Thursday, December 22, 2005

Time To Throw The Baby Out With The Bath Water

21 of the Ninth Month 5766

The following reported by Arutz 7 is indicative of one of the reasons why, in retrospect, I might have wasted my time and NIS 48 per year registering and maintaining my membership in the Likud Party, for the sake of Moshe Feiglin:

A7: Likud Trying to Keep Feiglin Off List of Candidates

Likud Trying to Keep Feiglin Off List of Candidates
21:27 Dec 21, '05 / 20 Kislev 5766

The Likud Party has postponed by one week the vote on a list of candidates in the coming election and is preparing a new law that would forbid Moshe Feiglin from running, according to the Mabat television news program.

Agriculture Minister Yisrael Katz said the delay is aimed at Feiglin, head of the Jewish Leadership faction who won 12 percent of the vote in this week's primaries which chose Binyamin (Bibi) Netanyahu to lead the party. Mabat said that Netanyahu is preparing a new law blocking the candidacy of anyone who served three months in jail. Feiglin served time in prison in the 1990s for his civil disobedience actions protesting the Oslo Accords.

My Comments:

No matter what decent Jews with Yirat Shamayim (Fear of Heaven) try to do to change the system internally, the sick system just keeps on finding ways to remain sick, like passing laws at will which prevent anyone they don't like from being picked for the team. "He's got freckles." "He's too short." "He believes in Torah and misswoth."

Welcome back to elementary school.

Unfortunately, this is not a game.

Rabbi MK Benny Elon's famous (or infamous) "Po'alim bifnim" (working within) has yet to show any signs of working.

Prof. Paul Eidelberg's cries for how turn Israel into a real democracy continue to be mostly ignored (and feared?) by the left AND the right.*

(*This is not a cricism of Prof. Eidelberg, but rather of the chronies in the gov't and of the numb populace who refuse to listen to him.)

To Moshe Feiglin I say: It was worth a shot. People who laughed at you at first, later called you "dangerous." Now they refer to you as someone who can no longer be ignored. You received and took the opportunties and publicity you could to bring some important issues to the foreground.

My time and few hundred sheqqels were certainly well-spent for you and Manhigut Yehudit (Jewish Leadership) to accomplish even that.

But, let's face it, the people who [really] run the government are evil, and will not let you, or, for that matter Benny Elon or Paul Eidelberg, change anything.

It's time to throw the baby out with the bath water.

The Cycle Of Abuse II: The PeSh"A Council, the Israeli right wing, & Us

21 of the Ninth Month 5766

A7: The Victims Of Abuse

On 20 Kislew 5766, Yehudah Poch wrote on A7 in his "The Victims Of Abuse:"

"Until the Judea, Samaria and Gaza Council is prepared to begin acting in the long-term interests of the population it claims to represent, they will continue to play the neglectful parent role, as the government plays the abusive parent role. And the children of this abusive marriage - the residents of Judea and Samaria and the rest of the Israeli right-wing - will continue to suffer emotionally and physically at the polls."

I say that it's better to rewrite it like this:

Until the residents of Judea and Samaria realize that its PeSh"A Council will NEVER act in their interests short- or long-term, they will continue to repeat the cycle of the "victim having delusional hopes that its neglectful & passive-aggressive (PeSh"A Council) parent & abusive step-parent (Israeli right wing) will change. The residents of Ye"Sh require serious therapy (placing Torah before this government's non-Torah). Codependently hoping for their "parents" to heal is nothing less than self distructive.

Lacking any child abuse hotline, we must find a new parent: God. But, he's not actually new; he's been there along.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Dogs, Vomit, & Netanyahu

18 of the Ninth Month 5766

Likud Party

Aryeh Zelasko eloquently wrote in response to the following A7 piece:

"Actually this is more in the realm of a dog returning to his vomit but each to his own analogies. I wonder what high level jobs these two will be getting in the near future?"

A7 Report

Feiglin Responds to Yesha Endorsement of Netanyahu
Sunday, December 18, 2005 / 17 Kislev 5766

Likud Manhigut Yehudit Jewish Leadership faction head Moshe Feiglin compared the Yesha Council endorsement of Binyamin Netanyahu to a "battered woman returning to her abusive husband."

Feiglin stated that the decision by veteran Yesha leaders Bentzi Lieberman and Pinchas Wallerstein to back Netanyahu is testimony to their achievements in their battle to preserve the communities in Gaza and northern Samaria. Feiglin added that Netanyahu is well-aware that he will be able to carry out the next expulsion, resting assured he will have the backing of the settlement council.

My comments:

What a minute! Wasn't it the YeSh"A Council who brought down Netanyahu back in 1998?

Specificly, I recall that "residents of Ofra" had been involved, and maybe even took a little pride in it.

Included in the list of prominent residents of Ofra, Wallerstein, Uri Elitzur (He's OK, as far as I know), Hayim Falk (the not at all famous #9 on the Mafda"L list), Rav Avi "Don't Pick Arab olives [even though Rav Eliyahu says it's OK, and other rabbanim say there's no such thing as Arab olives]" Gisser (member of the infamous Dovrat Education Comm.). Less prominent residents of Ofra include the Lt. Ravsha"tz Gabbi Biton who turned into the police three teen-aged girls for allegedly letting the air out of the tires of an Arab car or two. He then took time out of his day to go to the police stn. to fill out forms and provide testimony. If he HAD to do something, why not just call their parents? And where were these cars? The mini Arab (white and green tag) workers parking lot just outside the entrance to the yishuv, and next his wife's restaurant. (Many Arabs enter the yishuv every morning to work.) His wife openly does business with these animals, and even rides around with them in their cars.

Well, that's Ofra, for you. And from my experience, Ofra is not alone in its mamlachti ideas. It has many other yishuvim in its camp of misguided idiocy and self-destruction.

But, I digress... With so-called "religious, Zionist" Jews like these, the Arabs and leftists do not even have to break a sweat to do their evil!

Anyway does this ring all ring a bell? This sure supports the above statement about returning to ones vomit.

Regarding "high-level" jobs, what DID ever happen to Mor-Yosef, also from Ofra? You know the former PeSh"A Council member who removed his beard because he didn't want to look like a "fanati." Did he ever get that job with the Foreign Ministry in exchange for securing that Ofra will never be dismantled? Guess again Mr. Mor-Yosef.

Well, at least the good news is that as usual the YeSh"A Rabbanate has its priorities arranged more appropriately than the PeSh"A Council, placing Torah before all else, including avodah zarah, fascism, and idiocy.

I would hope that we can expect nothing less from our rabbis.

Well, I guess I'd better go out and do my duty as a registered member of the Likud, and vote.

Gee....Whose advice should I follow? The advice of Amei HaAretz or some of the decreasing number of decent Rabbanim in this country?

See its point of view below.

A7 Report

Yesha Rabbinic Council Calls on Likud Voters to Choose Feiglin
22:33 Dec 18, '05 / 17 Kislev 5766

Although the Yesha Council has called on the public to vote for Binyamin Netanyahu, the head of the Rabbinic Council of Yesha (Judea, Samaria and Gaza) has issued an endorsement for Moshe Feiglin.

This is not the first time that Yesha' rabbinic leadership has come out on the opposite side of an issue from the government salaried lay-leaders.

Rabbi Dov Lior, who heads the council, called Sunday night for Likud voters to choose the candidate, "who is faithful to the values of the Nation of Israel and who will strengthen the Jewish identity of the State, who fought the whole way against the cursed Oslo process and against the destruction of Gush Katif and northern Samaria and in the end truth will overcome."

Thursday, December 08, 2005

A Boy, His Mom, Her Political Party, & The Universe

7 of the Ninth Month 5766

In Batya Medad's It Feels Like a Death in the Family, she's writes of her disappointment in Tzahi HaNegbi through a trip down memory lane...

Here is my response:


Oh Please! "Let's keep the land, but not kick out the Arabs."

Please correct me if I got that part wrong.

What kind of idiocy is that? Even many Leftists were not in denial about Israel's euphemistically labeled "demographic problem." They did things to egg it on, of course, but they were no longer in denial about it.

Regarding Ge'ulah Cohen, let us not forget that she was,...let's just say, "highly instrumental" in having Rav Kahane's ZTz"L HY"D Ka"Kh Party outlawed. She and all of the other religious and nonreligious Mamlachtim are guilty of nothing less than mesirah and kefirah. They sold a kosher Jew and Talmid Hacham down the river, denied and continue to deny some fundamental Torah principles, and as a result -- well look at us, as a country, as a people. Need I say more?

...Gee, what was the name of her assistant who actually drafted the legislation? His name currently eludes me, but I know I'll think of it one of these days....

"Lo nishkah welo nislah....",

You're right, Batya. Tzahi HaNegbi is no longer ideologically motivated. He's only thinking of himself.