Monday, December 31, 2012

More Arab Land Theft

י"ט לחודש העשירי תשע"ג
Arutz 7: IDF Gives Arabs a Nod in Land Dispute at Kfar Tapuach
Jews in the Samarian village of Tapuach claimed, Sunday, that the army was helping area Arabs in a land grab around the strategic junction. The claim arose after Arab and Jewish farmers clashed at the site on Friday, and the army allowed the Arabs to work the land on Sunday.

The District Coordinating Office (DCO) for joint efforts by Israeli and Palestinian Authority security forces told Arutz Sheva that the Arab family had proven ownership. Yekutiel Ben-Ya'akov was emphatic that the land belonged to a Jew named Sa'adia who lives in Yehud, near Tel Aviv. Ben-Ya'akov said that the information provided by the DCO was false and that the case was under advisement by a court, but 45 days into the 60 the court gave before issuing its ruling, it appeared that the Arabs had some help from the army in effecting a land grab.
This seems to be the latest strategy of the Arabs over the past several years, making claims on the Land with "documentation" and "testimony."

It has happened with Havath Gil'ad, Migron, and lately with one or more of the hilltop communities next to Shiloh.

OK.  So, it's not exactly a "new" strategy, as the Arabs have already been employing the strategy of lying for quite sometime now.

Unfortunately, the collaboration of the Israeli Defense Forces [IDF] is a trend on the rise as well.

As a former resident of K'far Tapu'ah, I also wonder if this would have happened if certain, mamlakhti (undying state loyalist) families had been involved, or other families which may have made deals with the government.

But, this is all irrelevant. 

The bottom line is something we will never hear the Israeli government state:

ALL of the Land of Israel belongs to the People of Israel.

It is high time to stop being wishy-washy about this, to stop worrying about what the "International Community" will think, and to stop acting cowardly.

We have a misswah (commandment) to conquer the Land, and kick out ALL non-Jews unwilling to follow the rules involved with being a non-Jew in the Land.

What's the problem?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gratitude For Bibi?

י"ד לחודש העשירי תשע"ג 

Commenter: People always tend to get the kind of government they deserve. You and I and all of us should be prostrate as on Yom Kippur, thanking HaKadosh baruch Hu for the leadership of Bibi. No insult intended to the People of Israel, but, for all his faults, he's infinitely better, I believe, than the kind of leader that we actually deserve. Look at the state of Am Yisroel in our time!

Esser Agaroth (2¢): Are you serious? Why should we "settle?" The man wants to give away land just as much as Sharon or Peres. We are here on this earth to transform the reality into a Torah reality, not to settle for whatever seems the least of all evils.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Haveil Havalim #391

י"א לחודש העשירי תשע"ג

This week's edition of Haveil Havalim is pretty Israel focused.  I certainly do not mind.  But, I would like to encourage those in the Diaspora (Exile) to participate as well. Spread the word to your fellow bloggers, and join us on our Facebook group to keep in touch with each other, and to keep up to date with this blog carnival.

Founded by Soccer DadHaveil Havalim is a carnival of Jewish blogs -- a weekly collection of Jewish & Israeli blog highlights, tidbits and points of interest collected from blogs all around the world. It's hosted by different bloggers each week, jointly coordinated through our Facebook Group., and headed up by Jack.  The term 'Haveil Havalim,' whichmeans"Vanity of Vanities," is from Qoheleth, (Ecclesiastes) which was written by King Solomon. King Solomon built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and later on got all bogged down in materialism and other 'excesses' and realized that it was nothing but 'hevel,' or in English,'vanity.'

Daniel at The Heart Of Adam shares with us Circular Meditation. "Every individual has a unique role to play in the world...."

Gene Matanky, posting at Think Judaism, asks, "Where Is God?"

Baruch's Breeze recounts the Modern Hanukkah Battle of a Beth-El teen.  Torah, Life In Israel, Hanukkah, how to relate to the Nations,...You pick the category for this must read, true story!


Rafi at Like in Israel gives us his Picture Of The Day, Prime Minister Netanyahu's photo op., as well as the Quote Of The Day, from Rabbi MK Chaim Amsalem.

Avi at Tel-Chai Nation reports on the Banning of Arab MK Zouabi from running in the coming elections.  Will the Supreme Court uphold the decision?

Sharon at The Real Jerusalem Streets gives us her Post-Hanukkah Post.

Elie Klein, writing at The Times Of Israel, tells us what happens 300 Donuts Later.

Lauren's Aliyah Something brings us Having an Oleh Day When You're Almost Considered Not An Olah Chadasha.

It's also been two months since Just Call Me Chaviva arrived in Israel.  She tells us about it in A Very Narrow Bridge.

I'm not sure where to place these next posts either.  Since I live in Israel, they'll go here.  I write about Jewish Feminism.  Then on a lighter note, I explain the relevant halakhoth of this year's Festivus observance.

Ima 2 Seven tells us why her Kids Didn't Want To Go To School Today.

Batya at Me-Ander presents Shabbat Menus: Very Tricky, Especially When Milky.  She also tells us about Shiloh And Jewish History, posted on Shiloh Musings.

Bat Aliyah tells us about Food Shopping In Israel.

Ricki's Mom at Beneath The Wings writes about Spontaneity.

Ruti at Ki Yachol Nuchal! brings us some Cinnamon-Scented Tradition.

Jacob at Good News From Israel tells us about the New Israeli Educational Stamps, and also presents his new Legal Vocabulary English Hebrew Dictionary.

Last but not least, Asher Zeiger at The Times Of Israel reports that an Israeli Tween Wins An International Tennis Tourney.

OK.  That's a wrap for this week!

Ruth (Ricki's Mom) of Beneath The Wings will be hosting next week's edition of Haveil Havalim.  She asks that if you would like to submit a post, that you do so by sending her a personal message through Facebook.

Jewish Feminism

י"א לחודש העשירי תשע"ג

Yet another set of clever aphorisms was making its way around facebook.  I just had to comment on one of them.

"Feminist until you get married..."
-The Hypocrite Diaries
A vast number of feminists are hypocrites, not all of them, but a vast number.

One of those non-hypocrites suggested the following:
"Lesbianism is the highest form of feminism. Anyone who claims otherwise is a fake.
'Political lesbians' are fakes.
Any 'feminist' who tells you that any form of heterosexual sex is 'oppressive,' tell her that she's wrong. It's rape."
My friend's sarcasm here was to emphasize the existence of hypocrisy amongst feminists.

So called "Modern Orthodox" feminists, both women, and, yes MEN, are simply doing what they want, and calling it Judaism.

You shout about how mutar (permissible) this is, or that is. It's irrelevant.

You do not seem to care about the big picture, just about what you want to do, and how best to force it down everyone's throats.

You are blind to your own gaivah (pride), and the men who surround you, who are unable to differentiate between Western values and sensibilities and Jewish ones, are your enablers.

I say "shout," of course, because, after all...
"Women are allowed to overcompensate for the aggression they have incurred over the millennia from the 'oppressive, patriarchal hierarchy.' Thus, a man who calmly and respectfully expresses his disagreement with a woman is, in fact, attempting to marginalize her and silence her,...or worse. He could be condescending to her. Whereas, a woman who appears to be shouting at a man in order to express herself is not actually being aggressive. Rather, she is asserting herself." 
This is the mentality of the feminist: Justifiable double standards.

Additional, classic examples include...
"HaZa"L* OBVIOUSLY edited out, if not destroyed, most of the women's voices from our Oral Tradition, in order to maintain the status quo of women's bondage.  A woman having to cover her hair after she is married, or to cover her body in the manner which men dictate to her are additional ways men keep woman down at a level lower than them.  Men proclaiming that women are on a higher spiritual level than they are, is just a clever strategy to keep them Torah-illiterate and ignorant."
Yes, Iam beign sarcastic again.  But, yes, I have also actually heard statements made just like these.  Assuming such statements are made by knowledgeable, Jewish women, they are nothing less than apikourusth (severe distortions of the Torah), if not kefirath Torah sheb'al Peh, a denial of the sanctity and authority of the Oral Torah, and its bearers.

We have many problems within the Jewish world, and in [what people think is] Judaism itself, men bearing much of the responsibility.  But, on the woman's side, her insistence on asserting Western "rights" to do everything that a man does, anything that she wants, is the antithesis of the humility of a Bath-Yisra'el.

Whether she can or cannot do this or that, is hardly the point.  When she gets all of her obligatory misswoth down, only THEN let her worry misswoth for which she is not obligated, such as Torah study, even more so, .

I was once overheard critizing the use of the word "seminary" to call women's religious schools.  I was asked, "Well, then what should we call them?"

My response?


When the horror in the faces of those observing this discussion eventually faded, I explained that the kitchen was where girls and young women learned all of the Torah and misswoth they needed to learn: Kashruth, Shabbath, how to relate to fellow Jews, or to non-Jews, and upon getting married, Taharath HaMishpahah (Family Purity).

Of course, I realize the "reality on the ground."  We must meet the danger of assimilation, and the challenge of bringing our brothers and sister back to Torah, head on.  And that includes the establishment of educational institutions which Jews growing up in the West are used to.  That includes providing men AND women with the understanding behind the misswoth which the Torah obligates us.  And, yes, that may necessitate in depth study of texts with commentators, such as RaSh"I,...I suppose.  I get that.  But, let us not fool ourselves into believing that such strategies are the end goals, and not simply the means to an end.

The oxymoron of a "women's minyan," the incredibly overused term "Rebbetzin," which has been taken hostage, and transformed into a new incarnation of a title by the Modern Orthodox, and even [English-speaking] Litvish communities, and the various, non-Jewish concepts being taught in the so-called "sems" are only a few examples of the part women have taken in preventing the progress of Ge'ulah (final redemption).

But when confronted with that old cliche, "Modernity and influences from Western culture are our reality," my response is always the same:

"We are here on this earth to do what HaShem wants, not what we want.  We are here to make Torah our reality, and "not simply accept whatever is thrown at us as the necessary reality of the world."

If the adjective "Jewish" is equated with "based in Torah," as I do, and as it should be, then there isn't anything in the least bit Jewish about feminism.

Thus, Jewish feminists do not really exist.


*HaZa"L = Our Sages, May Their Memories be for Blessings

Festivus Halakhah: When Festivus Falls On Aseres b'Teves

Due to the Fast of the Tenth Month (10 b'Teveth) occurring on December 23 this year, those who observe the holiday of Festivus are required to postpose the Festivus Se'udah until 25 minutes after sunset. The traditional Festivus foods include [kosher] Paella, accompanied by a "big salad."

What's a "big salad," you may ask?  A "big salad" is like a small salad, with lot of stuff in it.

If Paella and a "big salad" are not available, then any favorite foods of the guests will suffice.  Take out is also permissible


Some hold that the Airing Of Grievances must also be postponed until 25 minutes after sunset, due to "sin'ath hinam" (baseless hatred).  Others hold that the airing of grievances prevents baseless hatred, and thus do not wait.  Overall, however, the custom is to wait, so that everyone has food in their stomachs, before the Airing Of Grienvances.  In any event, the Airing Of Grievances traditionally begins with the ba'al habayit (head of household) shouting the following formula:
"I've got issues with you, and you're ALL gonna hear about it!"
There are conflicting opinions regarding the beginning of the Feats Of Strength.  Some suggest that they should begin during the Se'udah.  Others suggest that doing so would be a sakkanah (danger) of vomiting.  Others say that one is require to eat his food slowly for this reason.  Still others suggest that potential vomiting is acceptable, but only when combined with the Airing Of Grievances.

The Festivus Pole, of course, should already have been erected.  However, if not, most authorities hold that one may erect ones pole before sunset.

Traditional donations to the Human Fund may be performed before sunset.  However, they must be done with the proper kewanna (intention), or else one is not yotzei midei hovato (satisfied his obligation).

It's Festivus for the rest of us!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More Scandanavian Scumbaggery*

ה' לחודש העשירי תשע"ג
12th Yartzeit of Rabbi Binyamin and Talia Kahane hy"d

We only just heard of the increased threats to Jews living in one Scandanavian country, Denmark.

Now we are reminded that Jews are not safe living in any Scandanavia at all.

Let us also not forget that Oslo, as in the "Oslo Death Accords," is in the neighboring Scandanavian country of Norway.  Oslo is also where the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to two Jewish traitors and an Arab murderer shortly thereafter.

To those who are quick to point out the heroism of the Danes and their king, during World War II, when they ferried Jews persecuted by the Nazis across the Kattegat Bay into "neutral" Sweden, I will be just as quick to point out all of those Jews handed over by the Swedes, in whose country they thought they were safe.

Former Chief Rabbi of Sweden Aaron Katz, and his brother brought their families to Israel, and settled in the Binyamin Area, north of Jerusalem.

Finally, there were some rabbis who were not interested in holding onto any cushy jobs, but instead did the right thing.

Swedish Jews should take their example, and leave as well.
Arutz 7: Swedish Bullies Stone Jewish Boy and Yell ‘Heil Hitler’ 
Bullies in Malmo, Sweden threw stones and snowballs at a Jewish boy and saluted him with “Heil Hitler.” Jews says they are used to it.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, December 16, 2012

Bullies in Malmo, Sweden threw stones and snowballs at a 15-year-old Jewish boy and saluted him with “Heil Hitler” last week, Radio Sweden reported.

The Jewish community of Malmo has been under escalating threats the past few years from Muslims and neo-Nazis, and European Jewish Congress president Dr. Moshe Kantor said last week, "The community is slowly being pushed out; it is dying of 'a thousand cuts.'" (cont.)

The community should be allowed to die,...but not the individual Jews, of course.

Clearly, they have no business being in such an environment, whether concerned about what life would be like elsewhere or not.

You need to get out already! 

Come to Eretz Yisra'el where you belong!


*Scumbaggery is a fantastic term I heard from Vinny Eastwood.  I am positive that he would not like this blogBut, that is neither here nor there.  I must give credit where credit is due.

Yitzhar: The Prime Target

ה' לחודש העשירי תשע"ג
12th Yartzeit of Rabbi Binyamin and Talia Kahane hy"d

For years, I have been warning people that the town of Yitzhar, in the heart of the Shomron (Samaria) is a target, and I have been warning them as to why this is the case.

Before reading the report below about this past Shabbath, I just received the following report from a friend of mine in the area.

(Translated from Hebrew)

A member of the Yitzhar security patrol was hurt today by a rock thrown by an Arab. He is unable to see with the eye that was injured.  There are fragments in his eye socket, in his nose, and there is concern for his sight in the injured eye.  Please pray for the refu'ah shelemah (complete healing) of Levi Yitzhaq ben Rivqah.   
Dozens of PA Arabs from a village near Shechem try to enter a neighborhood in Yitzhar during the Sabbath.

Elad Benari, December 16, 2012

Dozens of Palestinian Authority Arabs from the village of Einabus near Shechem tried to enter a neighborhood in the Shomron community of Yitzhar during the Sabbath.

The neighborhood’s residents came out of their homes and drove the Arabs away, while a military force arrived and dispersed the Arabs using riot control measures.

The community of Yitzhar noted that it is suspected some of the Arabs may have fired shots during the incident. No one was reported to have been hurt.

Yitzhar has been more than once the target of Arabs who take advantage of the Sabbath to try to infiltrate into the community. Arson is one of the more common forms of such terrorism.

Several months ago disaster was narrowly averted twice on the Sabbath, as Jews in Yitzhar prevented Arabs from destroying their community with fire. Some grazing land was set alight, but homes in the area were saved.

PA Arabs in Judea and Samaria have been rioting and attempting to carry out terrorist attacks for the past several days. On Friday, approximately 1,000 Arabs rioted in Tulkarm. In Ni'lin and Bil'in the rioters hurled rocks at security forces.

About 30 PA Arabs rioted in Kfar Kadum in Samaria and rolled a burning tire towards security forces. 10 Arabs rioted in the Qalandiya crossing, throwing rocks towards the crossing. 40 Arabs hurled rocks towards the Rachel's Tomb compound, and about 3000 Arabs rioted in Hevron. (cont.)
 רמב"ם: הלכות מלכים ומלחמות
ו,טו  [יא] צרין על עיירות הגויים בשבת, ועושין עימהם מלחמה בשבת--שנאמר "עד רדתה" (דברים כ,כ), ואפילו בשבת:  בין מלחמת מצוה, בין מלחמת הרשות

Ramba"m: The Laws of Kings and Wars
6: 15 [11] One lays siege on towns of non-Jews on Shabbath, and makes war with them on Shabbath -- as it says, "...until it falls" (Deut. 20:20), and even on Shabbath, in either an obligatory war or in a voluntary war.

But, since when does the Israeli Government, or its IDF Command care about halakhah (Jewish Law)?

It only cares about removing Jews from their homes and destroying Jewish strongholds on Shabbath, using the same strategies as the Arabs which attack Yitzhar.

Could there be a connection here?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Something Is Rotten In Denmark,...And In The Rest Of Europe.

זאת חנוכה תשע"ג
Arutz 7: Jews Warned Not to Wear Kippot, Stars of David in Copenhagen 
Officials in Denmark have warned Jews to avoid openly wearing Jewish and religious symbols, amid increasing anti-Israel sentiments.

Rachel Hirshfeld, December 12, 2012

Israeli and Jewish officials in Denmark on Wednesday warned Jews to avoid openly wearing religious symbols and dress when moving about Copenhagen amid rising anti-Israeli sentiments.

"We advise Israelis who come to Denmark and want to go to the synagogue to wait to don their skull caps until they enter the building and not to wear them in the street, irrespective of whether the areas they are visiting are seen as being safe," Israel's ambassador to Denmark, Arthur Avnon, told AFP.  

Avnon added that visitors were also advised not to "speak Hebrew loudly" or demonstrably wear Star of David jewelry, the news agency reported.

Denmark's national Jewish Religious Community organization has also advised its members, and those at the private Jewish school in Copenhagen, to exercise caution.

Caroline Jewish School headmaster Jan Hansen told daily Jyllands-Posten: "It is not something that we do officially, but if the issue comes up we would say (to our pupils) they should think twice before walking into certain areas of Copenhagen with a skull cap or Star of David."

The warnings come a few weeks after an attack on the Israeli embassy in Copenhagen, during which anti-Israel protesters gathered outside, throwing fireworks and spraying the embassy entrance wall with graffiti saying “"childkillers".

No one was injured during the incident and one person has since been charged in the attack.

We all know about the anti-Jewish violence in France.

A friend of mine from Antwerp, Belgium, who wears visibly Jewish clothing, reports being spit on by Muslims.

A Jewish college in Germany warns its students against wearing kippoth (Jewish male head coverings) in public.

Muslims are gaining power and some level of autonomy in England, The Netherlands, and Sweden.

What are the Jews in Denmark waiting for?

This report does not say if the anti-Jewish sentiments are Muslim-based or not.  But, does it matter?

Will a Jew have to be beaten up, or killed, in order for them to wake up, and leave?

Let us pray that it does not have to come to that.

Haveil Havalim #390 Is Up!

זאות חנוכה תשע"ג 

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The Real Maccabee

 מוצש"ק פר' מקץ/זאות חנוכה תשע"ג
Last Hanukkah, we had to suffer through the un-Jewish Federation's idiotic, revisionist, lying video of the "Inner Maccabee."

This year, it appears that we have merited to see a resurfacing of a Real Maccabee in our time at Hanukkah.

Hmm,...  And perhaps the Israeli Defense Forces [IDF] have the potential to become a really Jewish Army after all.

Yohai Ma'ayan comes from the town of Yitzhar in the Shomron (Samaria), a town well-known for its resistance to government and IDF anti-Torah policies.  At one point, Yitzhar through out the IDF soldiers stationed

In addition, it was reported to me years ago by one Yitzhar resident that the powers that be had been working to infiltrate Yitzhar from within, injecting it with Mamlakhti (undying State loyalist) residents, who would then vote in local elections in line with government policy.

It is this writer's opinion, as well, that the Israeli government sees Yitzhar as one of the most ideologically-oriented towns in Yehudah and Shomron, the that it can succeed in taking it down when the next expulsion comes, then it can succeed in taking down any other town.  Thus, Yitzhar has been used as the Israeli government's expulsion laboratory.

My comments are in blue italics, and Yohai Ma'ayan's video can be found after the article.

(Tip Credit: Jews News)
Arutz 7: IDF Soldier - "Next Time, It's The Arabs Who Will Run
An IDF soldier from Yitzhar has posted a video in which he says that he will refuse to obey orders to “restrain himself” if he is in danger.

David Lev, December 13, 2012

In response to a video that has been circulating on Youtube that shows IDF soldiers running from an Arab mob throwing stones and rocks, an IDF soldier who lives in Yitzhar has posted his own video – in which he says that he will refuse to obey orders to “restrain himself” if he finds himself attacked by Arabs.

The soldier, Yohai Ma'ayan, went AWOL last month when he feared he would be sent to evict Jews from a neighborhood in Yitzhar. He is back on duty, and in the video he is seen wearing his uniform. “When I joined the IDF I was sure it knew how to subdue the Arab enemy,” Ma'ayan says in the video. “This week a video showed that things are not quite like that. But the soldiers seen running away are fleeing not because they don't have the weapons and ability to defend themselves, but because of commanders' orders. When I am in that situation I will refuse to follow those orders. When I am in the middle of an Arab riot, they will be the ones running away. And when I finally catch them,” he said, “there will be nowhere for them to run.”

An IDF source told reporters Thursday that Ma'ayan, who was drafted in July, had already been in the brig twice for violating orders, and that his latest stunt was likely to get him tried and jailed a third time. 
Rabbi Avraham Shapira ztz"l, the late Rosh Yeshivah of Merkaz HaRav Kook, was known to have told soldiers before the impending expulsion of Jews from Azza, that they should refuse orders to participate in throwing Jews out of their homes.  He told them that if they had to sit in jail for this, then they should be proud to sit in jail.
A source said that the video had been funded and promoted by an organization called “Serving with Faith,” which last week distributed literature calling on soldiers to violate orders against reacting when Arabs riot.

The organization also calls on youth to fight against the removal of Jews from their homes. “If you believe that IDF equipment to be used to destroy Jewish homes must be stopped from operating, and if you believe that a mere cup of sugar can stop the tractors that are being used to destroy those homes, you are not alone,” the literature says. A report said that several of the organization's activists distributed flyers with the group's message at the IDF induction center in Tel Hashomer earlier this week.
Who knew that civil disobedience could be as cheap as a cup of sugar?
An IDF source said that the army “condemned the refusal to obey orders, and we will act harshly in all cases where soldiers refuse to obey orders.”
Soldiers placing Torah Law above Israeli Law clearly threatens the powers' that be struggle to maintain control over the masses.  Torah is clearly not on the minds of the IDF command, let alone on the minds of the Israeli Government.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Haveil Havalim #389 Is Up!

כ"ח לחודש התשעי/חנוכה תשע"ג

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The Gaza War And The Killing Of Non-Combatants In Warfare - Why The Rabbis Are Silent.

כ"ז לחודש התשעי/חנוכה תשע"ג 
"It is clearly forbidden by Torah Law to endanger Israeli soldiers to protect "innocent " Gazans. This lecture by HaRav David Bar-Hayim deals with the reason why Rabbis are not speaking out on this life and death issue. See more videos at Machon Shilo."
The above quote from Machon Shilo, describing the following video says it all.

However, in my opinion, the most significant element of this video is not whether it is permissible to kill "non-combatants" according to halakhah (Jewish Law), but rather the question posed regarding the silence of the rabbis on this, and related matters.

Possible answers to these questions include:
1) The blatant conflict of interest which exists here.  Who is going to criticize a government which pays his salary?

2) The unwillingness to proclaim the truth, due to fear of ostracization, or other such nonsense.

3) The denial of the halakhah, and the attempts to "pilpul" it away, based on the fundamental galuth-based (exile) confusion that Western values and sensibilities equal Jewish (ie. Torah) values and sensibilities.  Leftist or liberal Jews who deny the validity, or even the existence, of such halakhoth could be more accurately identified as Hellenized Jews,...with a nod to our current celebration of Hanukkah.
But, you will have to watch the video to find out what Rav Bar-Hayim's opinion is.

The Pseudostinians

מוצש"ק פר' וישב/חנוכה תשע"ג

My comments on the U. N. approval of a Pseudostinian state were apparently insufficient.  So, I will try again.

There is no such thing as a Palestinian.

These Yishma'elim (Arabs) who occupy various portions of Eretz Yisra'el (the Land of Israel), albeit pawns of their big brothers in the surrounding Yishma'eli nations, cannot be Palestinians, because there is no such thing as "Palestine."

Palestine, from "Philistia," was what the Romans insisted on calling all of Israel.  Even though Philistia was actually localized to the area of Azza (Gaza) and surrounds.  The Roman goal was the same as many modern day countries: Diminish the Jews' integral and unbreakable connection to Eretz Yisra'elNablus, for example, is simply a bastardization of the Roman [Flavia] Neopolis. Arabs pronounce it "Nablus," because they have difficulties with the "p" sound.

Nablus was never an ancient Palestinian city, although is was most certainly an ancient city.  It was, and is, called Shchem, a portion of which was actually purchased with money by our ancestor Ya'aqov (Jacob - Gen. 33:18-19).

Thus, I use the term "Pseudostinian," a term which I got from Batya at Shiloh Musings.

Nobody wants these groups of Yishma'eli clans, except suicidal, Leftist Jews, of course.

Why didn't Sadat want all of Rafiah, even when Begin offered it to him?  He did not want "Palestinian" Rafiah, only "Egyptian Rafiah.  He said it was Begin's problem, not his.

King Hussein of Jordan massacred 3,000 of which people, on the day later to be known as "Black Sunday?"  The Pseudostinians.  Gee, I wonder if his son Abdullah's marriage to a Pseudostinian had anything to do with an attempt to keep the masses under control.  Pseudostinians, after all, are the majority of the Jordanian population.

What happened when a Jewish-Arab youth group was formed in Yaffo in 1991?  It didn't succeed, because the Yishma'eli kids kept cheering every time a missile hit Tel Aviv.  So much for the Leftists attempts for their version of "peace.  An, what makes these Yishma'elim any different from those occupying Azza (Gaza), Shchem, Hevron, or Jenin?  Only one thing, the international imposition of artificial boundary lines.

What was the first thing the Kuwaiti government did in the 90's when the U. S. pushed the Iraqis out?  They kicked out the "Palestinians," for siding with Hussein.

What happened when in 2006 Qetusha rockets killed Yishma'elim in Nazareth?  The Yishma'elim themselves cheered.  What about the dead Yishma'elim?  Don't worry!  They're martyrs.  Hizbollah did them a favor!

This is the mentality of this pseudo people.  It is identical to that of their brethren.  They are only a segment of the Yishma'elim.  The fact that they are treated poorly by their own is irrelevant, and NOT our problem.

Please look closely at this map, being held up by Holocaust-denier/Munich Massacre-funder, "President" of the Pseudostinians, Mahmud Abbas (left).

In the Yishma'eli view of the world, there is only the imaginary State of Palestine.

Israel does not exist.  The Pseudostinians have succeed in pulling the wool over most of the world's eyes, including those of quite a few Jews.  They have convinces them that their fabricated legends of a Palestine, are truths.

We do not seem to have any control over what others think of us and of our homeland.  So, when we will stop bothering to try?

When will we stop bending over backwards, often getting ourselves killed in the process, to help a non-existent people achieve their own delusional goals, and start focusing on our own people's well-being?

It had better be soon, because I am not sure just how long how we will be able to continue down this physical and psychological, suicidal path.

Since it is Hanukkah, I will add...
"Not foreign land did we take, and not over property of foreigners did we take control. We have returned to the inheritance of our forefathers, from which we were unjustly banished by our enemies." - Shimon (I Maccabees 15:33)

Monday, December 03, 2012

What About Jewish Lives?

כ' לחודש התשעי תשע"ג

FoxNews: Clinton Warns Syria Chemical Weapons Use Would Be A 'Red Line' for US

I saw this headline run across the news feed at the the post office today.

The first thing that came to my mind was,

"So, if mass murder was committed WITHOUT chemical weapons, then that would be OK?"

Killing Jews with Qassam rockets would be OK?

Killing Jews with Qetusha rockets would be OK?

Killing Jews in any manner possible would be OK?

Haven't reached your "Red Line," yet, Madame Secretary?

Seventeen-year-old girls from Kansas with a penchant for throwing buckets of water, are never around when you need them.

Arab Democracy

כ' לחודש התשעי תשע"ג
Egypt’s New Constitution: Laying the Basis for an Islamist, Sharia State

Barry Rubin, December 3, 2012
On November 30, a Constituent Assembly consisting almost 100 percent of Islamists voted to approve the draft of Egypt’s new constitution. The next day, President Muhammad Mursi ordered that a referendum be held on December 15. In other words, Egypt’s population will be given two weeks to consider the main law, which has 230 articles, that will govern their lives for decades to come.

Most of the non-Islamists had walked out of the Assembly because they objected to the proposed constitution, and it seems as if the remaining opposition members did not even attend the vote. So great is the outrage that Egypt’s judges — who supervise elections and were explicitly asked by Mursi to oversee the forthcoming referendum – have refused to do so. (snip)
(Tip Credit: @Soccer Dad)
Oh, yeah, and their will be a next time.  The only question is whether it will be Turkey, Algeria, Jordan, or one of any number of other countries.  Perhaps this will be Syria's fate in the near future.

There is an expression:

"Be careful what you pray for, because you just might get it."

The U. S. Government has been kvelling over the spread of the 'truth, beauty, and [apparent] freedom' of Democracy, around the world. In the 1980's, the Iron Wall came tumbling down, and one by one, Eastern European countries were reborn as democratic governments. The democratic wave soon spread throughout the member states of the Former Soviet Union,...well,...sort of.

Gee, do you think that perhaps this is because Arabs may actually be culturally-oriented in a completely different direction than the West?  The Uber Left refuse acknowledge the implications of this.  They like to chalk up their refusal to "cultural differences."  But, in reality it is just a gross denial of the impending terrorist take over staring them in the face.

Tokens such as King Abdullah of Jordan, along with assorted doctors, engineers, and other scientists are propped up as poster children for how the Arabs can see the light of Western European culture and change.

They do not call it that, of course.  Rather they have deluded themselves into thinking that they're just like them.

Rudolph Valentino
It is almost as if the liberal west has been seduced by the deep brown eyes of its fantasy Arab, and has been blinded to everything else surrounding him.  Meanwhile, their "conservative" counterparts have indeed, been seduced, by Arab oil, that is.

Horror stories of women unable to leave Arab countries with their children, if at all, honor killings and female, sexual mutilation, are anomalies, if the even exist at all.

Israel being bombarded by rockets from Hezbollah to the north, Hamas to the south, and sometimes both, is immaterial.
But this time, unlike 2011, it is the regime that enjoys the support of the armed forces and Western governments, being buttressed also with almost $10 billion in aid. “The people” aren’t going to bring down this regime and the new rulers are going to implement their interpretation of “God’s law.” That is the new meaning of democracy in Egypt. (snip)
Westerners have made their bed.  And, now they have to sleep in it.

I hope someone remembers to bring the condoms.
Islamic Sharia law is the main source of Egypt’s laws. While this has been in previous constitutions, the problem is interpreting how strictly Sharia will be interpreted and how widely it will be applied. What that passage means for Egypt is going to be a lot more significant under a Muslim Brotherhood government with major input from even more radical Salafists than it did under President Husni Mubarak’s relatively secular-style regime.

–A basic principle of the Constitution (Article 4) is to consult al-Azhar, the country’s influential Islamic university on any issue when Sharia is concerned, which potentially means on every issue. That elevates al-Azhar above all other non-governmental institutions. Al-Azhar is not (yet?) in Muslim Brotherhood hands but its leaders, who know which way the wind blows, can be expected to back a tough interpretation of Sharia law.

– To further ensure that Egypt will be a Sharia state, another provision (Article 219) states that the principles of Sharia are to be found in the four Sunni schools of thought, ruling out any reformist possibilities.
The next time anyone writes an article, reporting similar "democratic" activities in Arab countries, I expect,....  No, I demand that the author conclude with the following statement:

"Is anyone really surprised?"  

After all, look at Hamas.  It, too, was a "democratically elected" government.