Friday, October 10, 2003

Victim On Trial

13 of the Seventh Month 5764

It has begun, yet again, for the umteenth time.

Jews and non-Jews, Israelis and other nationals have begun to cry an all too familiar cry:

"No, we cannot bomb a terrorist camp in Syria! It will only make things worse! They will hit us again!"

In other words, although it is not [supposed to be] acceptable for Arabs to shoot and to blow up Jews, it is also not acceptable for "we Jews to stoop to their level" by striking back.

This cry is no less ridiculous and offensive than accusing a rape victim of having been raped.

I do not make this statement lightly. Rape is a serious and violent crime, causing physical, psychological, and spiritual damage to the victim, as well as to those close to the victim. It is not at all the intention of this letter to minimalize the terror a rape victim is forced to undergo (G-d forbid).

Rather, it is to wake the Jewish People up from their denial and their repressed memories of history.

When someone has been raped, what is the general course of action?

The victim is provided with support, healing, and the empowerment to prevent this from happening again, both to this person and to others.

The victim is encouraged to testify in court, even to face a well-trained and clever defense attorney who
often tries to twist the story of what happened.

The victim is prepared for this in advance, reminded that the attorney will be manipulative and convincing.

The victim stands firm, knowing that testifying will help to bring the rapist to justice, and hopefully remind other would be rapists to think twice before perpetrating a similar act of violence.

The victim is the Jewish People. The defense attorneys are the UN and European Union. The judge on the bench is the United States. And finally the rapists, crying an "unhappy childhood made me do it" are the Arabs in Israel.

The brothers who taught them to rape are Al-Qaeda and other Islamic fumdamentalists. But, when the birth records are uncovered, it is revealed that they were actually born on the same day. They taught, helped, and encouraged each other to rape.

The liberal judge, for some reason unbeknownst to me, does not want to accept the evidence of this, and wants to treat this rapist differently. Thus, the repeat offender gets off every time.

It does not seem to matter how much evidence Israeli Intelligence produces to Judge Bush. He does believe or simply ignores the connection between all Arab terrorists, including Arafat.

In fact, the judge even admonishes the rape victim for having fought back. The rapist is now suing the victim for damages, and the UN and Europe have been manipulating and censoring information, so that the rapist will be able to buy new clothes and food and even new weapons to be an even more effective rapist the next time.

This miscarriage of justice is intensified by the fact that other rapists are convicted left and right by other judges.

When some rape victims fight back, even kill their rapists, there are juries which exonerate them from guilt without batting an eyelash.

Of course, history has shown that there are two standard in this world, one for the Jews, and one for everyone else. When an African-American raises money for African-Americans, it is called "self-empowerment." When Jews raise money for Jews and the Jewish Homeland, it is selfish and racist.

It is about time that Jews FINALLY stop being victims, stop letting the world rape us in each and every generation since the Destruction of the Holy Temple.

And in each generation, our excuse is the same: "But surely it will be different this time."

And it never is.

Nobody will rescue us. There is no district attorney to help us, no support group to show us the way.

There is only G-d and His Torah to empower us. But G-d and Torah are more than enough. But, first we must take responsibility for ourselves. Nobody else will.

We, and by ourselves alone, must stop being the rape victims always on trial.

Friday, September 26, 2003

Happy Birthday, Shimon Peres (or A Tree Grows in Ofra)

The Sixth Month 5763

This Sunday, after the long and grueling pilgrimage to the Holy Land, many celebrities made their way to a celebration of grand proportions to pay homage to Shimon Peres on the occasion of his 80th birthday. The Land of Israel was graced by the presence of such upstanding and righteous dignitaries as former US President Bill Clinton, the last Premier of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbechov, and, of course, superstar Barbra Streisand (May she find her way back to Torah).

Let me take the opportunity to congratulate him on some of his many accomplishments.

Shimon Peres, thank you for your role in encouraging Jews to settle the Sinai Peninsula while under Israeli control.

Thank you for your role in encouraging the founding of Kfar Daron and Netzarim, towns in Gaza.

Thank you for the building of Israel’s [secret?] nuclear power plant.

Hmm…I doubt that the above-mentioned sovereigns of justice knew anything about this, for they most certainly would not have approved.

At the girls’ religious high school in Ofra, a town on the border between Judea and Samaria (See Judges 6:11), students can find shade underneath a big tree. According to the adjacent sign, this tree was planted by former Prime Minister Shimon Peres.

Mr. Peres, thank you for the tree.

In all fairness to Mr. Peres, I doubt he did any of these things for ideological reasons, so the “western cultural elite" and other politically-correct minded individuals can rest easy; they need not be concerned. Mr. Peres was possibly just going with the flow, and implementing such projects for his own political gain. After all, he was eventually able to see Jews have to leave their homes in the Sinai, while Jewish residents of Gaza, on the other hand, continue to get blown up and shot on a regular basis. (May G-d protect them and avenge their blood of the fallen!)

Although Mr. Peres does not understand why the Jews have not left Gaza, perhaps he believes they have now become spiritually broken and they are now much easier to handle. After all, everything Shimon Peres has done has been with the Jewish People’s best interests at heart, hasn’t it? Well, the government does continue its attempts to chip away at the Torah. And the Arabs continue to be on their way to outnumbering Jews in 50 years (G-d forbid), within the UN recognized borders, that is.

Certainly Mr. Peres believes the Arabs will “come around,” and make peace with Israel. I suppose, he lives according to that expression, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

Meanwhile, the Jewish State continues on its path toward self-destruction, even without the bombs and bullets. Fifty years, remember?

It might be wise to consider some wisdom from 12-Step program literature:

“Repeating the same mistakes over again, expecting different results, is [nothing short of] insanity.”

Regarding that tree flourishing in Ofra, perhaps Mr. Peres expected that it would have died by now, or would be enjoyed by Arabs.

Well, such is not the case. The girls in Ofra still enjoy the benefit of your tree-planting, and for that I thank you.