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Haveil Havalim #341 - The Hanukkah 5772 Edition

30 of the Ninth Month 5772
6th Night of Hanukkah

Well, as my laptop screen went out, and I still do not have an Internet connection at home (long story, don't ask...), I sit here on the third floor of the Jerusalem Central Bus Station in Cafe Neto, whose name I hope needs no further explanation.

OK, I know it's a chain, and chains are tacky. But, a commitment is a commitment, and I had nowhere else to go. I might add that the coffee isn't any worse or expensive than anywhere else in Jerusalem, and I hear that they make a really good toast (toasted sandwich).

At a suggestion from Batya, and an e-mail from Jack this morning, I was able to obtain a long selection of your posts, via's "insta-carnival," dating back to I don't know when. ( least one of its features appears to be working,...for now) You would be amazed at the spam which was received, mostly from Christians, who did not even try to pretend it was Israel-related. They may be steadily infiltrating the Shomron (Samaria), but they will not make it into Haveil Havalim, as long as I am a host! ...unless they are super, industrial strength, sneaky.

But, I digress....

A few of you appear to be continuing your blind post submission, without knowing that something has been seriously wrong with's on-line submission process, for quite sometime now. Does that mean you have not been following the news of this mentioned in the editions themselves? (raised eyebrow)

This all being said, I am afraid (no, not really) that I no choice but to limit the posts to those from this week, with the exception of a few which captured my attention.

If you end up disliking this edition of Haveil Havalim, that has the potential to turn into a positive thing.


Well, if you really dislike how I have presented this edition, and, say, left out your EXTREMELY important post, then perhaps that will motivate you to volunteer to host an edition yourself.

See what I mean?

Haveil Havalim is dying, folks. If you do not want it to die, then you will have to step up to the plate, and volunteer to host. Just try it once. If you hate it then 1) you'll appreciate the work of the hosts more, even of those hosts you dislike, and 2) you'll never have to host again.

Contact Fearless Leader Jack directly at

The next thing which I believe needs to happen is that we all give up on's on-line submission system. If you are like me, you will not want everyone and his brother (& sister) to be in possession of your e-mail address.

So, until we find a more reliable way to communicate with each other, I suggest that you join the Haveil Havalim Facebook Group I set up. The old, inactive one is set to be archived soon. So, it will be of no use to us. Let me know if you would like to be an administrator, too. Besides Jack, I suggest we have a few more, from diverse points of view.

And so, with all of that meta-blogging "processing" behind us, and without further ado, here is the Hanukkah 5772 Edition of the Haveil Havalim Blog Carnival.

Founded by Soccer Dad, Haveil Havalim is a carnival of Jewish blogs -- a weekly collection of Jewish & Israeli blog highlights, tidbits and points of interest collected from blogs all around the world. It's hosted by different bloggers each week and coordinated by Jack. The term 'Haveil Havalim,' which means"Vanity of Vanities," is from Qoheleth, (Ecclesiastes) which was written by King Solomon. King Solomon built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and later on got all bogged down in materialism and other 'excesses' and realized that it was nothing but 'hevel,' or in English, 'vanity.'


Here is a sneak peak at Parshat Vayigash from Josh at the Parsha Blog.

Geulah Girl suggests we back up to Parshat Vayishlach for a moment, to remind us of what us is going on at this time of year, besides Hanukkah, and of the need to keep our eyes open.


The Jewish Fist shares his Reflection On Chanukah with us. According to him, Chanukah is the most misunderstood of all the Jewish Festivals.

Samantha at The Israel Situation presents her Zionist Perspective On Chanukah.

I throw in my Esser Agaroth on the Jewish Federation's "Inner Maccabee" Hanukkah Video.

Tomer Devorah reprints Rabbi Kahane's hy"d classic Down With Chanukah (1972) for us.

Velveteen Rabbi brings us Chanukah Remixed.

Miryummy brings us every Hanukkah video on line there is, or so it seems, in Chanuka, oh Hannukkah. Thanks, Miryummy!

Last but not least, not exactly a Hanukkah post, but when you see Jameel @ The Muqata's Maybe It's Time To Move To Israel, you'll know exactly why I put it here. This is a must see photo!


Jewish Israel reports on the continual attempts by Christian "friends of Israel" to implant themselves both within the Land, and even within normative Judaism in The Other Side Of Torah. Duped members of Kenesset and various mesmerized "rabbis" appear to be to blame.

Nobody seems to remember that Abbas Used To Be A Member Of The Muslim Brotherhood. According to Daled Amos, it shows.

Batya, our Shilo Muse, reports that Givat Asaf Is Vulnerable In More Ways Than One.

Sharon A at The Real Jerusalem Streets presents her take on the Jerusalem Light Rail, and with photos, too!

Fun Joel's Israel presents This is Not a Political Post Fun Joel’s Israel. What do YOU know about the "Mughrabi Bridge controversy?" It all seems to be covered here. He also brings us Israel Mystery Photo #16, the next in an ongoing series of photos taken in Israel. In each post Fun Joel presents the new "Mystery Photo" and gives further information on the previous photo in the series.

David at Israelity brings us Exposing Tel Aviv Fashion Week. This post also caught my eye, as I have recently been having my fashion conscious past and artistic upbringing triggered at every turn, including an opportunity to model for some photos last week,...if you can believe it. Believe it! It happened! I'll let you know if my shots make the cut.

The Apple Never Falls Far From The Tree comes from Anthony at The Israel Situation. See what Israel is getting before any other country.

Hutz la'Aretz
(Outside of Israel)

Daled Amos believes that Jonathan Pollard May Become An Election Issue.

Allison Josephs at Jew In The City presents Cultivating a Soul: What Farming Can Teach You About Personal Growth Jew In The City. This was one of those posts which caught my eye. Alison should come visit all of the present-day farms in Yehudah, Binyamin, the Shomron, and elsewhere. Nope. Farming is not what we used to do. And... Soon, many of us may have to return to it whether we like or not. This spring will be a good time to make an actual start on those vegetable gardens you've only been thinking about.


OK. I just HAD to put this one in. Tripple Peppermint Chocolate Brownies from Yosef at This American Bite. Anything with "Chocolate" and "Tripple" in the name HAS to be good, right?


Make sure to read Rick's Mom's Playing “Aunt Loretta.”


Mystery Woman presents When Children Die.

To Kiss A Mezuzah presents There Is No Such Thing As A Good Stereotype.


Here are some blogs recommended this month for you to check out!

Check out A Jew In The Rain: If you'd like to post on the blog, please read the first post, and send your observations, musings, art, tutorials, and fiction or non-fictionthe poetry inherent in a Torah life.

Next, help Efraim find a wife... Check out his blog here, to find out more!

And, finally, check out the Kislev Edition of the Kosher Cooking Carnival is being hosted at Me-Ander.

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Carnival Of Krembos #1

Motza'ei Shabbath Qodesh Parashath Miqetz 5772
5th Night of Hanukkah

Just over a month ago, I put out a call for posts about Krembos.

Well, there wasn't that much a response. But, the response I did get included some very well thought out posts about Krembos, Israel's favorite winter treat.

Here is a bit of background, the beginnings of my fascination with Krembos, in Krembos Have Arrived!

Miriam's Words provides us with a bit of Krembo trivia in It's That Time Of Year Again.... She even lets us know that there is actually a Krembo Page on Facebook. Nu? Who knew?

For a different kind of post, Batya at Me-Ander presents The Taste Of "Old Israel."

And, finally, Daniela at Isreview provides us with a very extensive investigation into the different types of Krembos made and eaten in Israel, in The Krembo Challenge. After reading it, there will not be anything more for you to learn about Krembos!

Well, that's all for this year's Carnival Of Krembos! See you next year, and Happy Hanukkah!

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Jewish Federation's "Inner Maccabee" Hanukkah Video

17 of the Ninth Month 5772

What do you think of Jewish Federation's Hanukkah video?

Tag line:

"Show us your inner Maccabee this Chanukah. Do a world of good, make a world of difference."

This video does nothing more than perpetuate the Western galuth (diaspora), Leftist brainwashing myth of Hanukkah.

Whereas, the true story of Hanukkah includes the following components:

The Maccabees killed Jews.

The Maccabees killed Jews who assimilated into foreign invaders, Hellenist culture, even though they resided in Israel. (...which begs the question, "What are we to do about the Hellenization taking place in Israel now?)

The Maccabees killed Jews who practiced avodah zarah (forbidden worship).

The Maccabees cleansed the Beth HaMiqdash (Holy Temple), and re-instituted the bringing of kosher sacrifices, something which is now considered to be politically-incorrect.

The Jewish Federation's Hanukkah video is just another attempt at revisionist history, keeping the blinds pulled over Jews' eyes, and preventing them from seeing the entire Torah.

The Jewish Federation's Hanukkah video, does present acts of kindness, which the Maccabees no doubt carried out. But, to place the focus on this during Hanukkah, is to be misleading and intellectually dishonest.

The Jewish Federation's Hanukkah video seems more like an American Christmas video, than anything else.

The Jewish Federation's Hanukkah video demonstrates that the Jewish Federation knows nothing about Hanukkah, or worse, that is does know what Hanukkah is, but doesn't want Jews to learn what it really is.

Let's face it. The Jewish Federation's Hanukkah video is crap!

Hillary Says Jump...

17 of the Ninth Month 5772

My (unpublished) talkback to this article follows.

YNET: Peres, Netanyahu Speak Out Against Women's Exclusion
President, prime minister express adamant objection to recently debated phenomenon of female shunning; government to mull punitive measures against municipalities, companies that permit segregation of women

Omri Efraim, December 12, 2011

The Ministerial Committee for the Advancement of Women in Israel is expected to convene Tuesday in order to set up an inter-ministerial team to fight against the exclusion of women in public domains, Ynet learned on Monday.

The team, which will include representatives from the Justice, Interior, Transportation, and Religious Services ministries, as well as Civil Service personnel, will examine several options to fight the phenomenon, including issuing sanctions and fines against local councils and private companies that permit the segregation of women....

Hillary says jump...

...and Bibi and Shimmy ask, "how high?" It's one thing if Israelis make a decision about an issue. It's another when another country is telling Israelis how to think, feel, and act.

What happens when the majority wants such [voluntary] segregation?

The Left, the same Left which negotiated the Oslo and Geneva Accords behind everyone's back, even though it was illegal to do so, because THEY KNOW BETTER, will tell us what to do anyway.

Some democracy, eh? More deMOCKracy. (assuming I cared even cared about democracy)

Now, let's take a look at what is really going on here.

We can debate the issue of segregation on public transportation another time. Better yet, go read my post Mehadrin Buses. I covered it all there, over three years ago, and nothing has changed. Needless to say, it is a popular issue used to scare the Modern Orthodox into believing that they will eventually be sucked up into the maelstrom of a Haredi-ized society.

It's a tactic the far left-wing Meretz Party used in the last mayoral elections in Jerusalem, to help get Nir Barakat elected. It is called "Fear Mongering."

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and (the anything but symbolic Israeli President) Shimon Peres use it too. In fact, I believe that Clinton was just an excuse for them to rant and rave about this issue, they wanted to rant and rave about anyway. Even more so, I suspect that Clinton was not the initiator. Rather, she was given her cue from within the Israeli Left, as part of their plan to continue the Western assimilation process of the NON-Western Jewish culture.

The issue of women singing in public is another matter.

This is not about women being prevented from singing in public. That is what the Left would like you to believe, and has taken great pains to spin the issue this way.

Rather, this is about male soldiers being forced to listen to those women, and thus, having their religious rights violated, rights which U. S. Secretary of State Clinton has already shown mean absolutely nothing to her.

The message as to what is really happening, is quite clear.

The State is continuing its battle against against the force it fears the most, the Torah. It cannot take another force, even if that force is the Almighty God, being in competition with it.

In essence, when the Israeli Government brings up issues like these, it is doing battle with HaShem.and his Torah.

Wait! You yell! These issues are in debate even amongst the various religious communities!

Of course, they are. That is how the Israeli government operates.

It is mentioned in the Talmud Yerushalmi that...
מסכת ברכות א:א (ד,ב)
אמר רבי חייא רבה לר' שמעון בן חלפתא בי רבי כך היא גאולתן של ישראל בתחילה קימאה קימאה כל מה שהיא הולכת היא רבה והולכת

The Ge'ulah (Final Redemption) to begin "slowly, slowly," but will then accelerate.

The Israeli Government's parallel this process, but in an anti-Torah manner.

First, it focuses its holy war of "progress for the sake of progress" (Read: assimilate into Western goyshe culture, or be labeled second class citizens) on those issues which bother the so-called modern orthodox and "traditional" Jews. Combined, they are most likely a current plurality in Israel.

Then before you know it, the Israeli Government will be passing laws preventing the assertion of religious rights that will even blow the modern orthodox world away.

Mark my words.

This is the real issue behind the issue.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The Real Nightmare Is Not In Egypt

11 of the Ninth Month 5772
Expert: Egypt Election Results Are a Nightmare Come True
Israel's worst fears regarding its relationship with Egypt are coming true before its eyes, Middle East expert Dr. David Buk'i says.

David Lev, December 3, 2011

Israel's worst fears regarding its relationship with the Arab world – and with Egypt in particular - are coming true before its eyes, Middle East expert Dr. David Buk'i told Arutz 7 in an interview Saturday night. “The rise of the Islamists in Egypt means the end of the peace treaty with Egypt and the rise of a government committed to the ideological Islamist goal of the destruction of the State of Israel,” Buk'i said.

Peace treaty? Did any Jew in his right mind believe that Egypt, ie. Sadat, Mubarik, Egyptian on the street, wanted peace with Israel?

Maybe they wanted the Sinai Peninsula back.

Maybe then wanted Israeli tourists to spend money in their country.

Maybe they wanted a respite from the Yom Kippur War....

But, peace? No. They're Arabs for goodness sakes! Wake up!
With results in from the first round of voting in Egypt, it's clear that the Islamist coalition has emerged as the largest faction in the future Egyptian government, by far. The Muslim Brotherhood captured more than 40% of the vote, but the hardline Islamist Salafist Nour Party garnered some 20% of the vote – placing the Islamist coalition firmly in control of Egypt's parliament, at least until the second round of voting in several weeks.

Buk'i is not surprised at the results, and in fact, he says, he warned months ago that this was exactly what would happen. “It was already clear to me last February that the uprisings in the Arab world were not an 'Arab spring,' but rather a bitter 'Arab winter' and a return to chaos and violence. When you give a Muslim a free voice in electing his leaders, he will pick an Islamist leadership every time, because that's what he knows and appreciates. That the Muslim Brotherhood will solve Egypt's problems is clear to the average Egyptian,” Buk'i said.

Last February? You have got to be kidding? Look a little farther than that, a lot farther than that.

At least this "expert" was right about one thing, when an Egyptian (Read: "Arab") has the freedom to express himself, he will choose the party which open about its desire to wipe out the Jewish People.
And once Islamism is firmly planted, it spreads quickly, says Buk'i. “The foolish West helped Al-Qaeda win in Libya, and Al-Qaeda now controls Tunisia. And it is spreading to other nations. There are two powers in the Arab world – military dictatorships and Islamism, and it is in the interests of the West to side with the dictatorships. Tragedy and catastrophe ensue when Islamists win,” he added. “Israel is seeing the catastrophe unfold now.”

Well, how about that? This "expert" is right about another thing, too. The foolish West (Esau) mixing into the Arabs' (Yishma'el's) affairs has never helped anyone, particularly Jews, except for those Western leaders (Esau's) selfish motives.

Now, let me tell you what the real nightmare is.

The real nightmare is that Jews still live outside of their only, true homeland, and have become too comfortable in the lands of their sojourns, in the lands where are truly strangers.

The real nightmare exists simultaneously in England, France, and Belgium where Jews are in physical danger.

The real nightmare exists in South Africa where Jews prefer their creature comforts in a country with a rapist for a president, rather than in the land which was promised to them by The Holy One, Blessed Be He.

The real nightmare is when "experts" claim that Jews are actually safe, remaining in Turkey, one of the next countries up for grabs by Islamic extremists.

The real nightmare is that Prime Minister Netanyahu has given up on encouraging Israelis to return home.

The real nightmare is that American Jews were the ones who pressured Netanyahu to back down.

The real nightmare is that American Jews are quite comfortable in their strange land, and that American Jewish organizations and so-called "rabbis" (who to keep their powerful and high-paying jobs) are behind the push to keep Jews there.

OK. So, I was wrong. There are actually quite a few nightmares. But, the Egyptian elections aren't one of them. Those were just to be expected.

They are just another warning to what is to come.

Thank The Almighty that he is communicating with us so directly, reminding us of what we need to do, before it's too late.

Will you listen to Him this time?

Monday, December 05, 2011

Secretary Clinton's Comments On Jewish Practice

10 of the Ninth Month 5772

Dear President Obama,

I am an (born) American citizen residing in Israel.

I was disgusted by Secretary of State Clinton's statements regarding how Jews should practice their religion.

Such statements would NEVER have been made about Islam and Islamic practices.

(Yes, Sec. Clinton made a point of demonizing Iran. Nonetheless, a like statement regarding Islamic practice would never have been made.)

Such statements are not only offensive, but if they were made in regards to Orthodox Jews living in the U. S., they would have been a serious infringement of our First Amendment right to Freedom of Religion.

Countless critiques of the watering down of the U. S. Constitution have been made. Why do you and your colleagues insist on providing support to those critiques?

Such statements make me want to renounce my U. S. citizenship.

But, I suppose that's what you and Sec. Clinton want, isn't it?

That's OK, because I would like all American Jews to leave the U. S. as well, and return to their ONLY, true homeland, Israel.

Keep up the good work!


Ya'aqov Ben-Yehudah
Orthodox Jewish American
Native Californian

Does Antisemitism Come From Jews? Or From Hillary Clinton?

10 of the Ninth Month 5772

True Jew-hater, and U. S. President, Barack Obama does not need to learn how to pick U. S. envoys better, nor does he have to learn how to have better control over the ones he does have.

Let's face it. He doesn't really care.

The American court Jews are in his pocket, and have either been successfully anesthetized or otherwise placed fully under his control. His people have done so, playing on these Jews' self-hatred and co-dependently, desperate need for acceptance. Thus, the U. S. President can focus on wiping out the Jewish Homeland, even while enjoying the support of his Jewish puppets.

Only occasionally, does suffer such minor inconveniences....
Obama in Hot Water Over Envoy’s Anti-Israel Remarks
The White House distanced itself from an ambassador’s blaming Israel for fueling antisemitism because of the standoff with the PA.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, December 4, 2011

The White House hurriedly distanced itself from an ambassador’s blaming Israel for fueling anti-Semitism because of the standoff with the Palestinian Authority.

Howard Gutman, U.S. Ambassador to Belgium, told a conference of Jewish lawyers last week, “A distinction should be made between traditional anti-Semitism, which should be condemned and Muslim hatred for Jews, which stems from the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.”
In other words, it is the fault of us Jews' for defending ourselves (even though in a half-ass manner) and not just laying down in the streets to give the Arabs' easy access to slit our throats.
Gutman added that reaching a peace pact with the Palestinian Authority will reduce anti-Semitism. He was speaking at a conference on how to combat anti-Semitism, which he claimed is not worsening....

First of all, no, it will not. The Arabs want to annihilate us. Wake up! And, besides, every time in history, when Jews have used assimilation as a strategy, it has failed.

Time for those assimilated Jews to find a new strategy, and stopped repeating the same mistake over again, expecting different results.

Try living like Jews, rather than imitating the goyim.

Oh, yeah, and those so called Jewish "movements" do not count, and that includes many in the so-called "modern orthodox" one, too.

They are just reinventions of the same ol' assimilation strategy in disguise.

Another article, published on the same day, demonstrates the true source of Antisemitism...

MKs Tell Clinton to ‘Mind your Own Business’

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, December 4, 2011

Wicked Witch Of The West Clinton...Speaking at the Saban Forum in Washington, Clinton alleged that Israel is showing signs of becoming anti-democratic because of a recent bill proposing limits on foreign funding of local NGOs and for allegedly trying to exclude women from public life in Israel.

Israel is known as the only real democracy in the Middle East, where women and Arabs have full and equal rights and who have risen to the top in politics and business.

However, she picked on several Jerusalem buses, used mainly by hareidi religious passengers who prefer separate seating for men and women as a matter of modesty.

Although the courts have ruled that the seating is legal only if it is accepted by the passengers, and although the number bus lines involved represent a tiny fraction of Israel’s transportation system, Clinton pounced on the issue.

It's reminiscent of Rosa Parks," she said, referring to a black woman who refused to give up her seat to white passengers in the United States in the 1950s.

She also jumped on the issue of requests from hareidi religious soldiers to be excused from IDF events in which a woman is singing, which is considered by many to be a violation of the laws of modesty when performed in mixed company.

For Clinton, the request reminds her of Iran.

National Union MK Uri Ariel commented Sunday that Clinton “would do well not to interfere with Israel's internal affairs and worry instead about American citizens.”

“Her unwanted interference is an additional proof that Israel needs laws that will preserve its character and protect it from interference by foreign governments who try to minimize Israel's Jewish character,” he added.

What does Secretary of State Clinton know about modesty anyway? Absolutely nothing.

Of course, if an American Muslim woman chose to wear a hijab (hair covering), then that isn't a problem. Non-Jews can do whatever they want; whereas, Jews who are not "well-behaved" court Jews, doing what they're told, and have the hutzpah to assert their freedom of religion under the First Amendment in the U. S., or even in their own autonomous nation, then they have to be knocked down a peg.

The most important point in this article is that it is a peek into the shape of things to come for Jews in the U. S. Hopefully, they will wake up in time.

Secretary of State Clinton cannot actually hurt us here in Israel, even though she believes that she can by throwing around the correct buzz words, and make hints to the possible withholding of U. S. funds.

The Almighty is on our side, not on , the side of those who want to curse and destroy us. If only American Jews would realize this.

The Israeli government cannot hurt us either, not unless we allow them to. While it focuses on the sheqqer (lie) of political games, it wastes precious time, by not doing teshuvah (repentance). It is only a matter of time before The Almighty will do for us, what we cannot, or are unfortunately unwilling to do for ourselves.

Many have proclaimed President Obama to be the modern day Pharoah.

What does that make Hillary Clinton? One of his magicians?

No. She's just another wicked witch, the Wicked Witch of the West.

(Click here for a picture of the Wicked Witch of the East.)

Saturday, December 03, 2011

The Chief Justice Of The Israeli Supreme Court Has A Tantrum

Motza'ei Shabbath Qodesh Parashath Wayetzei 5772

Chief Justice Fed Up with Criticism, Calls it Incitement
High Court Chief Justice Dorit Beinisch railed at critics Wednesday and charged that “incitement” is undermining the judiciary.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, December 1, 2011

Supreme Court Chief Justice Dorit Beinisch railed at critics Wednesday and charged that “incitement” is undermining what she claimed is the judiciary’s ability to protect the country's "democratic values.”

Critics of the Supreme Court have accused it of exactly the same thing - failing to be democratic by virtue of decisions that are alleged to be biased against nationalists and in favor of left wing groups who want to eliminate a Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria. (Tzvi, "exactly the same is redundant. Please do not use this phrase again, OK?)

Apparently bothered by the charges that justices practice a procedure of replacing themselves with like-minded people, she said, “Supreme Court judges did not grow up as aristocrats. They worked and put efforts into their professional achievements. Why incite against them?”

Beinisch did not explain what she meant by the word “incite.”

Recent Knesset proposals to change the procedures for appointing justices to the Supreme Court and challenging the right of third-party lobbies to appeal to the court irked Beinisch to the point of unusually harsh public comments.

Speaking to the Israeli Association of Public Law, she accused politicians of trying to "damage the High Court, reduce its powers, and prevent it from carrying out its functions, and undermining its ability to protect the country's democratic values."

OK. Dorit. It's like this. The Supreme Court is supposed to interpret laws, not legislate them. And, since Israel does not have a constitution, save for the Torah, there isn't a whole to "interpret."

Beinisch, who will retire in three months, said, "This is a campaign of delegitimization led by several politicians, Knesset members and ministers who take advantage of their immunity to give false and misleading information to the public."

Polls the past several years, particularly since the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif in 2005, have shown that the public has a decreasing trust in the judiciary, a situation she blamed on politicians for what she called “a campaign of propaganda and incitement.”

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu this week killed a bill that would require High Court nominees to face a Knesset committee, similar to procedures in the United States. Beinisch’s speech Wednesday did not address the process, and instead she asked if the Knesset Members who backed the bill "are also proposing to adopt the unchallengeable respect for U.S. Supreme Court's decisions?"

Let's face it Dorit. What you are really trying to say is what Eric Cartman of South Park, Colorado, is know all too well for saying... (Click "Play")

'Nuff said.

Friday, December 02, 2011

IDF General: Hold Onto The Land We Conquer

Erev Shabbath Qodesh Parashath Wayetzei 5772

Writing from Rehovoth...

Israel's Deterrence Rooted in Ability to Conquer Territory
IDF General says Israel's ability to seize land is rooted in its ability to seize land -- and the enemy believing Israel will keep it.

Gavriel Queenann, December 1, 2011

Maj. Gen. Eyal EisenbergMajor General Eyal Eisenberg of the IDF Home Front Command said Thursday that Israel's deterrence is rooted in its ability to conquer foreign territory when attacked.

"A principle pillar of Israel's deterrence is the IDF's maneuverability, and the enemy knowing it will pay the price for attacking us is losing the land we took defending ourselves," Eisenberg told a security conference attended by regional council heads.

"But they must not believe the land will simply be returned to them," he added.


Israel is not doing a very good job of this, is it?
Israel gave back the Sinai.

Israel gave back the Temple Mount.

Israel gave back Jericho, Hevron, Bethlehem, part of the Shomron, not to mention control over several other locations, which are still technically in our hands, such as Ramallah, Shchem, Jenin, Qalqiliya, and the eastern neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

Israel gave back Southern Lebanon in 2006. What? You ask. Yes, Southern Lebanon, to the Litani River, is part of the Land of Israel. It makes up the northern parts of the original territories of Asher and Naftali.

I will tell you another reason why it is a good idea to hold onto lands won, besides being a good "deterrent." When The Almighty, Blessed Be He, puts land back into our hands, which He had promised to do, it is a good idea to express gratitude for such, and NOT, I repeat, NOT spit it back into His face.

Eisenberg also discussed changes in IDF war-fighting methods and the necessary changes those would require in Israel's civil defense systems.

Good to hear it, but I will believe it when I see it.
"In the past, Israel was primarily faced with major military confrontations or operational incidents," he said. "Today, we face a terrorist insurgency and other fluid threats - which rely on attrition."

"In the new paradigm, the home front is the weakest and most problematic piece of our national defense," he added.

Eisenberg noted that, since the Second Lebanon War - during which some 4,000 rockets were fired into Israel - that the enemy has constantly sought to increase its missile capacity.

"Missiles pointed toward Israel are targeting her infrastructure and civilian communities," Eisenberg warned. "And the enemy has achieved greater striking power, range, and precision."

Um,...Yeah, I think we knew that.
Eisenberg also said the next war Israel fights will focus on protecting critical infrastructure and continuously providing services that will allow civilians to go about their daily affairs.

He noted five essential pillars needed to maintain readiness for emergencies: ample warning, physical protection, organized local authorities, training and emergency information systems.

We work closely with local authorities - we identified likely scenarios and prepared plans for protecting our communities. In addition, we are working on a pedagogical multi-layered plan for dealing with emergencies, for protecting children in schools."

"We also set up and operate a network of information centers allowing us to send emergency dispatches and instructions for the population."

Um, anyone else confused by these last points? Either this is just a poorly written article, trying too hard to get the general to say what the so-called right-wing public would like him to say, or the general, himself, has a flare for stating the obvious.

Still, what is anyone going to do about it? Just talk about it?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Next Stop Syria

4 of the Ninth Month 5772

From Tomer Devorah's UPDATE ON SYRIA...
2 Kislev 5772

By all appearances, the West is going to try to do a 'Libya' on Syria and it gets closer by the day. Preparations are well underway.

Arab sanctions find Syria's 7 neighbors on alert. Russian missiles for Assad

...the armies of Syria's seven neighbors were already scrambling into position on standby on its borders for acts of retaliation. Military suspense mounted after the Arab League vote to cut off transactions with Syria's central bank, withdraw Arab funding from projects and other painful sanctions over Bashar Assad's refusal to halt his crackdown on protest.

Debkafile's military sources report Israeli armored brigades pushed forward up to the Lebanese and Syrian borders; Ankara placed three armored brigades, its air force and navy in a state of preparedness, likewise Hizballah and the Lebanese and Jordanian armed forces, while the US and Russia are in the midst of a naval buildup opposite Syrian shores.

Military sources in the Gulf report that 150 Iranian Revolutionary Guards specialists had landed at a military airport south of Damascus on their way to Lebanon to join Hizballah which began bringing its rockets out of their hideouts.

It's ironic that just at this time, we are moving into the holiday period in which we celebrate an ancient victory over the Syrian-Greeks. If we go to war with Syria at Hanukah time, will we then be at war with Iran in time for Purim? With Geula for Pesach? Hmmmmm.

That doesn't mean, however, that we would necessarily have to wait til Pesach for Mashiach. Personally, I envision the Erev Rav regime collapsing due to a colossal failure during the imminent war with our nearest neighbors and MBY coming forward to take charge in the resulting vacuum....

(Click here to read the entire post)

After American forces were firmly implanted in Iraq, it was thought that Syria would be the next target of the U. S. After all, many of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction [WMD].

Those of us living in the Shomron (Shomron) thought that this would be the perfect segue for U. S. forces to enter Israel, led by Gog Bush "from the north." (See Yirmyahu 1:3-16; Yehezqel 25-) First they would come through the Golan, and then down into the Shomron.

Of course, that did not happen,...yet.

One of the reasons Israeli officials saw the expulsion of Jews from Azza as a disaster was not because we had no right to give away God-given lands, not that it clearly did not save any lives, not that it was expensive, and not that it left thousands of Jews homeless. Rather, Israeli officials thought that it was a disaster because it was psychologically trying on our soldiers. This is true, of course. Nonetheless, this point of view reveals much more than the Israeli government's concern for its soldiers nor for pragmatism.

The Israel government has often toyed with the idea of using foreign soldiers to do their dirty work. They know that settlers will have a lot less qualms about fighting foreign soldiers than Jewish ones. A lot less. This will just motivate the foreign soldier

Sure, the goyim who serve in the Yasa"m (riot police) unit have had a hell of a time beating up Jews, just like in the former Soviet Union or Nazi Germany. But, to the dismay of the Israeli government, there are not enough goyshe Yasa"mniks to execute expulsions on the massive scale it requires.

Enter the U. S., NATO, EU, and the UN.... But, how will the Israeli government be able to bring them into the country without raising any eyebrows from the numbed-out Israeli populace?

Bring in the foreign troops through Syria, with the excuse that it is to protect us from the "evil Assad regime," to put Hizbollah in its place, and to put a stop to the Qatusha rockets raining down on the north of Israel.

Sounds legitimate, doesn't it?

But, of course, the goyim do not give a rat's tuchus about the safety of the Jewish People.

Sound far-fetched?

Only time will tell. I, for one, will be bracing myself for the worst.
מַשָּׂא, דַּמָּשֶׂק: הִנֵּה דַמֶּשֶׂק מוּסָר מֵעִיר, וְהָיְתָה מְעִי מַפָּלָה - יְשַׁעְיָהוּ יז.א
The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap. - Yishiyahu 17:1
When you hear of foreign troops entering Syria or Lebanon, and making their way to Damascus, just remember that Damascus is only a stop along the way to their final destination,...your backyard.

Something's Rotten In The Israeli Postal Service

4 of the Ninth Month 5772

What in the HELL is this??!!

I will tell you what the HELL this is. It's an Israeli Christmas stamp! That's what it is! I bought it today from a stamp machine in the post office.

Why is the Israeli postal service producing Christmas stamps?!

For the Christian Arabs? In English? I seriously doubt it.

And this is far from the first Christmas stamp that the Israeli Postal Service has produced.

This is very big embarrassment. Did you make aliyah to a "Jewish" country, in order to praise the religions of non-Jews? I sure didn't!

This is so typical of the Israeli government, running around, going above and beyond, bending over backwards to praise the goyim, to accommodate non-Jewish tourists and foreign workers, and to make sure that they are happy and that any goy who wants to check up on Israel, will see how pluralistic and accepting we are.

What happened to our self-respect? I thought that we had achieved at least some in 1948, and then again in 1967. Yet, here we are, supposedly having left the galuth (diasporah), still worried about what the goyim think.

The only question left to ask...

Are these stamps made for tourists, Christian, foreign workers, both, or worse... for Jews to put them on letters sent outside of Israel?

It says...

כִּי מִצִּיּוֹן תֵּצֵא תוֹרָה, וּדְבַר-יְהוָה מִירוּשָׁלִָם - יְשַׁעְיָהוּ ב,ג

For out of Zion will go forth the Law, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem.
-Yishiyahu 2:3


כִּי מִצִּיּוֹן תֵּצֵא עבודה זרה
For out of Zion will go forth avodah zarah (foreign/forbidden worship)...

Yes. Something is definitely rotten in the Israeli Postal Service.

Maybe someone should ask Israeli Minister of Communications Moshe Kahlon what that something is.

The sad thing is that he probably doesn't know; he probably doesn't think that there is anything rotten at all about these stamps, being produced by the "Jewish" state.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Will All Of My Wheel Of Time Questions Be Answered In The Final Book?

3 of the Ninth Month 5772

Now that I have finished Towers Of Midnight, book 13 in the soon to be 14-book Wheel Of Time series, I have a few questions. I will try to keep the spoilers to a minimum. But, there are a few spoilers below, especially if you have not gotten very far in the series.

1. Will Nynaeve find out about the complete Healing of Stilling by Asha'man?

2. Will Siuan and Leane ever achieve their full power?

3. Will Setalle Anan be Healed?

4. What did Aviendha see in the rings in Rhuidien?

5. How do the Aiel Wise Ones establish their hierarchy?
(A friend of mine suggested that their hierarchy is based on the amount of ji collected over time. Is it?)

6. Will Liandrin escape the Seanchan, especially now that Suroth is out of commission?

7. Will Elaida escape the Seanchan?

8. Will Galina escape Therava?

9. Will Amathera regain her status as Panarch, or any status at all, perhaps as a rallying point for Taraboners to escape the reins of the Seanchan?

10. Will Nynaeve heal the rest of the Asha'man?

Min's Viewings:

11. How will Alivia "help Rand die?"

12. What is the "darkness" around Davram Bashere?

13. What does the "broken crown" above Perrin indicate?
(The popular theory is that Faile will Queen of Saldea, where the crown is known as the "Broken Crown.")

14. What is the thing that is "odd" about Aviendha's babies?
(Aviendha's visit to the glass columns in Rhuidien suggests that they could channel from a very young age. Is this correct? Anything else?)

15Min said that Cadsuane Sedai was going to teach something to Rand and to the Asha'man. It was something they had to learn, but were not going to like it.
(A friend of mine suggested that this already occurred, and that it backfired. Did it? What was it? Did I miss it?)

16. Is there is a third entity within or part of Rand's identity?

List your theories, and your questions below as comments.

Paying For The Jerusalem Light Rail Begins On Thursday, Or Will It?

2 of the Ninth Month 5772

In preparation for having to pay to ride the Jerusalem Light Rail, beginning on this Thursday, December 1, Citipass employees manned light rail stations in order to explain how payments and transfers will work, and to answer passengers' questions.

The ticket machines were already operating, allowing passengers to begin purchasing tickets and monthly passes. Passengers could also check to see if their transportation cards were readable by the light rail ticket machines. I checked mine, and the machine said that it was not readable, even though when I obtained mine from the Egged Bus Company offices, I was specifically told that it would be usable on the light rail.

Both the light rail operators, Citipass, and the bus company operating local transportation in Jerusalem, Egged, produced magnetic or chip-embedded, plastic cards to be used instead of paper tickets. Purchasing discounted tickets or a monthly pass, one pays the bus driver, or puts it into the light rail's ticket machine, and the correct amount of tickets or free time is encoded onto the passenger's card.

Several light passengers' cards received from Egged were not valid for use at the light rail's ticket machines. We were told to go back to the Egged offices, to have our cards "updated."

How many perspective passengers with unusable cards will be willing to stand in line, a second time, in order to be able to ride the train?

When Egged implements its impending, massive route changes and cancelations, forcing many Jerusalamites dependent on public transportation to ride the light rail, at least a portion of their journey, how many fights will break out, and how many riots will take place?

The train ride has been free for the past three months, because Citipass and Egged have not been able to work out an agreement on passes and transfers, and which company will get which money. Now that the agreement has apparently been hammered out, will they have the wisdom to postpone the bus route changes and cancellations until the new transportation card system gets worked out?

Only time will tell.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

...Last Night On The Train

2 of the Ninth Month 5772

Last night, a mass of tourist boarded the train. One of them was video recording the inside of the train. One Israeli parent was upset that his baby was being recorded, and gestured the tourist to stop.

I heard that they were Spanish speakers. So, in my broken Spanish, I explained that they should not record anyone without permission.

The tourist said that she was sorry. I then pointed to a hat that one of her group was wearing, and said that was also forbidden. The man took it off, and they said that they were sorry.

That hat was proclaiming praise for the Christian false deity (or false messiah, or both, depending on whom you ask, and what mood he happens to be in...).

You see? They just didn't know, and were quite amenable when they were informed, even when asked to be modest about their religious beliefs.

But, of course, we Jews do not bother to stand up for our laws and customs. We just let people step all over us, even in our own Land! What I did is considered to be hutzpadik (rude)!

A young man from the U. S., sans kippah, standing next to me, turned to me, and said,"They can wear whatever they want. They're not Jewish; we don't have to convert them."

I replied with, "No, they cannot wear whatever they want. It's avodah zarah. There is something called the 7 Misswoth B'nei No'ah, and one of those misswoth is not to do avodah zarah.

"Look. They're not doing anything illegal," he said.

"According to Israeli law, you mean? Dude, there is a higher authority than Israeli law."

I then gave my standard schpiel about how co-dependent we are as Jews, caring more about what other peoples think of us than what God thinks about us, let alone what we think about ourselves.

This Jew and I got off at the same station. I was able to fulfill another one of my duties, that to connecting with my fellow Jews, regardless of background and points of view. I struck up a chat with the Jew who was clearly irked by my interaction with the Christian tourists on the light rail.

I mentioned that my parents would probably be embarrassed by how poor my Spanish is. He asked me how I knew Spanish. I said that as a San Diegan (San Diegenio), it's pretty much a given. We chatted a bit more. Then, as we were about to part ways, I told him that one of the great things about Israel is that two Jews, total strangers, and with very different opinions, like us, can have a conversation deeper than sports and the weather. So, our interaction seemed to end on a pleasant note.

Such is life in Jerusalem, avodah zarah and meeting strangers on a train, the bad dealt with as it should is often followed by good.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Shlomo Braun Thanksgiving!

27 of the Eighth Month 5772
(American Thanksgiving, 2011)

...Or Shlomo Moreno, if you're Sepharadi, or Shlomo Hum, if you've Hebraicized your name, if there is such a name, it is still Thanksgiving, an American holiday, in which Americans give thanks that the Pilgrims arrived in North America safely, after their journey on the Mayflower, from religious persecution.

There are more than a few families, as well as organizations, here in Israel which make Thanksgiving Day celebrations.

A friend of mine who lives in the Me'ah She'arim neighborhood of Jerusalem, and has been in Israel for over 40 years, still makes traditional Thanksgiving foods for the Shabbath which follows Thanksgiving. Mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce accompany dinner, and a few spiced turkey wings in a plastic baking bag are thrown into the chollent for Shabbath lunch.

It's cute. It's fun. And it brings back pleasant memories of far away family and friends, a roaring fireplace, and one of the American holidays least offensive to Jewish sensibilities.

But, I would expect nothing less from this hassidishe friend of mine, reminiscing about what life was like in the Old Country, in the shtetl.

But, there is no difference between dragging galuth (diaspora) customs back from the shtetlach in Galecia, Hungary, or Lithuania to Israel, and dragging galuth customs back from the 'Hood, whether that is Borough Park, Lakewood, Hollywood, or Miami.

Of course, I am grateful for the opportunities I received, and the relatively easy time I had living Jewishly in the U. S., and specifically in Southern California, the relatively inexpensive University of California education, the ability to walk through Downtown San Diego at 2:00 AM safely, public libraries, the abundance of food, and any number of other things.

I say "easy," in spite of the spiritual challenges American Jews face on a daily basis, after learning of the experiences of my brothers and sister who made it out of other countries.
The Russians, who had to take turns watching at the window for KGB agents during Hebrew lessons, whose parents disguised a mikva as a swimming pool, and maintained hidden matzah machines.

The Ukrainians who had no clue what it meant to be Jewish except for a respect for education and the sense that they were different.

The Persians, who sent secret letters to the Jewish Agency through other Muslim countries, and who trudged across deserts with nothing in order to leave Iran. Those Persians still in Iran find it almost impossible to escape.

The Yemenites who married off their children very young, so that their daughters would not be kidnapped and raped by Arabs.

The Ethiopians who were persecuted in Ethiopia, and then when they had the opportunity to leave, so-called "Reform" Jews arrived "to help," telling them they did not have to convert, thus affecting their status, and allowing for goyim g'murim to flood into Israel, while kosher converts are stuck in the land of their persecution. And, of course, those who did make it out are still treated like crap in Israel.

But, these "things" I received by virtue of having been born in the U. S., were all just to help me to prepare for my return to my true Homeland as a Jew, Eretz Yisra'el.

Whether The Almighty decides to give you all a kick in the pants or not, to make all of you still there realize this, is up to Him. Of course, I pray that it doesn't have to be too hard of a kick in the pants, nor too many kicks in the pants, before you wake up, come to your senses, and come back to your [only] true Homeland, the Land of Israel, and invest yourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in it, and not in the Lands of your exile.

Once you are here, you will have plenty of opportunities to thank The Almighty for the journey he had set you on:
Give to charity.

Volunteer your time.

Celebrate the date/Shabbath of your aliyah.

Celebrate Passover and Sukkoth, and give thanks that He brought us out of Egypt.

Celebrate Shavu'oth, and thank him for giving us the Torah.

Say Tehillim.

Add thank-yous to your regular prayers for anything you have received, new and old.

You can eat turkey shwarmah, if you like. After all the word for Hebrew words for turkey and for thanks do have the same roots.

But, for goodness sakes. Leave the holidays of the lands of our exiles behind, and move on to the next chapter in your lives, investing in your [only] true Homeland, the Land of Israel.

You put a heksher (kosher certification) on your turkey, a kippah on your head, and call Thanksgiving Yom HaHoda'oth, but it will still always be an American holiday to be celebrated in America.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rabbi Lior: There is No Freedom of Speech in Israel

27 of the Eighth Month 5772

I believe that this statement (the title above) of Rabbi Dov Lior pretty much covers it.

I found the article, in which he made this statement, to be important enough to re-post in its entirety, and have done so below.

Here at Esser Agaroth, I have pointed out several examples of the Israeli government cracking down on rabbis teaching and making Torah statements which stand in contradiction to Israeli law:
The Battles Between The Torah And The State Of Israel

The State Continues Its Battle Against The Torah

The Torah Will Not Stand For An Investigation!

Hello! There Already Is A Ban On Sales To Arabs

Religious Zionists, Make Up Your Minds!

The Real Religious Zionist

To Refuse Or Not To Refuse

Naveh's Crimes

What The Hell Was He Thinking?!
I must admit; I sound like a broken record.

Will you follow the Torah, or will you not follow the Torah?

Just what is it about this question which makes it so difficult for people to answer?

Bottom line?

The religious mamlakhti (undying State loyalists) will eventually have to make up their minds as to whether to follow the Torah or the State, because they will not be able to follow both. If they do not, then they will eventually fall off the tightrope they have been walking, and/or explode from the build-up of cognitive dissonance.

Unfortunately, there are still those who continue to insist that such stiroth (conflicts) do not exist between Torah and State.

It is for those individuals (as well as for those North American, religious Jews who have no clue as to what is really going here), that I post this article in its entirety.

Rabbi Lior: 'There is No Freedom of Speech in Israel'

Rabbi Dov Lior said the criminal probe into Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu for 'racism' proves free expression is stifled in Israel.

Gavriel Queenann, 11/22/2011

Rabbi Dov Lior( Chief Rabbi of Kiryat-Arba and Hevron Dov Lior told Arutz Sheva on Tuesday that the decision to launch a criminal probe into Tzfat [Safed] Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu for 'racism' showed there is no freedom of speech in Israel.

"There is no freedom of speech, but a stifling of expression," Rabbi Lior said after hearing of Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein's decision to launch the probe into statements made by Rabbi Eliyahu to Israel's press.

"It is difficult for me to agree this is incitement," Rabbi Lior said, dismissing the assertion the ruling had nothing to do with Rabbi Eliyahu's Torah views. "Rabbis focus on cultivating a love of humanity, and Judaism touches all righteous people, but Jewish law prohibits one from renting to non-Jews."

Rabbi Lior said, "What Rabbi Eliyahu said is a valid Torah opinion. To prevent rabbis from speaking their minds, which is their duty, is reminiscent of the methods of the Bolsheviks - who only allowed the Jews to express opinions they approved of.

"There's no freedom of expression, but a silencing of the truth. If a Torah scholar studies the Torah and justifies his opinion from sources - explaining his reasoning - even if there are others who disagree with him... it is still knowledge of Torah.

"The right of rabbis to express Torah opinions is on trial!" Rabbi Lior said. "This is against our holy Torah, let alone the rules of democracy."

Rabbi Shmu'el Eliyahu"You cannot drown out the voices raising unpopular opinions. Rabbi Eliyahu is not a political person calling for insurrection against the laws of the state. He is merely expressing his Torah opinion on a relevant issue. Prosecuting him for this is no different than arresting a rabbi for teaching Sabbath [Shabbat] laws because the state allows people to drive on the Sabbath."

"Every investigation of this sort is an assault on the Torah of Israel, and against democracy and equality," Rabbi Lior concluded.

Weinstein has said he will not probe statements by Rabbi Eliyahu made that stem from his opinions on Jewish law, including his opinion - co-signed by 50 other rabbis - that one may not sell or rent a home to non-Jews when Israel's current socio-political circumstances are taken into account.

Instead, Weinstein claims, he will focus on comments made by Rabbi Eliyahu to Israel's press, such as “The Arab culture is very cruel,” and “When talking about Arabs, people speak in codes that normalize violence and turn into ideology.”

Critics, however, say Weinstein's probe into “public statements” is simply an oblique way of striking at Rabbi Eliyahu for expressing Torah opinions at odds with the ideology of Israel's secular left.

Civil Liberties advocates note Rabbi Eliyahu's statements – irrespective of their Torah content – would be considered protected speech in the enlightened Western democracies Israel's left claims it wants to emulate.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Haveil Havalim #340 - The Krembo Edition

24 of the Eighth Month 5771

KremboThis is called the Krembo Edition of Haveil Havalim, as a shameless plug for Esser Agaroth's debut edition of Carnival Of Krembos.

Well, it was either calling it the Krembo Edition, of the " Is Having Issues Again" Edition, which would have been way too boring. But, yeah, that site is having issues,...again.

Hey, I have an idea. How about if we have a standard, contingency plan for when this happens again? And, I am afraid that it WILL happen again. How about if we agree that if develops "issues" again in the future, we automatically know to leave a comment on the host's blog. Any host who has comment moderation, can simply retrieve the information, and delete the comment. Those without can retrieve the information, and then delete the comment, or just leave it there.

But, what about those newcomers not in the know? Well, let's have Jack see if a note can be put on our page, explaining our contingency plan.

Got any better ideas? Send them to Jack directly at

Founded by Soccer Dad, Haveil Havalim is a carnival of Jewish blogs -- a weekly collection of Jewish & Israeli blog highlights, tidbits and points of interest collected from blogs all around the world. It's hosted by different bloggers each week and coordinated by Jack. The term 'Haveil Havalim,' which means"Vanity of Vanities," is from Qoheleth, (Ecclesiastes) which was written by King Solomon. King Solomon built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and later on got all bogged down in materialism and other 'excesses' and realized that it was nothing but 'hevel,' or in English, 'vanity.'
Unable to depend on Blog Carnival, I had to search out posts on my own, trying to include some of our regular contributors. So, here it is, this week's edition.


The Parsha Blog
provides A Consistent Explanation Of Shalshelet, Across Tanach.


Jennifer at Jewneric interview Jew in the City in Jew In The City Wonders…Do God And Science Have Chemistry?

Rafi at Life In Israel asks, "Is This What The Kollel System Leads To?"

Velveteen Rabbi
writes On Prayer, Gratitude, Darkness, Praise.

Ima On The Bima
is short and sweet in First World Problems, but there is much wisdom to be gleaned from it!

In Israel

Ruti at Ki Yachol Nuchal! brings us a[n epic] story of what a man does to fight his wife's cancer in The Dawn Of A New Day. (bring tissues)

The Jewish Fist brings us a Portrait Of Amalek.

"Peace-loving" Rabbi Michael Lemming remembers fondly Yitzhaq Rabin-Man Of Love.

Ariel at The Torah Revolution also chimes in on Rabin, as does The Virtual Medinat Yehudah in The First Rays Of Dawn.

And, now, how about some Ritter Sport Chocolate Tea Biscuit Milk Cream & Cocoa? Check out Isreview's review to see if she thinks they are worth it.

Outside Of Israel

at Simply Jews brings us Iran: Mossad's Involvement In Blast A Myth. What do you think?

Sultan Knish says Don't Underestimate Iran's Instability.

Meanwhile, Elder Of Ziyon reports that the Muslim Brotherhood Is Going Public In Lybia.

Princess Pana reports on the case of Valerie Carlton...Victimised For Being Jewish! Carlton is now in solitary confinement, and faces worse possibilities for her future. Read this post to find out why. Where are all of the calls for pidyon hashvuyin (redeeming the captive) now?

Tomer Devorah has a message for Jews In NY.


To Kiss A Mezuzah brings us Germs And Words Circling The Bed.

Last, but definitely not least,the Shiloh Muse brings us Sweet "Revenge," in memory of Rachella Druk hy"d, who was murdered 20 years ago, in one of the first Arab shooting attacks.

And, who's hosting next week's edition? Good question. No one has signed up yet. Please contact Jack directly at, if you would like to host. It's not so hard, once you get the hang of it, and it's fun, too!

Response To Reclaiming Zionism

24 of the Eighth Month 5772

Below is my response to a post, I found on one of the blogs I like.
Reclaiming Zionism
Samantha, The Israel Situation Blog

In recent weeks, various members of the global community have renewed their efforts to delegitimize Israel and call into question the legitimacy of Zionism as a movement. There has been an ongoing effort to take Zionism, which at its core is Jewish nationalism, and twist its meaning and intentions, distorting the term. Lack of understanding of Zionism has led to its corruption, Zionism being equated with racism by the United Nations, and many Jews not understanding the meaning of the term, its relevance, or their own connections to Zionism. Click to read the entire post...
Although, I like this blog, I think Eric is great (& as a DJ, too!), and you said something VERY important...
"To call one a Zionist is not to say that one blindly agrees with all of the policies of the State of Israel."
...and I think that I understand the audience you are trying to reach, I still believe that Zionism can (& should) be summed up in 2 sentences:

1) "Zionism is simply part of the Torah." - Rabbi Moshe Tzuriel, B'nei Braq.

In other words, there are many other misswoth to perform, as well as the "Zionist-oriented" ones, and the only justification we Jews have for laying claim to Israel is the Torah, not revisionist history, not who conquered it, and certainly NOT who was here first. The Cana'anites were here first, but The Almighty took care of that (See RaSh"I on Parashath Bereishith).

2) Zionism without aliyah is nothing. (paraphrase from Avraham Duvdevani, Chair, World Zionist Organization)

Torah and aliyah are the bottom lines, not just for our survival, but for our authentic identity as a people, as well.

It is time for us to stop being Jews in those other countries, and start being Jews in our own and only true country.