ger toshav (non-Jewish resident). I was shocked, then realized with whom I was speaking,...a mamlachti Jew.

I suggested that if he wanted to say that this Jew did not have the right to make such a decision on his own...(anticipating the example of Pinhas ben Elazar haKohen)

He interrupted and said if Saudi Arabia went to war against us tomorrow, we should go out and kill them all....!

I asked myself, "So, what's the debate? Is he one of those Jews who actually thinks that there's a difference between Arabs?"

Throughout our interaction, he never once cited hallachah, nor anything related to Torah in the least. In fact, it seems that he did what many non-Orthodox "movements" do. He interpreted ideas, behavior, and events according to feelings, and not through [the often politically-incorrect, yet absolutely correct] Torah.

I did my best to provide him with a clear and concise response to his argument. I never once said anything new. I simply kept with the sources with which I was familiar.

After contending with his constant interruptions, I was finally able to provide him with the following argument:

1) I cited that when a people lays claim to Eress Yisrael, many posqim state that they have the din (status) of the 7 peoples who previously laid claim to the land. The people, in this case the Yishma'elim, are obligated to the punishment associated with this issue (Go look it up. It's not politically-correct.), NOT individuals such as leaders. Only those who publicly state that what their leadership is doing to the Jewish People is wrong, are exempt from punishment. In other words, his argument regarding innocent Arabs was flawed. But, I did not have all of the details of the incident, so how could I even begin form an opinion? My host said that he did have the details. Obviously, he did not, as the incident took place not in Shchem, but rather at the Shilo Industrial Park.

2) Ger toshav? Although there are various opinions regarding who, what, where, when, and how there can be legal, non-Jewish residents in Eress Yisrael, the Arabs, both muslim and christian, do not fulfill any of the set obligations set forth by the Ramba"m, Ra'ava"d, nor the Beth Yosef. (I won't go into detail here.)

My host did not allow me to finish. That did not matter, as we had reached my stop on the road. My words seemed to go in one ear and out the other anyway.

During the ride, I saw his wedding ring, glaring at me, yet another dvar mamlachti, and one of my personal pet peeves.*

(*For the sake of simplicity, for the time being, let's just set aside all North American men, and men who are new to Torah, with regard to this issue of wedding bands.)

I told him that one of the reasons I may want to leave Tapu'ah [eventually] is because of all the mamlachtim.

He didn't get it, of course. There just doesn't seem to be any talking to these people.

One of the reasons, amongst many, I left my previous town of three years was purely because of physical safety. Fifty Arabs, including those with orange (non-citizen) ID's, as if that matters, continue to come into this town on a daily basis. A defacto, mini-parking lot for workers can be found next to the town's entrance. It's filled with white & green (PA) tags, and orange (PA) taxis, as if that matters.

Just how much tochahah (rebuke) can I give?

I am expected to fight for Eress Yisrael, and help prevent another Azza-like expulsion. But am I expected to help people protect their homes, when they themselves are not interested in protecting their homes. These mamlachtim are just the type to get on the bus without resistance, just like those arrested in Azza yesterday got on the bus without resistance. I do not believe they were even handcuffed. They just went along with the Judea, Samaria, & Azza [YeSh"A] Council directives or the spirit there of.

The "religious" Judaism of mamlachtim seems to be based more on socialism than Torah. Yet, there undying loyalty to the state has an element of fascism to it.

As long these "religious" Jews continue to believe that there is actually room for discussion when deciding between whether to follow Torah Law or a corresponding, contradictory mandate of the Israeli Government, pieces of Eress Yisrael will continue to be stripped away from us,...with ease.

As long as these "religious" Jews yell over giving away land, yet "get on the bus" without resistance, and as long as they whisper or even ignore concerns over Shabbath desecration, selling pork sales, or sexual free-for-alls, this country has little hope for hanging on to any of its Jewishness, as long as these mamlachtim are allowed to remain in power in YeSh"A or involved in government in any way, shape, or form.

When I got out of the car of the mamlachti who gave me the ride this afternoon, I said HaShem yishmor otchem (May God watch over you). He said, "You, too."

I doubt he understood the full impact of my final words. If these people continue on their same numb path, then they will put themselves in serious, physical, not to mention spiritual, danger. They must wake up to the reality that even from a practical standpoint, allowing non-Torah ideas and powers that be to supercede Torah has never worked for the Jewish People, aside from the fact that it's wrong.

This kind of mentality has always gotten us into trouble,...and always will.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Parshath Mas'ei

Erev Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Mas'ei/Rosh Hodesh of the Fifth Month 5765

"If you do not dispossess the inhabitants of the Land from before, those whom you allow to stay will be stingers in your eyes and thorns in your sides and harrass you in the Land in which you live."

-Numbers 33:55

Any questions?

Well, in case it's not as clear to you as it is to me, here is one example of many...

Three years ago, (9 Tammuz 5762/Junne 19, 2002) suicide bomber blew himself up at the French Hill hitchhiking area, killing seven Jews HY"D. Many others were injured.

I myself, escaping Baruch HaShem with little injury, hit by a mangled screw in my side (Read: "a thorn").

Amongst the remaining injured, another young man from was hit by the same in the eye (Read: "a stinger").

Now, do you have any questions??

Shabbath Shalom

Regarding Eden Natan-Zada HY"D

Erev Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Mas'ei/Rosh Hodesh HaHamishi 5765

Eden Natan-Zada HY-D
I wrote the following in response to an unfriendly e-mail directed toward the young soldier, Eden Natan-Zada hy"d, who was allegedly involved in a shooting incident in the northern Israeli town of Shfar'am.


Conflicting reports are still coming in...

I was debating as to whether to write this just yet, or to wait for more information. I doubt we will EVER know the true story.

I write this now, taking the risk that the Shabba"k (General Security Service) will choose to pick on me next.

What I DO know about Eden Natan-Zada hy"d is that he can only be described as a Ssadiq.

I knew him personally, and just saw him yesterday. He was a very sweet young man who cared deeply for Eress Yisrael, Am Yisrael, and all things holy. He was helpful to his neighbors and friends, and was involved with the renewed Jewish interest in shepherding.

Eden, we already know, was a target of the Shabba"k. Eden did not want to go into the army because he did not want to go into an army which destroys synagogues. He told me once that he saw the destruction of the synagogue on the Tapu'ah West hill, and it affected him greatly. After that he came to visit Tapu'ah where he was very well liked by those who knew him.

Something was not kosher in Shfar'am. I believe it is possible that at the very least the Arab police officers were passive participants in the "lynch," by not protecting Eden sufficiently. At the worst, I believe that he may have been set up by Shabba"k, or God only knows by what other evil forces.

He was NOT on drugs (unless they injected into him by others), and he was NOT insane and NOT a provocateur. However, if you sense Shabba"k involvement of some kind, maybe the situation was manipulated somehow? I wouldn't put it passed them.

I doubt his body will be released without making sure that the physical evidence matches what the Israeli government and Shabba"k want you to believe happened.

I'm in shock over this. Even though I did not know Eden so well, I will certainly miss him when my state of shock finally dissipates.

In the mean time, I cannot fully express my outrage at the leftist media for giving so much coverage to a Jew who may have killed some Yishma'elim (Arabs), yet would never even come close to providing even reasonable coverage when so-called Israeli Arabs kill Jews. It's like it's brushed under the table. How many times can the leftist, Israeli media get away with saying about Israeli Arabs killing Jews that it was an "isolated incident?"

I am also outraged by the so-called "right-wing" YeSh"A leaders who give their spin on such events for the sole purpose of protecting their own personal interests.

"Oh, Merciful One may avenge the spilled blood of your servants." (Mahzor Yom Kippur)

In anger and sadness....

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Response to "Israel: The Jewish Affirmative Action State"

Leil 29 of the Third Month 5765

The following is a response to an article by Ariel Natan Pasko found below.

There we go again. Trying to placate the goyim. My issue is not
with Ariel's presentation of the facts. To the best of my understanding,
they are correct.

I also cannot argue with Ariel's desire to correct any
disinformation put out by the Yishma'elim (AKA: Arabs).

My issue is with the unfortunate reality of which Ariel reminds us.
Jews are concerned more about placating the goyim, than with pleasing
HaShem (The Almighty).

So-called "Israeli Arabs" should not have inherent rights. Actively or passive they lay claim to our land, as Ariel suggests. If this does not change, they should prepare themselves to leave. They already have 22 some odd other countires in which to dwell, more if you count muslim countries. It's not our problem if the so-called "palestinians" are not welcomed in Kuwait, or discouraged from residing in Jordan. Perhaps in the future, those who agree to adhere to our laws set down for them, and accept the truth, that is Torah. Then, they would have the rights accorded to "B'nei No'ah."

When are we going to deal with our demographic problem anyway? If things continue the way they are, terrorism or not, "Yossi" the Abu-Ghosh Yishma'eli will have his dream come true. His patience will have paid off. There will eventually be more Yishma'elim in the Land of Israel than Jews, not even counting the "un-Jews" already here. What? Do people actually think that the Arab run Keneset won't vote to change the nature and goals of this state currently known as Israel?

Oh, and by the way, may we please stop using that word "palestinian?" They do not exist. How many time do I have to remind people that this a Roman distortion of the true nature of the Land of Israel.

And regarding Jews' belief in bringing other Jews back to the Jewish
Homeland. We have work to do in that area. We need to change the
Law Of Return to reflect the Hallacha (Jewish Law). In other words, only "real" Jews, not goyim from the Ukraine, and not pseudo-converts via the so-called "movements" claiming to have a basis in Torah.

Ariel, Thanks for reminding us of the sorry spiritual state we're in.
Only when we accept that we need to work on ourselves, can we expect
to grow and develop into the People which HaShem desires us to be:

Proud adherers to His Torah and Misswoth (Commandments).



Israel: The Jewish Affirmative Action State
By Ariel Natan Pasko source: Women in Green

Recently there's been a lot of talk about whether Israel should be a Jewish religious state, a Jewish and democratic state, a Jewish Zionist state, or a plain old everyday state for everyone who wants to be a citizen.

For example, Israeli Member of Knesset, Mohammed Barakeh (Hadash), said in the Knesset recently, that although he swore loyalty to Israel when he took his oath as an MK, he is not loyal to a Zionist Jewish state. "I admit here that I am not loyal to a state that is Zionist and Jewish. The state must serve all its citizens and not have its citizens worship this gold calf," Barakheh said.

What golden calf?

Israel as a Jewish State, was created by its founders (with UN and world-wide sanction after the Holocaust), for the purpose of righting the historical wrongs done to the Jewish people (occupation of Judea, followed by forced expulsion from their homeland by the Romans and Byzantines, and later the Arabs and Ottoman Turks), through affirmative action.

What Barakeh said isn't particularly new, he's just part of a long line of seditious Arab MKs, who have publicly admitted to being disloyal, while enjoying their personal freedom in Israel (unlike in Arab states). Barakeh, and others like him (such as Azmi Bishara, MK for the Balad Party, who gave succor to Hizbollah while visiting the enemy state of Syria, with whom Israel is still in a state of war), constantly flaunt their Knesset membership to undermine the Jewish State. Yet they have never been stripped of their position, tried for treason and executed.

According to a recent study conducted by Prof. Sami Smooha from the Jewish-Arab Center at the University of Haifa, most Israeli Arabs accept Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, but reject the description of it as a Zionist state. About 70 percent of the Arabs agreed with the statement that, "Israel, within the Green Line, has the right to exist as a Jewish and democratic state in which Jews and Arabs coexist." But the vast majority (72%) of Israeli Arabs believe that, "Israel as a Zionist state, in which Jews and Arabs live together, is racist," and reject all of the state's Zionist goals. Only 13.8 percent agree to the concept of Israel as a Zionist state.

And what is it that Israeli Arabs reject?

According to Prof. Smooha, Israeli Arabs differentiate between Israel's Jewish character and its Zionist goals. Israeli Arabs believe that a Jewish state is a state in which most of the citizens are Jewish, whereas a Zionist state is a state for the Jewish People from around the world.

"For Zionists, one of the goals Israel should set [for] itself is maintaining its Jewish majority at all costs," says Smooha. "That is a Zionist goal, and includes settlement in the Jewish sense [establishing new Jewish communities - ANP] and the ingathering of exiles [promoting Aliyah, Jewish immigration to Israel - ANP] by means of the Law of Return. But the Arabs are not willing to accept this situation in perpetuity."

That means Israeli Arabs want to close down the gates of Aliyah, so as to preclude Jews permanently being the majority in their own country. "But the Arabs are not willing to accept this situation in perpetuity." They aspire to become the majority (Arab birth rates are higher), and change Israel into an Arab state.

The Israeli Arabs' concept of a Jewish and democratic state means a state for all its citizens, rejecting Jewish affirmative action. They don't want Israel to be a homeland for the Jewish People, which is an outright denial of Jewish history.

The survey also found that most of Israel's Jewish population want its Arab citizens to accept Israel as a Zionist state, as it is accepted by the international community. According to the survey, 75 percent of the Jews agreed with the statement, "Israeli Arabs have the right to live here as equal citizens with full rights," as individuals.

According to Smooha, Jews in Israel believe that the Israeli Arabs' right to be full and equal citizens of Israel, are conditional on them renouncing any national aspirations of their own (for an Arab state - Palestine - to replace Israel). Israeli Arabs should recognize the Jewish People's exclusive national rights in Israel. Some 80 percent of the Jewish respondents in the study said that, "An Israeli Arab who defines himself as 'a Palestinian Arab in Israel' cannot be loyal to the state and its laws."

There you have it, a basic conflict of views.

Most Israeli Jews want Israel to be the National Homeland (i.e. state) for the Jewish People, and to work to help Jews move back home, build new communities (i.e. settle the land), and restore the Jewish People's historic national rights that were violently taken from them through occupation and exile.

Israel's Arab citizens reject these goals.

Whether you're a religious person and you see it as the G-D of Israel's unfolding redemptive process being implemented today, as promised in the Bible; or as the righting of a historical wrong done to a persecuted people; it's not racist, Israel is a Jewish Affirmative Action State.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Plan Of Destruction

14 of the Third Month 5765

It has been reported that Israelis and Arabs have agreed upon the ultimate fate of the Jewish homes in Azza after the expulsion of their owners (May God forbid).

Arab denials, and conditons placed upon the potential agreement aside, my question is this:

When is the destruction of homes supposed to begin?

Normal people would assume that the destruction of homes will begin after the proposed expulsion.

Unfortunately, we are not dealing with normal people here.

I believe that the answer to this question is well-worth exploring.

May God help us.

b'Ahavath Yisra'el

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Jerusalem Day: Time To Get Our Priorities Straight

Yom Yerushalayim 5765

Well, today, Yom Yerushalayim, the day commemorating the reunification of the Holy City of Jerusalem 38 years ago, was marked by violence.

Jews attempted to go up onto the Temple Mount.

Yishmaelites* (AKA: Arabs) threw rocks and otherwise attacked them.

*"And he [Yishmael] shall be a wild ass of a man...." (Genesis 16:12)

Does this surprise anyone?

From Arutz 7:

"Jerusalem Day: Temple Mount Violence, Singing, Dancing
11:03 Jun 06, '05 / 28 Iyar 5765

As Jews await word as to whether they will be allowed to visit the Temple Mount today, the 38th anniversary of Jerusalem's reunification, Arabs mounted a stoning attack, marring the celebrations...."

(See for the complete story.)

After the incident, the Temple Mount was closed to Jews "until further notice." The Arabs had achieved their short-term goal, the prevention of Jews ascending the Temple Mount.

Still not surprised, are you? After all, it is quite a familiar cycle. We Jews never seem to do quite what is necessary to prevent further incidents of this kind from occurring.

"Why not kick the Arabs off? Why can't we kick them off even for one day, ...say, next Monday for Shavu'oth (Feast of Weeks)? It wouldn't be the first time we made such an agreement. A few measly days year, the Yishamites graciously let us pray in Isaac's Tomb in Hevron (sic)."

"No, no," a fellow Torah-observant Jew responds. "We can't provoke them. It'll just make things worse for us,...and for Jews around the world..."

Here it comes...

"After all, we have an agreement. The Wakf (a Muslim authority) controls the Temple Mount. Yeah, sure, Arabs break their agreements all the time. Sure, they desecrated (Read: "trashed") Joseph's Tomb. But, we're not like them. We're Jews. We don't break our agreements...."

The whining becomes unbearable. I can hardly prevent my eyes from rolling.

He does not actually say it this time, but there it is:

"What will the goyim think?"

His body resides in Israel, the homeland of the Jewish People. Yet his heart, mind, and, dare I say, soul seem to be living in some European ghetto somewhere.

Psychologists have a variety of words from which to choose to describe this Jew's state of mind: "denial," "repression," "low self-esteem," or even "self-hatred." I call it "spiritual numbness."

The Martyr-Heros of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising HY"D seemed to have less of a "ghetto mentality" than this Jew has.

Meanwhile in Washington, DC, the President of the U. S., motivated by oil and the influence of the anti-semitic State Department [as well as anti-Israel, at least since the Truman administration] is pushing Israel even further to give up more to the Yismaelites, land, money, employment and other economic opportunities.

U. S. Secretary of State Rice has even brought up the issue of giving away the Jordan Valley. Why, former Prime Minister Baraq and former President Clinton never even offered that in the end, even though they were willing to force Israel to give up around 90% of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.

(And, by the way, Madame Secretary, the Land is not yours, nor even ours to give away.)

Back to my fellow Jew, he's worried about what the goyim think. From the above, we certainly already know what the goyim think.

Haza"l (Our Sages, may their memories be for blessings) summed it quite simply: "Esaw soné eth Ya'aqov." (Esau hates Jacob.) Esaw is Rome (Bereshith Rabba, etc.), and modern day Rome is...?

Europe, the US, the UN perhaps...

And we already know what the Yishmaelites think, too. They want to kill Jews. It does not matter whether they want to blow us all up (God forbid), like the terrorists do, or are willing to wait patiently while they gradually outnumber us with their higher birthrate, like the mild-mannered businessman in Abu-Ghosh. They want to destroy us, all of us.

Perhaps, in the meantime, they have taken the Western tactic of "blaming the victim."

Again from Arutz 7:

"Abbas Accuses Israel of Causing Temple Mount Stoning
13:52 Jun 06, '05 / 28 Iyar 5765

( PLO leader Mahmoud Abbas [YSh"W] has blamed Israel for Monday's attack by Arab worshippers on the Temple Mount. According to the Hebrew daily Ha'aretz, Abbas said Jews should not have been allowed into the mosque compound.

"The Israeli government and the international community must stop these unjustified and dangerous violations. They are to prevent any friction with bad results," he said during a tour of a Palestinian high school in Ramallah."


Yeah, right! It is all our fault. How dare we assert our right to ascend our Holiest site (sic).

The non-Jews of the world are not going to change their opinion of us anytime soon.

The message is clear:

We must stop repeating the same mistakes, expecting different results.

We must stop worrying about how our actions will affect the opinions of the goyim.

We must take responsibility for ourselves and for our country.

We must remove our faith in foreign powers, and place it only in HaQadosh Baruch Hu, The Holy One, Blessed Be He.

b'Ahavath Yisra'el


Included on...

Crisis Israel: A voice for diverse commentary A voice for diverse commentary...

Friday, May 27, 2005

A Response to the Israel Project and AIPAC's Invitation

17 of the Second Month 5765

The following is a response to an invitation to an Israel Project event, co-sponsored by the American Israel Public Action Commitee [AIPAC]:

Dear Israel Project,

Please refrain from sending me anymore Israel Project or AIPAC information, newsletters, or invitations.

I'm already doing my part.Just say no to the Israel Project

I live here.

Life is difficult here, even though I could never go back to North America. So if you or your organization would like to send me a donation, let me know. I'll send you my "snail-mail" address.

Otherwise, information regarding the self-hating Jews of AIPAC leadership* (May God help them), who are more concerned about what the goyim think than what HaQadosh Baruch Hu (The Holy One, Blessed Be He) thinks, and who support expelling Jews from their rightful homes, violating several Torah prohibitions, is simply NOT welcome in my inbox.

(*emphasis on the word "leadership") Just say no to AIPAC

From the Israel Project website:

"The Israel Project is a new national non-profit, non-partisan educational organization devoted to ensuring an accurate portrayal of Israel - a democracy where all citizens have freedom of speech, press, religion and a right to vote.

The Israel Project was founded by three American mothers who were concerned that Israel's image in the media could cause an increase in anti-Semitism at home and abroad."

I can appreciate three mothers want to do something to support Israel.

But, if the above is what they stand for, then they certainly do not stand for my conceptualization of Israel, ideal or otherwise. Furthermore, Jews do not have those rights mentioned, so such a portrayal of Israel would be inaccurate, to say the least.

Freedom Of Speech: Jews do not have freedom of speech. A man was just convicted and sentenced by the Israeli court for printing and distributing a T-Shirt with the words: "No Arabs, No Terror." A T-Shirt, for goodness sakes! Prime Minister Sharon has decided that anyone who expresses opposition to his policy of expelling Jews from their homes in Azza and the Northern Shomron [& other areas of Israel] will be dealt with. It is also beginning to be difficult to enter certain places wearing the color orange, as it is seen as the banner of the anti-disengagement camp.

Freedom Of The Press: Jews do not have freedom of the press. Just ask anyone who works for "Arutz 7." Their broadcasts are only available via Internet. The radio station was shut down, pursecuted while broacasting off-shore, "legalized" by the Kineset, and then delegalized anyway by the real power in this country: The courts.

Freedom Of Religion: Jews do not have freedom of religion. Well, actually, liberal Jews DO experience these freedoms. They can drive through religious neighvborhoods on Shabbat, traipse through religious, residential neighborhoods dressed in almost nothing, greatly offending the residents,...all in the name and interest of "demoncracy."

I'll some up Israel's so=called "democracy" by paraphrasing from George Orwell's Animal Farm: "All of us are equal, but some of us are more equal than others."

In addtion, if policies here do not, in about 70 years, Arabs will out number Jews within the confines of wherever you choose to draw the borders. Soon after that, Arabs will outnumber Jews in the Keneset....

Do I really have to spell the rest out for you?

The children or foreign workers are being granted residency status, additional goyim continue to flow in from the Ukraine by invitation of the Israeli government, and the Israeli Supreme Court recently decided to accept pseudo conversions for the purposes of citizenship.

My ideal state of Israel is one based on Torah, not on what the goyim think.

Without addressing these, issues, there will not be any Israel left, so you will no longer be able to defend its public image!

Now, about that donation....

P. S. I recommend you click on the links to the right, and study intently.

If your interested in "Israel's image," then I recommend that you see:
The Freeman Center The Middle East Forum.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Conspiracy Theory or Possibility?

Leil 25 of the Eleventh Month 5765

The following "theory" has been brought to my attention.

I want to acknowledge that yes, it does seem far fetched. But, is it truly outside the realm of possibility, given the craziness going on the world, the government????

The beginning seems more possible than the end.

So, apparently the was a classified ad in the New York Times, in Paris, in Moscow, and in other cities advertising the need for mercenaries. I have yet to see any such ad, and I have no idea how this was phrased.

The mercenaries are to aid in the [God forbid] evacuation of Jewish towns in Judea, Samaria, and Azza. They are to replace IDF soldiers who refuse to carry out such orders. According to the theory, non-Jews are specifically being sought, believing that many Jews would have less of an issue defending their homes against non-Jews. Once the process of this defense begins, the next stage of the plan begins.

Once such a conflict ensues, that will give the Israeli government justification to call upon the US for assistance.

A precedent has already been set for the US to go into a sovereign nation to assist in "ethnic conflict:" Serbia/Kososvo.

The residents of Yesh"A who are left (May God be merciful regarding Am Yisrael), will be around (God forbid) and tried as war criminals.

If even a drop of the above is true.......

Pretty sadistic, huh?

Yeah, I know it seems far fetched. Let us still be aware of the possibilities.

HaShem Yishmor Otanu (God watch over us).