Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Jerusalem Needs A New Logo

11 of the Fourth Month 5767

Jerusalem 40 Year Celebration LogoI've been meaning to post something about this logo for a while. Since the related banners and neon signs still line the streets of Jerusalem, it is still not too late.

If you are like me, then without its caption, you might have guessed this to be a logo, but not the 40-Year Unified Jerusalem Celebration Logo. That is, in fact, what it is.

The logo is supposed to be based on the number "40." The top of the "4" is supposed to be Migdal David, Kind David's Tower, and the horizontal line of the "4" is supposed to be a crown (castle-like) motif, representing the top edge of the walls of the Old City.

That is what it was meant to be represented here in this logo. But personally, that is not at all what I see.

I see a rat.

The top of the "4" does not appear to me to be King David's Tower, but rather an ear. The crown motif does not appear to me as the Old City's wall, but rather teeth. The left-facing point of the "4" appears to me to be a nose. The "0" is the body, and the bottom end of the "4," the tail.

I suppose one could look at this like a test of visual perception, hmm...or perhaps even a test of personality, like the Rorschach Test.

But rather than judge me for what I personally see in this logo, think about what this reveals about what may have been buried [not too deeply] in their minds of the logo designers.

While we celebrate, the leaders in the Israeli government are plotting and planning to gnaw away at the country, and Holy City, not just physically, but also spiritually,...just like rats.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Haveil Havalim #121 Is Up!

Rosh Hodesh of the Fourth Month 5767

Edition #121
of the Haveil Havalim Blog Carnival is up at Random Thoughts, hosted by Jack.

It's not Abbas's day.It's the "Abbas's Day" Edition, as it's Fathers' Day in the U. S.

But, it's certainly NOT Abbas's day!"

Submit your blog article to the next edition of Haveil Havalim using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Arab Infiltration of K'far Tapu'ah!

Erev Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Qorah
Erev Rosh Hodesh of the Fourth Month 5767

Last night Arab thieves infiltrated K'far Tapu'ah, and stole the Hertzlich Family flock of goats and sheep, for the second time this year.

Click this link for a video report by Yekuti'el Ben-Ya'akov, which includes footage of the IDF and the Tapu'ah Response Team entering the Arab Village of Yassuf to retrieve some of the flock.

They're Still Here

Erev Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Qorah
Ereve Rosh Hodesh of the Fourth Month 5767

For years now, I have been investigating the presence of U. S. troops in Israel.

I have been laughed at, scoffed at, ridiculed, but worse, I have been told, "Yeah, so what?"

One like-minded colleague has repeatedly told me, "Ya'aqov, I'm afraid it's inevitable. Review Navi Zekhariyah, chapers 12-14...." The "Nations" are destined to take Jerusalem.

Various theories have been proposed as to how "they" will arrive. At this point, it seems likely that "they" are none other than Americans, and that "they" may be arriving in any number of ways.

First of all, some of them are already here. So, the question really isn't "How will the troops arrive," it's "How will the rest of the troops arrive."

Remember, U. S. troops have already been here since 2002, "protecting" us from potential scud attacks from Iraq, by manning anti-missile defenses.

U. S. & IDF Troops, Yaffo, March, 2003The BBC reported that, according to Israeli government spokesman Ra'anan Gissin, only 1,000 American troops were expected.

Only 1,000? I don't have any evidence to refute that only 1,000 arrived at that particular point in time.

However, since then, several sightings have been reported of U. S. troops entering through Ashdod in the middle of the night, and heading north, possibly to a base in the Petah Tiqwah area (2005).

Sightings of U. S. Troops have also been made near the Tapu'ah Junction and the entrance to the town of Eli in the Shomron.

Yet, another 2005 report places U. S. troops in the Negev Desert, engaging in joint exercises with the Israeli Defense Forces [IDF].

And just this Sunday, Arutz 7 reported Joint Israeli-American Exercises in the South:

"Israel and the United States will carry out joint Air Force exercises beginning on Sunday. The exercises will take place in the Negev.

"The exercises will include responses to varied forms of attack. They will last for approximately one week."

So, now that U. S. Troops are here, and have been here already for a while, how WILL the rest of 'them' arrive?"

Theory 1: After Iraq, "they" would go into Syria, and then conveniently enter Israel through the Golan Heights, probably invited to do so by the Israeli government itself. It's likes the idea of "international peace-keepers," even though such endeavors have failed in Lebanon, and will undoubtedly fail in Azza, that is if the Arabs ever let them in, in the first place. The Americans, and perhaps others, will be invited to monitor any "peace" agreement with Syria. That's theory number one.

Theory 2:
Americans will be invited in to assist the IDF in expelling Jews from their homes in Yehudah and Shomron (Judea & Samaria) in one fell swoop. The Israeli government's thinking is that there will be less of an issue for foreign troops to expel Jews from their homes. The government, or rather the shadow government, the ones who are really running the country, already may be anticipating that a great number of soldiers will refuse to carry out their orders to expel Jews from their homes, many more than the 62 soldiers which preferred to sit jail than to carry out such orders in Azza and the Northern Shomron.

I already mentioned hints of this plan back in the winter of 5765 (February, 2005) in Conspiracy Theory Or Possibility?

They simply do not have enough non-Jewish, nasty YaSa"Mniqs (special riot police) to accomplish the kind of operation it has in mind. Perhaps you're thinking that will never happen, now that most everyone, including those on the center-left, have acknowledged that the last expulsion from Azza and the Northern Shomron was a complete disaster, and too expensive.

Well, you now know better. The government is not terribly concerned with public opinion, unless, of course, it can be manipulated through cleverly constructed polls. Former Prime Minister Sharon's (YSh"W) Likud Party carried out a referendum on the 2005 expulsion. Sixty-three percent of Likud members voting were against it. Sharon, in his own words, "carried out the expulsion plan anyway."

Theory 3: The Americans will be joined by troops from other countries in the form of an "international peace-keeping force" in Azza, only a hop, skip, and a jump away from S'deroth, Ashqelon, and Ashdod.

Actually, foreign troops, other than those from the U. S., have already been sighted in Israel as well. Before the 2005 expulsion, protesters encountered men wearing IDF uniforms who did not speak a word of Hebrew.

Theory 4: Remember the failed "international peace-keeping force" in Lebanon? They are hop, skip, and a jump away from Methulah, Qiriyath Shemonah, and Nahariyah.

But, my money is on the proverbial "All Of The Above."

HaShem Yishmor Otanu!

May God help us.


Information on the underground base in Petah Tiqwah was provided by Barry Chamish.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The S'deroth Conspiracy

27 of the Third Month 5767

The other day, I wrote to No'am Bedein, the founder of the Sderot Media Center. I wanted to compliment him on the great interview he gave to the BBC World Service. This was an incredible feat to accomplish, as the interview was being conducted by an inherently anti-Israel news station, and even more so with an Arab resident of Azza on the line as well, spewing out lie after lie.

No'am wrote back, asking me what I thought of the situation in Sderot. To reply, I just started writing, and I ended up producing the following...

Sitting Ducks "...What do I think of S'deroth? They're all sitting ducks. The government is made up of Erev Rav for the most part. I have a theory, but no proof, that the government continually tries to gain sympathy from the 'international community' [by publicizing how victimized we are]. This time, they're not doing enough to protect the Negev, [in order] to gain that sympathy."

Where did I get that from?

Thirteen years ago, in the city of Hevron, some time before Purim, posters in Arabic began to appear, bearing phrases on lines of....

"We're going to finish what Haman started!"

Cave Of The PatriarchsThe plot was well known. But then Prime Minister Yitzhaq Rabin YSh"W and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres YSh"W sat on their hands, doing nothing to prevent the impending Arab threat of Purim violence.

Then after Baruch Goldstein HY"D gave up his life in Qedushath HaShem on that very Purim, the Hevron Arabs' large weapons stash was discovered.

The Arabs were not planning a surprise Purim bash, or rather bashing, for Jews nearby. It was going to be an all out massacre!

The theory is, and I must admit, it is just a theory, that the Jews of Hevron were to be sacrificed on the "Alter Of Peace."

Israel was not only supposed to gain favor in the eyes of the international community, because of the massacre. The government would also get rid of those religious "thorns in their side," in one fell swoop....frosting on the cake.

This would even ease a withdrawal of the Jewish presence in Hevron, further demonstration to the Big Brothers in UN, US, and EU of Israel's willingness to fulfill their end of the illegally-negotiated Oslo Accords, even in the face of terrorism.

That brings us back to S'deroth. The Israeli government is perfectly capable of wiping out any and all Kassam missile threats. Instead, it sent the IDF out to bomb soccer fields. And when it finally had to start bombing the real threats, it called in advance to warn civilians to evacuate certain areas slating for bombing. Of course, the terrorists and their equipment escaped, too, but that didn't matter. All that mattered to the Israeli government was not upsetting the goyim.

Do you think that the U. S. has ever called in advance to warn civilians in Iraq or Afghanistan? No. The U. S. even has a special name for such civilians. You know it, collateral damage.

El Al Boeing 777-200That's not how the Israel government operates, though. Repeating the same old mistakes over again, expecting different results, Israel winds up the PR machine, and lets it loose, regardless of the cost. Residents of S'deroth are sitting ducks, forsaken by Olmert and Peres, used by Livni, and I don't know what by Peretz. I'm sure he doesn't know either. Perhaps he expects them to find solace in the news that El Al is even naming it's latest Boeing 777 "Sderot." I'm sure that will drum up some additional publicity.

In the mean time, it looks like the Almighty is having mercy on us by taking care of what we should be doing:

Haniyeh's Office Hit by Fatah Shells
Fatah YSh"W Hits Hamas YSh"W

Then 27 minutes later....

Abbas's Office Hit by Mortar Shells
Hamas YSh"W Hits Fatah YSh"W

Israel looks to the goyim for validation. The Almighty uses them as tools for His work....


For your regularly-updated, inside look at news from Sderot, visit the Sderot Media Center.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Top 12 Reasons to Live in Israel

24 of the Third Month 5767

Rafi G. at Life In Israel made me do this....

Here are my Top 12 Reasons to live in Israel:

Israeli Flag12. Not missing the same desert weather, beaches, and plant life of Southern California. It's all here!

11. You don't have to be a doctor, a lawyer, or an accountant in order to be a highly respected member of the Jewish community. Date Palm Tree

10. "Rabbi" IS an acceptable career choice for a "nice Jewish boy."

9. Jewish farmers: Yep! They really exist.

8. Not having to save up all of your sick days at work, in order to take off Jewish holidays

Map of Israel 7. Sunday is a regular workday here; Saturday isn't.

6. You don't have to wear a tie to work...yet.

5. The simple, everyday act of commuting to work can be a lesson in ancient, Jewish history and geography.

4. Having deep discussions with complete strangers on the bus, deeper than most people in the U. S. have with their friends No Neckties

3. Connecting with Jews from around the world, and having to communicate with wach other in Hebrew, because it's only language we know in common.

2. People are closer with each other; relationships are more intimate than in the U. S.

And the Number 1 reason to live in Israel is...

1. It's the Homeland of the Jewish People.


Check out more Top 12's and other Jewish and Israeli blog posts on this week's edition of the Haveil Havalim Blog Carnival (#120).

Monday, June 04, 2007

My Journey to the U. S. Embassy

18 of the Third Month 5767

U. S. Embassy, Tel-AvivI obtained my current U. S. passport just before I hopped on the plane to Israel. That was almost 10 years ago. So, it was time to get it renewed. It was also time for me to find out if the horror stories I had heard U. S. Citizen Services in Israel were true.

U. S. Consulate, Jerusalem
Going to the U. S. Consulate on the "East Side" of Jerusalem was out of the question. I am positive it would aggravate me to no end. So, for my own mental health and spiritual state of mind, I ruled out this option.

I had written several times to Secretaries Of State Albright, Powell, and Rice about the dangers to visibly-Jewish Americans wishing to make their way to the U. S. Consulate in the eastern part of Jerusalem. I also pointed out that Americans do not live anywhere near this location. How many Arab-Americans in Israel are there? The U. S. Consulate location on Agron Street would be much more convenient for the great number of Americans living in the Rehaviah and Nahla'oth neighborhoods right down the street, with the Qatoman, Baq'a, and Ma'aloth Dafnah neighborhoods only a short bus ride away. The safety and convenience of Jews do not seem to be high on the priority list of the U. S. State Department. And, as you have already guessed, I never received a response any of the above-mentioned Secretaries of State, not Democrat, not Republican.

One horror story came to me from my friend "Derech HaMelech," who went to the consulate on the "East Side" to register his first-born child as an American born abroad. He had to go there three times, with infant in-tow, in order to accomplish his appointed task.... The first two times he was kicked out, physically removed by security. I kid you not! The first removal scenario went something like this:

Clerk: No, you don't have the correct documents. You'll have to come back.

DHM: Well, alright. Would you please tell me which documents I need to bring?

Clerk: You can look that up on-line.

DHM: Could you please give me a list of what I can bring?

Clerk: Security!

At the risk of being accused of being a racist... Yes, she was an Arab.

By the way, DHM and his wife successfully registered their child as an American born abroad. The child's place of birth was listed as "Jerusalem." notice anything missing? That's right. The U. S. government, or rather the U. S. State Department, does not recognize Jerusalem as being part of Israel, at least not in our passports.

Now that's what I call true "Islamophobia:" Fear of Islamic opinion, sentiment, and...retribution.

U. S. Embassy, Tel-Aviv
U. S. Passport American citizens visiting the U. S. Embassy in Tel-Aviv have also reported their share of horror stories. The main complaint came from my fellow Jews living on the eastern side of something called the "Green Line." I have never actually seen any green line, but Leftists insist on its existence. They obviously haven't studied Tana"kh (Bible) as much as I have. But I digress....

The complaint was that of harassment, in the form of an interrogation regarding their respective residences:

Where's that?

Is that in the "territories?"

Why do you live there?


I don't just live in the Shomron (Samaria); I live in the [in]famous K'far Tapu'ah. One of these days I intend to shatter the myths of this town, as it's disappointingly nothing what the media has made it out to be. But, in the meantime, I was a bit nervous writing down my correct address. Then I realized: What do I care? They'll either give me a passport or they won't. There's nothing I can do about it,...not now anyway.

Every one with whom I had spoken, who had visited the embassy before me, made the same, two recommendations:

1. Speak English,...not Hebrew... I dunno. Why wouldn't I?

2. Remember that I'm technically IN the U. S., not Israel: ACT AMERICAN, NOT ISRAELI. Again, why wouldn't I? Although I must admit, I did have to concentrate on this. There are certain words in English we [acclimated] Americans in Israel simply do not use, like "excuse me" or "hello." Instead it's "slihah" and "shalom."

Well, after my experience at the embassy, I am afraid that I will have to disappoint you. Other than the 1 hr. 45 min. wait, everything went off without a hitch. I must also tell you that the two rules above were completely useless.

All of the security guards, both inside and outside of the embassy, were Israeli. Although they all spoke English, of course, none of them even flinched when I spoke to them in my [barely ;-) ] noticeably American-accented Hebrew. These men and women are trained to detect a security threat a mile away. I suppose that was their only real concern.

I actually forgot that I was entering a U. S. government building, until I entered the main waiting area. Even then, I heard several families speaking Hebrew or "half-and-half." Not only that, but many us spoke to the [all Israeli] clerks in Hebrew as well. I began with my clerk in English, was overly polite, and asked her a question about how to answer some of the questions on the application form for a new passport, like permanent residence. Did she want a U. S. address or an Israeli address? Did she prefer that I write address on my self-addressed, stamped envelop in English of Hebrew?

I must admit that I am an airhead when it comes to these kind of things. But when the clerk responded with a hint of impatience, I knew exactly what I needed to do. I immediately switched to Hebrew, told her no problem, and speedily wrote my Jerusalem mailing address on the envelop in Hebrew.

She stuck with English, but said I could finish filling out the application on my own, and then take it to the cashier.

She didn't care where I lived.

The printable application on the embassy's website mentioned that anyone submitting photos wearing a head covering would also have to submit a declaration accompanying the photos, stating that the head covering is worn for religious reasons. Yet, none of the Americans in the waiting area, with whom I spoke, knew anything about this, nor was this mentioned to me by the clerk. Perhaps the covering of ones head is so common place in Israel, they just assume that it's for religious reasons, or more likely, this is just necessary when applying by mail. My last passport shows me with a kippah. I don't remember this ever being an issue.

Tel-Aviv BeachesWe'll see for sure that neither of these issues raised an eyebrow when I actually receive my passport, reportedly within the next three weeks.

In the meantime, it's men's day at the [religious] beach, and I don't intend to waste a trip to Tel-Aviv, nor the sharav (heat wave).

Judy Lash Balint provides us with a nice overview of the current situation of the U. S. Embassy and Consulates in Israel.
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