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Restricting Entrance Into The Shomron? - Update

27 of the Fourth Month 5768

Restrictions upon entering parts of the Shomron (Samaria) appeared to be focused on the north, and allegedly related to this week's hike through that area. Others report that these restrictions are directly related to last week's protests in and around Shilo:

Shooting Between Jews and Bedouins Near Maoz Esther

( Five Israelis and two Bedouin were arrested, included two who reportedly shot at Bedouin Arabs in two separate incidents near the outpost of Maoz Esther in Binyamin on Tuesday afternoon.

Several people were also reported injured in the melee that followed two days of restrictions imposed by the new IDF Samaria Brigade Commander, Col. Itzik Bar, against Israeli cars coming into the area for fear they were bringing activists who might provoke local Arabs.

The incidents came in the wake of clashes in response to the destruction by the IDF of a structure at the Adei Ad outpost.

Maoz Esther is near Kokhav HaShahar. This news flash may unintentionally imply a connection between the two incidents. There is no information in supporting that as of yet. It is not uncommon for communities in Shomron and Yehudah to be threatened by Arabs.

We now know that there is contact between Israeli police and Arabs. Who knows what happened there. I will contact my source in Maoz Esther, and report back here later tonight.

In the meantime, people going north of Tapu'ah Junction toward Itamar, Brachah, Yitzhar, and Elon More have been asked to show there te'udath zehuth (identification card) in order to prove their residency in the Shomron.

One resident of Eli reported that he had an appointment at his child's school in that area. What if he hadn't lived in the Shomron? Then what?

It was reported to me that a school bus full of yeshiva students was stopped, and students not having te'udath zehuth were taken off the bus, and "spoken to" by an area commander. It was not confirmed as to whether the students were allowed to pass the check point or not.

They let him through quickly and easily. This is only supposed to be a two-day restriction. This area is not even close to the route of the Shomron-Yehudah hike taking place this week. It is possible to travel toward Qedumum, and continue on to Homesh, via the Yitzhar-Qedumim road. But what does that have to do with Itamar and Elon Moreh?

Meanwhile, the flow of Arab vehicles continues in this east-central area of the Shomron without obstruction.

This was one of the first restrictions placed on Azza before the expulsion of its Jewish residents.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Restricting Entrance Into The Shomron?

26 of the Fourth Month 5768

When I first saw this Arutz 7 news flash sent to me by Tomer Devorah, I was alarmed:

"Apartheid Against Jews" in Samaria
24 Tammuz 5768, July 27, '08, 19:11

( Jews who are not residents of Samaria are not allowed to enter the area as of Sunday, according to an order issued by the new Shomeron Brigade Commander, Col. Itzik Bar.

Land of Israel pioneers said the new order was "an arbitrary and illegal order" and called it "apartheid against Jews."

The order reads: "No person shall pass the roadblock unless he has permission from me or from someone whom I have authorized. This is required for security purposes and for maintaining public order." The Jinsafoot roadblock was closed off Sunday morning and the Tapuach roadblock was closed in the same way in the afternoon.

At first, I thought it was a response to the protests in and around the Shilo Area communities. Needless to say I made sure I had my te'udath zehuth (identification card) on me before leaving my house today.

On the way to work in Jerusalem, I asked a source of mine, an officer in the IDF posted in the area, about the above report. He didn't make much of it, and thought that it may have something to do with the hike this week from Homesh in the Northern Shomron to Rekhes Ma'on in Yehudah. I asked him if he thought that was because those in authority suspected that hikers might "try something." He just chuckled and said he didn't know.

Journey the Length of Judea and Samaria

I saw no indication of any restriction of movement today nor tonight, not between Jerusalem and Tapu'ah Junction anyway. Further north and west, I have no clue.

I have not seen any news on this in English or Hebrew, nor have the sponsors of the hike reported any news on this issue. This morning's news flash on the Eretz Yisrael Continuing Proudly site suggests that today's stage of the hike as planned, save for one suggestion that the IDF was roaming around areas they are not usually found, at least not during the day.

Please post a comment with any news.

IDF Restricts Jewish Travel in Judea and Samaria

26 Tammuz 5768, July 29, '08, 8:22 AM

(Update thanks to Tomer Devorah)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Blog Challenge: "Only Seven?" And The Bloggers Conference

24 of the Fourth Month 5768

Batya "tagged" me in the Blog Challenge. So, now I am supposed list my seven favorite blogs.

Only seven?

My combined blogs rolls contain like 97 blogs. How am I supposed to narrow that list down to seven?

I am not even going to try. However, for the purposes of this "challenge," I will stick with only those blogs which have been fairly active recently. I like several blogs, which have not been active lately. But since their fates are currently unknown, I will stick with active ones.

Here they are in no particular order...

I particularly like what I like to call "slice of life" blogs

Jacob Da Jew often writes from this point of view. We disagree on stuff. But, so what? I just starting following his blog one day, and can't stop. Sometimes he pisses me off, and I take a break. But I always go back. That's the sign of a good write, the ability to evoke emotion in readers, without being mean and nasty about it. He also reminds me [unintentionally] of all the stuff I don't miss in galuth, offense. I like his "tell it like it is" style.

Israeli By Day, American By Night: Danny and I bumped into either other three years ago on a bus. He was on a tour and his settler-friendly guide, Ruthie Brenner instructed the bus driver to pick up trempistim (hitchhikers). Now he lives here, and I get to follow his trials and tribulations on his blog as an oleh hadash (new immigrant). We also do not agree a some issues, but like I said before, so what?

TNSPR makes the list, because otherwise he'll blackmail me. Just kidding!

Lemon Lime Moon - I like Lemon's style, both written and visual. I just like looking at her blog, and all the detail and care she has put into it. She also has, shall we say, a lot of fun "Photoshopping."

Life In Israel - Rafi keeps me up to date on a lot of local news I don't have the koah to keep up with, and he tolerates my correspondence.

Tel-Chai Nation also keeps me up on the news, that doesn't always make the news, or comes and goes very quickly. Tel-Chai Nation is good at catching these kinds of things.

Random Thoughts: I like Jack's blog in general, but I particularly like it when he talks about his son. It makes me really want to be a dad....

Simply Jews: Snoopy intrigues me. I don't know why. He just does. That can be dangerous, I know, but I can't help it.

Smooth Stone seems to cover everything related to Israel. I don't know Smooth Stone does it.

Something & Half Of Something: I like what she has to say, and how she says it.

Sultan Knish: I like The Sultan's style and insights.

The Key To Redemption focuses on one of the most important issues of the day is Israel, yet no one seems to want to listen (not Women In Green, not the Likud Party, and apparently not Arutz 7). Geulah Girl perseveres none the less.

Tomer Devorah covers this issue, too, but connects current events with Jewish textual sources, fascinating to read.

(That's right. You'll have to click on their links to find out what I'm talking about!)

As I said, there are several blogs which I like a lot, whose bloggers are not terribly active these days for one reason or another.

I want to make mention of one, just because I want to give him a blogger-kick-in-the-pants. Doodle Head, where are you? Doodle Head is (was/will be?) my favorite "slice of life" blog.

OK, one more. I miss seeing new photos from my buddy Emmanuel from far away Portugal.

Hmmm... I just realized something. Everyone has been all a buzz about the inaugural JBloggers Conference coming up in Jerusalem.

None of those bloggers whose expected attendance at the conference has been publicized made my list.

I wonder what that means,...if anything.

Actually, I looked at the registration form, and this caught my eye:

*Spaces are limited and admission is subject to approval.

I immediately wrote to the organizers, because I wanted to find out what "subject to approval" meant.

But, alas, no conspiracies here. I told that...

1. They wanted to make such that attendees were bona fide bloggers, and...

2. Politics was not a factor for having received an invitation. I received an invitation because I was a Jewish blogger, period.

For a variety of reasons, though, I will not be attending said conference. I would like to maintain my half-hearted-anonymity, Batya was not invited to be on a panel, and several other reasons, which I may or may not decide to reveal in the future. I have no doubt you will suffer greatly by the lack of my presence at this conference (eyes innocently rolled upward). But, you will just have to make do. Don't fret, though. I will be their in spirit, as will several of my spies, who will report back with all of the [halachicly permissible] juicy gossip!

Rumor has it that mine won't be the only spies there. (Mi she'mevin, yevin.)

But I digress...

Those of you listed above are supposedly now expected to take up this blog challenge, post your seven favorites on your blog, and run back here to my comments section and post the link.

As you know, or hope know, I am very much against obligating others to participate in such "memes," albeit glorified.

I invite you to participate, only if you want to. Be forewarned. Expect to experience the wrath of those you did not mention, as I expect to shortly.

Haveil Havalim #175 Is Up

24 of the Fourth Month 5768

This week's edition of Haveil Havalim is up at Frume Sarah's World.


Mossa'ei Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Matoth 5768

So there I was Erev Shabbath in the makkoleth (store), minding my own business,when several soldiers came in. I continued about my business, when I couldn't help notice that one of the soldiers was speaking English to another. He called him by name, and not terribly common one.

I thought to myself, this is just too much of coincidence,...well, too much of something. I don't believe in coincidences. A buddy of mine, also a soldier, and also called by this same name, and with the same Ashkinazy pronunciation, and also a native English-speaker, was coming to stay with me for Shabbath.

I went back and forth as to whether to talk to him, or maybe that was just silly.

Sure enough the decision was taken care of for me,...sort of.

This soldier got in line to pay, right in back of me. So, I started to talk to him in Hebrew, and told him about my buddy the soldier with the same name, who was coming for Shabbath. We switched English,...just 'cause, and continued to talk. I wanted to hear if there were any other connections. I invited him for a meal. He was on duty during dinner time, and was not sure if he could get permission to come for lunch. I gave him directions to my house, and said just to come if he could. No worries.

Well, he did not come in the end, and it's just as well, because the salmon I was hoping to have prepared for lunch, did not make it for lunch either. I forgot to turn the oven on....

We ate dinner out, as planned, and made due the next day with salads, bread, and more salads. "Someone" misunderstood and didn't bring additional bread (not his fault), so salad was tantamount to the main course. It's summer though, when I like to eat light foods, especially during the day, thus salmon was on [and then off] the menu.

We had a good time, and as my guest is a fellow Southern California, I was able to speak in my "native dialect," which I almost never get to do.

I wonder what happened to that soldier. Perhaps I'll bump into him again. Perhaps not. As it turns out, my buddy from SoCal knows him, and learned at the same yeshiva with him briefly. It's a small world,...after all. If by some strange happenstance he sees this, hope he writes.

This Shabbath was only the cap off, though, to my strange and continual bumping into soldiers.

Wednesday night I was all ready to go to sleep, when I saw a disturbing away message on someone's IM listing,...a soldier, and not a happy one. Needless to say, I didn't get to sleep right away...

Then on Thursday, late afternoon in Jerusalem, after work and Shabbath shopping, an appointment I had for the evening was pushed back. This triggered a change in my plans. I was on Yaffo Street, much later than I normally would have been, making my way toward my appointment. I did a double take, and for the heck of it, called out the name of who I thought was standing in a passageway. Sure enough, it was who I thought it was,...yet another soldier,...on a five-day furlough. I almost didn't recognize him, because of all the weight he had lost, not that he needed to. Apparently, the army can do that to you, when you're in a qeravi (fighter) unit.

His plans had changed too. We had not seen each other in ages, so we started walking. He looked down, so I offered to buy him a cheap anti-depressant, cream. After hemming and hawing, suggested we get frozen yogurt on the midrahov (pedestrian mall) on Ben Yehudah Street (no relation). I hadn't been there in ages; it's not my favorite place. (Actually, I can't stand it.) I grew up in a tourist city, so I learned very early on in life to avoid trendy and touristy places, you know, like the midrahov.

What the heck! I went anyway, and I'm glad I did. He introduced me to the frozen yogurt at that ice cream place on that corner of Ben Yehudah near Cafe Rimon. I don't how know exactly how much frozen yogurt was actually in it. But you get to pick from like 30 frozen fruit, melon, and berries, as well as cookies and candy, and then they blend it all together for you. I insisted on at least a little bit of sprinkles and chocolate syrup, as they're free. Not bad at all!

I insisted we sit a reasonable distance from that busy corner, as I can't hear worth a darn with all of that background noise. As we sat down under a tree, somewhat sheltered from the hustle and bustle, I received a text message. My appointment was pushed back even further. As the sun was going down, the I noticed that the atmosphere was not trendy and not too touristy. Rather it just felt pleasant.

It doesn't really matter where I am, it's whom I'm with that matters.

We talked about "going with the flow," if that means anything to you.

I guess this conversation is what made me decide, or rather remind me, to start talking with that soldier in the makkoleth.

That soldier from Wednesday night? He'll be OK. We plan to meet for coffee one of these days. He said to call him whenever I am near his "undisclosed location," and he'll come right over, going with the flow.


I bumped into the soldier who is stationed in my yishuv this morning. He survived another Shabbath in the IDF, and seems to be doing well.... Only another 16 months to go....

My Shabbath guest has another three and a half months, and the soldier I bumped into last Thursday, less than a year and a half.

Funny how they all know their upcoming discharge dates.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Protesting Near Shilo And New Police Strategy

Erev Shabbath Qodesh Matoth 5768

100 Jews Throw Rocks, Burn Tires in Bourin

21 Tammuz 5768, 24 July 08 4:38 PM

( About 100 Jews entered the Arab village of Bourin, threw rocks and burned tires Thursday, in response to a security forces sweep on Adei Ad near Shiloh. One of the activists reportedly took a gun from a soldier and fired in the air.

Also in response to the police raid, Jewish residents from the Shiloh area demonstrated at the Shiloh Junction and other activists from Samaria said they intend to carry out protests later today.

This afternoon at around 12:45 PM I arrived at Shiloh Junction, and saw six Yassa"mniqim [riot police] cleaning up the last vestiges of [unscathed] tires and rock from the road which blocked the northern end of the junction.

After completing their task, I saw them wash their hands from their drinking water supply, get into their police van and leave.

The "action" as it were, was over. I asked one of the three reserve duty soldiers what had happened. He replied that "youths" blocked the road, in protest of the removal of a caravan (trailer) from one the hills yesterday. He did not know which one.

Two Birds With One Stone?
This soldier then started asking me questions,...lots of questions, about living in the area. I asked him why he wanted to live in this area. He said because it was cheap.

I explained about some yishuvim preferring married couples over singles, that like kibbutzim, yishuvim had the right to grant entrance to residents, etc. until they reach certain a status, blah, blah, blah.

That's right. I didn't have any issue with answering his questions, and acting like it wasn't in the least bit suspicious, which it definitely was.

Everything I said is a matter of public record, or the Shabba"k (General Security Service, AKA Secret Police) probably knows already, like how I rent [legally] from a private home owner [and could give a rat's behind about va'ad haqelitah (absorption committee)].

Sound like a tangent?

It wasn't to the soldier. It sounds to me like he was doing his job, and I'm not talking about reserve duty....

By the way, for those of you not familiar with the area, the Shiloh Junction with Road No. 60 (Ramallah Bypass) is the gateway east to Shilo, Shvuth Rahel, and several hilltop communities, a couple miles from where I was standing.

This means that the protesters got around.

New Police Strategy
This is not the first anti-Jewish incident in this the Shilo area in recent weeks. A few young men have been camping out, trying to build another new stronghold in an area claimed by Arabs.

There have been arrests, and refusals to sign release agreements, thus these young Jews were held over at the Sha'ar Binyamin police station.

A source of mine, close to the youths reported to me that the police, or other officials, go to local Arabs and encourage them to file complaints against the Jews, as an additional way to discourage what they call "settlement activity," and which I call a misswah.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rescue Gilad Shalit Graphic

19 of the Fourth Month 5768

Rescue Gilad Shalit Alive!Many are still grieving the loss of Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser HY"D. Many are still angry at the release of Arab murderers from Israeli prisons. Those still in shock will undoubtedly feel their grief and anger in time.

I made this graphic expressing how I feel. I specifically wrote "rescue," something which can be done in any number of ways, and stayed away from the phrase "negotiate his release."

The word "alive" was also used quite purposefully.

I am not a professional artist (nor even a reasonable amateur). No doubt, there are countless others who could have done a better job than I. But I wanted to do something.

Please feel free to use this graphic on your website, e-mails, etc. I don't need the credit. I just want the message to get out. If you also want to do something, but have commitments to many other helpful causes which take up much of your time, then I hope that this graphic will help.

Also, don't forget, you have permission to copy the "Olmert Resign Button!" (upper left corner) as well, which comes courtesy of Lemon Lime Moon.

Cross-posted on the Stop Raping Israel and Bnai Elim blogs.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Morfix Online Dictionary

19 of the Fourth Month 5768

For those of you not in the know, I want to introduce you to a great online tool, Morfix Online Hebrew-English/English-Hebrew Dictionary.

It's in Hebrew, but don't fret. All you have to know is what the two buttons are adjacent to the search bar. From right to left they are Hipus (search) and Targum (translation).

Type in your desired word, then hit the Targum button, and voila, there is your translation.

Reading something in Hebrew online? Just copy and paste into the search bar.

These days with universal encoding, it should not be a problem to read and to type Hebrew compatible with the site. However, with older systems compatibility may be an issue, and you may have to adjust your Hebrew encoding in order to use this very useful online tool.

Please leave a comment with other Hebrew dictionary sites, or other related online tools, you like to use.

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Haveil Havalim #174

The Fast of the Fourth Month 5768

How many of you knew that July 4, 1776 fell on the "Fast of the Fourth Month" (17 Tammuz)? Since a lot of nasty things happened to Israel on this date, what does this mean?

משנה תענית

ד,ו ...חמישה דברים אירעו את אבותינו בשבעה עשר בתמוז, וחמישה בתשעה באב. בשבעה עשר בתמוז--נשתברו הלוחות, ובטל התמיד, והובקעה העיר, ושרף אפסטמוס את התורה, והעמיד צלם בהיכל

Mishnah Ta'anith

4:6 ...Five things happened to our ancestors on the 17 of Tammuz, and five on the 9 of Av. On the 17 of Tammuz--the Tablets were destroyed, and the eternal flame was extinguished [in the Temple], and the city [of Jerusalem] was breached, and Epostemos burned the Torah, and a graven image was set up in the Temple....

Since the Destruction of the Second Temple, several other calamities have also occurred on the 17 of the Fourth Month, and have included:

4999 (1239) Pope Gregory IX ordered the confiscation of all manuscripts of the Talmud. (See Miriam's post at Shearim, elaborating on this, "The Church and the Talmud")

5151 (1391) More than 4,000 Jews were massacred in Toledo and Jaen, Spain

5319 (1559) The Jewish Quarter of Prague was burned and looted.

5704 (1944) The Kovno ghetto was liquidated.

5730 (1970) Libya ordered the confiscation of Jewish property.

U. S. and Israeli FlagsSo what about 5536 (1776)? Most all of us who grew up in the U. S. are grateful for the opportunities we received. The Jewish People has certainly fulfilled its "Light Unto the Nations" role, through its various successes and contributions to American society. The Jewish People has experienced freedoms in the U. S. unimaginable in some countries. Much Torah has been learned while in the U. S., and many Talmidei Hachamim have come out of American Yeshivas. American Jews have learned a great deal of wisdom of the nations while in the U. S., no doubt of great help to fellow Jews in Israel and around the world.

But has the Jewish People really done that well spiritually in recent years while in this neighborhood of Galuth?

Make aliyah,

Food for thought....

(I await the onslaught of your comments....)

Founded by Soccer Dad, Haveil Havalim is a carnival of Jewish blogs -- a weekly collection of Jewish & Israeli blog highlights, tidbits and points of interest collected from blogs all around the world. It's hosted by different bloggers each week and coordinated by Jack. The term 'Haveil Havalim,' which means "Vanity of Vanities," is from Qoheleth, (Ecclesiastes) which was written by King Solomon. King Solomon built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and later on got all bogged down in materialism and other 'excesses' and realized that it was nothing but 'hevel,' or in English, 'vanity.'

You will notice in this week's edition of Haveil Havalim, that there were a few main topics, covered by many bloggers, not the least of which being the arrival home of the bodies of Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser HY"D, and the "deal" made by the Israeli deMOCKratic government which brought them home.

Perhaps today, I should refer to it as the Israeli DEMONcratic government, as it is obviously possessed.

It was impossible to include every single post on this issue. Please feel free to leave additional post links in the comments section.

In spite of the focus of many hearts and minds on our brothers' return, I must still insist on opening this edition with the Torah section, for it is the source for how we are to live.


Parshath haShavu'a

Meanwhile, Velveteen Rabbi shares her feelings about Pinchas.

In stark contrast, Tomer Devorah shares hers. Batya at Shilo Musings gives us Pinhas -- The Not PC Torah Hero and Rabbi Akiva.

New to blogging, but not to activism, Ariel at The Torah Revolution shows how Parshat Pinchas argues against democracy as Torah concept.

And, finally, David Bedein of Israel Resource Review makes a connection between recent Parshath Balaq and today's events in Funerals End One Stage Of Israel, Lebanon War As Next One Begins.

There is a relatively new Torah blog on the scene. Although you have seen the Torat Yisrael parshah sheet around Israel off and on for a while now, the Torat Yisrael Blog made its on-line debut only a month ago. Here's a snippet from the blog's introduction by editor Shmu'el Tzvi Sokol:
Torat Yisrael Blog
For those of you in the know, this is the second incarnation of Torat Yisrael. A bi-weekly national-religious (Dati-Chareidi Leumi) publication in English is such a novel concept that we wanted to test the waters before starting up full time work on this project. In order to do so we decided to publish a test run to see how the community in Israel would accept an "alon shvu'i" such as this. The response from our readers was phenomenal and we decided to go ahead and publish on a regular basis. (Read more...)

Here are two more examples: "Can a gentile live in Jerusalem?" and "From Botzra To Basra."

I was supposed to write a post introducing it to the Blogosphere, but never got around to it. I am hoping that this billboard plug will make up for that.

Hashqafah, History, and Opinion...

The Rebbetzin's Husband takes issue with some pesuqim from Tehillim, Praised is the one who will grab and smash… (Psalms 137:8-9).

Understanding Secular Zionism in the Eyes of Rav Kook- In His Generation and Today is offered by Ari Shvat posting at Tzipiyah.

Also at Tzipiyah, Dan writes about the History of Eretz Yisrael from Creation until the Flood, and Ari Faust continues his series The All-Spiritual Afterlife, the Torah and Me, part 6.

Today, of course, is the Fast of the Fourth Month. To Batya, It's Not Fasting Weather, But...


Eldad Regev HY-DEhud Goldwasser HY-D
Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser HY"D

I was hesitant to make a list and leave it at that. However, the titles really do speak for themselves, and thus do not require any commentary....

Lovers Of Peace
Shira bat Sarah

Rest In Peace
Simply Jews
Something & Half Of Something

What Price Morality?
Super Raizy

More on the Release of Terrorists

Israel's Treason
Sultan Knish

A Very Bad Deal
Cosmic X

Prisoner Release: Huge Disgrace

Lemon Lime Moon

Captured Alive, Returned Dead
Yid With Lid

Another Terrorist Giveaway
Debbie Schlussel

Swap Teaches Us To Kidnap More
Seraphic Secret
U. N. Soldiers Salute Hezbollah Terrorists
Atlas Shrugged

Giving Kuntar to the Terrorists
The Torah Revolution

More On Terrorism

Danny at Israeli By Day, American By Night shows us how Fatah's Mahmoud Abbas is a Coward, and Elder Of Ziyon reports that the "peace dividend" spawns a new Fatah terrorist group.

Rafi at Life In Israel believes that the trade could still have been made even.

Rescue Gilad Shalit Alive!
(Feel free to use this graphic.)

Meanwhile, Gazans will hold a mock trial to convict Gilad Shalit, reported by Elder Of Ziyon.

Cosmic X In Jerusalem provides us with some inside information about police department guidelines and the recent terrorist bulldozer attack in Bad Laws Promote Terrorism.

Tel-Chai Nation has the scoop on an Al-Qaeda Cell at Hebrew University.

In Can Israel Learn Anything From the Northern Ireland Peace Process?, Yid With Lid debunks some irrational ideas.

Planck's Constant has a solution to combat terror in Jerusalem. But does his idea go far enough?

Maybe Rubicon 3's does: Just bomb the living crap out of them and get it over with.

Israel vs. Persia

Reb Akiva reveals a telling midrash about the King of Persia which may be manifesting in front of our very eyes. Tomer Devorah does a Follow-up to the King of Persia.

Yitzchak at Judeopundit brings us Military Might and the Iranian Imagination.

Soccer Dad asks, Will the barn door be closed in time?

Israel vs. Edom

Yisrael juxtaposed to Yishma'el was covered a great deal this week, for obvious reasons. Yet, what about Esau/Edom?

In LIKUD SHOCKER!, Tomer Devorah reveals the collaboration between the Likud and Christians, and what the Christians are saying about it.

The Key To Redemption provides a detailed background of Christians' designs on the Land of Israel, and their plans in Ephraimites (Xtian Zionists) Form Alliance with Likud to Work Towards the Goal of Xtian Aliyah.


My Right Word is a bit upset at the inter-fighting going on in Yesha (Judea & Samaria). In "Zambish Defended; A House Divided?" he gives us the latest on the on-going poster-rhetoric battles. In my [not so] humble opinion, this is the latest evidence supporting the existence of two, not just one, Religious Zionist community.

Media Watch

Aussie Dave at Israeli Cool provides a time line of reports on the release of the child killer. Pay close attention to the descriptions by Arabs in The Lives He Took.

Elder Of Ziyon gets to the bottom of Arab news media in Israel. They seem to have "issues" with Nefarious Zionists.

Always on the look out for examples of media bias, My Right Word displays one highlighted by Ze'ev Jabotinsky from 1922 concerning Haaretz newspaper.

Life In Israel

Rafi at Life In Israel reports some good news with the Train Minyan Introduces New Torah Scroll.

I would like to conclude this week's rather heavy and sorrowful Israel section with some more joyful news in Isramom's heartfelt post "My Baby's Baby."



Life Of Rubin gives Some Thoughts on the Kiryas Yoel, NY MAG Article. Jack chimes in, too, with Fleeing From Holiness.

Daled Amos scrutinizes the Saudi Arabian Inter-Faith Conference in Madrid.

On a more positive note, Daled Amos reports that A New Pro-Israel Group Takes Campuses By Storm.

U. S. Election-Related

Obama's Disdain For Israel and the Jewish Community from Yid With Lid is self-explanatory.


A Simple Jew explores the issue of prayer in There But Nor Really There.

Frume Sara
explores the issue of God In The Blink of an Eye, and On The Fringe explores Faith.

The Rebbetzin's Husband brings us more on his take as a rabbi in The Synagogue's Four Letter Word: RSVP.

Batya shares her synagogue experience while in traveling in galuth in Closed For The Holidays."

Super Raizy gives some important parenting tips in Teenagers Are Lazy.

Slices Of Life

Child Ish Behavior shares 30 Odd Blocks on the Not Just Typical blog. More on Jewish life in New York comes from On The Fringe in "...Not A Drop o Drink," Redux.

Jacob Da Jew did what many of us would like to do. Find out what he did in "I'm Done."

Whoever said nothing is free? Soccer Dad found this: 11 free books on Judaism to first taker.


The Life Of Rubin presents a very extensive review Lipa Schmeltzer's new CD "A Poshiter Yid."

In contrast, Teru'ah reports on Heeb Magazine's Jewish Music Bashing. Quite frankly, I don't know why HM is given the time of day. But, I'm glad Teru'ah is around to keep tabs on them, I don't have to.


I guess I'm a little slow here, but did you know there is a contact football league in Israel? Rafi did, and reported on this ages ago. Who knew? Does this mean I have really left Galuth, now that I am totally clueless the American encroachments? I am sure some of you will call American Football "hachmah," and thus acceptable to bring to Israel. Well, I don't know about that. But since a certain player from a certain IFL team used to be my next door neighbor, I suppose I might just have to drag Rafi and Mark to a game.

Jacob can also come. But he'll have to lose the wedding band, learn how to belch, and ride on a Mehadrin bus to get there.

OK, fine! Jameel can come, too. (eyes rolling)

OK. Wait. Jack can come, too,...when he's not training for the Ironman -- Staving Off Old Age.

(Note: If you're not listing above, I did not intentionally try to hurt your feelings,...honest.)

In Pictures

Speaking of Galuth, Batya just got back, and she took pictures. Check them out on The Eye of the Storm Blog.

Meanwhile, Yisrael Medad turns photographer with a picture in Meah Shearim.

Batya also gives us a another look at the "deal" for the return of our soldiers in Pictures Speak.


Blogging In The News

Support Harry's PlaceAkiva at Mystical Paths and Daled Amos tipped me off to the case of Harry's Place being sued by Hamas U. K. (YSh"W). The support banner comes courtesy of NeoConstant which has started a blog roll of supporters including Haveil Havalim contributors:

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If you would like to add your name to the Support Harry's Place Blogroll, and may get the code by contacting NeoConstant.

Bloggers Social

Shira at On The Fringe is planning a NYC Area Bloggers' Picnic.

Sounds like a great idea! Let us know how it turns out. Our planning for a bloggers' get together last summer here in Israel never seemed to get off the ground. (Unless, of course, you had one behind my back!)

Other Carnivals

Kosher Cooking CarnivalDon't forget to check out this month's edition of the Kosher Cooking Carnival, which should be up at Soccer Dad's soon. Send your submissions for next month's edition via the on-line submission form.

Wrap Up

Ages ago, Jack told me that he has been continuing Soccer Dad's policy of giving discretion to the host.

I included almost every post submitted. The only exceptions were multiple submissions from the same blogger and spam.

I only received one spam item this time around. Are any other hosts receiving spam? Or is it just me?

Frume Sarah's World will hopefully let me know. She is hosting the 175th edition on Sunday, 24 Tammuz/July 27. Stay tuned!

As far as the 174th edition goes, that's a wrap, as they say.

Please send your posts for the next edition of the Haveil Havalim Blog Carnival via the Blog Carnival Submission Form. I found this to be very helpful in organizing your posts this week. Plus, it doesn't look like we have a host for next week, so there wouldn't be any other place to send your links to. If you're interested in hosting or receiving more information about the carnival, please contact Jack at talktojacknow-at-sbcglobal-dot-net.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Haveil Havalim #173 Is Up!

10 of the Fourth Month 5768

This week's edition of the Haveil Havalim Jewish/Israeli Blog Carnival is up at Jack's Place Random Thoughts - Do They Have Any Meaning.

I will be hosting next week's edition. Please send me your submissions via the on-line submission form.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

More Tapu'ah Nights Live!

6 of the Fourth Month 5768

Don't miss the upcoming Melaveh Malkas with Chaim Dovid and Shlomo Ka"tz at the Tapuah weekly Melaveh Malkah and if you wish to come for Shabbath, this too can be arranged, by contacting Yekutiel by Wednesday.

Enjoy this incredible concert with Aaron Razel and get the word out for upcoming concerts.

If you of know anyone who would like to sponsor a Melaveh Malkah to help bring happiness and strength to the "settlers" in the Shomron, please contact Yekutiel 054-4876709 (outside of Israel 972-54-4876709)


לא להאמין - אהרן רזאל הופיע שלוש שעות בכפר "תפוח"

אם אתה אוהב מוזיקה אסור להחמיץ צפיה בוידיאו הזה. רזאל בא לחזק ולשמח את תושבי גב ההר בכפר "תפוח" לקראת הגזרות הקשות שאולמרט מתכנן לשבועות הקרובות. וכמו גדול רזאל הוא במשימה. הוא שר מהלב ונתן הופעה מהנשמה. רואים שהוא ממש נשפך וניגן עם כל הכח בהופעה ארוכה במיוחד. ראש המועצה גרשון מסיקה גם נכח. במלווה מלכה הקרובה יופיע, בע"ה שלמה כ"ץ ואולי גם חיים דוד. תפוח מזמין את עם ישראל להשתתף באירוע השבועי מוצ"ש ואף להתארח כל השבת למי שמגיע מרחוק.

וכן, זה חדשות. זה לא פרסום למטרת רווח. זה יהודים שבאים לשמח. גם בשורות טובות יכולות להוות חדשות. מצווה גדולה להיות בשמחה. וכל הכבוד לזמרים היקרים הבאים לשמח את עם ישראל בהופעות חינם.

Motza'ei Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Huqath: Aharon Razel with Elyon Shemesh

Motza'ei Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Qorah: Binyamin Nakonechy

Cross-posted on the B'nai Elim Blog.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

News Flash! Possible Attempted Kidnapping At Rehalim Junction

Beth Rosh Hodesh HaRevi'i 5768

I arrived at Tapu'ah Junction at 10:30pm. To do so, the driver giving me a ride from the West had to by-pass the long line of vehicles which were at a stand still. Traffic was blocked from all four directions leading to this major junction of roads in the Central Shomron (Samaria), so the left side of the road was clear, allowing us to approach.

I got out, and proceeded on foot, seeing several people out of their cars, passing the time, and trying to figure out what was happening. Traffic appeared clear up the hill to K'far Tapu'ah, so I continued on. Stopped by a soldier, even though I told him that I was just going to walk up the hill to my home, I asked him what had happened. He replied with the standard, "We do not yet know."

At 10:45pm, traffic was allowed through. I was told to get back into my car. When I explained that I was on foot, I, too was allowed through, only after I produced my te'udath zehuth Israeli identification card.

I then asked him, again, what had happened. All I received in reply was,...

"There was an occurrence in the area of Tapu'ah."

I got a ride up the hill from a neighbor who had not heard anymore than I did. When we reached the gate to K'far Tapu'ah, the soldier on duty appeared particularly cautious. Again, after queries from my neighbor, the soldier was not forth coming.

Only after reaching my house and seeing the town's resident medic, was I informed that there might have been an attempting kidnapping at Rehalim Junction, but that it still was not clear.

Rehalim is a small town just south of Tapu'ah Junction, on the main road to Jerusalem. Another road connects it to the southern entrance of the City of Ariel.

Beforehand, while traveling on Highway 5 from the West, having passed the Oranit/Elqanah Junction toward Ariel, south-bound traffic was stopped on the road turning off toward the town of Pedu'el. Apparently there was an unrelated incident in that area. There were conflicting reports as what had occurred there.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Kashering A Government

29 of the Third Month 5768

Last Shabbath, a friend of mine was talking about different ways to approach the Israeli governmental system. One is to find ways to influence its development positively, so that it eventually evolves into a Torah-based system of governance. The other approach mentioned was to step aside, wait for it to implode, and then be part the Torah-based system which arises from the ashes.

I said to this friend that the first approach sounded like he wanted to kasher something, like a kli (vessel) which needed to be immersed in boiling water, if not blow torched.

He said yes.

So, I then asked, what if the Israeli government is more like a kosher animal which has been shehted, is then opened up and found to be have problems render it unfit for Jewish consumption, in which case, it cannot be "kashered?"

We must decide whether the Israeli government is an empty vessel, or not kosher at all.

Either way, the future does not look very promising.