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Haveil Havalim #331 - The End Of תשע"א/5771 Edition

28 of the Sixth Month 5771

Founded by Soccer Dad, Haveil Havalim is a carnival of Jewish blogs -- a weekly collection of Jewish & Israeli blog highlights, tidbits and points of interest collected from blogs all around the world. It's hosted by different bloggers each week and coordinated by Jack. The term 'Haveil Havalim,' which means"Vanity of Vanities," is from Qoheleth, (Ecclesiastes) which was written by King Solomon. King Solomon built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and later on got all bogged down in materialism and other 'excesses' and realized that it was nothing but 'hevel,' or in English, 'vanity.'
One of the reasons I like the Velveteen Rabbi is her creativity. Another reason is that she is consistent, an all too rare attribute found across the Jewish spectrum. Another reason I like her is that she challenges me (not personally), and keeps me on my toes.

Her piece Wise Voices On Middle East Politics And On Torah exemplifies how diverse our growing community here at Haveil Havalim can be, and is, with her on one side, and me on the polar opposite side, 99 percent of the time. But, at least we bother to wave at each other once in a while.

But, what's my point, you ask.

Unfortunately, our Haveil Havalim community is at risk of not continuing. We do not just need hosts. We need it to be much less of a struggle to convince, coerce, and beg each other to host.

This week's edition, the End Of תשע"א/5771 Edition really is a best of the best edition,...a euphemism for schvach.

It is Monday night in Israel already, so you can only imagine how difficult is was for me to throw this together,...I mean throw literally. I was very picky about the posts I included, even excluding some posts I particularly liked. Everyone also received only one spot this week.

If you have hosted Haveil Havalim before, then your posts were automatically included. This is not to discourage those bloggers new to our community from submitting posts. As you know, I am usually a very inclusive host. But, if I have to limit the number of posts I include, then why shouldn't I make a point of including those bloggers involved in keeping Haveil Havalim alive,...literally?

Consider this edition an appeal, a warning, a rebuke,...OK, maybe even a request.

Take a moment to take out our calendars, which most of you have already bought, and pick a week, just one week, and commit to host. If everyone of us were to commit to hosting during תשע"ב/5772, then we would be all set for the coming year, and would cease to be in such a struggle.

Even if only the core group of contributors were to commit to hosting twice each during the coming year, then we would be good to go.

I will be hosting again next week. I never intended to host this week. I believe that by now, you have gathered that. There wasn't anyone designated to host this week. But that did not stop the submissions from flowing in.

Susan Esther at To Kiss A Mezuzah is set to host on 20 Tishrei (October 16).

Who will step up to the plate, and host the week before that?

What about the week after that?

As this year comes to a close, please think about how you envision the future of Haveil Havalim, and then commit to contributing to make that future happen.

So,...if you would like to host, please contact our Fearless Leader Jack B. directly at

Shannah Tovah.

Looking Toward Rosh HaShannah

Allison Josephs, our Jew In The City, starts us off with Impulse Control and the High Holidays.

Jacob Richman at Good News From Israel provides us with Educational Resources and Cool Videos for the New Year.

Susan Esther Barnes at To Kiss A Mezuzah asks, "Do Jews Believe In An Afterlife?" Well, I can't speak for all Jews, but I do. I could not resist adding this second post from her at TCJewfolk, Who's Eggs Are They Anyway? It is a fascinating ethical, halakhic, and relevant issue for us all.

Jennifer in Mama-Land shows us a Fun Tech Tool. Check out this Hebrew script tool!!


Sharon A at The Real Jerusalem Streets asks, "As Durban 3 approaches will it be all about Israeli racism again?" in Racist State.

Batya, our Shiloh Muse, takes a look at Pseudostinians, and the power of words.

Yoel Meltzer asks, "Why The Overreaction In Jordan?"

Daniel Pinner, guest posting at The Torah Revolution, wants you to take your Palestinian IQ Test.

Steve at IsraelSeen shares his time out on the town with us in Where’s the Beer?.
Rachel at Israelity reminds us that summer is at an end (sigh), with some beautiful photos by Shoshani.

Outside Of Israel

The Independent Patriot presents Irvine 11 Guilty Guilty Guilty. Who knew? I'm glad she was following this case.

Well, that's a wrap! I'll see you next week, after our long weekend and postponed Fast of Gedaliah!

May we all have a better year than the last one. If you had a good year this, then may you have an even better one!

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Is Obama Trying To Unseat Israel's Prime Minister?

20 of the Sixth Month 5771
Klein Online: Obama trying to unseat Israeli leader? Country’s ‘social protests’ may be engineered for regime change.

Aaron Klein, September 14, 2011

JERUSALEM – Is President Obama attempting to unseat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and replace him with a leftist Israeli leader who largely tows the president’s Mideast line?

There are indications the so-called social protests rocking Israel were engineered for that very purpose.

According to an investigative report in Israel’s Maariv’s newspaper, the country’s protests were engineered by a group of media strategists directed by prominent Democratic strategist Stanley Greenberg, a former adviser to Bill Clinton, John Kerry and others.

Greenberg reportedly is working with Israeli strategists who were behind left-wing leader Ehud Barak’s successful race for prime minister in 1999. Greenberg himself helped to run Barak’s campaign.

Barak is currently the Defense Minister in a coalition government with Netanyahu.
Last week, KleinOnline reported Greenberg previously ran the campaign of Bolivia’s former president, who was ushered into office amid escalating social protests in that country....

As far fetched as the engineering of Israeli regime change, at the hands of external forces, may sound to some, it would not surprise me in the least.

Aaron Klein does a nice job putting the pieces of this puzzle together.

The housing protests were the greatest MISSED opportunity for unity among diverse groups of Jews in Israel. Yet, the protests were hijacked by the Left, and most religious Jews, of all flavors, were kept out.

"Social Justice" (צדק חברתי) is a well know buzz word of the so-called Reform Movement in the U. S. This hijacking was confirmed by Reform Movement in Israel banners on Rothschild Street in Tel-Aviv. Yet, the reference goes right over the heads of native Israelis.

They have clearly been duped. After all, why would anyone have anything against "social justice?" I certainly wouldn't,...if I were ignorant of the Left's underlying agenda.

And now, Aaron Klein seems to have uncovered something even more nefarious.

The only thing I am not sure I agree with Klein about is who is controlling whom.

Is President Obama the real force behind attempts to manipulate the Israeli government? Or is President Obama being manipulated into carrying out the secret plans of others, such as Leftist American Jews or Defense Minister Ehud Baraq?

Time and time again, Obama has shown himself to be not brightest crayon in the box, more of a "burnt umber" than a "fire station red."

True, regime change could be desirable for the U. S., and it could be using the European Union-backed, Israeli Left as its tool.

But, something else runs deeper here, the threat of those who see Torah as a higher authority than the anti-Torah controlled government. This is the greatest threat in the eyes of the Israel government. The government, whether, Likud, Labor, or Kadima, has been running scared for quite some time now. The real population war in the government's eyes is not between Jews and Arabs; it is between secular and religious.

When religious Jews eventually significantly outnumber those who are guided by the anti-Torah elements who are truly in control of the government, those elements will have no choice but to be increasingly overt in their struggle to remain in power.

Israeli "regime change" is only a temporal marker, a link in a chain of events, to which we should all be paying attention.

Hopefully, now that people like Klein have brought this possibility to the surface, we will not be surprised when it happens.

Unfortunately, I am not optimistic.

Nothing seems to break through the naivete of most of my "Religious Zionist" brethren. I fear that they will be blindsided, and end up being the first to suffer from the overt struggles of the powers that be to remain in control.

Besides, anyone paying attention to Israeli politics for the past 20 years will have have noticed that, so far, the end results of a Likud, Labor, or Kadima government have all been the same. Labor may not have given away the Land which Likud and Kadima have, but it was always there to set the stage, and to work behind the scenes to make sure that the systematic destruction of [potential] Jewish control over the Land of Israel continues on course.

Well, Aaron, it was worth a shot.

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Haveil Havalim #328: The Back To School Edition

6 of the Sixth Month 5771

Most Jewish schools began their new term on Rosh Hodesh Ellul. Israeli public schools began theirs on September 1. Some North American universities began their semesters mid-August, others will begin mid-September. So, it seemed apt to name this the "Back To School" Edition."

It also happens to be my birthday Tuesday night. But, that would be just too tacky to call it "My Birthday Edition."

The sixth month, Ellul, is also a time of reflection on the previous year, and preparation for the next one. The shofar is blown daily, and Tehillim 27 is read twice daily.
א לְדָוִד: יְהוָה, אוֹרִי וְיִשְׁעִי--מִמִּי אִירָא; יְהוָה מָעוֹז-חַיַּי, מִמִּי אֶפְחָד. ב בִּקְרֹב עָלַי, מְרֵעִים-- לֶאֱכֹל אֶת-בְּשָׂרִי: צָרַי וְאֹיְבַי לִי; הֵמָּה כָשְׁלוּ וְנָפָלוּ....

1 [A Psalm] of David. The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? 2 When evil-doers came upon me to eat up my flesh, even mine adversaries and my foes, they stumbled and fell. (Read more...)
I have always found it to be an inspiring psalm.

Ellul is also a popular time for weddings. Many base this on the verse from the . as this month's letters form an acronym for a in The Song of Songs (6:3):
ג אֲנִי לְדוֹדִי וְדוֹדִי לִי, הָרֹעֶה בַּשּׁוֹשַׁנִּים.

3 I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine, that feeds among the lilies.

Founded by Soccer Dad, Haveil Havalim is a carnival of Jewish blogs -- a weekly collection of Jewish & Israeli blog highlights, tidbits and points of interest collected from blogs all around the world. It's hosted by different bloggers each week and coordinated by Jack. The term 'Haveil Havalim,' which means"Vanity of Vanities," is from Qoheleth, (Ecclesiastes) which was written by King Solomon. King Solomon built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and later on got all bogged down in materialism and other 'excesses' and realized that it was nothing but 'hevel,' or in English, 'vanity.'
But, first a word from our sponsor...

This edition of Haveil Havalim is brought to you by NachlaOr, the musicians collective of Jerusalem's of creative and dynamic neighborhood of Nahla'oth, at Nachladorms, Jerusalem's newest Kosher Hostel and Dormitory.

No money was received, of course, just the "After-Shabbos" atmosphere created by local musicians, a comfortable place to sit and work, free water, and the free use of a wireless connection.

And, now, 0n with the show!


The Kalashnokover Rebbe presents There Is Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself - Parshas Shoftim.

I ask a question on Parashath Shofetim: Which Justice Will You Pursue? at Esser Agaroth.

The Velveteen Rabbi brings us How To Return: Heschel On Death (in the season of teshuvah).

Joshua Waxman brings us a kashruth lesson in The Hydrax As Ruminant at the Parsha Blog.

The Rebbetzin's Husband teaches us about Amram.

Metro Imma asks if we can derived Torah Lessons From Cartoons. Hmm.... I'm not so sure.


Sharon A's Looking Toward September at The Real Streets Of Jerusalem sets the tone, covering a broad range of events.

Look who's back after more than a three year hiatus! Israeli Satire Laboratory (AKA Satiracohen) introduces us to the Encyclopedia Of Jew Hating.

Rafi at Life In Israel tells us how the Jerusalem Post Fired Larry Derfner For His Support Of Murdering Israelis.

In a related post, Joe Settler @ The Muqata, brings us This Is The NIF. Although I am glad that Joe posted this, I believe that a good subtitle would have been "This Anti-Israel Fund."

The persecution of Jewish settlers and the cynical, political exploitation of Arabs by NGO's such as "Yesh Din" and "Peace Now" is explored by Jameel @ The Muqata in Justice Undone In Israeli Settlements.

Going back to an historical source, Mrs. S. at Our Shiputzim brings us a snippet from "Hertzl's Address." Personally, I believe that Hertzl's pedestal has been set much higher than it deserves to be.

More history comes to us from Kayla at Israelity in Journey From Josiah Wegewood To Kibbutz Ein Dor. Ever heard of the Shomer Hatza'ir Youth Movement?

On the other end of the spectrum, Tomer Devorah owes A Debt Of Gratitude to Rabbi Me'ir Kahane hy"d.

On another topic, I recommend that you check out Tomer Devorah Messages series. It will give you something to think about.

Batya, Shiloh's Muse, asks, "Will Jerusalem ever the same?" Gee. At least someone else besides me likes the new Jerusalem Light Rail. That reminds me. I have to write my Light Rail post already. Stay tuned!

Jacob at Good News From Israel also likes the Light Rail. Check out the video of his ride on it.

On a more serious note, Batya writes that there is Nothing Insidious About The IDF Preparing Jewish Communities For Arab Violence.

But, Yoel Meltzer sees the coming new Arab state as The Coming Opportunity.

This is also evident in the next post by Jameel @ The Muqata, which recounts the day's news in Terror In Israel.

David at Israelity has a rather different take on the Tel-Aviv terrorist attack in DJ Saved My Life. I am very worried about my brothers and sisters in Tel-Aviv whose mentality is like that of this DJ.

Yishma'el is hitting us physically from one side, while Esau is hitting us spiritually from the other, like this "Honored Guest" Of Samaria, posted here at Esser Agaroth.

Ariel at The Torah Revolution expresses his displeasure about this issue as well in So Called "Rabbis" And So Called "Leaders."

Daniella at Isreview reviews Jump's Lightly Carbonated Peach Iced Tea and MamaOf's Panko Coated Chicken Shnitzel.

Hutz la'Aretz
(Outside of Israel)

David at Jewish Boston brings Shofar Across Boston, as well as a link to your Boston High Holiday Guide. By the way, David, what does it mean, "The Wandering Is Over?" Boston is, of course, only a temporary layover until continuing on to Eretz Yisra'el. Do tell!

Last Wednesday brought The Rebbetzin's Husband The Relief Of the Shofar.

John Newmark at Transyvanian Dutch gives us At Historical Look At United Hebrew Synagogue - 1915.

Batya has the latest edition of the Kosher Cooking Carnival at Me-Ander.

Just Call me Chaviva will be hosting next week's edition. You can submit posts via Blog Carnival's on-line submission form,...which appears to be working,...for now.

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Guest Post: Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself- Parshas Shoftim

Mota'ei Shabbath Qodesh Parashath Shofetim 5771

by The Kalashnokover Rebbe

I'm sure by now everyone has heard about the latest terror attack in Tel Aviv. An Arab Terrorist from Schem (somehow got past our multi-billion dollar impenetrable "security wall") carjacked a taxi at knife point, proceeded to drive to a nightclub, ram a Border Police checkpoint, and then still manage to get out of the car and stab several Border Policemen and a security guard, injuring several seriously, before being "subdued". Not only was this terrorist not killed, he was barely even injured in the "struggle" proceeding his arrest and to add insult to injury, he was taken to the SAME hospital as his victims to receive treatment courtesy of the State of Israel.

I don't know what disturbs me more, the fact that there was yet another terror attack by our otherwise peace loving cousins and that several innocent Jews were nearly killed, or that the police were completely impotent to stop it, allowing the terrorist to continue his rampage well after it was clear what was going on. In fact, not a SINGLE shot was fired and the terrorist was barely scratched.

We know that nothing is a coincidence and as the Alter Rebbe taught us, we must "live with the times". It didn't take me long to find a "remez" (hint) in this weeks parsha to this most unfortunate incident.

In Devarim 20 we see the following exchange between the High Preist and the Israeli Army (note NOT "defense force"):

1. When you go out to war against your enemies, and you see horse and chariot, a people more numerous than you, you shall not be afraid of them, for the Lord, your God is with you Who brought you up out of the land of Egypt. And it will be, when you approach the battle, that the kohen shall come near, and speak to the people. 3. And he shall say to them, "Hear, O Israel, today you are approaching the battle against your enemies. Let your hearts not be faint; you shall not be afraid, and you shall not be alarmed, and you shall not be terrified because of them. 4. For the Lord, your God, is the One Who goes with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you... 8. And the officers shall continue to speak to the people and say, "What man is there who is fearful and fainthearted? Let him go and return to his house, that he should not cause the heart of his brothers to melt, as his heart."

The Rambam has the following to say on the matter in Mishne Torah, Hilchos Melachim Chapter 7:

To whom does the phrase 'Is there a man who is afraid or faint-hearted?' refer? The phrase should be interpreted simply, as applying to a person whose heart is not brave enough to stand in the throes of battle.

Once a soldier enters the throes of battle, he should rely on the Hope of Israel and their Savior in times of need. He should realize that he is fighting for the sake of the oneness of God's Name. Therefore, he should place his soul in his hand and not show fright or fear.

He should not worry about his wife or children. On the contrary, he should wipe their memory from his heart, removing all thoughts from his mind except the war.

Anyone who begins to feel anxious and worry in the midst of battle to the point where he frightens himself violates a negative commandment, as it is written (Deuteronomy 20:3): 'Do not be faint-hearted. Do not be afraid. Do not panic and do not break ranks before them.'

Furthermore, he is responsible for the blood of the entire Jewish nation. If he is not valiant, if he does not wage war with all his heart and soul, it is considered as if he shed the blood of the entire people, as ibid. 20:8 states: 'Let him go home, lest he demoralize the hearts of his brethren like his own.' Similarly, the prophetic tradition explicitly states: 'Cursed be he who does God's work deceitfully. Cursed be he who withholds his sword from blood.' (Jeremiah 48:10)

Powerful words from the Rambam! Not only is a soldier who hesitates even for a second in the midst of battle, in violation of a Biblical Commandment, it is as if he has shed the blood of the ENTIRE PEOPLE (and certainly that of his fellow soldiers). Such a person has no place in the Army of Israel (note again, NOT "defense force") and such soldiers risk demoralizing the entire army resulting in innocent blood being shed. The Torah tells us that it is better for everyone, if such people "return home" and not interfere with those who ARE willing to do what is necessary to wage war without fear or hesitation. If this is true of the individual, how much more so the collective political and military leadership who are responsible for demoralizing the hearts of our soldiers, and continuously withholding their swords from blood?

Except today, it is unfortunately not fear of the enemy that we need to be concerned with. Nor is it the individual soldiers that are afraid. I do not doubt for a second the commitment and bravery of the average Israeli soldier to even give his life, if necessary, in defense of his people, or his willingness to do whatever it takes to keep Israel safe (and maybe a little bit more for good measure). Today, we have a much much greater problem, and far more sinister enemy. The enemy from within!

As "Ketzele" so aptly said in response to the incident:

"The fear of Supreme Court President Beinisch has fallen upon the soldiers and policemen of Israel," MK Katz said.

"The behavior of the State Attorney's Office and the legal system lately against security guards, policemen, soldiers and officers who staunchly defended the Nation of Israel – and were rewarded by being sent to jail – weakens the security forces," he explained.

"Fear and trembling seize them and in any confrontation between an Arab terrorist murderer and dozens of policemen, soldiers and guards, our men bleed with serious injuries and the Arab murderer emerges unscathed, and is already preparing for his release in the next release deal, so that he can plan the next massacre."

The policy of the State Attorney and legal establishment needs to change, MK Katz said, as the current policy causes a lack of deterrence. "The Arab terrorist murderers know that nothing will happen to them [if they attack] and that they will be able to go back and murder again shortly afterward."

This is what we have been reduced to, a nation paralyzed with fear. But it is not a fear of horses and chariots, but courtrooms and judges. Not of guns and bombs, but prisons and lawsuits. Because of the Sodomite Legal System in Israel, and their sick twisted morality, heroes are punished for having the audacity to attempting to perform the greatest mitzvah of all, saving Jewish lives. How can we expect our police and soldiers NOT to hesitate, or as we see in this case refrain from shooting at all, out of fear of reprisal from their OWN government? How can we expect soldiers who are brainwashed and force fed nonsense about "purity of arms" from day ONE of their army service NOT to value the lives of the enemy over that of their own people? How can we expect brave volunteers in local civilian first response teams (Kitat Konnenut) to risk opening fire, and having their kids grow up visiting their father once a week from behind a glass partition? Can we expect security guards, often risking their lives for minimum wage, to risk prosecution as well? It's gotten to the point where carrying a gun in Israel has become a liability, and Oy Vavoy to you if you ever need to use it (especially if there is a Kipa on your head)!!!

We have created a situation where every soldier or policeman can't help but hesitate in the midst of battle, endangering their own lives and the lives of others. We have placed a giant stumbling block before them, and are causing widespread transgression of the Biblical commandment not to fear, and in its wake, are causing innocent blood to be shed. And again, I don't blame the soldiers or the policemen here but their commanders and our so called "leaders". It is THEY that all need to "return home" and stop putting the lives of the entire Jewish Nation at risk. It is THEY who have the blood of all those killed and injured on their heads, and it is THEY that prevent our more than capable army from eradicating the threat of the Arab Enemy once and for all because as our fearless Prime Minister said, "we lack the legitimacy to do so". But not only do we lack the legitimacy to be victorious in war, we now even lack the legitimacy for basic acts of self defense. It is no longer legitimate for terrorists to be shot and killed in the course of their acts of murder. Forget the fact that we barely respond when our cities are barraged with missiles, It is no longer legitimate for a Jew to use force to defend himself or his family from marauding Arabs. It must be a throwback to the British Mandate, that we also expect OUR security forces to be unarmed and fight crime with whistles and billy clubs.

We see at the end of the parsha a description of the "Egla Arufa" ceremony. When a dead body is found in the wilderness, the elders of the nearest city must come out, slaughter a calf and proclaim that "their hands did not shed this blood". Our sages ask, can it really be that we suspect our rabbis and leaders of bloodshed and murder?!?! And the answer is an unequivocal YES! The very fact that the leaders of the community allowed such a tragedy to happen, means that THEY on some level bear responsibility for it. Sadly, there are not enough cows in all of Israel to atone for all the innocent blood that as been shed, due to the result of the suicidal policies and ideology of our leadership (both religious AND secular). And there is nary a man in a position of power that can look G-d and the Nation in the eye, and proclaim that their hands did not shed this blood.

May it be G-d's will that we "Restore our judges as in former times, and our counselors as of yore; remove from us sorrow and sighing, and reign over us, You alone, O L-rd, with kindness and compassion, with righteousness and justice." and may we merit to "set a king over ourselves, one whom the Lord, our God, has chosen" and see the restoration of the Davidic Dynasty, with Moshiach Tzidkeinu, and once and for all be able to live under Authentic Jewish Morality and Torah Values in our Land...

Parashath Shofetim: Which Justice Will You Pursue?

Mota'ei Shabbath Qodesh Parashath Shofetim 5771

This week's parashah includes a few words being thrown around at the housing protests.

In fact these same three words are very popular to throw around in the U. S., anytime a Jew thinks there is an injustice, or miscarriage of justice.
דברים יט,כ
צֶדֶק צֶדֶק, תִּרְדֹּף
Deuteronomy 19:20
Justice, justice you shall pursue....
Of course, many Jews comfortably entrenched in the U. S., intentionally or unintentionally, leave out the rest of the verse:
דברים יט,כ
צֶדֶק צֶדֶק, תִּרְדֹּף--לְמַעַן תִּחְיֶה וְיָרַשְׁתָּ אֶת-הָאָרֶץ, אֲשֶׁר-יְהוָה אֱלֹהֶיךָ נֹתֵן לָךְ.

Deuteronomy 19:20
Justice, justice you shall pursue, that you will live, and inherit the land which the LORD thy God given to you.
To all such Jews, I remind you that this verse is specifically related to taking and residing in the Land. If you want to cry out about "justice," then there are a few other verses in the Torah which are more precise to express your feelings about a generic justice.

I believe that Rash"i backs me up in this regard:

Rash"i says:
Justice, justice you shall pursue - follow a proper court of law.

...that you will live, and inherit.... - one should have kosher judges appointed, to maintain Israel's existence, and to settle [the children of] Israel in their Land.
Meanwhile, the above three words have been used in conjunction with the phrase social justice being thrown around quite a bit at the housing protests.

In a previous post, The Agenda Within The Tents, I said that the phrase "social justice" was a buzz word of the Reform movement in the U. S. Most every Reform community in the U. S. has a "social justice committee."

The Tent/Housing protests had been hijacked by the Left, excluding all other communities it does not like, such as Haredim and Settlers, even though they too have been affected by the high cost of housing in Israel.

One tent set up by settlers on Rothschild Street in Tel-Aviv was even burned down.

The banner I saw on Rothschild Street decrying צֶדֶק צֶדֶק, תִּרְדֹּף/Justice, justice you shall pursue.... was that of the תנועת יהדות הרפומית בישראל/the Reform movement in Israel.

Furthermore, the justice referred to in the Torah means none other than Torah justice, the removal of those carrying the halakhic status of "enemy" from the Land, the removal of those carrying the of practitioners of "avodah zarah," and the execution of punishments to those obligated to receive them.

That's Torah justice, and not the Western, assimilationalist, "politically-correct" version of justice to make you feel good.

Leaving off the remainder of the verse does not change the meaning of the verse, albeit those who deny, distort, or otherwise play with the Oral Torah, would like it to.

So, which justice will you pursue? The justice command by the Holy One Blessed Be He through His Torah? Or the pseudo-"justice" you make up according to your feelings are the results of 2,000 years of assimilation?