Sunday, April 29, 2007

It's Official...We're Rednecks....

Mossa'ei Shabbath Parshath Aharei-Qedoshim 5767

Pick-Up TruckOh, I have no doubt that some of you will be offended by this post, and not just you in the Efrat-Ofra-Alon Shvuth-"You're hurting our precious image!"-PR crowd.

That's just too bad.

Hey, I'm not above qualifying, nor even apologizing in advance for blog posts, but this ain't gonna be one of 'em!

Let me start by asking you this:

Mythical Weapons StashWhich group of people drives dusty, old pick-up trucks, raises livestock, lets its kids run around barefoot, often lives in mobile homes, and accused of being religious fanatics and possessing mythical stashes of weapons and ammunition?

Hmm...? Rednecks, you say?


You got it! Jewish "settlers!"

Well,...not all of us would say so, but I will address that momentarily....

This comparison was pointed out to me some time ago. My reaction was an extended pause, followed..."Yeah, I guess we do all of those things, don't we? I hadn't thought of that."

Trailer ParkAfter three years of living in half of a "qaravan" (mobile home) in the town of Ofra, the other half having been inhabited by a new immigrant from Canada (not that there's anything wrong with that), I swore (b'li neder) that I'd never call anyone "trailer trash" again.

Plastic FlagsBut, now it's official. The powers that be in my town, the illustrious (or infamous, depending upon whom you ask) K'far Tapu'ah decided that it would be decorative (I guess that's what the motivation was) for Israeli Independence Day to hang up some of those tacky, plastic, strung-together flags around the town, those flags that one generally finds at a gas station, used car lot, or trailer park.

What were they thinking? I guess it's not considered tacky in Israel, but I'll bet that you Ramath Beth Shemesh (not that there's anything wrong with that) types are cringing at the thought of such flags gracing your neighborhood, well you should!

As I hinted above, not everyone residing in Yehudah and Shomron would be pleased with the comparison between "Settlers" and American rednecks.

No, we're not any of those things!" they would cry out.

"We're just your typical suburban, Jewish families with white picket fences."

And they would be correct, leaving out, of course, the part that when some of them are asked by their children, "Are we living on Jewish land? Or are we squatters on Arab land?" they hem and haw and don't know how to respond. Frustrated, and bored out of their minds, their children go hang out in Jerusalem,...searching for what? I'm not sure they even know.

Typical suburbanites. I'm not trying to put down my fellow Jews, Has we'Hallilah. Rather, a few holes punched into their system of denial might do them a bit of good. That may sound condescending, but it's true. Remember, we're talking about some of the same Jews who were silent about the sin of the security fence, or even supported it. After all, their towns were included within the fence's route.

Irrational beliefs such as "The government will never throw US out of OUR houses." isn't going to work for them much longer. Likewise, neither will "My teenager hanging out in a place called 'Crack Square' couldn't possibly be a warning sign"

On the other hand, one resident of Kokhav Ya'aqov takes exception with my differentiation between "settlers," suggesting that he isn't any less of a settler than we are out in the middle of nowhere in K'far Tapu'ah, getting ours dirty. I must say that over time my respect for this Jew has risen, recognizing that he demands his "settler" status, and takes pride in it.

I recall that when I still lived in Ofra, and looking for another town more suitable for me, I was accused by a certain resident of Itamar of "living in Jerusalem's backyard" (just like those in Kokhav Ya'aqov). Although I agreed with her, I defended Ofra as residents continued to believe that agriculture is, indeed, a "Jewish profession," along with medicine, law, and high-tech.

Being a "settler" isn't just where you live, it's supposed to be about what you believe.

...and, in my humble opinion, not worrying about what "others" think.

Taking this a step further, and focusing on the politically-incorrect, "fanatic" element mentioned above, Rav Binyamin Kahane HY"D once said something like:

"Let them all think we're crazy 'settlers.' Then maybe they'll leave us alone."

Oh, gee. There. I went and done it,...mentioned the "K" word.

GoatsOh, yeah, I haven't forgotten that there will be those of you who are offended at "hutzpah" to quote Rav Binyamin HY"D, and probably in your "very humble" opinions, quoting him out of context.

But he was right; he IS right. We're either right and need to stand by what we're doing, or we're wrong and don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to defending our presence in Yehudah, Shomron, and for that matter Azza.

if that means driving around in dusty, old pick-up trucks, raising livestock, letting our kids run around barefoot, living in mobile homes will help us in our fulfillment of the misswah to settle the land, and being passionate about Torah means that we're religious fanatics, and everyone in K'far Shmaryahu and Ramath Aviv Gimmel believe we possess weapons stashes (Arab terrorists tremble in their terrorist shoes at the thought of my set of kitchen knives and spray bottles filled with bathroom cleanser), then so be it.

Maybe they will leave us alone.


For your convenience, so that you can follow along with the various location names mentioned here, I have included this map:

Map of Yehudah and Shomron

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Yom Ha'Assma'uth: Some Suspicious Observations

8 of the Second Month 5767

Well, apparently the "Homesh Return March Exceeds Expectations." As I far as I heard, through text messages and Internet updates, this event went off without a hitch.

Now, what I would like to know is... Why?

I did hear of a soldier or two soldiers being lightly injured, but I haven't bothered to look into this.

Even "members of the Likud party officially joined the march, sending four buses of activists." These buses and others were let through the road blocks. If you recall, a couple of years ago, similar buses were not let through the Elqanah (& other) road blocks, buses which were carrying Shomron residents to the Greater Tel-Aviv Area for programs of dialog with their fellow Jews and Israeli citizens.

So, buses were let through to allow residents to enter a usually forbidden, and now classified as a highly dangerous area, to celebrate Israeli Independence Day, an event which would no doubt upset and incite the local Yishma'elite (Arab) population. Yet, buses of Jews en route simply to talk to other Jews were not allowed through two years ago.

Here are some possible theories which I have gathered, along with my reactions to those theories:

Theory: The Yeshu* Council (AKA: Yesha Council) secretly worked out a deal with the government, allowing the event to place, even though it is not listed as an official sponsor, nor is the Shomron Regional Council.

Reaction: Although I certainly wouldn't put it past the Yeshu Council to make secret deals (it wouldn't be the first time), why would they? Out of the goodness of the members' hearts? I sincerely doubt it. Out of their undying devotion to ideology? ...WHAT ideology?

T: Israeli government officials felt that it would be better to ignore the Homesh event, rather that risk incurring negative publicity by trying to prevent it.

R: Nah! The government's just not smart enough to think this kind of thing through.

T: Jews talking face-to-face with other Jews is seen by the government as being more dangerous than Jews actually entering and hanging out on land surrounded by so-called PA Area A.

R: No doubt this theory holds true. The government has the protection of the leftist media's spin on what happens (or doesn't happen) at a so-called "right-wing" event like this. But, again, I refuse to believe that these government officials are smart enough to think this through.

Meanwhile,..."Dozens of Celebrating Jews Threatened by Israeli Arab Mob:"

( An Arab mob of several thousand - including young men on horseback and others waving PLO flags - surrounded and threatened about 150 Jews from Haifa who went to a public forest to celebrate Israeli Independence Day. A Jewish young man was lightly injured in the ensuing clash. (read more....)

So, this begs the question...if the government wasn't trying to prevent the Homesh event from taking place, and did not appear to have any advanced intelligence information about the attack near Haifa,...what WAS the government doing on Yom Ha'Assma'uth?

Oh, what a minute...I just found out...:

MK Hendel: Investigate Army's Behavior in Homesh
by Hillel Fendel, 9 Iyar 5767, April 27, '07

( Former Gush Katif resident MK Tzvi Hendel (NRP/National Union) has asked the Chairman of the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee to investigate what he calls the army's "scandalous behavior" towards thousands of people who marched to Homesh on Independence Day....

...several examples of improper IDF treatment towards the marchers: "Not allowing drinking water to get through to the people, including women and children; prevention of medical treatment to marchers who fainted - even though there were ambulances on the spot; security and safety dangers when the marchers returned by foot from Homesh during the night, being forced to walk by four hostile Arab villages - with the IDF refusing to allow any form of transportation or protection...." (read more...)

Oh, good. I feel so much better now that I know the Israeli army is functioning in its usual manner, being directed by the usual suspects in the government.

I was getting worried for a moment (sic.)

(eyes rolling)


* "Yesha" is an acronym for "Yehudah, Shomron, v'Azza." Now that there isn't any "Azza," the acronym could read "YeShV" or more grammatically correct in Hebrew, "YeShU." "YeShU" also happens to be the acronym for "Yemakh Shemo WeZikhro" (May his/its name and memory be wiped out).

Coincidence? You do the math.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The "Ani Tapu'ah" Campaign

7 of the Second Month 5767

Ani Tapu'ahPerhaps some of you have seen this bumper sticker plastered all over the Shomron. I sure have.

"Ani Tapu'ah...." (English: I'm an apple, you're an apple, we're all apples.)

At first I thought that it was a new sticker put out by my town, K'far Tapu'ah (...close to the Eiyn Tapu'ah mentioned in the Book of Joshu'a 17:7-8, by the way).


By accident, I found out that the "Ani Tapu'ah" Campaign has absolutely nothing to do with K'far Tapu'ah,...well mostly it doesn't. There is a tiny, after the fact, connection.

You see, the initiator of the "Ani Tapu'ah" Campaign, blogger Doodle Head (now Head Of Doodle, as I suppose that name was already taken on Blogspot) and a friend of my house mate, spent Shabbath Hanukkah by us! He didn't even mention the campaign, least I don't remember him mentioning it to me, nor did he bring us any complementary bumper stickers! This is, of course, a grievance which must aired next year on Festivus. But, I digress....

Anyway, Doodle Head does happen to be a nice guy, and a very easy and accomodating house guest.

But, for the life of me, I cannot figure out what the whole point of the "Ani Tapu'ah" Campaign is.

Can you?

Don't get me wrong. It's a great idea...getting people to identify with the residents of a particular town in the Shomron. But that's now what it's about.

Please let me know if you figure it out.

Inquiring minds want to know.

Friday, April 20, 2007

On The 2007 JIB's

Erev Shabbath Parshath Tazri'a-Messor'a 5767

2007 Jewish & Israeli Blog AwardsWell, now that the JIB Award Nominations are in, it's time for me to give you my 10 agaroth on them.

JIB's Sail MotifJib & Main Sail First of all, I must be slow. Even though this is the first time I bothered paying attention to the JIB Awards, I suppose I should've picked up the connection between the abbreviation "JIB" and the sailboat motif LONG ago. Please tell me that there IS a connection. It's hard for me to tell which is the "jib" and which is the "main sail" in the JIB logo, but no matter.

One of the advantages of being a native of San Diego, is that I actually know what a "jib" is. San Diego is one of only six cities in the world to play host to the America's Cup regatta. San Diego is also host to the Word Championship Over The Line Tournament (Warning: This is an R-rated tournament.) and the U. S. Open Sandcastle Championship (in Imperial Beach actually). But I digress....

Here's something I noticed in the JIB Awards FAQ's:

- So I can nominate and then others should vote or is it better for others to nominate?

We have no idea if it's a better 'strategy' to wait until you are nominated by someone or to self nominate. It won't make any difference in where you show up on the voting list whether you are nominated early or late. You may vote for yourself as well.

Strategy? What strategy? To win? I guess winning is the goal here, which undoubtedly will get you more exposure.

I am not criticizing those of you who nominated yourselves. On the contrary, I commend you. The goal here IS exposure. You will get it; I won't.

I just couldn't bring myself to nominate myself. My ego wouldn't let me, just like my ego won't let me actively request that other bloggers add me to their blog rolls. And, no, this is not a passive-aggessive way to manipulate you into blog-rolling me. Please don't, unless YOU want to. I cannot guarantee that I will return the favor, not until your blog passes the utmost scrutinous of inspections. Although I list some blogs with which I do not entirely agree politically or religiously, Mamlakhtim need not apply....

I am purposely posting this entry, now that the JIB Award Nominations are closed. So, you can't nominate me, even if you wanted to. For those of you wannabe psychologists out there, this your cue to accuse me of lacking confidence in myself. For those of you non-wannabe psychologists out there, this is your cue to accuse me of not being good enough to be nominated anyway, and "When the hell is that Ben-Yehudah guy gonna finally learn how to proof-read?!" and "He hardly blogs very much anyway!"

Well, that may change, now that I'm being laid-off as of 18 Iyyar (May 6).... But, that's another story for another tiime.

I'll just leave you with a quote, followed by a SHAMELESS plug for those of whom I nominated for a JIB Award:

"I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!" -Stuart Smalley

Note: This blogger disavows any connection whatsoever with Al Franken. So, stop the lashon hara' before it starts!

MY Nominations:

Best Overall Blog: Shiloh Musings

Best News/Current Events Blog: Tel-Chai Nation

Best Slice of Life in Israel Blog: Faith In Natan

Best Right-Wing Political Blog: Lamrot Hakol

Best Photo/Graphics Blog: Jewish Nation

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

On Yom HaSho'ah...You're Not Gonna Like it....

28 of the First Month 5767

There is no question in my mind that we must keep alive the memory of the torture and murder of Jews at the hands of the Nazis YSh"W.

But, what's the point if we continue to pretend that the Nazis were the only criminals?

And, what's the point if we do almost nothing to prevent the Holocausts currently in progress?

1. Non-Jewish Collaborators

What about the International Red Cross which "inspected" the Terezstaat concentration camp, while Jews were being tortured and murdered elsewhere in Europe.

We let them get away with it, so now they're doing more of the same, if not worse, by aiding and abetting our enemies.

What of the catholic church?  Powerless to do anything?  Yeah, right!  Pope Pius XII YSh"W's silence regarding the extermination of Jews during the War was deafening.  And what those righteous followers of this same church who, after World War II, refused to give up those Jewish children they so gallantly "rescued" by hiding them?

I remember hearing the story of a Jewish member of the French Underground, who was relocated to England.  She volunteered to go back to France to gather such "rescued" children, and return them to relatives or other Jewish homes.  She succeeded in bringing back 50 or so, yet still couldn't forgive herself for failing to bring back one young girl on her list.

She knew the value of a Jewish soul.  Goyim, for the most, treated us like chattel, including those in the almighty US, who were guilty of nothing less than second degree murder [in some states], by their refusal to allow fleeing Jews onto American soil, turning them back to take their chances on the high seas, or even back in Europe.

Sure, there were righteous gentiles, and sure they deserve our reverence.  But, the truth is, that there just weren't THAT many of them to warrant the incessant, codependent, "Thank you, thank you!  Please like and accept us!" we slobber over non-Jews on a regular basis.

Oh, and don't worry, I haven't forgotten that Jews are not absent of guilt, those having the hutzpah to call themselves Jews anyway.  Mainly, I call to mind the leaders of the so-called Reform Jewish Movement in the US, who discouraged the lifting of even ones little finger to help their fellow Jews.  

Where was its "social action committee" then?  Well, I'll tell you where some of those like-minded individuals are now,...aiding and abetting the enemies of the Jewish People.  Just last week, Jewish leftists worked together with Yishma'elim to uproot grapevines planted by Jews.  On Tu b'Shvat, the Jewish New Year of the Trees, the same team worked together to prevent Jews from even planting trees.

Ever heard of the book Perfidy by Ben Hecht z"l?  It reports on the failure to rescue religious, Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust, and the roles various Jewish leaders played in this not so accidental failure.

2. Assisted Suicide

And, no, I don't mean of the medical variety. I mean the variety where Jews allow Yishma'elite (Arab) terrorists to continue to kill us,...and all for the sake of "peace." For goodness sakes! What peace?!

So-called "Jewish" leaders in Israel continue to sell Jewish live down the proverbial river, while Jewish leaders outside of Israel encourage them to do so,...all the while inviting each other to various Holocaust memorial events and dedications.

Jews continue to repeat their same, failed strategies to achieve "peace," expecting that "this time it will work out differently somehow."  Yet, it NEVER does.

The list of events in this compulsive repetition of history is long to long to include here.  I will list only a few here: the Oslo Accords, release of Yishma'elite prisoners, arming the so-called Palestinian police force, and we have not even begun to feel the brunt of the traitorous relinquishing of the Azza and Northern Shomron towns.  

Even now, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has met with PA Chairman, and Holocaust-denier, Mahmud Abbas in order to "negotiate."  How does one "negotiate" with someone whose introduction to his doctoral thesis covers "the secret ties between the Nazis and the Zionist movement leadership?"*

This Peace Is Killing Us

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, the next time you decide to meet with a Holocaust-denier, click the link above to remind yourself that a denier is nothing less than a perpetrator.

May the Holy One, Blessed Be He, have mercy on us and protect us.

3. Intermarriage: The Not-So Silent Holocaust

Some of the same big Jewish donors to huge Holocaust memorial museums...are married to non-Jews.

And, of course, the Erev Rav, pseudo-Jewish clergy is on the spot to validate their relationships, or to kasher them with pig fat, in other words, quasi-"convert" the non-Jewish spouse.  All it takes is a boink on the head with a magic wand.

This "clergy" makes up the Jewish collaborators in this particular Holocaust.

And, do you think that here in Israel we are immune?

Most immigrants from former Soviet republics to Israel are not Jewish. It has been reported to that some are event being actively recruited to come, while some real Jews are left out in the cold because they can't afford train fair to Kiev or Minsk to begin processing their applications. But, of course, those in the [non] Jewish Agency are simply there to implement the policies of the Israeli Foreign Ministry...just following orders....

More inter-marriage prospects....

Not too long ago, former Interior Minister Ophir Pines-Paz (Labor Party), was responsible for granting the children of foreign workers a special status, allowing many to reside here.

More inter-marriage prospects....

While another former Intertior Minister Avraham Poraz YSh"W (Shinu'i Party) blocked the immigration to Israel by converts and relatives of converts from India and Peru. Most of these immigrants are religious, many live/d in Yehudah, Shomron, & Azza (Judea, Samaria, & Gaza), and vote right-wing or right of center.

You don't suppose that the immigration policy of the Israeli government has anything to do with votes, do you?

Well, as politically-incorrect as it may sound, the fake Jewish conversions, and the importing of non-Jews into the country from various former Soviet republics, and for that matter, Thailand and the Philipines, cannot yet beat the birthrate of religious Jews in Israel.

But, how long will we be able to keep this birthrate up, until the next piece of legislation by the Israeli Government strikes another anti-Torah/anti-Jewish blow to the Israeli population?

Well, the good news is that there are a variety of organizations who are working to prevent this Holocaust:

Yad leAchim - rescues, and attempts to prevent inter-marriage between Arabs and Jews.

Young Israel - teaching Jews about what it means to be Jewish.

Orthodox Union of Hebrew Congregations - I'm generally NOT the OU's biggest fan, but in this regard, it IS doing something.

Victims Of Arab Terror - the name speaks for itself

There are many more helpful organizations including yeshivas, seminaries, and youth programs designed to remind Jews what their roles are on this earth, and to take pride in it.

The next time you have a change to donate a modest amount of money to help us remember what happened, and to whom, use your best judgment.

The next time you have a chance to donate money to build a gold plated house with a huge plaque with YOUR name on it, for goodness sakes, take that money and give it to someone who is trying to prevent a holocaust.


*Additional References:

Israel National News
David Bedein - Israel Resource Review Center

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Collaborator Peres: "Into The Sea!"

27 of the First Month 5767

Shimon Peres YSh"W really IS a collaborator with the Yishma'elite (Arab) enemy.

Don't believe me? The Yishma'elim have repeatedly promised to push us into the sea. Now, Peres, seems to be leading the charge westward with his "economic innovation."

Read Hillel Fendel's article on Arutz Sheva:

Peres: Invest in the Sea, not Judea/Samaria

Then, check out this Oleg cartoon, I recently saw on the American Friends for a Safe Israel site. Do my eyes deceive me, or was this drawn way back in 1993?

The New Middle East

Note: Apparently, Rafi G. and Batya beat me to this. Oh, well.

Monday, April 09, 2007

OK,...This Is It....

Hanukkah Day 6/Rosh Hodesh of the Tenth Month 5768

OK,... This is it...

Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyI'm single and I'm approaching the age equivalent of the Answer to The Ultimate Question Of Life, the Universe and Everything. (*If you're a woman who understands this literary reference, then you've already earned points in my book!)

Now, if you have never been offended by anything I've written, then you probably WILL be by this post.

I don't care. I'm at my wit's end. Besides, this post will provide many of you with the opportunity to rip me apart,...I mean "providing me with constructive criticism."

Please do so via "Comments" to this post below.

JDateThe clock is ticking, as "they" say. So a couple of weeks ago, I finally put up a profile on J-Date.

I had to do something. Why not try...

"JDate: The Leading Jewish Singles Network! Explore the Possibilities."

I told my roommate. But, he quickly responded with, "What?! There are hardly any frum people on J-Date! Make a profile on DosiDate."

"Oh, yeah. Right...."

"Whether you are Modern Orthodox, Dati Leumi, Yeshivish, Haredi, Hassidish, or just plain shomer Mitzvot, DosiDate is the place to find your match."

As you can see, I'm pretty out of touch with this kind of stuff. So, I thanked him for the tip, and promptly signed up,...that is, when he let me get on his computer.

Years ago, I was traumatized by horror stories of shadkaniot (female match-makers), recounted to me by fellow single men. There are, of course, good shadkaniot out there. My friends and acquaintances just apparently never came across any of them. Since these same men are relatively self-aware, able to accept constructive criticism, interested in self-improvement AND married with children, their horrendous experiences couldn't possibly have been THAT subjectively biased.

Women intruding into every intimate detail of a young man's life, on the pretense of examining his fitness as a potential husband, and then setting him up with a young woman who shared absolutely nothing in common with him.

...And I'm being VERY kind in this description.

Shadkaniot horror stories were not the only reasons I became paralyzed with "shiddukh phobia." In fact, now that I think about it, women have actually been pretty helpful over the years, in their fruitless attempts to marry me off. They have also been exceedingly patient with me and tolerant of my idiosyncrasies.

Ads have also seemed to be a hopeless endeavor. All women represented in shiddukh seem to desire perfection, and seem to think they're gonna get it. I guess I can't blame them for being honest and straightforward. "Perfection" includes either an "academic" or a Talmid Hakham in the making [or both], who will provide her with a "comfortable lifestyle."

We men cracked the code long ago. So, we know what "comfortable lifestyle" means.


In the meantime, here is my DosiDate profile for your scrutiny,...and for you to forward around the universe, in order for you to assist me in finding my beshertah (one destined to be my other half).

My additions to the stock selection of answers this provides are in (parentheses), and/or italics, and/or with an asterisk*, emphasizing that I'm anything but a set of stock answers.


Hashkafa: Dati Leumi (*"Torani," NOT "Mamlakhti")
Religious Background: from a traditional family, not a Cohen (*mixed very frum & secular - long story, Litvak, Hassidish, Sefardi - an even longer story)
Eda (ethnicity): mixed/other (*I refuse to cow-tow down to this galuthi label.)
Jewish Education: shiurim/hevrutot
Torah Learning: several times weekly
Tefilah: three times daily
Head Covering: crocheted (sruga) kippa big, black "hill-top" kippah"
Tzitzit: always (*hope to make soon, or have made, a proper four-cornered garment)
Grew up in: California
Secular Education: Masters
Profession: Psychotherapist & Educator
Willing to relocate? yes (*within Israel, but please, no English-speaking ghettos - not that there's anything wrong with that; currently thinking about moving back to Jerusalem)
IDF Service: too old to serve when made aliya
Physical Attributes: 5' 8" / 172cm tall, chubby build (*My chest still sticks out farther than my stomach, though; payoth in front of ears, (currently) trimmed beard), non-smoker (*No drugs including alcohol)
Political Beliefs: right wing
Hobbies and interests: beach, coffee, Ramba"m, authentic Judaism, politics, writing, art

This is how I describe myself:
A native of Southern California, I have lived in Israel for 10 years, five of which in the Shomron. I am currently planning to move back to Jerusalem, but am open to living in any number of places in Israel, save for English-speaking ghettos (not that there's anything wrong that,...just not for me). I have a Master's in clinical psych., so I fill the cliche "academic" requirement of most women.I am a jack of all trades, having worked in a variety of positions.I never intend to be wealthy. It's just not going to happen. At least I'm honest, and do not have any false, unrealistic hopes.

I do learn, but am not one to sit and learn all day, nor is this suggested by the Ramba"m, but ssshhh, don't tell anyone. I do not accept "da'as torah" as an halachic response to a halachic question,...because it just isn't.I have little tolerance for the Michnah Brurah police.

I identify as a Yehudi Eress Yisraeli. If you insist on putting me into a box, then put me into the Harda"l/Tzioni-Torani crowd: A Zionist who cars not only about settling the Land, but for all misswoth. I am also interested in Halachic research, and revealing the truth, even when politically-incorrect.

Why am I not married yet? It's a fair question. At the risk of sounding cliche, I wasn't ready to be a husband until recently. And, yes, I was still bound by some silly, galuthi notions of what a marriage should be like.

This is what I am looking for in a mate:

I am looking for a woman who is independent, yet doesn't talk loudly on her cell phone on the bus, intelligent and expressive, yet soft-spoken.

You are creative, maybe artistic, yet modest, both in dress and in personality and behavior. You are interested in growing and developing, psychologically and spiritually. You want to communicate, and know that includes listening, but does not include "taking my inventory," nor expecting me to read your mind.

You know that there is a difference between halachah and Israeli law, and that halachah overrides the other (ie. You are not a Mamlachtiyah.).

You want to live in Eress Yisrael. If you don't currently know Hebrew, you're interested in learning.

You are soft-spoken, and do not feel compelled to to "talk Torah with the men," even if you do know more than they do. You are above that.

You support separate seating for men and women, even at our Shabbath table. You recognize this as being as an important component of tzni'uth, not "oppressive" and "archaic."

*Tzni'uth in my mind means....

livush (dress) = sleeves below the elbow, stockings, no tight clothes, no low neck lines, hair completely covered, no sheitlach nor huge, purple turbans, no red dresses nor flashy & bizarre colors. No pants/trousers of any kind whatsoever, not over, not under. No. Just thought it would be a good idea to get that out of the way.

personality = mentioned above.


OK, so now, before you rant and rave, please notice that I have yet to mention anything about a prospective wife's physical appearance. I hope that women will at least count this in my favor. As closed-minded as I may appear to be in the above profile, I cannot be accused of be partisan to the "oppressive female body image expectations instituted by society's patriarchal hierarchy." I'm being sarcastic here, but you get my point.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Who knows? Maybe you know the perfect woman for me. Don't keep it a secret. Let me right away. "They" say that the clock is ticking.