Thursday, October 20, 2005

Regarding Concessions For Peace

17 of the Seventh Month (Hol HaMo'ed Sukkoth) 5766

Setting aside for the moment that I believe strongly that there should not be any concessions on the part of Israel, and that Arabs and goyim in general (with a few possible exceptions...maybe) must vacant the Land of Israel,...

...I believe we have support for the notion that nothing is "safe," not with Ariel Sharon YSh"W in power, nor anyone else in the current limelight, for that matter.

Although Sharon YSh"W has denied that the "security fence" will eventually serve as a defacto border, it looks more and more that he is moving in that direction. Those people (including many Jews from English-speaking countries, as it happens) living the "block" of Jewish towns known as Gush Etzion (south of Jerusalem near Beth-Lehem like Efrat, Newe Daniel, Elazar, Bat-Ayin, Alon Shvuth, Kfar Etzion, etc.) have always belived that they are "safe" from being expelled from their homes, and that the fate of the Jews in Gaza will never be their fate. They have been told this often enough by the Israeli government. Recently, it was announced that Sharon's fence will not encompass all of Gush Etzion, but rather go through it. With only some exceptions, including the residents of Bat-Ayin, many of these Jews are what we consider to be "Mamlachtim," Jews concerned that shouldn't be any disagreement between the Torah and this [evil] government, thus often make compromises with Torah. Relief from their cognitive dissonance overpowers the absence of hallachic (Jewish legal) logic which their rabbis employ. These have become complacent. Their complacency will be their downfall (may God forbid), if they do not wake up, not only to reality, but to Torah, which for a Jew are one and the same.

Similar discrepencies in the fence's route exist in the Shomron (north from Beth-El through Shchem and Ganim). Sharon is now talking about strengthing the Golan and the Jordan Valley.

But, U. S. Secretary of State Rice YSh"W has already been talking about the Jordan Valley as one such "concession."

What if the Syrian regime turns around over night, like some are predicting Asad YSh"W will do out of fear, comparing his potential future overtures to the US like those of Qadafi YSh"W.

Will Israel then be force to make a "friendship" gesture to the "new" Syria?

And what are the major Jewish organizations outside of Israel doing? They are certainly not helping,...not helping Jews that is. With the possible exception of the Zionist Organization of America [ZOA], they are helping the Yishma'elim (Arabs), unintentionally for the most part.

Nothing is "safe," not our Land, our lives, nor our neshamoth (souls), not until we Jews take responsibility for ourselves and stop relying upon and worrying about the goyim.

Let us rely only upon the Almighty, and be guided only by his Torah, has handed down to us by our Hachamim (Sages), and not distorted by so-called "liberal" Jewish leaders who distort the Torah, and interpret it according to how they feel, and then mix and match misinterpreted Hallachic sources after the fact, in order to support the dissemination of their lies to the numbed-out, self-hating, Jewish masses, (may they turn to the Almighty and his Torah and be guided).