Wednesday, March 28, 2012

French Jews: Just Get On The Plane Already!

5 of the First Month 5772
YNET: Boy Beaten Near Paris Jewish school
Youths reciting anti-Semitic slogans assault 12-year-old boy outside Ozar Hatorah Jewish school in Paris

Associated Press, March 27, 2012

A 12-year-old boy was beaten outside his Jewish school in Paris by youths reciting anti-Semitic slogans, school officials say, amid continued high security and tensions in France.

The school's human resources director, Katia Normal, said Tuesday that the child was hit and punched in the back of his head on Monday afternoon as he left school in the capital's southeast, but did not suffer serious injuries.

Emotions have been running high, especially within the half-million-strong Jewish community, since a gunman shot a rabbi and his two sons, 3 and 5 years old, and the 8-year-old daughter of the principal of a school in the southern city of Toulouse on March 19....
The French thugs are not waiting around, or giving you any breaks.

Just get on the plane already.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Help Needed In The Search For Shlomo Ariel!

5 of the First Month 5772

הגרסה בעברית נמצאת למטה

Search continues for Shlomi Ariel – we need your help!

The following letter is being sent by “Mike” Yekutiel Ben Yaakov, Commander of the Israeli Fire Dept. Canine Search and Rescue unit, known as Y.A.L.A.M, kalbanim Yosh.:


Attached you will find an article and a notice about the search for Shlomo Ariel of Yehud, who went missing near the Koach Intersection, some 7 kilometers East of his home.

Shlomi was last seen, Friday, 11 days ago, walking in a disoriented fashion, without shoes and without a shirt or jacket in the general direction of Rantis, an Arab village on the border of the “Greenline.” He was last seen approximately 3 kilometers from the “border fence”, in a military firing-zone, after climbing into the zone from Highway 6, not far from the Koach Intersection.

Shortly after he was last spotted, there was a rain storm.

He was never seen again.

Our unit was called in to search for him as was the Oketz unit, police and many volunteers, family and friends. Unfortunately, due to the fact that Shlomi went missing in a military firing zone, much of the searches have been called off and on due to military training and firing.

We have arranged for a two day search this coming Friday and Shabbat, and the area will be open for searching without interruption from Friday morning until Sat night (See below for rabbinic ruling).

We have also arranged to fly in two rescue experts from Holland who will be aiding us in the search and who will be bringing two additional SAR and Cadaver dogs to join us and our 4 SAR dogs.

We desperately need additional volunteers when we sweep the area, so as to cover the entire firing zone if necessary, because we may not have another opportunity to shut down the firing zone, and because every day that passes, reduces the chances of finding Shlomie alive.

Various Torah scholars including Rabbi Dov Lior have ruled that we are allowed to search on Shabbat if there is any chance that Shlomie may still be alive.

If you are able to volunteer and to forward this letter to additional people who might be able to volunteer in the search efforts, please do so and let us know if you can come.

We will be meeting Friday morning at the Koach Hill Junction, near the Cola Forest, off of highway 444 at 5:00 AM sharp Friday morning, the intersection is between Shoham and Elad. Let us know in advance if you are coming and if you can stay all day until 1 hour before Shabbat. Also let us know if you can join us again at 5 AM on Shabbat morning, in the event that Shlomie is not found sooner.

Bring, backpack, sandwiches, water, boots, flashlight, raincoat and anything else you would need and call us to confirm 0544876709 – leave message if nobody answers and email back to

Funds are also needed:

If you are in a position to help sponsor the flights of the experts, dogs and other expenses connected to the search please contact me, as we need help to cover our expenses. We are all volunteers and we are all brothers and sisters of Shlomie Ariel. Thus, we will continue to do whatever we can to rescue and find him as we would all expect fellow Jews to do on our behalf if we were G-d forbid in his predicament.

I can also be reached on my U.S. line 718 734 4686 or leave a message.

Funds to help sponsor this search mission, future rescue missions and our volunteer Search and Rescue Unit can be sent to LAchichah Ulireyacha POBox 6592 Jerusalem, Israel


זקוקים באופן דחוף למתנדבים רציניים לעזור בחיפושים אחרי שלומי אריאל

המכתב להלן נכתב על ידי מפקד יחידת הכלבנים של יל"מ יו"ש – יחידה לחילוצים מיוחדים מטעם הכבאות והצלה איו"ש:

ראה קישורים להלן לגבי פרטים על הנעדר שלומי אריאל מיהוד שנעדר לפני כ-11 יום באותו יום שישי בשעה 6.00 בבוקר ביהוד. ראו אותו בצהרים כ 7 קילומטר מזרחה מיהוד (כמעט קו ישר) קופץ על גדר (מכוון כביש 6 להמשך כוון מזרח) ללא נעלים וללא חולצה נכנס אל תוך שטח אש כ-3.5 קילומטר מערבה מגדר ההפרדה רנתיס כ-3 קילומטר דרומה מיער קולה, לא הרחק מגבעת כוח.

קיבלנו אישור לחפש בשטחי האש מיום שישי הקרוב בבוקר עד מוצ"ש. אם יש מספיק מתנדבים שיצטרפו לכלבנים יש סיכוי לכסות את רוב השטח אש ביום שישי לפני שבת עם מתחילים מספיק מוקדם.

לצורך ארגון החיפושים ולמען ייעול העבודה אנו מטיסים לארץ שני מומחים לחיפושים כאלו עם עוד שני כלבים מיוחדים. כל מי שיכול להתנדב מיום שישי בשעה 5 בבוקר מתבקש להתקשר דחוף ליקותיאל לתאם – נקודת המפגש תהיה באזור צומת גבעת כוח באזור 444 ו465. יש להביא סנדוויצ’ים, מים, כובע, מעיל נגד גשם, נעלים גבוהות, פלאפון אם יש, ולהודיע מראש ל-0544876709 אם אין תשובה נא להשאיר הודעה. (יש לציין שרבנים כולל הרב דב ליאור שליט"א פסקו שניתן אף להמשיך בשבת אם יש סיכוי למצוא אותו חי ואם לא נסיים עד השבת). כאמור נשתדל לסיים כשעה לפני שבת אבל נא להודיע אם ביכלתך לשוב או להמשיך בשבת בנוסף ליום ו).

התכנית היא לסיים שעה לפני כניסת השבת אלא אם בע"ה שלומי יימצא לפני כן. אם חלילה לא נמצא אותו נחדש את החיפושים ביום שבת בבוקר. אם את/אתה מגיע יש לציין אם תוכל לעזור ביום שישי ו/או ביום שבת.

הכוונה להיפגש בשעה 5 בבוקר ביום שישי בבוקר לקבל תדרוך ולצאת לשטח – יש אפשרות להיפגש עמנו כבר ביום חמישי בלילה באזור יהוד ולסידור לינה ברכבים או במלון באזור שנוכל לצאת באופן מאורגן לפנות בוקר על מנת להגיע בזמן לתדרוך. כמה שיותר מתנדבים – יותר טוב!!!כי מחלקים את השטח בשרשרת אנושית כמה שיותר קרוב אחד לשני. לכן יש חשיבות להגיע מוקדם בכדי ללכת ביחד.

ניתן לשלוח מייל בחזרה

נא להפיץ בכל מקום – נא לעיין בקובץ המצורף ובקישור ניתן לטלפן אלי בכל שעה לתאם הגעתך או להשאיר הודע 0544876709

More Western Diaspora Politically-Correct Codependent Insanity!

5 of the First Month 5772

I was incensed when I first saw the following event posted on Facebook:
מבצע ביעור חמוץ - Operation Bi'ur Hamutz

Last Monday, the Malha Mall was the scene of a deeply disturbing incident in which some 300 individuals attacked workers and customers of Arab origin, while calling out "death to Arabs"

That is not our Jerusalem, and we won't sit idly by upon such an attack against a group that constitutes an integral part of the city's social fabric and life.

There is now a petition demanding that the perpetrators be brought to justice , but we don't believe that's enough.

We plan to meet this coming Wednesday at Malha Mall to counterbalance the sour taste left by that incident -- and distribute some sweetness (and sweets!) to the workers and to other visitors at one of the most notable centers of openness and coexistence in the city of Jerusalem. (continued below)
I was all ready to rant and rave and vomit anger all over this blog.

Then, I calmed down, and said to myself, "Wait a minute. Who's actually going to this?"

Now, that I have checked the guest list, I see that it is filled with lefties, mainly. At least I think. How דתיים בהר צופים (Religious Jews on Mt. Scopus) could be involved, I do not know. The guy running that page could be in the minority in views, or at the very least, completely ignorant of the various terror attacks carried out by Arab employees, including the 2002 Hebrew University Massacre on Mt. Scopus.

So, what's the big surprise about lefties going to an Arab love fest? One guy on the event page even mentioned the traditional Leftist custom of having people bussed in from Tel-Aviv. That is, after all, the only way the Left can achieve a decent attendance at any of its demonstrations in Jerusalem. It's just business as usual.

They will go hand out candy to the Yishma'eli (Arab) workers, who then will laugh to themselves at how stupid the mostly Askenazi and Ashkenazified Jews are. (The North African Jews and Jews from the East know first-hand just how insane this is).

They will banter back and forth in Arabic, making filthy comments about the women, of course, lie through their teeth a bit in Hebrew, then go home and give their wives and children a good laugh about the utterly insane Jews they saw at work that day. Their kids might even get some candy out of it, too.

I don't think anyone connected to this event would pay attention to anything I say. I will simply tell you that anyone even remotely connected to Torah (That is for whom I am bothering to write this response), and is also connected to this event is completely unaware that "Western-progressive-assimilationist sensibilities are not automatically compatible with Jewish ones." They are, in fact, quite distinct from one another.

After 2,000 years of living in exile, it is understandable that we, as a people, have gotten confused about this fact. I could say much more, but I do not think that there would any point to it. I would like to mention the misswath lo ta'aseh (negative Torah commandment) of "Lo Tehonem," and its various implications and applications (Deut. 7:2, Ramba"m Hil. AZ 10). I also wanted to mention several concepts related to a milhemeth misswah (obligatory war). But, what would be the point?

I knew that I would not bother mentioning the potential problem of mesirah. The concept is light years ahead of where most of the Jews attending Operation Bi'ur Hamutz are spiritually.

But, I HAD to write something, and לא תעמוד על דם רעך "not stand idly by." But, I also knew that what and how I said it would be crucial, if I were to succeed in reaching even one set of participants' ears.

A friend told me that he heard from Rabbi Ya'akov Haber at Yeshivat Darkei No'am, that there are three things which prevent a Jew from seeing the truth, when confronted with evidence of it:

גאווה תאווה והרגל
pride, desire, and habit

I knew better than to address the first two in this post. It would have gone into one ear and out the other. I stuck with "Door No. 3," hoping that would make some kind of impression, in spite of 2,000 years of it.

(continued from above) We'll meet at 7:30 p.m. near the fountain on the bottom floor, across from the Mega supermarket. At the end of the "operation," we will meet at the food court on the middle floor for dinner (to be covered by each participant individually) and informal discussion.

Come -- and bring candy! (This is a great opportunity to get any leftover Mishloah Manot and sweets out of the house ahead of the holiday! Alternatively, you can come a bit early and pick up some candy at the mall.)

Please wear a blue article of clothing -- a shirt, a scarf, a kippah, a headband, etc. -- in order to identify you with the group.

See you on Wednesday!


The name of this event is a play on words -- "bi'ur hametz" is the process by which leavened products are removed from one's home and then burned ahead of Passover, which takes place next week. "Bi'ur hamutz" literally means "burning away the sourness," which is precisely what we seek to do with this small, "sweet" gesture.

When you are kind to the cruel, you eventually end up being cruel to the righteous.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Migron Residents, Are You Still Whining?

4 of the First Month 5772

I am so sick of hearing about Migron. No, I do not wish any Jew to be thrown out, or even relocated, from his chosen home in Israel. But, these Mamlakhtim (undying State loyalists) can be SO frustrating. It almost makes me want to go up there, and start throwing stuff out of their homes myself, and then grab a sledge hammer from one of the Yassa"mniks (riot police), or whoever is executing the government's evil deeds these days!


When are they going to wake finally, and realize that the Israeli government cares more about what the United States government, the United Nations (AKA: United Nothings), and the European Union than a Jew with a kippah on his head?! Migron Residents: Ball Is In Gov't Court
"We demand that the Prime Minister carry out the agreements and understandings," say residents.

Gil Ronen, March 26, 2012

Residents of Migron held a news conference Monday, one day after the High Court refused to countenance the agreements they had reached with the government about a gradual relocation of their community to a nearby location.

Itai Harel, one of the founders of Migron, showed journalists an aerial photograph taken before the community was established. "In all of the area of Migron, one does not see a single tree or house in the photos," he explained. No one ever thought it was his. The Jordanian government registered it as someone's, but no one saw himself as having been deprived of his property until Peace Now approached them...

Itai, are you and your buddies in Migron THAT naive?

It's as if you all think it's still May 16, 1948, ie. the day after Israeli Independence Day.

Wake up from your day dreams already! The State has changed tremendously since then, and in retrospect, it was never THAT friendly to religious Jews in the first place.

I can still remember the stunned and confused faces of the teenagers thrown out of their homes in Gush Qatif and the rest of Azza. They just couldn't believe , the perfect display of Denial, the first stage in the grieving process (See John Bowlby, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross).

You Mamlakhtim never seem to learn.

1. Just bring cake to the IDF soldiers "guarding" your town.

2. Follow orders in your own IDF unit to throw "extremists" (undying Torah loyalists) out of THEIR homes, and all will be well. Apparently, this time, all is not well.

Maybe this will be the kick in the pants they need to wake up. But I seriously doubt it.

I really do not blame you, though. You are simply going to have to accept the consequences of your actions, be that a comparable caravan down the road, or a luxury home in Adam. You may have to camp out for a while. But, don't worry. Spring has arrived, so you are not going to freeze.

Of course, you will also have to accept the consequences of your actions in HaOlam HaBa (The World To Come), when you are asked why you did not fight enough for Eretz Yisrael.

You will be asked why didn't you listen to your own Rabbi Tzvi Yehudah Kook ztz"l, who said to do EVERYTHING in order to delay and to prevent the evacuation of Jewish strongholds?

And, you will be asked why you call puppets and collaborators with the Eruv Rav controlled government "rabbis."

Opposition leader MK Tzipi Livni (Kadima) seems to be more grounded in reality than Migron residents.
( Sunday [she] justified the Supreme Court’s decision to reject the compromise agreement reached with the residents of Migron in Binyamin. Her reasoning for justifying the decision is that it would be immoral to move the residents, just to have them move again in the future.

You see?

At least she is willing to state the final intention of the opposite.

Time and time again, you have put governments into power which have turned on you.

We elected Netanyahu, and we never saw the promised repeal of the Oslo Accords.

Together, we elected Sharon, and we ended up with Peres.

We elected Netanyahu again, and ended up with Baraq (ie. Peres's lacky).

And, yes, not so long ago, we elected Shamir, probably the least worst Israeli Prime Minister in history, and we ended up with his attendance at the Madrid Conference, the precursor to Oslo.

What makes you think that a Netanyahu government, which previously gave away Azza, Hevron, and Jericho, won't end up giving away your town from which YOU are known to have thrown out Jews, Jews who's only crime was the passing out invitations to a Hakhnasath Sefer Torah.

Time to stop repeating the same mistakes over again (and again, and again), and expecting different results.

I believe that Albert Einstein is credited with this definition of insanity.

Israel To Cut Off Contact With UN Human Rights Council: It's About Time!

4 of the First Month 5772 Israel To Cut Off With UN Human Rights Council Contact
Senior official says Israel to try to convince other countries to follow suit; no decision punitive measures against PA.

Herb Keinon, March 26, 2012

The Foreign Ministry decided Monday to cut off all contacts with the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), a senior diplomatic official said.

The move came following the decision by the council last Thursday to send a fact-finding mission to the West Bank to probe the impact of the settlements on Palestinian human rights....

Well, it's about time!

Now, when will Israel denounce it membership in the United Nations?

I'm not holding my breath.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Haveil Havalim #352 Is Up!

3 of the First Month 5772

This week's edition of Haveil Havalim is up at Ima 2 Seven!

To My Brothers In France! (A Mes Frères En France!)

3 of the First Month 5772

Here is one proper, initial response to terror attacks.

(Click on each photo to enlarge.)

Here is the next, and only other, response to terror attacks;

Come home to your (true) home in Israel!

Mes Frères, Retournez-vous à votre maison, Israël!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The One Reason You Should NOT Vote For Rabbi Shmuely Boteach For Congress (NJ-9)

28 of the Twelfth Month 5772 "Rabbi To The Stars" Clinches GOP Nomination

Gil Schefler, March 18, 2012

Shmuley Boteach defeats 2 other candidates, cites Maccabees as inspiration.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach has won the Republican nomination in the upcoming election for New Jersey’s 9th Congressional District.

The prolific author of books such as Kosher Sex and Kosher Jesus, who is also a columnist for The Jerusalem Post, handily defeated two other candidates on Thursday and will square off against an as yet to be selected Democrat in the November 6 vote. (Read the entire article)

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
There is only one reason why you should not vote for Shmuely Boteach.

It doesn't matter what you think about his many idiotic, unsupportable ideas on Torah.

It doesn't matter that he is so full of himself as "rabbi to the stars," like Michael Jackson, who wasn't even Jewish.

It doesn't matter if thinks that there is anything even remotely "kosher" about the Christian false deity, sometimes referred to as the "god on a stick."

It doesn't matter if he would do a good job or not as a member of Congress. Personally, I don't see how he could do any worse than someone else.

The ONLY reason why you should not vote for Shmuely Boteach, for a seat in the U. S. House of Representatives is that like every other American Jew, the U. S. is NOT his home!

The ONLY home of any Jew is the Land of Israel.

No Jew has any business getting involved with the goyshe politics of a strange land in which we are all strangers. Let the goyim worry about their own countries, including the U. S.

I said the same thing about Rabbi Nachum Shifren, the "Surfing Rabbi," whom I DO like, when he was running for a seat in the California State Senate. So, no one can complain of any bias or differential treatment on my part in this regard.

Sure, having Shmuely Boteah live around the corner for me, or even in the same country, will be a great challenge, with his charismatic ability to influence the uninformed masses, but it is a challenge which we must all share and meet.

After all, he is a Jew, and belongs at home, here in Israel with the rest of us.

Migron Compromise Is A Disgrace!

27 of the Twelfth Month 5772 Arabs Angered By Migron Agreement
Arabs who failed to prove that the community of Migron was built on private land say the compromise with the residents is "a disgrace."

Elad Benari
, March 21, 2012

The Palestinian Authority Arabs who claimed, with the help of leftist Peace Now, that the community of Migron in Binyamin was built on private land but who have failed to prove that claim, are now complaining about the compromise that has been reached with the residents.

The residents of Migron recently signed an agreement, brokered by Minister Benny Begin, according to which residents will be uprooted from their homes at the current site and will be moved to a permanent neighborhood on state land nearby.

The agreement calls for the community to be relocated to its permanent location, near the Psagot Winery, in two years' time. The present site will be handed over to the Civil Administration. The existing structures at the site will be torn down but a "public site" may be established at the location instead of a residential community.

In any case, the location of the present Migron will remain Jewish and will not be handed over to Arab control. (Read the entire report)

What do you know? The Arabs were actually right about something this time. The so-called compromise between them and the residents of Migron IS a disgrace. Albeit they were right, for completely the wrong reasons.

It does not matter that Migron residents will be able to set up new town near the P'sagot Winery, which is literally a hop, skip, and a jump away from the current location of Migron.

It does not matter if the Israeli government claims that "the location of the present Migron will remain Jewish and will not be handed over to Arab control."

What does matter is that the rights of Jews to their eternal homeland is being decided by Erev Rav courts and organizations like Peace Now, which receive a significant percentage of its budget from the Norwegian government. The Israeli government and the residents of Migron are sitting back and allowing it.

That is the disgrace.

I predicted way back in 2008, that some sort of deal would be struck between the residents of Migron and the government, in A Likely Story. Even though the YeSh"A (Judea & Samaria) Council denied it up and down. I have been following this very annoying story ever since.

One of the options, at the time,was to move the residents of Migron into spanking, brand new houses in the town of Adam, which lies next to the northern city limits of Jerusalem, a reward for "good behavior." You see, the residents of Migron are known mamlakhtim, undying State loyalists, even when Israeli law stands in conflict with Torah Law, something which has been happening increasingly more often.

Years ago, two of my friends were thrown out of Migron for passing out fliers. The fliers were invitations to the celebration of bringing a Sefer Torah into the beth k'nesseth (synagogue) on the Tapu'ah West hill. My friends were thrown out to the "crime" of having the image of murdered Rabbi Me'ir Kahane hy"d on the fliers. How dare the beth k'nesseth be named after his murdered son and daughter-in-law, Rabbi Binyamin and Talia Kahane hy"d!

That synagogue was later torn down, by none other than the Israeli Defense Forces [IDF], with a permit signed by an IDF "rabbi."

'Nuff said.

Such is the nature of Migron.
  • Refusal to to defy the Israeli government and its overly powerful courts in favor of God and His Torah.
  • Refusal to do battle with evil friends of Yishma'el (Arabs) who forsake our God-given Homeland, and who are puppets of Esau (Europe/The West), because ...they are misguided brothers and sisters who need to be treated with unconditional LOVE.
  • Disgusting treatment of kosher Jews who follow in the path of a ga'on (great scholar) and tzadiq (righteous Jew).
One thing about the mamlakhtim is that they have surprisingly good record on the opposing of Christians infiltrating the country. So, it will interesting to see how they deal with the Christian "volunteers," hosted by their new, next door neighbor, the P'sagot Winery.

We will have to wait and see. We will also have to wait and see what kind of fabulous home the residents of New Migron will receive, while Jews in towns just as old, and even older than Migron, continue to suffer in run down trailers.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Only Solution To Anti-Semitism

27 of the Twelfth Month 5772

YNET: France: 4 Dead In Shooting Outside Jewish School

March 19, 2012

Unknown assailant opens fire on Ozar Hatorah school in Toulouse, kills three children, one adult; several others wounded.

Terror in Toulouse: An unknown assailant opened fire on a Jewish school in Toulouse Monday, killing at least four people and injuring five.

According to initial details, a man riding on a motorcycle opened fire on the Ozar Hatorah School at around 8:10 am, as the students were arriving for the school day, and then fled the scene. The shooter reportedly used two weapons, one of which was automatic....

....Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu added that "it is too early to determine what the background of the murderous act was, but it is impossible to reject the possibility that this act was driven by violent and murderous anti-Semitism. (Read the entire report) if that matters? It's a wake up call to French and European Jews in general. Come home already!

May HaShem Avenge Their Blood! MK Katz Calls On French Jews To Immigrate To Israel

March 19, 2012

National Union MK Ya'acov Katz called on all of France's Jews to immigrate to Israel following Monday's shooting attack in Toulouse, in which four people were shot to death outside of a Jewish school.

Katz said that the Jewish people should not put their trust in world leaders such as French President Nicolas Sarkozy and US President Barack Obama.

Well, at least someone in the government is talking about the only solution to the problem of anti-Semitism.

But, let's please call "anti-Semitism" by it's proper name: Jew hatred.

I am hardly a fan of MK Katz. Yet, he had the courage to stand up and say what needed to be said. Even though Former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said the same thing years ago, drawing the fire from then French President Jacques Chirac.

There are those Jews who would say that Jews should stay in their foreign lands, such as France and the U. S., and fight for their "civil rights." Many of those Jews are rabbis who would lose their jobs if too many of their "congregants" (such a goyshe word!) make aliyah (immigrated to Israel).

But, I say that, no. You are not running away from dealing with the problem of anti-Semitism; you are running TOWARD the only solution.

Besides, I do not see any fighting going on anyway, save for the French Jewish Defense League [JDL] once in a while.

We learn a rule from HaZa"L (Our Sages, may their memories be for blessings), that עשו שונא ליעקב/Esau hates Ya'aqov, Esau being the West (Malbi"m, Abarbanel, & others).

We learn another rule from HaZa"L, that ישמעאל שונא ליעקב/Yishma'el hates Ya'aqov, Yishma'el being the Arab World (Ramba"m).

During World War II, Rabbi Yissachar Shlomo Teichtel (Munkatch) hy"d , saw the signs of what would happen to the Jews who remained in Europe. He warned the Jews of Hungary that they needed to make aliyah immediately. Countless Jews would have been saved, if they would only have heeded his words.

With shootings in the U. S. and France, plus beatings and other incidences of violence, it is frustrating that our Jewish brothers and sisters still will not heed the words of Rabbi Teichtel.

How much more evidence will they need that their physical safety? Never mind about their spiritual safety. They're far from ready to hear anything about that.

French aliyah has gone up tremendously. There are even increasing numbers of predominantly French-speaking towns and neighborhoods. Many French Jews have been heeding the call. So, who can say why these Jews were killed, and others were not. We do not know the accounting in Heaven.

May HaShem avenge the blood of Rabbi Yonatan Sandler, and his sons Aryeh, 6, and Gavriel 3 1/2, and may their family and friends, and Jews of Toulouse, France, be comforted with all of the mourners in Zion and Jerusalem.

And may we see all of the Jews of France, and from around the world, soon return to their only true Homeland of Eretz Yisra'el.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Shidduch Myth #1: A man who does not want to go out with you must be gay.

No. Just because a man does not want to go out with you, or continue going out with you, does make mean that he is gay.

Maybe, just maybe, he does not want to go out with you because you are not an appropriate match for each other.

Or perhaps, you weigh 300 lbs., and are in complete denial of this fact.  Maybe you wear tight clothes to go with your "full figure."  And, when you have difficulties getting pregnant, you will blame everything, except your state of obesity.

Or maybe, you are very loud, and have to stick your nose into everybody's business, and make sure that everyone has the benefit of hearing YOUR opinion.

Or perhaps, you have just been brainwashed to think such idiocy by your "rebbetzin" at "sem."

But, I guess "blaming the guy" is always the best course of action, so that you don't have to face your own middot you desperately need to work on.

If you have to accuse the guy of being gay, just because he is not in the least bit attracted to you, physically, emotionally, spiritually or any other way, then that must mean that you can't accuse him of being poor, stupid, unsuccessful, or unattractive himself.

In other words, he's a real catch who you just can't have.

Calling him "gay" is just the shidduch world's form of sour grapes.

Haveil Havalim #351 Is Up!

25 of the Twelfth Month 5772

This week's edition of the Haveil Havalim Blog Carnival, the world's largest Jewish and Israel-related blog carnival, is now up at To Kiss A Mezuzah.

Find us at our Facebook Group!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Turkey To Israel: "We're Happy To Take Your Money, But We'll Criticize You Anyway."

24 of the Twelfth Month 5772
YNET: Turkey Calls On Israeli Tourists To Return
Speaking at Serbia Tourism Fair, deputy tourism minister says Antalia and Istanbul 'miss' Israeli tourism

Itamar Eichner, March 14, 2012

Turkish Deputy Minister of Tourism Ozgur Ozaslan expressed his hopes that return to Turkey. The government official spoke over the weekend with Israeli Ambassador to Serbia Yossef Levy.

"Antalia and Istanbul miss the Israeli tourists" said Ozaslan.

The two officials spoke during the opening event of the Serbian international tourism fair. The fair is hosting over 1000 presenters from 46 countries. This is the first time the Israel Ministry of Tourism is participating in the fair. Regardless, the guest of honor at the Serbian fair was Turkey - the most important destination for Serbian tourists. The opening event included a screening of a Turkish image video, and a traditional Ottoman dance.

During the fair, Deputy Minister Ozaslan met with the Israeli ambassador, and expressed his hopes for more cooperation between the countries in the future. "I hope the Israeli tourists will return to Turkey, we miss them," said the deputy minister.

Ambassador Levy replied that as soon as the good relations between the countries will be restored, tourism will flourish. "Israel tourists will probably return to Turkey when they will feel welcome and liked. Unfortunately this is not the situation today," he said.
Diplomat Levy was being VERY diplomatic, and WAY too nice, but was essentially correct.

Why should we even think about spending even one sheqqel in Turkey? (...or Jordan? ...or Egypt?)

They've all got some hutzpah, expecting us to return to their country to throw our money around, while they continue to criticize Israel's policy's and actions toward defending itself. The Turks cannot even guarantee our safety while we are there!

My advice to Israelis is to visit your own country first. There is lots to see here, and that includes a historical and educational.

Never been to Hevron? Shiloh? Tzfath? Tiveria? Naharia? Mitzpeh Ramon? How about the Golan?

The multiple sites, festivals, climates, and attractions of Israel await you!

The Machon Shilo Pre-Passover Conference

24 of the Twelfth Month 5772


The Machon Shilo Pre-Pesah Conference
Sponsored by Israel’s Ministry of Education and the Municipality of Jerusalem
With the Participation of the Ariel Torah Institutions and Makhon HaYerushalmi

Where: Mosdoth Ariel, 5 HaPisgah Rd., Jerusalem

When: 02-01-65 — 2 Nisan 5772 — 25 March 2012

Begins with Tefillath Minhah 4:50 pm Ends with Tefillath ‘Arvith 8:45 pm

Mr. R’uven Campagnano — The Talmud Y’rushalmi: A Window on Day to Day Life in Eress Yisrael

Rabbi Dov Lior, Chief Rabbi of Hevron-Qiryath ‘Arba — The Halakhic K’zayith: 3-5 cc (the Size of an Olive)

Rabbi David Bar-Hayim, Head of Machon Shilo — The ‘Olives’ of Galuth and the Writings of Rav Kook

Prof. Mord’khai Kislev, Bar-Ilan University — The Olives of Eress Yisrael Past and Present: Botanical, Historical and Archeological Perspectives

Rabbi Y’hoshua Bukh
, Makhon HaY’rushalmi — The Leavening Process, One Mil, or Four? Talmud Bavli vs. Talmud Y’rushalmi

• You’ve always known that a K’zayith had to be the size of an olive. You’ve always wondered how things could possibly have become so confused.

• Find out how this Halakha became distorted in the European Galuth.

• If you believe that the Torah is rational; if you understand that Halakha cannot be divorced from reality; if you feel that many Jews cannot relate to a Torah that just doesn’t make sense…

• …then please donate to Machon Shilo via the Pay pal button on the homepage of Machon Shilo to cover the costs of this ground-breaking event.

There's Never A Women's Rights Activist Around When You Need One

24 of the Twelfth Month 5772

Am Ha'Aretz: Israeli Leftist Activists: We Are Being Sexually Harassed In The West Bank
Female activists accuse leftist organizations of belittling cases of harassment by Palestinians for the sake of the struggle against the occupation; Palestinian activist: It is unacceptable that Israeli or foreign women that come to protest in solidarity with us be harassed.

Avi Issacharoff, March 17, 2012

"Hi everyone, I'm writing this here because I'm not really sure when the next meeting will be. At the demonstration today (February 10, 2012) in Kfar a-Dik, I noticed looks and finger pointing from the shabab (nickname for young Palestinians) that made me feel some discomfort. They talked amongst themselves, and not with me, but the word that came up quite a lot was ‘slut,’ with glances directed toward me. When I met A. and H. (two men), I told them about this, and H. stayed by my side. Despite this, there was some ‘accidental’ touching, and some incidents in which people called me a ‘slut.’ In the end of the day, it was a very unpleasant experience.”

This letter, written by an Israeli leftist activist, is only one of the causes for the stormy debate that has been taking place online among leftist and human rights activists in Israel. (Read the entire article)

The only surprise here is that Am Ha'aretz sided with women's rights over Arabs, thus making the Arabs look bad, as well as publicizing a conflict within Leftist interests.

Am Ha'aretz could've gone either way here.

Female protestors were also asked to dress considerately (Read: tzanu'ah/modest). When women are requested the same before entering a Holy place or religious neighborhood, it is considered "offensive" and a violation of their "democratic rights."

By the way, where were women's rights activists when female settler teenagers were imprisoned for civil disobedience over the expulsion from Gaza, and had their modesty violated...numerous times?

Answer? Just another example of the double standards which stem from the Leftist agenda.

Regarding the women who were harassed in this article, how about if they be pro-active in their own defense, by avoiding particular people, places, and things, ie. Arabs.

אין זנות כזנות ישמעאל... אהות דרבי נתן ובעוד דברי חז"ל
There is no sexual promiscuity like the sexual promiscuity of Yishma'el...
Avoth d'Rabbi Nathan
, and other sources from Our Sages z"l.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Israeli Transliteration Map Fail

22 of the Twelfth Month 5772

David Shefel College? Never heard of it.

Normally, I would turn this over to Toby at A Time Of The Signs, who specializes in posting about such matters. But, since I know countless guys who are studying, or who have studied, at Yeshivat Darkei No'am (Shappel's - the correct name), I decided to throw this photo up on Esser Agaroth for kicks. After all, it IS still the Month of Adar.

Why is it "college," and not "yeshivah?"

Well, apparently, certain residents of a certain neighborhood felt more comfortable with having a college in their neighborhood than a yeshivah.

I wouldn't worry about such attitudes. Such residents will either have to start producing more children, or else their attitudes will eventually fade away into nothingness.

The times,...they're a changin'. Somethin's blowin' in the wind.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why Did JNF Give in to Bedouin Land Thieves?

21 of the Twelfth Month 5772 Eldad - Why Did JNF Give in to Bedouin Land Thieves?
MK Eldad demands to know why the JNF stopped a forestation project, warns that perhaps JNF donors should be encouraged to give elsewhere.

Maayana Miskin, March 7, 2012

MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union) is demanding to know why the Jewish National Fund (JNF) has stopped planting trees in the Negev following protests from Bedouin land thieves. In a letter to honorary JNF co-chairman Eli Aflalo, Eldad said the JNF’s inaction means it no longer has a purpose.

“I was shocked to read the article by [journalist] Kalman Liebskind on February 26. From the article I learned that, despite repeated court rulings in its favor, the JNF has decided to halt plantings in Arkib in the Negev,” Eldad wrote.

(Read the entire article)
In a nutshell, the JNF has given into Bedouin land thieves, and has even provided land to Arabs in the Galil, because the JNF - the Jewish National Fund - is not the JNF; it is, and has been for a long time, the ANF - the Arab National Fund.

JNF donors SHOULD give elsewhere.

Why Is Rabbi Druckman Getting The Israel Prize?

21 of the Twelfth Month 5772 Praise For Religious Zionism Leader's Israel Prize

There was an enthusiastic response to the news that Rabbi Chaim Druckman will receive the Israel Prize for his contributions to society and education. The long-time religious Zionist leader. The chairman of the Jewish Home Party and Science Minister Rabbi Daniel Hershkovitz congratulated Rabbi Druckman, as did Members of Knesset Uri Ariel (National Union Party) and Zevulun Orlev (Jewish Home Party).

AMIT educational network Dr. Amnon Eldar, Yeshiva Association CEO Eitan Ozeri and many others congratulated him as well.
Rabbi Chaim Druckman is being awarded the Israel Prize.


Well, first let's take a look at his opinion on Torah Law vs. Israeli Law.

Here is an article from the Jerusalem Post:

Rabbi Druckman: I oppose any insubordination
Rabbi Haim Druckamn on Wednesday told Eyal Gabai, director-general of the Prime Minister's Office, that he opposes any insubordination in the IDF.

However, Druckman, who heads the Or Etzion Yeshiva and the Union of Hesder Yeshivot, reportedly went on to say that if a soldier could not follow an order for a halachic or moral reason, he had a right to say that he cannot follow it.

Gabai praised Druckman for speaking out against insubordination, and said that "insubordination of any kind is unthinkable and cannot be part of the legitimate discourse."

Rabbi David Stav also attended the meeting in Jerusalem, which was dedicated to discussing the ties between hesder yeshivot and the Defense Ministry.

The meeting came after Druckman reportedly told the Olam Katan pamphlet, which is distributed in synagogues on Shabbat, that following military orders to evacuate settlements "is not only impossible, it is not allowed."

"I tell students they should first ask [their commanders] to be acquitted from the mission without creating a scene. But if you are eventually pushed into a corner and you are not relieved [of this duty] - then there is no choice," Druckman was quoted as saying in the interview.

The rabbi went on to stress that he hoped there would be no need for insubordination of this kind.

"Of course I very much hope things will not come to this. Especially after the Gush Katif trauma, when it turns out that in retrospect, even those who supported [the Gaza disengagement] believe that it brought no good and only added to our troubles. I hope we will have the brains not to repeat such moves," Druckman told Olam Katan.

Druckman noted that Jewish law and military commands do not contradict each other, since the IDF recognizes the fact that a religious soldier cannot be ordered to do anything that is against halacha.

I still cannot figure out what his opinion is based on this article. Can you?

Well, there is one thing which is certain. Rabbi Druckman recommends that soldiers run away from their responsibility to make decisions as to whether to commit grievous sins, or not, and to put such decisions into the hands of their IDF commanders,...without making a scene.

Centuries of Jews who made a scene for the sake of Torah observance and for the sake of defending our Holy Land are the reasons we still exist today as a People, not only as a people, but as a people who have merited to return to our Holy Homeland.

But, now, it is better NOT to make a scene??!!

We can also see that from Rabbi Druckman's own words, he does not believe that there is any contradiction between Israeli Defense Forces [IDF] commands,...using circular reasoning, of course. (Read: Mamlakhti - undying State loyalist)

Oh, yeah, and there's that LITTLE issue of the fitness of his Batei Din (rabbinical courts) which rule on conversions, which has yet to be resolved. That's hardly a little issue

Then, I just saw this piece in the Am Ha'aretz on-line news site...
אברום בורג מצטרף למחאה נגד דרוקמן
יו"ר הכנסת לשעבר ובוגר ישיבת נתיב מאיר הצטרף לקריאה לשלול מהרב פרס ישראל. "זה בלתי אפשרי אחרי שתמך בקופולוביץ'"
Avraham Burg Joins The Protest Against Druckman
Former Speaker of the K'nesset and graduate of the Netiv Meir Yeshiva has joined the call to revoke the rabbi's receipt of the Israel Prize. "This is not possible after his support of Kopolovich."

Burg is referring to "Rabbi" Kopolovich, former head of the Netiv Meir Yeshiva, who was convicted of sexually abusing his students. He and his camp take issue with Rabbi Druckman receiving the Israel Prize, after having supported Kopolovich.

I am no fan of Burg, quite the opposite in fact. But, he does have a point.

Here are presented only three of the reasons as to why the awarding of the Israel Prize to Rabbi Chaim should be questioned. Not one, but three completely different reasons.

So, tell me again. Why is Rabbi Druckman getting the Israel Prize?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shimon Peres Does What He Wants

20 of the Twelfth Month 5772
YNET: Peres - Window Of Peace Has Been Opened
President visits south for late Purim fest, lauds kids for bravery in face of rocket

Neri Brenner, March 13, 2012

President Shimon Peres traveled to the southern kibbutz of Yad Mordechai Tuesday for a late Purim celebration with the children whose holiday was ruined by barrages of rockets fired from the Gaza Strip.

The kids greeted the president while dressed in their Purim costumes, singing songs and waving flags. (Continue reading the article...)
(Article Tip Credit: Jews News)

The President of Israel is supposed to be a non-political/symbolic position. Yet, Peres is the most political. No one is raising any fuss about it, because Shimon Peres can apparently do what he wants.

If former Presidents Katzav or Weitzman went around being political, there would have been an uproar.

I don't believe he gives a rat's tuchus for the children in the South, except for maybe the Bedouin.

I believe that Shimon Peres cares about one thing: Shimon Peres.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Why Can't I Have More Than One Wife?

19 of the Twelfth Month 5772

Someone posted a link to a post on why "polygamy is a bad idea." This was my response:

Yemenites only recently gave up fighting the "Holy State" on this matter, and only within the last 100 years did many Sephardi rabbanim accept this Ashkenazi taqanah of Rabbenu Gershom upon themselves.

If I can legally (according to the State of Israel) have sex with whomever I want, including other men's wives, and everyone else is supposed to mind their own business, then why can't I marry more than one wife?

I'll tell you why.

1) The secular state considers this dangerous and "oppressive" to women, even though that's just a Western/assimilationist mentality speaking.

2) The rest of the indoctrinated, numbed out Jews in this country continue to confuse Torah with Western/assimillationist sensibilities.

3) The usual double standards...

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Haveil Havalim #350: Post-Purim 5772 Edition

18 of the Twelfth Month 5772

During the month of Elul, most of us do our best to repair any damage we have done during the previous 11 months, we haven't already succeeded in repairing, damage to our family, friends, neighbors, and even strangers. In other words, we attempt to make reparations, and commitments not to repeat the same errors בין אדם לחברו (between man and his fellow), in addition to בין אדם למקום (between man and HaShem).

Typically, we see our deadline as Yom HaKippurim.

Well, there is a well-known midrash suggesting that כפורים (kePurim) means "like Purim." So, sure enough, we have a similar concept of repairing (building, improving, etc.) our relationships on Purim.

It is said that one of the reasons behind giving משלוח מנות (sending of portions) to friends, one of the four misswoth of Purim, is to strengthen our connections with each other. There is even a custom to give them specifically to those at whom we are angry or resentful. I guess you could call it something like an ice-breaker, or an excuse to come over. But, it is, of course, something much more powerful than that.

The highlight of my Purim was when I saw this was confirmed in the note which was attached to the "portion" I received from my buddy Aaron Hai at Jewish Teachings:
It is written in the Holy Books that… One who sends מנות (portions) and brings about joy to their friends – sweetens all the דינים (judgments), and chases off all מרעין בישון (bad things), as written in Psalms (86:13)...
וְהִצַּלְתָּ נַפְשִׁי, מִשְּׁאוֹל תַּחְתִּיָּה
"...and you have rescued my soul from the grave at its deepest."
And the first letters of each word here can be rearranged to spell מנות.
Food for thought...with no pun intended.

Founded by Soccer Dad, Haveil Havalim is a carnival of Jewish blogs -- a weekly collection of Jewish & Israeli blog highlights, tidbits and points of interest collected from blogs all around the world. It's hosted by different bloggers each week and coordinated by Jack. The term 'Haveil Havalim,' which means"Vanity of Vanities," is from Qoheleth, (Ecclesiastes) which was written by King Solomon. King Solomon built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and later on got all bogged down in materialism and other 'excesses' and realized that it was nothing but 'hevel,' or in English, 'vanity.'

Before I present this week's edition of Haveil Havalim, there are a few announcements.

1. Susan Esther Barnes of To Kiss A Mezuzah will be hosting next week's edition. You may personal message her on Facebook to make your submissions.

2. Our Facebook Group is growing. If you are a Jewish/Israel-related blogger, you are invited to join us. This is now our primary way of staying in contact with one another, and to discuss and decide upon Haveil Havalim Blog Carnival logistics.

3. We may soon implement a standardized submission site. So stay tuned, and spread the word!

4. I didn't receive very many submissions this week. I remember when I had to spend most of time sorting through the multiple submissions from many bloggers. It's not like that anymore. My time is now mostly spent on surfing the Net in order to find enough posts to fill an edition. Is it just me?

In any event, it's on with the show!


Josh Waxman
at the Parsha Blog presents links to words of Torah on Parshat Ki Tisa.

Tomer Devorah reposts an essay of hers from 10 years ago, yet very relevant today, "Turn And Return."


Batya at Me-Ander describes how and why she became a Yemenite For The Night. Then posting at Shiloh Musings she shares the Perfect Purim News.

Mr. Cosmic X says, I Fear For Iran.

Susan Esther Barnes at To Kiss A Mezuzah shares her Lessons From Purim.

Rafi at Life In Israel presents An Interesting Psak: Pot On Purim.

Jacob at Good News From Israel reports on the Purim Parade in Ma'aleh Adumim (includes photos!)

Northern Lights & Reflections shares on Family And Belonging.

Princess Pan presents Go Goldstein! and reminds us of some recent, and some not so recent history.

Some extensive history is also shared by Sultan Knish in The Ages Of Purim.

The Jewish Fist provides us with Reflections On The Eternal Lesson Of Amalek.

I provide my Esser Agaroth on a Purim Fail.

Beneath The Wings brings us Purim Lessons #1: Flexibility and Empathy and Purim Lessons #2.


Jerusalem Joe, writing at The Israeli Tikkun Blog, shares the story of his Escape From The Secular Prison.

Ariel at The Torah Revolution provides us with Today's Proof That The State's Not Jewish.

Jacob at Good News From Israel brings us Computer Jobs In Israel (CJI) - Annual Salary Survey Results.

Hutz la'Aretz
(Outside of Israel)

The Rabbi On The Beach gives his take on a recent spot on the Dr. Phil Show in Rabbi Shmuley is More Embarrassing than Pearlperry Reich on the Dr. Phil Show (and analysis)

Jack at the The Jack B. tells us about What A Father Knows.

And that's a wrap! Get in on the action! We'll see you next week!

Friday, March 09, 2012

Purim Fail

Purim leMuqafin/
Erev Shabbath Qodesh Parashath Ki Tisa 5772

This picture was going around Facebook during the last couple of weeks. I traced it back to a two year old post on the Truth, Praise and Help blog, in which the photo was credited to Yoni Cantor Wiseman.

Truth, Praise and Help suggested that we not bother to point such faux pas, as the family in question would not know what you are talking about.

I disagree.

All you have to do is use the right words and phrases, such as "minhaggei haNotzrim" (Christian customs) and "avodah zarah" (foreigh worship). They will get the message.

The same goes for groups of tourists singing and passing out their avodah zarah pamphlets. Some such tourists have the hutzpah to try to stay here, very much like illegal aliens in the U. S. Most are obviously non-Jews to those of us from English speaking countries, but not at all obvious to our native Israeli friends and neighbors.

This is one of the few times when those of us who are native English speakers, and who have experience living among Christians, are the experts. It is our responsibility to point out the abominations occurring right under their noses.

Overlooking a frum family wearing santa costumes, and even calling it cute, is one thing.

Neglecting to point out when Christians are attempting to spread their false beliefs, and to lead Jews to transgress several misswoth (Torah commandments), by stealing their souls, and now, to snag pieces of the Jewish Homeland, is the real fail.

Monday, March 05, 2012


11 of the Twelfth Month 5772

FOOD DRIVE: 2/28/12-3/9/12

We are collecting food donations to give to families in need, in partnership with Sachi. Please bring food to one of our drop-off locations:

NachlaOR, Yosef Chaim 18, Nachlaot

Trumpledor, Nisim Bahar 18, Nachlaot

17aleph Nahar Prat, Nachlaot (leave it on the porch)

Please help us in trying to make a difference this Purim to those in need.. We are doing a food drive to collect food which will be distributed to families in need for chag!! There are several ways you can help..

1) Donate an item of food (dry/packaged) to one of several drop off points in Yerushalayim (please contact me for nearest point or look out for updates on fb).

2) Offer your home as a drop off point for food (Especially if you live in katamon or rechavia please get in touch!!) We will arrange for the food to be picked up by Wednesday before purim.

3) Give an hour of your time to stand with a friend at the shuk asking people to buy and donate an extra item for those in need (we will provide you with a sign and a box to collect the food)!

4) If you drive you can help us with picking up/delivering the food.. please contact me if you can help in this area!!

Any questions or to get involved, message me or call 0523585126



Elisheva Fisher
Food Drive Coordinator

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Yes. It Did Snow In Jerusalem

11 of the Twelfth Month 5772

This was the third "threat" of snow from the all knowing, all powerful, Wizard of Oz national weatherman.

The first two were blown off by my meteorologist friend Ya'akov. He tried to explain to me why we had nothing to worry about the first two times. But, since I do not speak "Weatherese" terribly well, I only understood that I should not worry that it would snow.

As it turned out, Ya'akov was right. So, when he suggested that it really might snow this time, I made sure to be prepared. Following his weather updates on Facebook, I knew that I should get everything together for Shabbath by Thursday evening, which I did. But, when I went to sleep at 1:00 AM last night, there was not any sign of snow.

When I woke up Friday morning, snow already covered much of the ground, and whitened the trees here and there. At 10:00 AM, snow filled the air, coming down pretty heavily. After a short break, snow began falling again at around noon.

By 2:00 PM, though, the snow had almost entirely melted. Such is life in Jerusalem.

I am glad that I did not have to ago into town today. The custom is that Tel-Avivim flood into Jerusalem every time it snows here, in order to get their dose of it, without having to drive for hours to the Upper Galilee or Golan.

It was snowing again on Shabbath night at around 11:30 PM. The snow was gone again by Shabbath morning.

I am glad for all of the precipitation we have been getting. Apparently, the level of the Kinereth has been rising steadily, and will continued to do so, when the snows melt to fill its feeder rivers and streams in the North.

However, this native San Diegan is glad to say goodbye to snow, and freezing temperatures until next year.

Haveil Havalim #349 Is Up!

10 of the Twelfth Month 5772

This week's edition of the world's largest Jewish and Israel-oriented blog carnival Haveil Havalim is up at A Soldier's Mother.

Find us on Facebook, too!

Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Secular Leftist Manifesto Spelled Out

8 of the Twelfth Month 5772

My Esser Agaroth commentary is interspersed in blue, for clarity's sake.
YNET: Say No To Jewish Hezbollah
Op-ed: Instead of drafting Haredim into army en masse, we should aim to reduce their birthrate

Yaron London, February 28, 2012

The doctors recommend that a maligned body part be cut off. The frightened patient turns to a witch doctor who promises full recovery. Some would feel better because of the placebo effect, yet physiology would quickly defeat psychology. The witch doctor’s medicine would prove to be worse than the illness.

Israeli society is sick. The illness is Jewish fundamentalism. National service to haredim who refuse to join the army is the medicine offered by the witch doctor. Yet there will be no wide-scale national service, and should it be established after all because of weak politicians, it would be corrupt and terribly expensive.

The weak politicians are on the right AND left, religious AND secular. The left continues to hock the Haredim about not doing their part for their "holy" State. They won't allow them to enlist in the Israeli Defense Forces [IDF], because they do not want their children exposed to the environment that religious soldiers would create. They do not want their children to be in an environment filled with minyanim, tefillin, and strict kosher and Shabbath observance.

The left will not allow a massive Haredi sherut le'umi (national service) enlistment either.

Why not?

If the left allows Haredi sherut le'umi, then they will be unable to implement their plan to brainwash indoctrinate them into secular, so-called "progressive," Israeli society. They believe such a society to be correct, yet they also desire to maintain their control,...desperately so.

What they do want is for the Haredim to be indoctrinated (Read: "brainwashed") into their assimilationist, anti-Torah world. The left is running scared. They know that they will eventually lose control.

Encouraging goyim to immigrate to Israel, and working to grant foreign workers citizenship has not been working fast enough for them, at least not as fast as the Erev Rav controlled government and Yaron London would like.
Moreover, such national service would not accelerate the entry of bums into the workforce. It would not produce reconciliation between seculars and haredim. Rather, the dispute between them would grow.

National service would not create peace in our midst because it does not provide a sense of justice. A year of work where haredim serve eight hours a day is not equal to a military service that lasts three years or more.

General Elazar Stern’s proposal to establish purely haredi regiments is even worse. The results of its implementation would be graver the more haredim join such units. The army of God will distinguish itself from the military at large and bow to the authority of officers who adhere to their rabbis’ directives.
Translation: "We have our eyes on you settlers who hold to Torah over State Law, as well."
Which rabbis will grant their patronage to haredi regiments? At best, it would be the rabbis of the large Lithuanian yeshivas; at worse, it would be radical clerics. The former would ensure strict adherence to Jewish law to the point of paralyzing God’s army. The latter would turn it into a Jewish Hezbollah.
What London and others, secular AND religious, do not realize is that Jewish Law covers how to run an army, a Jewish army, and not just "shabbos and kashrus shailos." The real threat to the Left is the knowledge of this, knowledge that Democracy (and deMOCKracy) are not true, Jewish forms of government, thus their need to apply the oxymoron "Jewish Democratic" state to the State of Israel. They do not want you to know that prophesy reveals that their reign will only be temporary, and that Torah will eventually be accepted as the "Law of the Land of Israel" that it is.

Their self-will is too powerful. If driving to the beach on Shabbath to eat barbequed shellfish is what they want to do, then who are the Haredim to them otherwise, let alone The Almighty Himself?!

They believe that their Western-progressive-maskili (secular intellectual), snooty "we know better than everyone else, including God" attitude justifies their double standards. In other words, Jews who DARE to adhere to God's Laws over the laws of their precious, "holy," anti-Torah state, when said laws are in conflict with one another, are terrorists (Hezbollah); whereas, the actions of various leftist organizations, such as ripping out trees in the Shomron and Yehudah (Judea & Samaria) days before the Shemitah (Sabbatical) Year, egging on Arabs to attack settler families, cutting down trees and severing water pipes near Arab villages, and then blaming settlers for it are totally acceptable.
Recipe for civil war
A modern state should not impose a service duty on work that can be undertaken by paid employees. We do not live in the feudal era where vassals were forced to dedicate some of their time to the needs of their landlords. The only anomaly is the art of war. Few would enlist should the State not make use of a measured blend of coercion and the impartation of values (sic.).
Imparting of values? Translation: "Indoctrination into what we believe to be a superior (secular) culture."
Values are imparted at home and through the education system. Coercion is only possible in totalitarian systems. As haredi education rejects a life of work and participation in defending the homeland, and as we cannot imprison tens of thousands of yeshiva students (and those pretending to be such,) and as national service would hold justice in contempt, and as purely haredi regiments are a recipe for an armed civil war, and as the haredi community mushrooms as result of natural growth – the national majority has no choice but to embark on a determined cultural war.
"Cultural war" is the key phrase here. I expect that we will begin seeing this phrase a lot more often in the Israeli news media. It is a little more palatable to most than "civil war," or the more severe Hebrew translation "war between brothers." Yet, it does the job that London and his ilk want done, to rile up secular Jews. But the real goal is to scare the hell out of those identifying as traditional, modern orthodox, or Religious Zionist.
Time is of the essence. Should the majority lose this war, the Zionist enterprise would be remembered as a short-lived historical episode.

There is no choice but to let the draft-dodging haredim be, but we should aim to reduce the number of their grandchildren. This is not an impossible mission. It is not an abusive mission either. This is a mission of salvation. The haredi camp grew because our enlightened society supported this growth. Society was wrong, and it should now correct this distortion.
Just what exactly is London proposing to reduce the numbers in the Haredim population?

Forced sterilization? Deportation? Freezing the aliyah (immigration) of Haredim? Former Minister of the Interior Avraham Poraz (Shinu'i) successfully froze the aliyah of the mostly right-wing, religious communities of Peru and Eastern India. Why not Haredim?

To that end, we must change the relative system of government. This system (on top of many other drawbacks stemming from it,) grants the haredi minority unfair influence on resource distribution and on the religious establishment’s relationship with the civilian state.

The kind of system of government we maintain is rare in enlightened states. Even Britain and the United States, the founding fathers of parliamentary democracy, forego strictly representative elections and grant the majority power that goes beyond its relative electoral strength.
There is that other buzz word "enlightened." It is always used, as if to say that Haredim are "primitive," or "unenlightened," or worse that to be enlightened by Torah is not enlightenment at all.

"Beyond its relative electoral strength" is another code phrase to watch out for. In other words, whenever Haredim, or anyone else they hate, begin to gain control, it is perfectly acceptable, in their heads, to cancel out that control by any possible means.
In political terms, only a centrist government that does not depend on the haredim would be able to erode the immense power of the haredi education system and affect the demographic trend. The urgency of this move must be recognized by the large secular parties. Something must be done, even before the next elections.
Although London makes a few good points about reformation of the system in the areas of labor and defense, I believe that his goals of the secular left include maintaining the barrier between various religious groups by promoting fear and hatred between them.

The Western/assimilationist, secular Left is running scared. With over 50% of Israeli third-graders identifying as religious, London and his hevre will not be the majority for long. In fact, every study attempting to pinpoint the average Israeli consistently result in the now, almost cliche, "Right of center, unwilling to give up more Land traditionalist."

In other words, London and his hevre are already NOT the majority.

Yet, as sneaky as London is with his words of concern for his "holy," completely non-Torah oriented state, he still one of the few from his cartel daring to reveal his true colors.

You do not even have to look too closely to see the secular, Leftist manifesto spelled out:

Eliminate Torah, eliminate true Jewish identity, eliminate any hopes of having true, Jewish sovereignty over the Land of Israel.