Thursday, June 23, 2005

Plan Of Destruction

14 of the Third Month 5765

It has been reported that Israelis and Arabs have agreed upon the ultimate fate of the Jewish homes in Azza after the expulsion of their owners (May God forbid).

Arab denials, and conditons placed upon the potential agreement aside, my question is this:

When is the destruction of homes supposed to begin?

Normal people would assume that the destruction of homes will begin after the proposed expulsion.

Unfortunately, we are not dealing with normal people here.

I believe that the answer to this question is well-worth exploring.

May God help us.

b'Ahavath Yisra'el

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Jerusalem Day: Time To Get Our Priorities Straight

Yom Yerushalayim 5765

Well, today, Yom Yerushalayim, the day commemorating the reunification of the Holy City of Jerusalem 38 years ago, was marked by violence.

Jews attempted to go up onto the Temple Mount.

Yishmaelites* (AKA: Arabs) threw rocks and otherwise attacked them.

*"And he [Yishmael] shall be a wild ass of a man...." (Genesis 16:12)

Does this surprise anyone?

From Arutz 7:

"Jerusalem Day: Temple Mount Violence, Singing, Dancing
11:03 Jun 06, '05 / 28 Iyar 5765

As Jews await word as to whether they will be allowed to visit the Temple Mount today, the 38th anniversary of Jerusalem's reunification, Arabs mounted a stoning attack, marring the celebrations...."

(See for the complete story.)

After the incident, the Temple Mount was closed to Jews "until further notice." The Arabs had achieved their short-term goal, the prevention of Jews ascending the Temple Mount.

Still not surprised, are you? After all, it is quite a familiar cycle. We Jews never seem to do quite what is necessary to prevent further incidents of this kind from occurring.

"Why not kick the Arabs off? Why can't we kick them off even for one day, ...say, next Monday for Shavu'oth (Feast of Weeks)? It wouldn't be the first time we made such an agreement. A few measly days year, the Yishamites graciously let us pray in Isaac's Tomb in Hevron (sic)."

"No, no," a fellow Torah-observant Jew responds. "We can't provoke them. It'll just make things worse for us,...and for Jews around the world..."

Here it comes...

"After all, we have an agreement. The Wakf (a Muslim authority) controls the Temple Mount. Yeah, sure, Arabs break their agreements all the time. Sure, they desecrated (Read: "trashed") Joseph's Tomb. But, we're not like them. We're Jews. We don't break our agreements...."

The whining becomes unbearable. I can hardly prevent my eyes from rolling.

He does not actually say it this time, but there it is:

"What will the goyim think?"

His body resides in Israel, the homeland of the Jewish People. Yet his heart, mind, and, dare I say, soul seem to be living in some European ghetto somewhere.

Psychologists have a variety of words from which to choose to describe this Jew's state of mind: "denial," "repression," "low self-esteem," or even "self-hatred." I call it "spiritual numbness."

The Martyr-Heros of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising HY"D seemed to have less of a "ghetto mentality" than this Jew has.

Meanwhile in Washington, DC, the President of the U. S., motivated by oil and the influence of the anti-semitic State Department [as well as anti-Israel, at least since the Truman administration] is pushing Israel even further to give up more to the Yismaelites, land, money, employment and other economic opportunities.

U. S. Secretary of State Rice has even brought up the issue of giving away the Jordan Valley. Why, former Prime Minister Baraq and former President Clinton never even offered that in the end, even though they were willing to force Israel to give up around 90% of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.

(And, by the way, Madame Secretary, the Land is not yours, nor even ours to give away.)

Back to my fellow Jew, he's worried about what the goyim think. From the above, we certainly already know what the goyim think.

Haza"l (Our Sages, may their memories be for blessings) summed it quite simply: "Esaw soné eth Ya'aqov." (Esau hates Jacob.) Esaw is Rome (Bereshith Rabba, etc.), and modern day Rome is...?

Europe, the US, the UN perhaps...

And we already know what the Yishmaelites think, too. They want to kill Jews. It does not matter whether they want to blow us all up (God forbid), like the terrorists do, or are willing to wait patiently while they gradually outnumber us with their higher birthrate, like the mild-mannered businessman in Abu-Ghosh. They want to destroy us, all of us.

Perhaps, in the meantime, they have taken the Western tactic of "blaming the victim."

Again from Arutz 7:

"Abbas Accuses Israel of Causing Temple Mount Stoning
13:52 Jun 06, '05 / 28 Iyar 5765

( PLO leader Mahmoud Abbas [YSh"W] has blamed Israel for Monday's attack by Arab worshippers on the Temple Mount. According to the Hebrew daily Ha'aretz, Abbas said Jews should not have been allowed into the mosque compound.

"The Israeli government and the international community must stop these unjustified and dangerous violations. They are to prevent any friction with bad results," he said during a tour of a Palestinian high school in Ramallah."


Yeah, right! It is all our fault. How dare we assert our right to ascend our Holiest site (sic).

The non-Jews of the world are not going to change their opinion of us anytime soon.

The message is clear:

We must stop repeating the same mistakes, expecting different results.

We must stop worrying about how our actions will affect the opinions of the goyim.

We must take responsibility for ourselves and for our country.

We must remove our faith in foreign powers, and place it only in HaQadosh Baruch Hu, The Holy One, Blessed Be He.

b'Ahavath Yisra'el


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