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Now We're Talkin'!

Zoth Hanukkah 5769

It is just passed the deadline for the submission of party candidate lists for the impending national elections.

The National Union is back, leaving the Jewish Home Party, nicknamed the National Religious Party home, in the dust!

Here are the first five candidates on its list (IsraelNN):
1. Ya'aqov Ka"tz
Arutz 7 Co-founder

2. MK Uri Ariel
K'far Adumim

3. Aryeh Eldad
(Moledet) - former IDF physician/commander
K'far Adumim

4. Micha'el Ben-Ari
(Eretz Yisrael Shelanu) - Professor, Bar-Ilan University

5. Uri Bank
(Moledet) - Party Chair
All of these candidates are strong on the issue of NO LAND GIVEAWAYS, and the religious candidates understand that the Torah must be involved with all aspects of a Jew's life, including governance, and not just to resolve kashrus shailos. They are also strong on the issue of Torah precedence over the deluded fantasies of mamlakhti (undying state loyalist) candidates such as:
Daniel "There are differing opinions on territorial concessions" Hershkowitz

"What have rabbis got to do with governance?" Orlev

"Soldiers can't refuse orders no matter what" Orbach
Oh, I have no doubt that the mamlakhtim will soon start crying "Purveyors of disunity, repent!" or their favorite "this is baseless hatred!" dividing the community up like this. (eyes rolling)

I've got some news for you. There isn't just one community calling itself religious Zionist. There are two, a real one and a fake one. Analyze the data above, and do the math yourself.

Unity is about unifying the Jewish People under strong and faithful leadership, not about mixing the tahor with the tamei. That's not unity; that's very poorly made shampoo.

The National Union and the Marzel/Wolpe Eretz Yisra'el Shelanu (Our Land of Israel) agreed on a compromise, and so have successfully joined forces.

The Jewish Home Party wouldn't have given Marzel or Wolpe a second glance, except to throw around fear-mongering, catch phrases like "extremist" and "fanatic." So, don't lecture ME on unity.

If preferring loyalty to HaShem and His Torah over undying loyalty to the State means you're an "extremist" and "fanatic," then I guess that makes me one, too. I'm in good company.

Anyway, now that I've given the mamlakhtim something to ponder for a while, that is, if it didn't go too far over their heads, let me get back to the Nation Union's list of candidates.

The list does raise some questions:
1. Where is MK Tzvi Hendel's (Tequmah) place on the list?
(Hendel has decided to remove himself from the Jewish Home Party list of candidates.)

2. Will Effie Eitam (Ach"i) come crawling back to the National Union?
(Apparently not,...yet)

3. Is this the last we've seen of Rabbi MK Yitzhaq Levy (Ach"i)?

4. Will the National Religious Party finally die that horribly painful death I have been hoping for?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Stay tuned....


Nation Union Places 9 - 12:
6. Alon Davidi
S'derot Defense Task Force & former director, S'derot Hesder Yeshiva

7. Avi Rath
Journalist & Author

8. Prof. Ron Breiman
former chair, Professors for a Strong Israel

9. Betzalel Smutrich
Movement to Preserve National Lands

10.Lior Kalfa (according to Arutz 7)
Gush Katif Residents Committee

10. Ilan Cohen (according to the HaTikvah Party website)

11. Shabtai Weintraub (according to the HaTikvah Party website)

12. Shmu'el Hermesh (according to the HaTikvah Party website)

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Gaza Round Up At Jack's Place

Zoth Hanukkah 5769

My buddy Jack has put together a Gaza Round Up of posts on his blog "Random Thoughts- Do they have any meaning?"

It's worth a look, for your one-stop attack on Gaza shopping.

What Took 'Em So Long?

Zoth Hanukkah 5769

Everyone else is jabbering on about the attacks in Azza, while I sit here in front of my computer screen in an area proving to be one of the safest places to be in Israel, b'il eyin hara: Efraim (Central Samaria), safe from rockets from Azza and Lebanon, safe from bomb attacks in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv,...for now.

Funny how people are also asking ME if I am scared to live where I do, let alone travel around by tremp, and unarmed.

Don't worry, the gub'ment has plans for us, too. Then I'll start to get worried, and have to snap out of my complacency.

In the meantime, I'll also provide my 10ag on the current goings-on in Azza.

What I want to know is what took 'em so long to bomb Azza?

Sure. They've gone in beforehand, but it was always a half-ass job, going only into the limited areas allowed by big brother and sister George and Condi, followed by the requisite, quick retreat. OR it was those lovely targeted assassinations, carefully avoiding "innocent civilians" (Central Samaria), known to every other country as "collateral damage."

There are a few theories as to what took 'em so long....

1. Election Ploy This will get votes for Livni (Kadima), and for Baraq (Labor), showing the center that even though they want to continue "piece" negotiations with the Arabs, they can be tough like Netanyahu (Likud) says he will be, and not as wishy-washy like Olmert (Kadima). They can spin the incessant threats to strike Azza, and taking so damn long to do so, as a clever strategy, taking the Arabs by surprise.

Hey, even I'm beginning to believe that Ehud Baraq isn't such a buffoon after all. Tzippy Livni was actually pretty effective in her interview on Fox & Friends. I mean her Godless/Torahless approach is completely wrong, of course, but she certainly demonstrated that she knew her audience. Her biggest mistake was thinking that making a case to the American public was in the least bit important. (...and too bad they kept calling her "Zippy.")

Did I say that there were a few theories? Well, actually, I can only think of two.

But you're not gonna like this last one...

2. Fear The wealthy, Ashkinazi powers that be were not in such denial of the Arab threat after all. The rockets did not actually have to reach Tel-Aviv before they were able to snap out of it. They knew that it was only a matter of time before the rockets reached Ashdod, you know, where there are actually some of those "nice" neighborhoods. After all they had reached Qiriyath Gath. Even though no one cares about Qiriyath Gath, it was an indicator of just how close the rockets were getting to the Ashkinazi, leftist headquarters of North Tel-Aviv. (See the map below to see just how close.)

No one cares about Ashqelon either. But the rockets inching closer to the power station there was problematic to the powers that be. Losing one-third of the country's power, due to lack of inaction, will lose you votes, even from "piece" negotiation-pushing Leftists, addicted to electrical appliances. Translation into American terms: Rich, white people were going to start getting killed.

I told you, you weren't going to like it.

(Click the map to enlarge it)

Red dots indicate locations having been hit from the south or from the north during the Second Lebanon War (Summer, 2006). Half red indicates having been hit on the outskirts of the city. Netanyah's outskirts were hit, but publicity over this was hushed up.

Ashqelon, Qiriyath Gath, and S'deroth are indicated by red dots , but not labeled. Be'er Sheva has not been hit,...yet.

The map demonstrates how the rockets have been creeping closer to Tel-Aviv as well as to Ben-Gurion International Airport.

Haveil Havalim #197 Is Up!

Zoth Hanukkah 5769

Haveil Havalim #197 is up at Material Maidel.

MM Hearts Haveil Havalim

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Kosher Cooking Carnival #37 Is Up!

Fourth Night of Hanukkah 5769

The December - "Greasy Story" Edition of the Kosher Cooking Carnival is up at Here In HP.

Hope you're not on a diet.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

Jewish Reality

Second Night of Hanukkah 5769

I recommend reading Carolyn Glick's "Netanyahu's Grand Coalition." It confirms our fears of the dangers an Obama administration poses to Israel. In fact, according to her sources, it's worse than we thought. Who still thinks I'm crazy for suggesting that U. S. troops are on their way to Israel,...or are already here?

But that's not what prompted me to write about "Jewish Reality." Nor is it [exactly] Glick's criticism of Moshe Feiglin, where I believe she goes a little too far, nor is it her criticism of Likud Party Leader Binyamin Netanyahu, where I believe she doesn't go far enough.

No. What prompted me to write about "Jewish Reality" was the following snippet which caught my eye:
Like the Left, Feiglin bases his strategic and economic notions on a complete denial of reality. Whereas the Left ignores the Arabs, Feiglin ignores the West. Feiglin's religious adherence to his views has made him few friends in Likud or elsewhere in Israeli politics.
What "reality" is she talking about? The proverbial "facts on the ground?"

I cannot speak for Moshe Feiglin. However, I can say that religious Jews are sometimes accused of "ignoring reality."

As Jews, one of our roles to make TORAH THE reality in this world.

If it is not compatible with Torah, we are supposed to weed it out of the world's so-called reality.

The many, but not all, modern orthodox Jews, who accept many Western concepts, and Western ideas of "progress," as [automatically] being compatible with Torah, do not get this.

The mamlachti [undying state loyalist] religious Jews, who are unable to see the conflict between halacha and several, if not many, Israeli laws, do not want to get this.

The Haredi Jews, who do get this, are prevented by their hashqafah from being involved fully in this process. Thus they only focus on limited aspects of making Torah the reality in this world.

We don't even have to get into classic, "centrist" debate over "who decides what is or isn't compatible with Torah?"

The farthest that most "religious Zionist" MK's are willing to go to include Torah in the Knesseth's reality is whether kosher food is served at an official event, and whether that event takes place on Shabbath or not.

The idea of considering Torah in how to run a government, deal with a sworn enemy, or whether a soldier should refuse an order contrary to halachah (Jewish Law) is completely beyond them.

Although I agree that it is important not to ignore the "reality on the ground," it is even more important not to neglect, let alone, ignore the ultimate goal, the transformation of the current "reality" into a Torah-based world. This is the real, all-encompassing Tiqqun Olam (reparation of the world).

Even though I do not agree with Moshe Feiglin on many points, I do not believe that he denies nor ignores this "reality," but neither does he ignore the ultimate goal, however selective he may be as to how he expresses this. He does not ignore the West; he simply keeps the West in perspective.

No, I am not deluded into thinking that democracy, let alone Israeli deMOCKracy, is in the least bit Jewish.

However, until we succeed in establishing a truly Jewish government, including a King and an accepted Sanhedrin, I will most likely vote in Israeli elections. However, my vote will be cast to help prevent leftists and Arabs from gaining additional Knesseth seats, not because I think that any revelations or solutions will result from any Knesseth deliberations or other actions.

As Jews, whether we believe it or not, our "reality" IS the Torah, and we have to make it such.

If this is going over your head, or worse, in one ear and out the other, then not only is it very likely that you and I live in very different, Jewish realities, but that we also choose to do so.


For more on what Jewish government could like, in the not so distant future, see Machon Shilo: Rabbi David Bar-Hayim on Jewish Governance.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

"Jewish Home" List Revealed

Mossa'ei Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Wayeshev 5769

Click here for the finalized list of the Jewish Home Party candidates for Knesseth while I sit here, and experience an "I told you so" moment. I shouldn't say finalized, though, as I am still hoping for a split back into NRP and National Union.

MK Uri Ariel
, chair of the Tequmah Party was placed in the 3rd slot on the list. The second member of Tequmah, MK Tzvi Hendel was placed way down in slot no. 12.

Rabbi MK Benny Elon
, chair of the Moledet Party was placed in the 17th slot. I mean, c'mon. How do you get away with putting the first and only member of a supposedly equal faction down in the 17th slot?

You don't. Moledet has joined up with HaTikvah, and Rabbi Elon is retiring from politics.

How long will it take for Tequmah to pick up and leave as well? We could find out as early as this Saturday night, when Tequmah rabbis meet to decide the faction's future with, or without, the Jewish Home Party.

The Israel National News Hebrew weekly b'Sheva described the "Jewish Home" Party list best with this week's headline.

"The National Religious Party Home"

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tequmah Poster Update

21 of the Ninth Month 5769

It looks like the sponsors of the Homesh event, having its publicity posters plastered over the Tequmah posters in the Shomron are:

1. Shomron Council - I see no reason why the current administration of Gershon Mesiqa would have authorized this.

2. Shomron Community Centers - ditto.

3. Homesh-Sanur Community - ditto.

So far, it seems like the work of an over-zealous poster crew, a not-so-bright poster crew, individuals on the crew with some crazy love for the NRP, or a crew "just following orders" from one of the above unbeknownst to me.

Guarding Over Our Home?

20 of the Ninth Month 5769

I saw some guy on the bus wearing a sweatshirt tonight...

שומרים על הבית שלנו
(Guarding over our home - NRP)

Guarding over our home, huh? Well, you didn't do a very good job guarding over the homes in Azza (Gaza), did you?

Oh, wait a minute,...maybe the slogan meant metaphorically or spiritually.

I have personally seen the "home" you guard annually, which hosts the convention of a certain co-ed, "religious" youth group [which shall remain nameless], where the boys and girls do more than play guitar, and sing "Kum-ba-ya."

I have taught in the "religious" schools you are guarding over, where the students are taught to revere dead rasha'im (evil people).

I have heard your Members of Knesseth [MK] claim that democracy should determine land concessions (Sha'ul Yahalom*) and that rabbis don't really have any business meddling in the running of a government (Zevulun Orlev).

Just now I read that the chairman of your re-invented Jewish "Home" Party, Rabbi Daniel Hershkowitz, finally stopped evading the question as to how he stands on further territorial concessions and evictions of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria....
( ...[Hershkowitz] also said that the party's Knesset members would enjoy freedom to vote according to their conscience on matters pertaining to the diplomatic process and that the question of territorial concessions is a 'pragmatic' one on which people have differing opinions.

"Pragmatic?" "Differing opinions?" Hasn't anyone in your party ever heard of something called halachah?

Is this what you call guarding over our home?

Well, then please stay very far away from mine.

Maybe what you meant was "guarding over OUR home," in other words Elqanah, Ofrah, Alon Shvut, Giv'at Shmu'el, Qiriyat Ata,...but not anyone else's. I suppose you expect that Hevron, Yitzhar, and K'far Tapu'ah will just have to deal with your "pragmatic" and "diplomatic," "differing opinions...."

The HaTikvah Party advertisements you were complaining about, are right on. The National Religious Party is nothing more than...

"Kadima with a kippah."


*Trying to get a copy of the video-taped interview with former MK Sha'ul Yahalom.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Disappointed Tequmah Members

19 of the Ninth Month 5769

I saw the latest poster plastered all over the Shomron (Samaria) today. Here is an English translation of the Hebrew. A photo of Rabbi Daniel Hershkowitz was in the upper left-hand corner, with one of MK Zevulun Orlev in the upper right-hand corner.

Rabbi Daniel HershkowitzMK Zevulun OrlevThe Jewish Home [Party] asserts:

We are not a right-wing party.

[Committee-]elected party chair Rabbi Hershkowitz: "We do not see ourselves as right-wing nor left-wing....In The Jewish Home [Party] there is room for everyone." (09.12.08)

Disappointed Members of Tequmah
So, maybe threats to bring back the National Union Party (Tequmah, Moledet, Ach"i) may actually come to pass, thus leaving the National Religious Party [NRP] to die a quiet, yet hopefully very lonely and painful, death,...finally.

I'm not holding my breath.

Perhaps even more telling was that on the main road from Tapu'ah to Ofra, every single one of these posters was covered over by posters publicizing something to do with Hanukkah candle lighting in Homesh. I didn't get a good look at them. So, I do know which organization(s) was responsible for them. (Why they neglected to cover up the posters at the entrance to Ofra, I have no idea.)

There were many posters to cover, sometimes blocks of six or more. Usually groups not in competition with either other will not monopolize posting space, not unless they are not thinking straight or received poor instructions.

Why Homesh supporters, or the people they hired to put up their posters, should take issue with members of Tequmah expressing their disappointment, I have no idea. I suspect the NRP, which would probably not get any mandates in Knesseth this time around without the help of its National Union counterparts.

It was certainly no accident that each and every poster had been covered.

Disappointed Tequmah Members will be even more disappointed when they find out.


*Tequmah was formed about 10 years ago from a right-wing break-off from the NRP.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Haveil Havalim #195 Is Up!

18 of the Ninth Month 5769

Haveil Havalim #195
is now up at Jack's Place.

It is subtitled "My Kids Wish It Was Hanukkah Already."


17 of the Ninth Month 5769

The National Union, made up of Tequmah, Moledet, and Ach"i and the National Religious Party [NRP] recently voted to disband their individual parties, and come together to form a brand new one, the Jewish Home Party.

Tequmah is made up of those who used to be the right-wing members of the NRP, until they split off.

This party should not be confused with Meimad, which is made up of those who used to be the left-wing members of the NRP, until they split off, and joined the Labor Party. Meimad has since left Labor, and may join the even farther left-wing party, Meretz.

Moledet is a non-religious, nationalist party, now headed by... a rabbi, MK Benny Elon.

Ach"i [Unity, Society, Judaism] used to be known as the Torah Zionism Party, the third break off from the NRP. Co-founder MK Effie Eitam recently left Ach"i, and was headed for a run for the Likud Party list. Even though about six months ago, he had criticized Moshe Feiglin's strategy for doing the same. Yet, when I went to vote in the Likud primaries, I noticed that MK Eitam wasn't on the ballot....


Moledet faction member MK Aryeh Eldad has quit his non-religious, nationalist party, and has joined the new, non-religious, nationalist party HaTikvah.

Wait a minute, he is proposing that HaTikvah join up with the newly formed Jewish Home Party. Um, why did he quit in the first place??

And which "Jewish Home" faction will HaTikvah join anyway?

It looks like the National Union may end up leaving the Jewish Home Party, in other words, leaving the re-invented NRP.

No, I'm not talking about the November threats to split the party; these are the more recent, December threats, or rather the "suggestions," as they seem to be called these days.

Still confused?

Hang on. There's more... Rabbi Shalom Dov Wolpe (Chaba"d) and Baruch Marzel (National Jewish Front) are expected to meet Sunday afternoon to discuss the formation of [yet] a[nother] new, right wing political party (

Will the presence of several small right-wing parties shoot the right-wing in the foot? Will this help the Likud, or just put Kadima back into power?

Will these factions continue to fight, and even demonize, each other, and lose miserably in yet another national election?

Will newly-appointed head of the Jewish Home Party, Rabbi Daniel Hershkowitz ever stop evading the question as to whether he rejects further territorial concessions and evictions of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria?

Will the Israeli public ever snap out of its delusion, and realize that without the National Union, the National Religious Party is neither national, religious, nor even a party? (Discuss amongst yourselves....)

Will the various right-wing factions pull together, and attain a realistic presence in the Knesseth?

Could it be that Tully Fiqrash, writing in the "national religious" newspaper HaTzofeh (Hebrew), is actually correct in stating...
...once again, it has become clear that the struggle is not over ideology, but rather about seats [in Knesseth] and honor, not conceptual but personal....
Will Moshe Feiglin finally realize that no matter how long he plays by the rules, and wins, "they" (eg. Likud, Israeli Supreme Court, Israel's shadow government, etc.) will simply change the rules on him,...again and again?

Will a Sanhedrin be accepted, a king appointed, and work begun on the Mizbe'ah (altar) and Miqdash (Temple), thus canceling the need to participate in this [not even good enough to be called] "Hellenist process?"

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some Likud Afterthoughts

13 of the Ninth Month 5769

I wonder if Eli resident, Yehiel Leiter will be giving up his U. S. citizenship to run for Knesset, considering his poor showing (#39). That's the law, by the way, albeit selectively enforced, no dual-citizenship for K'nesseth members. Hmmm...

I had a relatively pleasant experience standing in line to vote yesterday in the Likud primaries at Binyanei Ha'Umah (Jerusalem Convention Center),...well, except for the "standing in line for over an hour" part. What I mean is that the roving supporters of various candidates were pleasant enough, and not at all pushy. Of course, most were paid to pass out literature, and did not necessarily have any other connection to the candidates who had hired them. Some clearly did have a connection with their candidates, but still were interested in talking positively, and not bashing others.

The one exception was my encounter with a young, Haredi-appearing, young man, who wanted to tell me about how Yehiel Leiter's views had been distorted, and wanted to set everyone straight. That was after I had told him that there was no chance I was voting for Leiter. As he started his rant, I told him not to waste his time. He continued. I spoke quietly in his ear. I asked him why he was supporting a mamlachti. I told him that I knew that HE would gladly adhere to Torah Law, even in a circumstance when it violated Israeli law, and that he should ask Yehiel Leiter what he would do in the same situation.

I turned away, and I guess this young electioneerer realized that he was, indeed, wasting his time, and went away.

My sources report that Yehiel Leiter's wife stood outside the polling station in Shiloh (where the primaries experience was not as pleasant), complaining in a similar fashion, that her husband does everything to promote settling Yehudah & Shomron (Judea & Samaria) and does not want to give up land. (In theory, I am willing to stipulate that he really doesn't.) Sounds like Yehiel, or his wife, needs to talk to the news media, both left (Hebrew) and right. I haven't heard any reports of liable suits. Have you? When trying to "explain" his true position in Omedia, he doesn't sound THAT different from what he claims was a misrepresentation of his position by the Hebrew daily, Yisrael HaYom (Hebrew).

But to me, none of this makes any difference. Anyone ever associated with the YeSh"A Council is already pasul (disqualified) in my book. But a religious Jew who wishes goyim in Israel a happy goyshe holiday? He's more than pasul; he's not even in the heshbon (not relevant)....

In other news, Party Leader Netanyahu has not given up trying to diminish Moshe Feiglin's chances to become a member of K'nesseth. Currently in a good position on the Likud list of candidates (#20) to make it into parliament, Feiglin faces the expected petition by Netanyahu crony, Ophir Ekonis, to bump the district representatives up to higher positions on the candidate list:

Ekonis, who carried the Tel Aviv district in Monday's primary elections, will appeal through attorney Yaakov Ne'eman, and demand the placement of district winners be bumped after the slots reserved for women became obsolete – as the women were elected to positions higher than the reserved spots.
Michael Kleiner did not make the top 42. (If you know his exact placement, let me know.) That disappointed me greatly. Remember, he was the one who had posters in Arabic put up during the last election campaign. The posters said that any Arab wanting assistance to move out of Israel should call his office. Quite a few of these posters ended up covering the facade of an Arab party headquarters in Yaffo, starting a near riot.

And they're complaining about Moshe Feiglin?

So, the next question is, for which party do I vote in the general election?

Stay tuned...

Sunday, December 07, 2008

A Guide To The Likud Primaries תשס"ט/2008

11 of the Ninth Month 5769

Tomorrow, members of the Likud Party in Israel will be voting in the party's primaries. Most of the Likud members I know joined, like myself, in order to help Moshe Feiglin [and Shmu'el Sackett] enter the K'nesseth. I, myself, have been a member for eight years. Voting for the Likud in national elections is a completely different story.

Only today, did I receive word regarding the primary voting "rules."

The voting "rules" include having to vote for 12 national candidates, two new immigrant candidates, and one candidate from the member's district of residence: Negev, Gallil, Haifa, Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Dan, Foothills, Judea & Samaria. All other areas not included above are grouped together as "residents within local councils."

Ballots containing too many or too few candidate votes will not be counted. A complete list of rules, polling locations, and instructions for voting can be found in English, on Moshe Feiglin's Likud site.

The entire voting process is computerized, and members may vote at any polling station across the country. Votes are cast by "touch screen," choosing candidates with their ballot ID numbers.

A complete list of Likud list candidates (Hebrew) and their ballot ID numbers can be found (pdf) here on Binyamin Netayahu's website. (Actually, Avi Abelow just sent me a partial list of "artzit" (national) candidates in English, which I have listed at the bottom of this post.)

My first thought about these "rules" was how the heck am I going to fill up my ballot with 15 candidates?

One expellee from Azza suggests voting for the Likud "Rebels" who crossed, then Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, by voting against the expulsion of Jews from Azza in 5765/2005 (Sharon's "Disengagement Plan"). Here is a partial list of those Likud "Rebels." An asterisk (*) denotes that s/he is not in the running to be on the Likud Party list of candidates for K'nesseth:

Uzi Landau*
Michael Ratzon
Yuli Edelstein
Reuven Rivlin
Gilad Ardan
David Levy*
Hayim Ka"tz
Moshe Kachlon
Yehiel Hazan
Naomi Blumenthal*
Michael Gorelovsky*
Ehud Yatom

Gila Gamliel abstained, along with Bibi Netanyahu and Limor Livnat.

I have been doing quite a bit of emailing back and forth, primarily with Batya Medad, trying to fill my ballot, so that I do not have to spend a lot of time tomorrow in the voting booth. I have also received a few recommendations from other friends, acquaintances, and strangers.

Besides filling up my ballot, a number of other questions have come up. How can I be expected to vote for a former Shabba"k (Israeli secret police) agent, Ehud Yatom, even if I share his views more than most of the other candidates? For some reason, his experience did not taint his current views,...or did they? Maybe he worked mostly against Arabs. Who knows....

Others have been asking me why I am participating in this "Hellenistic" process at all. Others have reminded me of the World Likud's vote to assist Christian aliyah, which for some reason nobody else wants to listen to, let alone believe.

Nonetheless, I have decided to vote in the primaries, and have spent some time trying to make heads or tails of it. I hope that my research will assist you, too.

Moshe Feiglin (151) recommends Zo Artzeinu co-founder Shmu'el Sackett (211) from the U. S. and Asya Entov (203) Qarnei Shomron resident from Russia, for the new immigrant slots, and Bo'az HaEtzni (358) for the YeSh"A district slot.

I am afraid I cannot support another one of Feiglin's recommendations, Sagiv Yasulin at this time, until I receive more information about his discussions with Christian "Zionists" (missionaries). MK's and prominent members of city councils have had a "sit down" with him, yet I am still awaiting the results of this intervention.

A friend from Shiloh, whom I trust implicitly, recommends voting for Tzippy Hotoveli (125), from Giv'ath Shmu'el. According to this friend, she is a woman of integrity, and has the endorsement of Chief Rabbi Shmu'el Eliyahu of Tzfath.

Batya recommends Moshe Moshkal, a man of integrity, for an "artzit" slot. Another friend, Yekutiel Ben Ya'akov recommends Fred Monchars for the Jerusalem district slot. So does Jameel @ The Muqata. "Integrity" seems to be a theme here. Also according to Jameel, "Bilha Nissanson (145) is a 57 year old Physicist and artist who is extremely pro Eretz Yisrael and moved to Gush Katif weeks before the expulsion, and was dragged out by the IDF. She is running on the Artzi list."

Many people were excited to see the return of Benny Begin to politics.

Besides Feiglin and Sackett, the only candidate I truly feel strongly about is Michael Kleiner (157). He is the only one I will firmly endorse here.

I hope that this post provides you with enough information, not only to negotiate tomorrow's primaries, but also to help make up your minds about for whom to vote.

Please feel free to express your opinions about candidates and the primaries in general in the comments section below.


A partial list of "artzit" candidates and their ballot numbers, from Moshe Feiglin:

Moshe Feiglin (151)
Sagiv Asulin (106)
Benny Begin (109)
Ruby Rivlin (163)
Yuli Edelstein (103)
Efraim Even (102)
Gideon Saar (147)
Gilad Ardan (107)
Moshe Kachlon (135)
Tzipi Hotubele (125)
Gila Gamliel (116)
Osnat Mark (141)
Miriam Erez (108)
Daniel Ben-lulu (112)
Eli Gabai (115)
Zev Jabotinsky (120)
Ehud Yatom (133)
Michal Kafri (136)
Moshe Moshkal (142)
David Mena (143)
Belha Nisnion (145)
Lea Ness (146)
Ayoub Kara (158)
Nazia Abdallah (150)
Miki Ratzon (164)
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Haveil Havalim #194 Is Up!

10 of the Ninth Month 5769

Haveil Havalim #194 is up at Shiloh Musings, counting down to the 200th edition.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Translation: "Reprogramming"

Mossa'ei Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Wayeitze 5769

Reprogramming, brain-washing, call it what you like. Generally speaking the Left prefers to call attempts at bringing Jews back to Torah "brain-washing." I prefer to call Israeli secular education, "state religious" education, and [most] new immigrant, Hebrew courses (Ulpan) "indoctrination." So, take your pick.... (My commentary is in red italics.)
Herzog: 'Hilltop Youth' a Danger, Treatment Planned
Kislev 4, 5769 / December 1, '08

( Welfare Minister Yitzchak Herzog announced Monday that his ministry would create special institutions for young Israelis living in Judea and Samaria who are not enrolled in any formal program or institutional framework (Translation: "State control," indoctrination into being a non-questioning, non-Torah loyalist, but rather a state loyalist). The initiative is aimed at the “hilltop youth”--teenagers who spend their days building new Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria and fighting border police and other forces who attempt to evict them.

Herzog defined the youths as “a danger to security.” Not only do they endanger security, he said, they are “a danger to education and to society that we must deal with.” (danger to whose education? to whose society? --not mine) "Hilltop youths” should be treated like criminal youth, Herzog said. Such treatment would include providing the youth with therapeutic settings and rehabilitation (rehabilitation from what? farming? Torah study? as Joe Settler points out, most of the youth in Peace House spent their free time learning in the Beth Midrash) as well as increasing law enforcement on their activities.
David HaIvri's response "A Knee-Jerk Response:" No need to automatically reject Herzog's idea can found here, also on Arutz 7. HaIvri believes that we do have a problem in Yo"Sh (Judea and Samaria) , and need to address, just not necessarily the same problem Herzog thinks we have.

Here is an extended and edited version of the comment I posted:
David, just keep the government far, far away from any such endeavors. You will remember that it wasn't too long that three of our teen-aged neighbors were unprecedentedly sitting jail until the end of their court proceedings.

Whey were told by a judge that they needed "re-education," and that it would be "dangerous" to allow them to be released, as they might "talk to other youth." The judge offered to release them to a religious qibbutz. Fortunately, due to the education they had received, they refused, citing that the levels of tzni'uth (modesty) and kashruth did not meet their standards.

The judge was dumbfounded. Eventually, they were released into the custody of the grandparents of one. Apparently, Petah Tiqwah was an acceptable environment, and K'far Tapu'ah was not.

Social workers trained in Israeli (ie. predominantly socially "progressive," anti-Torah) universities must be screened thoroughly, and if possible, be residents of Yo"Sh themselves.

I am not disagreeing with you, just emphasizing a point.

Our kids have the opportunity to be "freer" of the indoctrination into "state-loyalist" (as opposed to God and Torah-loyalist) society by the government controlled public, "religious" education in this country, but not entirely free of it.

Caution is dictated.

Oh, NOW, They're Upset...

Mossa'ei Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Wayeitze 5769
IDF soldier assaults Haaretz photographer in Hebron
by Amos Harel, Dec. 6, 2008

An Israeli photographer on assignment for Haaretz was assaulted by an Israel Defense Forces soldier in Hebron on Saturday. The photographer, Tess Scheflan, suffered light head injuries and was taken by an ambulance to hospital.

The IDF issued a response later Saturday, apologizing for the assault and emphasizing its stance that the soldier acted inappropriately, even if it emerges that he struck her after being attacked. (cont...)

What about all of the Jews in and around Beth HaShalom (Peace House) who were injured?

What about the ambulances which weren't let through to treat the wounded Jews?

What about the government storm troopers who went looking for Nadia Matar and Daniella Weiss,...and found at least one of them?

No, HaAretz only cares about the "injustices" to its own.

Now, you know why HaAretz has been nicknamed "Am HaAretz."


HaAretz: "The Land [of Israel]"

Am HaAretz: "rif-raf"

Friday, December 05, 2008

We're Coming...

Erev Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Wayeitze 5769

A month ago, I received an e-mail from a fellow blogger, living in Central Israel. Here is a snippet,...taken out of context, yet the gist of the message is clear:
Why did the Israelis wear masks and throw stones at soldiers and cameramen on Friday? Do you condone this action? I found the image very frightening. Do you think these youths would use guns against the IDF in the future?
My policy is to refrain from answering such e-mails until I receive confirmation of the identity of the sender. I recommend the adoption of this policy to my fellow bloggers. Initially, I thought this was to see if I was one of those "Hasbarah Fools," expressing love for all Jews (even the evil ones) and the desire that they love all of us in Yehudah & Shomron (Judea & Samaria) OR if I was one of those "violence-condoning extremists" OR somewhere in the middle.

I received what I considered to be valid confirmation, as well as enough information to indicate that the e-mail was not as provocative as I initially thought,...or at least not intentionally. It included the following sentence, which I simply could not leave without a response:
The image of masked Israelis throwing stones frightens me very much.
This was my response:

What frightens ME are the following....

1. The IDF lying to soldiers about the intended operations. This is nothing new. It occurred seven years ago when IDF Rabbanuth certification was falsified to convince religious soldiers to board a bus on Shabbath, and remove Jews from Havath Gilad. No punishments resulted, as far as I know.

2. "Rabbis" telling their students to obey orders [anyway], even if it apparently contradicts the halachah.

3. "Rabbis" believing that there is NO contradiction between halachah and Israeli Law.

4. So-called "religious" Jews who stand by and tolerate a governmental regime which denigrates the Torah left and right.

5. A government which allows its secret police free reign on Torah-abiding Jews.

6. A [deMOCKractic] government which cares more about what the goyim think than what its constituents think, let alone what HaShem thinks.

7. A [deMOCKractic] government which allows leftists and anarchists to do whatever they want (including property damage to settlers, and violence against the police and IDF), yet settlers who think the wrong way can receive administrative detention.

These things scare me. God-fearing, Torah-abiding kids do not scare me in the least.

The only "threat" I believe you should be worried about is this one:

When and if we get removed from our homes (May God Forbid!), when are we going to live? Do you think we're "going quietly" to the Negev?

Nope. We're coming to Ramath Aviv, to K'far Shmaryahu, to Ramath HaSharon, and to Ra'ananah to live in your parks and on your street corners.

Frightened now?


Tip credits:
Shiloh Musings for blogging on the "housing issue"
Jameel @ The Muqata for the information on Olmert's not-so-secret plan

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Peace House Eviction Protests - From Jerusalem Through The Shomron

8 of the Ninth Month 5769

Here is a recounting of some of the protests occurring this evening in response to the surprise and very violent eviction of Jews from Beth HaShalom (Peace House) in Hevron.

Events personally witnessed by this blogger are in bold; events reported in are in italics.

My 10 agaroth (commentary) follows.

Afternoon - Arab satellite dishes and water heaters were broken. Even laundry put out to dry was set on fire in Hevron.

4:00 PM - Reports of road blockages and attacks on Arab cars at the top of the Ma'aleh Levonah road. Northbound Arab traffic had been diverted to this parallel route from Route 60 to avoid the road blockage at the Shiloh Junction (See below). The Arab vehicles escaping damage were few to none. Protests then moved to the junction of the winding road to Ma'aleh Levonah with Route 60. The protests reportedly included setting various things on fire.

4:50 PM - Traveling through Jerusalem in order to leave through the northeastern neighborhood of Pisgath Ze'ev, we passed through the Bar-Ilan Junction, where traffic seemed usual for a Jerusalem Thursday.

5:05 PM - Leaving Jerusalem through Hizmah, traffic was almost at a stand-still until Adam, where several police officers and Israeli Defense Forces [IDF] were stationed to monitor incoming and outgoing vehicles. (Jews appearing "too" religious, beware!)

5:30 PM - At Assaf ("T") Junction, there were maybe 20 Jews. No action. They seemed to be semi-corralled in by IDF. Further up the road, the street was lined with teens, blocking the road to Arab traffic, with bodies and with large stones. There were a few scuffles between the youths and the IDF.

5:40 PM - At the entrance to the [notoriously mamlachti] town of Ofra... absolutely no sign of any activity. (Surprised?)

5:54 PM - As we approached Shiloh Junction, Arabs were backed up, and turning back, knowing that the good Jews of Shiloh would not allow them through.

At the junction, Jews were being allowed through. Cars blocking the various routes in and out of the junction were moved immediately upon seeing our bus coming through. There weren't just kids. There were teachers and farmers, young couples and grandparents. (Kol HaKavod to Shiloh Area residents!)

6:20 PM - At the entrance to the [notoriously mamlachti] town of Eli... absolutely no sign of any activity. (Surprised? Well, in all fairness to Ofra and Eli, it is certainly possible that there was some sort of strategy implemented, leaving some points on the main road through the Shomron, Route 60 jammed, and others clear. Quite frankly, though, I doubt it.)

6:40 PM - At the Rehelim Junction, a group of Jews were standing on the western side of Route 60, accompanied by IDF. A few tires were burning in the middle of the street.

6:45 PM - The Tapu'ah Junction appeared to be clear of protest activity.

8:45 PM - Reports of road blockages returning to Tapu'ah Junction have come in. The movable plastic dividers were apparently been piled up in the middle of the kikar (round-about), next to the Hanukkiyah, and lit on fire. Yama"m (anti-terrorist police) arrived on the scene, in fits of high drama, to extinguish the make-shift plastic bonfire.

(Click Map To Enlarge)

The map is not even close to scale. It is only here to clarify events by providing town and road locations. Cities and towns currently under Arab control are in italics. The direction "up" is north. Tel-Aviv can be reached by driving in a straight line westward from Tapu'ah; the opposite direction will take you to the Jordan Valley.

10 ag. (Commentary):
I have already gotten into several fights today regarding the "settler" response to the eviction of Beth HaShalom. I have only two things to say:

1. Beth HaShalom is a laboratory. The powers that be are gathering information which they believe will be critical in their development of strategies for the next, and the next, and the next evictions.

2. The good Jews of Yehudah and Shomron (Judea and Samaria) are showing the government that there will be consequences when it acts in such a fashion. There's nothing much to read into here, save for any "rabbis'" calls for restraint (was there any?). You can have a field day, and read into that as much as you'd like.

Who will be next?

Peace House Eviction Protest - Tapu'ah Junction

7 of the Ninth Month 5769

I did not see anything of the action while passing by this area at around 10:45 PM. Apparently,...
Tapuach Junction [Was] Blocked, Two Arrested

( About 100 protestors blocked Arab traffic from passing through Tapuach Junction Wednesday evening, in protest of the planned eviction from Peace House in Hevron. Security forces arrested two demonstrators whom they suspect of burning tires. The demonstration is ongoing....

According to my sources, two tires "accidentally" caught fire.

A couple of teen-agers who live on my street were arrested. There are expected to be released soon.

Another neighbor was almost arrested. However, the police apparently did not want to "deal" with him, and simply reminded him about an outstanding warrant. He agreed to appear in court on the appointed date, and they left him alone.

The police seemed to be choosing their shots, least tonight they were.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Peace House Eviction Protests

5 of the Ninth Month 5769

There have been several reports filing in about protests against the impending eviction of Beth HaShalom (Peace House) in Hevron.

Protesters blocked the route toward Beth HaShalom itself, while other areas of Yehudah and Shomron (Judea and Samaria) also had protest actions springing up, including Mitzpeh Yeriho in the east, Neve Tzuf in the center, and Yitzhar Junction and the Hurawa in the north, where

I witnessed the fire still blazing in the middle of the road at Shiloh Junction, three hours after initial reports. Farther north, nothing was to be see at Rehelim, save for a few Jews who could easily have been just waiting for tremping (catch rides).

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Condiment Intimidation

4 of the Ninth Month 5769

For those of you not familiar with the various condiments available in Israel, here is my condiment guide. Please list any I have forgotten in the comments section.

Hopefully, this will help you to experiment with what is available here, and if you're American, let go of your "ketchup dependency."

You do not have to be intimidated....

Tehinah - ground sesame seed base (see recipe below)
According to the "Humous Blog," Tahini is nothing less than a nutritional pearl. Not only is it a superb source for healthy fat, rich in Omega 3, but it is also rich in Calcium, Iron, Protein, Vitamin A, Thiamine and - very much like hummus - some crucial Amino Acids....
Humous - ground chic pea base (It really is a staple in Israeli homes. My favorite variation is to serve with sauteed mushrooms.)

S'hug (Yemenite) spicy red or green peppers, garlic, cilantro (coriander leaf)

Arissah (Tunisian) spicy red peppers and garlic (to me this tastes a lot different than s'hug, and for some reason gives me heartburn; whereas s'hug doesn't - I have no clue why that is)

Matbuhah (North African) red (and sometimes green) peppers, tomatoes, onion, garlic (Some people consider this to be the MidEastern equivalent to "salsa." I do not. It's much too sweet. Plus, the variety of peppers are different here than in Latin America.)

"Rotev Agvaniot" (sometimes..."Salat Aravi" - Tomato Sauce) - grated tomatoes, onion, garlic, cilantro (coriander leaf) - It is often served with melawah, a Yemenite, fried, thin and layered piece of dough, and seen on your table in Mizrahi restaurants. (I have no idea where this comes from. I am only bothering to mention it, because I find this be a lot more related to "salsa" or "gespacho" than matbuhah.)

Hilbeh (Yemenite) - ground fenugreek seed base, also found in Indian cuisine, attributed with blood pressure and chlosterol-lowering properties. Some Yemenites boil these seeds in butter, and skim off the foam, claiming that they are skimming off cholesterol and the less desireable fats (definitely an acquired taste, and I've acquired it I put it on falafel and shwarma, a little with salmon and red meat dishes)

Ambah (Iraqi) - pickled mango, ground fenugreek seeds, vinegar, mustard, and tumeric (more clues to the spices route with India - personally I have not acquired a taste for this)

Chopped Parsley - (I am mentioning this because it can be found in Israel; whereas I do remember seeing it in the U. S. I put it on everything from shwarmah to turkey sanwiches. It has the highest level of natural iron, even higher than spinach, and is a good source of other nutrients.)

I was going to post my recipe for making tehinah from scratch, saving money and reducing the intake of preservatives. (One of my friends actually grinds his own sesame seeds. I'm afraid I don't go that far.) But, then I saw that A Mother In Israel recently posted her tehinah recipe.

Why does everyone always seem to beat me to the punch?

Oh, well. I'll post mine anyway....


250g (1 cup) raw tehinah
2 tbsps. olive oil
1/4 tsp. salt
2 cloves of garlic - finely chopped
juice from 1/2 small lemon
60g (1/4 cup) parsley - finely chopped
up to 250g (1 cup) water


Mix together the first four ingredients.

Next, mix in the lemon juice.

Now, mix in the water, but only a little at a time. Make sure the small amount is mixed in completely before adding any more.

Repeat several more times, until you reach the thickness you prefer.

After a while, you will get to know how water you can mix in at anyone time. Fold in the parsley. Chill overnight so that the flavors blend together.

If the tehinah seems to have thickened overnight, remember there aren't any preservatives nor stabilizers in it when you prepare it from scratch like this. Thus, it can dry out a little in the refrigerator. Don't panic. Just mix in some water, a teaspoon at a time, until you reach the desired consistency.

After making this several times, you will see how you can vary the ingredients to taste. For example, I prefer to add more parsley than most people.

Tehinah is also used in humous preparation and as the basis for salad dressings. Try a spoonful to thicken Chinese sauces as well. Roasted versions are available, too.

7 Things About Me

3 of the Ninth Month 5769

I was tagged by Here in Highland Park.

I'll be a good sport, but the truth is that I've already done a few other memes which are very similar.

About a year ago, my friend David, still languishing in San Diego, sent me something similar, sort of a 6 x 4 meme e-mail.

Before that Jacob Da Jew "smagged" me with a 6 x 8 meme.

Like my Six Word Memoir, this meme has turned out to be mostly about where I have lived.

Here are the rules:
1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people (if possible) at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. (See below about "tagging.")
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs.

Seven facts about me:
1. From birth until the age of 27, I lived in the State of California, 24 years in the south, three years in the north.

2. I have not left Israel for the past 10 years, 3 months.

3. During my 11 years in Israel, I have lived in Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem (Qiriyath Moshe), Beth-El (Beth), Ofra, and K'far Tapu'ah.

4. K'far Tapu'ah (4 years) is where I have lived for the longest period of time in the same house after my father's current house (16 years).

5. From my bedroom window, I can see an olive grove, a goat shed, a parchment factory, a dog kennel, and up to three donkeys.

6. Two years ago, the question arose as to whether my town (K'far Tapu'ah) should keep two days of Purim min hasafeq like Shiloh and Hevron. That question was very short-lived. We continue to keep only one day, the 14th.

7. I have been designing "authentic" Jewish clothing for a few years now. Now all I have to do if find the right material and either have them made or learn how to make them myself.

OK. Nothing terribly exciting, I know, but I'm "yotzei." OK. Here's one more:
8. I do the Set and Quiddler on-line puzzles on a daily basis. I also do Sudoku.

As far as "tagging" goes, like Rafi, I do not usually tag anyone. I will let them know about this meme, and see if any of them want to play along. In the meantime, checking out these bloggers' blogs:

1. The Jewish Fist - inquiring minds want to know, plus I want to get him some traffic
2. How To Measure The Years - because he hasn't been blogging for a while
3. Ehav Ever - recently, sort of, met him on-line
4. I don't know who else. I like doing these things, but I really don't like harassing people who don't, even though I am not really tagging them.

Sorry, I could do.

Haveil Havalim #193 Is Up!

3 of the Ninth Month 5769

Haveil Havalim #193
is up at What War Zone??? It's the This Is Not Your Father's Edition. I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean, but whatever. I know how much work is involved in putting an edition together. I'm not going to fuss over my lack of understanding of the hidden meaning of a subtitle.

To submit an article for next week's edition, you can use Blog Carnival's on-line submission form.

If you would like to host, contact Fearless Leader Jack at talktojacknow (at) sbcglobal (dot) net.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Shabba"k Encounter Update

Erev Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Toldoth/Rosh Hodesh HaT'shi'i 5769

Here is a brief follow up to My Encounter With The Shabba"k which I have been meaning to write for quite some time. I was prompted to post this by a response to the way I handled the encounter by Talking Loud, Saying Nothing.


At the conclusion of my meeting with the Shabba"k (General Security Services) agents, a couple of days before Yom Kippur, they asked me not to say to tell anyone that they wanted to see me again. They seemed a bit surprised that I had already mentioned to people that they wanted to meet with me. I simply said that I had to tell my boss at work, in case I was late coming in.

They then said that I should only mention anything else if asked, and if asked, that I should tell people that the meeting was about the announcement found near the attack on Prof. Sternhell.

Obviously something was up. I doubt that I part of any greater plan, but rather just being tested to see if I could be "turned," and be of some use to them.

I followed the advice I had received ages ago, which was to tell anyone and everyone. And now, I am of no use to them.

These agents never ended up calling me in for a follow up meeting. Whether they ever intended to or not, I don't know.

Now as to why I met with them in the first place, everything happened so quickly, that I didn't have the opportunity to seek any guidance. I feared that if I called anyone on the phone I would be compromising them. I even thought that my phone was bugged, as I received my first phone call from them just when I began using a cell phone I borrowed, I later discovered had been in the Shabba"k's possession at one time.

After discussing the various events with those having experience with such matters, it seems more likely that the Shabba"k simply knew who I was, from living in K'far Tapu'ah and from my associations, and if anything tapped into my line.

After failing to obtain advice, I decided to go into the meeting. The main reason I decided to do so was an attempt to feel more in control than by not going in. This was one strategy I learned in Tapu'ah from seasoned Shabba"k targets. It felt better to me than worrying about when they were going to come and get me. Not everyone agrees with this strategy. Although I believe it worked for me. I added to this by mentally preparing myself to accept the worst case scenarios.

I have known people to lose their jobs due to a Shabba"k interview, lose security clearance and thus job opportunities, lose a weapons license, to undergoing sleep deprivation for a few days. Yep. Most people would call this a form torture.

Now, I believe the next time, when and if they decide to "invite me" in for another "visit..." involuntarily, I will be more level-headed to deal with the situation because of my past experience with them and with police.

Talking about my experience helped in a lot of the traditional ways. I discovered that many more Jews were "invited" into meet with the Shabba"k. The more I talked about my experience, the less anxious and isolated I felt. I didn't realize just how people I knew who were interrogated over the same presenting issue. It was as if they were trying to make some sort of quota.

Several Ramba"mim, Jews who hold by the Ramba"m, were some of those also targeted this time around. Some have claimed that Ramba"mim and those with Breslover influence in Yo"Sh (Judea and Samaria) are numbers one and two on the Shabba"k's "most dangerous" list. Whereas "Kanahists" and "Chabbadniks" seem to be farther down on their list. Who knows? But what all of these groups have in common is that their loyalties do not lie with the "almighty state" leHavdil; they lie elsewhere. And this both disturbs and perplexes the powers that be.

There is no question that the Shabba"k's recent interrogations will add to their research data base of settler profiling, to assist them in dealing with any resistance to future attempts to Jews from the homes and towns. Yitzhar and Hevron, as well as smaller towns such as Adei Ad near Shiloh, are their current laboratories, where they observe the reactions to various strategies.

How do settlers react to leftist provocation? How do they react to police entrapment? How do they react to Arabs who are egged on by [un-] Jews? These are some of the questions being asked during their research.

There is, of course, also the greater issue of general state loyalty. As the religious population increases, and attempts to infuse the country with goyim from the Former Soviet Union and the U. S. are running out of steam, new strategies are needed to combat what the Eruv Rav government sees as a threat to their control: The Torah. Shabba"k laboratory experiments will be considered useful in their pursuits to maintain power.

Observations are made at Haredi protests against grave desecration, the gay parade, and autopsies. Once the government feels it has a handle on the settlers, the Haredim will be the focus of their next targets. It's too bad that they don't realize this.

To conclude, I would like to pass on some advice from the Honenu Legal Defense Fund, when confronted by the Shabba"k. It was relayed to me by one of my Ramba"mi friends. According to him, it is advised only to say the following four things, in order:
1. I have not committed any crime.
2. I do not trust you.
3. I do not believe in you.
4. And so, I will not speak with you.

They emphasize the importance of providing the reasons why you will not speak with them, before you actually say that you will not speak to them.

I also consulted a lawyer with experience in these matters, who, after chastising me for speaking to the Shabba"k in the first place, said that I was under no legal obligation to talk with them.

Anyone, leftists included, still believe that we don't live in a police state? Sure, leftists may agree with their actions, but what if the shoe were on the other foot?