Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Migron: C'mon! Are You Really Surprised?!

7 of the Fourth Month 5769

I predicted a year and a half ago that Migron residents will strike a deal with the government, and get up and abandon their homes. Even though, the YeSh"A (Judea, Samaria & Gaza) Council adamantly denied it at the time.

Now, maybe people will stop thinking that I am a crazy conspiracy theorist, and start believing me.
Activists to Migron Residents: Don’t Fall into the Trap
Hillel Fendel, 7 Tammuz 5769/June 29, 2009

(IsraelNN.com) Migron residents are asked to resist the government's offer of houses in a bigger town. "Placing us in ghettos will make it easier for them to destroy us," activists tell them.

...The Defense Ministry announced on Monday that it would build 50 new houses in the growing city of Adam for the Migron families. Migron is a hilltop neighborhood officially considered unauthorized – largely because of the lack of Defense Minister Barak’s signature of approval, as well as because of a lawsuit filed by Arab residents – sought out by Peace Now – on part of the land.

The news article does not contain any response, nor state of any kind, from Migron residents, nor Rabbi Tzvi Tau, the Rosh Yeshivath Har HaMor, and spiritual leader of many of Migron's residents.

(click to enlarge)

The residents of Migron are notoriously mamlakhtim (undying state-loyalist). It was an easy prediction to make regarding their "get up and go" response. Most mamlakhti, rabbinic authorities have told IDF soldiers that they may not refuse orders from their commanders, even when they entailed going against the Torah, like throwing Jews out of their homes and destroying Jewish towns.

Some rabbis, like Rabbi Tau have told soldiers that they should try their best not to participate in such actions. However, others have said, very clearly, that they may not refuse orders.

As a reward for their loyalty, Migron residents will receive permanent housing a hop, skip, and a jump away from Jerusalem, several steps up from their current caravans (trailers). The only remaining question is whether Migron residents will put up a symbolic resistance, before they get up and leave. At this point, it does not look like that's in the cards.

C'mon! Are you really surprised?!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Israel: Rise of the Right (Film Review)

7 of the Fourth Month 5769

Tonight, a couple of friends began alerting me about a film just released by Ilan Mizrahi, "Israel: Rise of the Right."
(AlJazeeraEnglish YouTube) Ilan Mizrahi has spent 16 years photographing and filming right wing Israeli settlers in the West Bank city of Hebron. His film, Israel: Rise of the Right, looks at the followers of Rabbi Meir Kahane, an American-born rabbi and politician who proposed the mass expulsion of Arabs from Israel before he was assassinated in 1990.

I immediately began asking around who this guy was, whether it was a hack job, or worth watching because [as has been said in Rabbi Binyamin Kahane's HY"D name] "We want everyone to think we are crazy. Then maybe they will leave us alone."

The answer I got from my friend, political activist, the "Kalashnikover Rebbe" was quite surprising:

There are a few facts wrong here and there, but it wasn't biased at all, shockingly so. He focused all on Baruch Marzel and Itamar Ben-Gvir. He did not acknowledge the other factions and Kahanists, but not to anyone's detriment.

Ilan Mizrahi has even given over footage which served to exonerate Jews in court. So, so it is clear he is not out to get us.

I think it was a nice job. He filmed us for years. He has even become a "part of the community," and a regular presence at all our "events."

The four parts of the film are embedded below, together totaling 46 minutes. The film is mostly in Hebrew with English subtitles, with narration in English. When I finish the entire series, I will issue an update with synopses and commentary.

In the meantime, whether you are religious or secular, right or left-identified, check it out, and judge for yourselves.

Part 1 includes scenes of police treatment of protesters, the court battle to march in the Israeli Arab city of Um Al-Fahm, and the ironic appointment of Baruch Marzel to supervise the balloting in that cities during the Shevat 5769/February, 2009 Israeli Elections.

What I found interesting about Part 2 was that the accusations shouted by Arabs regarding a fascist [Israeli] state are much the same as I would hear [and sometimes say myself] in the [minority] Torah-loyal towns in the Shomron (Samaria). Also,...

1. Many of the "600 extremists" living in Hevron are actually somewhat mamlakhi (state-loyal) with a lot of cognitive dissonance. But, as the local saying goes, "A Hevron mamlakhi is nothing like an Ofra mamlakhi." Hardly extremists, they are simply pushed farther and more often than most other towns.

2. Purim is NOT the "Jewish Halloween." OY!

3. Like in Part 1, I got to see a lot of friends and acquaintances, like Gil'ad Pollack, who once described for me being [completely] strip-searched on the street and in front of female officers. Now, B"H, Gil'ad is married with children, but continues to be moser nefesh (self-sacrificing). Many "hilltop youth" get married young, like in many Haredi communities. Rabbi Meir Kahane HY"D once said that the greatest weapon the Arabs had was,...babies. His followers got the message. Fortunately, leftist and "post-Zionist" secularists did not. The birthrates of religious communities continues to be greater than nonreligious communities.

Part 3 mentions Eden Natan-Zada HY"D. I, myself, did not get to go to Eden's funeral. I knew him, though, I remember him as a sensitive and kind, young man.

This part then shifts to singer Dov Shurin. Apparently, the courts cannot touch him for any "incitement," as he only uses p'suqim (verses) from Tana"kh (Bible). However, we must not get complacent. I believe that it is only a matter of time before the Erev Rav-controlled government of Israel (GOI) attempts to censor Holy texts. Think I am crazy? Former MK Yossi Sarid (Mere"tz) already proposed such a measure back in 1998, to cancel the reading of Megillath Esther on Purim, due to its "racism."

There is mention of the pogrom at Amona. Sultan Knish provides a comprehensive set of Amona videos, I recommend over the limited footage included in this film.

Later, Gil'ad (8:20) provides his perspective on the "Arab-Israeli Conflict."

Part 4 begins with the situation of those Jews who were forcibly removed from their homes in Azza, back in 5765/2005. The film shows their makeshift bomb shelters they have been having to depend on to protect them from the barrage of rockets fired from Hamas in Azza.

This part goes onto the elections, including the election of Dr. Micha'el Ben-Ari (National Union) to Knesseth. (By the way, the Likud Party is not, I repeat not, a right-wing party.*)

The film culminates with the "Flag March" in Um Al-Fahm, the court battle of which was presented in the beginning of Part 1.


*There is no such thing as "right" or "left," only Jewish and un-Jewish.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Haveil Havalim #223 Is Up!

6 of the Fourth Month 5769

The Hot And Humid Edition of the Haveil Havalim Jewish/Israeli Blog Carnival is up at Simply Jews.

Check it out Snoopy The Goon's clever commentary.

Go, Michael!

Mossa'ei Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Huqath 5769 No, not THAT Michael, not Michael Jackson. Dr. MK Micha'el Ben-Ari (National Union).
MK Micha'el Ben-AriBen-Ari vs. Beinisch Over Religious Supreme Court Nominee Maayana Miskin, 4 Tammuz/June 26 (IsraelNN.com) “Justice Beinisch, like her fellow 'enlightened, liberal' judges, wants the Supreme Court to have a single opinion. They do not want religious judges, judges who may have voted for a party slightly to the right of Meretz, they do not want independent judges, only those who will conform to the system.”
He hammered the nail on the head, and I hope he keeps hammering. Dorit Beinisch is nothing more than retired Chief Justice Aharon Baraq's puppet. It took three attempts for Baraq to get his protegee onto Israel's highest court, as she was rejected after each of her first two nominations. And, here's what Beinisch's mentor had to say recently:
(YNETnews.com) "When one thinks about human rights in Israel, one must also think about human rights in the occupied territories. Everyone knows about the situation there, and I hope the solution doesn't come from the Supreme Court," he said.
Translation: Human rights Arab rights. Those trouble-making settlers, especially the religious fanatic minority, loyal to God and Torah over the State must be dealt with. They must be made an example of. They cannot be allowed to interfere with the State's mission to destroy the Torah and [real] Jewish identity.
Barak, who said he is a "big believer in a state of all its citizens", while maintaining its Jewish character, criticized the general Jewish public.
Translation: The Torah is too powerful for us to destroy it all at once. We must take a lesson from the Tzadoqim
(Sadducees) and the early "Reform" Movement, among others, by continuing their work of chipping away at the Torah a little at a time.
"If you ask a Jew whether he supports equality with the Arabs, he will say: 'Certainly', and if you ask if he supports kicking all the Arabs out of here, he will say: 'Certainly'. He sees no contradiction between the two," Barak said.
Gee. Do you think maybe because Jews actually want real peace, and have realized over the past how many years, that the Arabs
(Yishma'elim) are the same rapists, thieves, and marauders, as they are described in Tana"kh (Bible), and that it is time to stop repeating the same mistakes over again (talking with them and making concession after concession), expecting different results (Albert Eistein's definition of insanity). So, what's the only solution regarding the hostile Arabs? What have we learned is the only thing they understand? Strength.
"We still have not worked this issue out and I don't think there is such a conflict between the two approaches. I don't think it's either/or, we can have them both simultaneously. If we don't find a way to live in peace with the Arab minority in the country, we will not find a way to live in peace with ourselves," he warned.
Translation: You must follow Western sensibilities, we 'enlightened' and 'progressive' intellectuals follow. They are superior to your primitive and superstitious ideas of Torah and the deity you believe gave it you. The only way to live in peace is to eliminate all differences between Jews
(Yisra'el), Arabs (Yishma'el), and the West (Esau). This is the roll of the Erev Rav.*
*Erev Rav - "mixed multitude," false convert trouble-makers (Exodus 12:38) From Kol HaTor, Chap. 2:
Armilus, the angel of the mixed multitude, is the one who attempts to couple Esau and Ismael, and this could destroy Israel and the entire world, Heaven forbid. The main desire of the mixed multitude is to couple Esau and Ismael and to separate the two meshichim. (Read more...)
Recommended Links: The Torah Revolution - The Conflict Between Jewish and Secular Law The Jewish Fist - The Supreme Judenrat

Friday, June 26, 2009

Heshy Fried (FrumSatire.net) Is Cool!

4 of the Fourth Month 5769

No, I am not being sarcastic, as you might think. Usually, you would be right to think I was being sarcastic,...but not this time.

So, there I was, minding my own business, just having bought the most amazing-looking half of a watermelon for Shabbath (jealous?) in the shuq, when I pass by this guy who I thought looked like a young version of Heshy Fried (FrumSatire.net).

I called out, "Heshy!" Not loud enough. "Heshy!!!" He turned around. "Heshy Fried?"

"Yeah?" he said.

I looked annoyed, saying, "What? You're in town, and couldn't even call??"

"Well, I don't even know you are. And, you obviously don't read my blog. Otherwise you'd know I was coming." He was smiling, though.

I told him who I was, that this kind of thing always happens to me in Jerusalem, and we started chatting in the middle of the closed shuq. I explained that I almost did not recognize him, as he looks a lot younger in person.

We talked about the requisite "Which bloggers have you met?" then started moving outside.

We made it outside, then just when we were acknowledging that we don't really read each other's blogs, we noticed where we were standing, right next to the Aroma Cafe Heshy immediately noticed that somehow looked out of place, to upscale for the shuq. I explained to him that it was worse than that. The Aroma Cafe was a "chain," and thus a big shanda that it dared deface the shuq with its tackiness.

(American Translation: What happens when a Gap or a Starbucks opens up in a cool, not-yet-trended-out street or neighborhood? It's the beginning of the end of that street or neighborhood's coolness.)

We decided to move on, and to get something to drink, seeing that we both had the time. When we sat down to our overpriced soda water (or, as you Nu Yawkers say, seltzer) and mint lemonade over crushed ice, needless to say NOT at that "chain store" Aroma Cafe, I found out why Heshy is so cool.

Even though I was being my typical airheaded, exhausted by Thursday, socially awkward, yet talkative self, that did not seem to bother him at all, and just seemed to go with it. A typical Capricorn, he seemed very down to earth yet confident.

We talked about Jerusalem, Israel, what he was doing here (I'll let him tell you.), and what I have been doing lately in my boring life. Somewhere in there, he commented about how much I looked like a "settler," which I though was kind of cool. He also asked me if Ya'aqov Ben-Yehudah was my real name. I asked him if he brought his bike. Of course, we also talking about blogging. He told me I could blog about this, and I told him he could blog about that. Where's the free WiFi in Jerusalem? I was going to buy a knife today, but how would it look (on the to the miqwah to tovel it with my other newly-purchased kitchen items) if a "settler" passed too closed to today's gay parade security area with a huge knife in his bag? You know, typical blogger stuff.

We got the bill, and after the requisite (Am I allowed to use this word twice in the same blog post?) argument over who was paying, we decided to go "Dutch."

We were walking the same way, so we left the shuq together. When I stopped to buy my four-pack of soda water (4 bottles for NIS 11, can't beat that), I realized I was short, and did not want to schlep to the bank machine with all of my shopping, and then schlep back. So, I asked him to front me the few sheqqels I needed, thus he got the drink-buying credit after all, yet another reason why Heshy Fried is cool.

After talking about what we were doing for Shabbath, we parted ways (at an undisclosed location), where I continued on home (at an undisclosed location), and he went off to do some investigative blogging (at an undisclosed location).

I don't know, Hesh. Did I just ruin your reputation? Did I overdo it? Sorry.

Only time will tell if Heshy lives up to this post. Will he plug my blog, like I am plugging his? Will I get a mega-bump in hits from it? And just how much will my blog rating on Technorati actually rise as a result?

Stay tuned....


You can see Heshy Fried perform at the "Off The Wall" comedy club in the basement of Ben-Yehudah Street 34, Jerusalem (corner of King George Street). It's either on the night of July 4 or 5. I'm afraid I forgot. So, wait for Heshy to post about this, or call (050) 875-5688 (in Israel) for more information.

In the meantime, you can check out his Frum Satire YouTube Channel.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ahmed & Salim (Updated)

30 of the Third Month 5769

Yet again, yours truly is late getting on the band wagon. What can I say? I do other things besides blogging, like working and learning.

Anyway, I have to tell you that the Internet cartoon show, "Ahmed & Salim" is hysterical!

Often referred to as the "Arab South Park," "Ahmed & Salim" is presented in pseudo-Arabic, with Hebrew and English subtitles. Episodes have been banned in Saudi Arabia and in the United Arab Emirates (big surprise). One episode has apparently been banned from YouTube altogether.

From the "Ahmed & Salim" official website:
Hello, we are Tom Trager and Or Paz. Each week we write, direct, voice, animate and edit each episode in order to entertain and offend everyone. In contrary to what you may think we do not think bad of Arabs, we simply dislike people in general.

For any questions, death threats and comments
please mail us at: sugarzaza@gmail.com

You can read the background and "controversy" surrounding "Ahmed & Salim" on-line in the Jerusalem Post.

So far, there are seven episodes. I look forward to more. But, I do have to issue a MAJOR PROFANITY ALERT. If you prefer not to listen to profanity, then "Ahmed & Salim" is not for you.

Links to episodes are listed below with synopses (Warning: Spoiler alert).

(Tip Credit: Shmu'el)

Episode #2 - Guitar Hero anyone?

Episode #3 - A must see for Facebook users and those who loved (or hated) the TV show "Friends."

Episode #4 - I will hazard a guess that this elusive Episode #4 is the "banned" episode. I wonder who was behind the ban, Arabs or Jews.

Episode #5 - Uh-oh. Ahmed falls in love with a Jewish girl. Fortunately, heroic organizations like Yad leAchim exist to help combat the consequences of "liberal" education, leading Jews astray, like in this episode.

Episode #6 - Ahmed and Salim take on the question of YouTube and censorship.

Episode #7 - Ahmed and Salim are sent to Osama bin Laden for special terrorist education. MAJOR SEXUAL REFERENCES ALERT

10 ag Commentary:
I believe that one of the underlying messages presented in "Ahmed & Salim" is that Arab kids can be resistant to the culture and education of violence surrounding them, and just want to sit in front of the computer or television playing video games or chatting with friends all day,...just like every other kid in the world.

Do you believe that the children in Azza and elsewhere are just like every other kid, in non-Muslim, Western OR Eastern societies?

The elementary school year has ended or is about to end. Did you get a chance to sign your kids up camp?

(Click image to enlarge and clarify.)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Just What We Need, Another Mustache In The Knesseth

Rosh Hodesh HaR'vi'i 5769
"Slomiansky Law" Passes First Reading
Rosh Hodesh Tammuz 5769/June 22, 2009, 21:02 PM

(IsraelNN.com) The Knesset on Monday passed the first reading of a bill called the Slomiansky Law because it would return Nissan Slomianksy to the Knesset, following the anticipated resignation of Science Minister Daniel Hershkowitz. The bill now goes to a committee for fine tuning, ahead of second and third readings.

The law, also known as the Norwegian law after which it is modeled, allows a minister to quit and be replaced in the Knesset by the next in line on the party's list from the elections.

Mustaches? Not Jewish.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Silly Case Of Nadia The Name-Caller

29 of the Third Month 5769

Nadia Matar of Women In Green is on trial for calling Yonatan Bassi, the coordinator of the Azza Expulsion, a name. That's right. She is on trial for calling a public official a name.

This idiotic concept became law around the time the Sharon government was preparing to expel 8,000 Jews from their homes in Azza and the Northern Shomron (5765/2005), hand their land over to our enemies, and open up the southern coast of Israel and Upper Negev Desert to an increased barrage of Qassam rockets.

Actually, Nadia was originally acquitted. If I remember correctly, the judge on the case also happened to think the law to be silly. However, the prosecution decided to appeal the decision (Yes, the prosecution can do that here in Israel!), as is its right, wasting thousands of sheqqels which could be used instead to help those who were expelled, and still without adequate and permanent housing.

Still think Israel is a democracy with protected free speech?

Here is a summary of the latest court session, sent out by Women In Green, with a few sections I felt important to highlight. The trial will continue on Thursday, 27 Tishrei 5770/October 15, 2009.

If you would like to join Women In Green's e-mail list, please send a blank email message to:
list4-subscribe@womeningreen.org. Check your spam filter for confirmation instructions.

For more information about Women In Green, and to show your support for Nadia, click on the link.


Summary of Court Session
State of Israel v. Nadia Matar
Criminal proceedings 001470/06 before Justice David Mintz

June 16, 2009

On Tuesday, Yonatan Bassi testified at the trial of Nadia Matar, who is on trial for having compared his activity within the context of the expulsion initiative of the settlers of Gush Katif and northern Samaria to the activity of the Judenrat in Berlin, as regards the deportation of the Jews of Berlin in the Holocaust.

It became clear from his testimony that Yonatan Bassi did not file a complaint with the police, nor did any member of the public complain about this statement by Nadia Matar. Furthermore, when Yonatan Bassi was summoned by the police and the Deputy Attorney General Mr. Mike Blass, Bassi urged them not to initiate criminal proceedings against Nadia Matar. Furthermore, Yonatan Bassi emphasized in his testimony that he was not hurt by Nadia Matar's letter and statements in the media, which are at the basis of the charge sheet against her, Obviously, the prosecutor strenuously objected to revealing details in regard to the 59 defendants who were convicted of crimes that they committed in the context of opposition to the expulsion initiative. All those instances consist of transgressions more serious than that with which the defendant is charged in the charge sheet, arguing that these are not relevant. The court accepted the position of the defense attorney that these comprise evidence relevant for proving the central defense claim of the defendant, namely, selective enforcement of the law against Nadia Matar resulting from political persecution.

The courtroom was filled with dozens of supporters who came from near and far in support of Nadia Matar, and to protest against the continued persecution of Matar by the State Attorney's Office.

Adv. Yoram Sheftel brought those present to tears with the difficult and trenchant questions that he directed to Yonatan Bassi.

Adv. Sheftel reminded those in attendance that, for example, Kibbutz Sedeh Eliyahu, where Bassi lived, evicted him because a considerable portion of the people in Sedeh Eliyahu, as well, thought that Bassi resembled a Judenrat. Adv. Sheftel quoted from a letter written by Col. Gabbi Durlacher (Res.), a member of Kibbutz Sedeh Eliyahu, in which he wrote explicitly that the letter that Bassi wrote to the inhabitants of Gush Katif is reminiscent of the Judenrat.

Bassi definitely felt uncomfortable with Sheftel's trenchant and important questions, but, on the other hand, it did not appear that he was remorseful. He admitted that, unlike others who refused to accept the position of head of the Sela Administration, he agreed to Sharon's request. Apparently, as Adv. Sheftel hinted, that Yonatan Bassi agreed, politically and ideologically, with the very idea of the expulsion of 8,000 people from their homes and land.

The trial will continue on October 15.

Women in Green

Haveil Havalim #222 Is Up!

29 of the Third Month 5769

It's Haveil Havalim #222 is up at The Real Shaliach.

Check it out, to see if you can figure out the edition subtitle. I'll bet you can't!

It doesn't matter, though. You can certainly figure out the theme from the first set of posts he mentions....

Submit your posts for future editions via the carnival's on-line submission form.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Speaking The Truth

Erev Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Qorah 5769

YNET: Speaking The Truth

"Various parts of Land of Israel are more than just strategic security assets."

The original title was "Confusing Means and Goals." YNET also edited out a few sentences, found below in blue italics.

Yoel Meltzer
24 Sivan 5769/June 16, 2009

It is occasionally said that keeping the Shabbat is a good way to strengthen family unity and closeness. Since parents and children are together for a day without the usual weekly distractions, they are forced to spend quality time together. The problem is that this assumption reduces the Shabbat to a means for fostering better family ties. If it is only a means for nurturing better family ties, then someone else can rightly claim that a Shabbat barbecue on the beach with the whole family also fosters family unity. If so, what need is there to observe the Shabbat? The point is that the Sabbath has tremendous value in and of itself, regardless of what benefits one may or may not receive from observing it. Of course to make Sabbath observance a goal rather than a means and also to appreciate its true value, it must be concomitantly practiced and understood in its fullness. Otherwise it can turn into an external empty act devoid of any meaning.

The same can be said regarding the Land of Israel. Many good intentioned people state that the only reason Israel cannot relinquish any territory in Judea and Samaria is because these lands are vital for the strategic depth they provide to Israel. Once again, the problem with this approach is that it conveys the message that an Israeli presence in certain areas in the Land of Israel is only important as a means for acquiring security.

However, if this is true, then other means can be found to supposedly provide security, such as a 20 meter-high security fence, international observers, electronic surveillance equipment, etc, etc. The point is that the Land of Israel - be it in Tel Aviv, Shiloh, Karmiel, The Jordan Valley or Arad - has tremendous value and meaning in and of itself, regardless of what benefits settling it might provide. Yet to make settling the land and establishing Jewish sovereignty a goal rather than a means and also to appreciate the real significance of the Land of Israel, the subject must be seriously studied and internalized.

In light of Prime Minister Netanyahu's recent Bar Ilan speech, this point should be kept in mind. The "taboo" has finally been broken and now every major Israeli political party officially endorses the "two-state solution." Moreover, the prime minister's stated conditions for the establishment of such a state – Arab recognition of Israel as Jewish state and an eventual demilitarized Palestinian state – will quickly be sidestepped or forgotten. Unless something miraculous happens we will be staring at a new Arab state in our midst within the coming years.

Security Argument Will Be Defeated
Of course this new entity, which in all probability will be quite hostile towards Israel, will require the forced removal of tens of thousands of Jews from their homes in Judea and Samaria. In such an environment, all that remains is to speak the truth. Therefore, anyone with influence who really cares about the Jewish people and the divine mission they've been entrusted with, a mission which is integrally related to establishing Jewish sovereignty throughout the Land of Israel, needs to speak up.

However, if their defense of the Land of Israel is based solely upon security issues, they will eventually be defeated. Maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow but with time they will be defeated since other means, no matter how problematic or controversial, will be adopted to allegedly provide security.

As appealing as the security argument might be, the truth is that various parts of the Land of Israel are not simply strategic assets that must be held on to for security reasons, any more than the entire land itself is merely a safe haven for Jews to escape pogroms and anti-Semitism. At this point in time, anything other than the truth will not hold up.

Yoel Meltzer has an MA in Middle Eastern Studies and lives in Israel.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Moshe Feiglin's Message To President Obama

26 of the Third Month 5769

I am definitely late in jumping on the band wagon with this one.

As a long-time member of the Manhiguth Yehudith (Jewish Leadership) faction of the Likud Party, I have been critical of its leader Moshe Feiglin several times in the past. (Who was it who said that those who agree 85% of the time are called allies? Ronald Reagan?)

I have to say, though, that I thought his response to President Obama's "Big Speech" in Cairo was pretty good, and the most "Jewish" response I have seen yet.

It is in Hebrew with English subtitles.

(Tip Credit: Rafi G. and Ari Ben-Yam)

More on Feglin's response to Obama can be found here.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beach Grievance

24 of the Third Month 5769

Well, there I was in Tel-Aviv, minding my own business, my only desire to exercise my unalienable right to go to the beach, have sand kicked in my face, matkot balls fly at my head, buy overpriced junk food and drinks, and have obnoxious things yelled at me by notoriously anti-religious lifeguards, who seem to think that each and everyone of us is named "Yankiv."

Then I encountered it, the wall. There was a wall blocking the pass over to the separated beach (See the notes below) from HaYarqon and Nordau Streets. I turned south, believing that I would eventually be able to cross over to the beach through Independence Park, or so I thought.

A blaring sign near the Hilton Hotel read that the park was closed for renovations. The entire park was sealed off. So, I returned northward, turned left on Havaquq HaNavi Street, and finally arrived. It was 4:30 already. I like going this late. The crowds have thinned, and the sun is a bit less intense.

I laid down to relax. I saw two business men chilling out over drinks, two men doing yoga, a man and his 20 something son enjoying each others company, and a Hassidishe man doing an effective job of relieving his young boys' fear of the water. All of the matkot games were located far away from me. I only had sand kicked in my face once, and only had to block one oncoming beach ball.

The lifeguards were not in the least bit obnoxious, and even mentioned a pasuq or two through the loudspeakers. It came from a religious guard, and was not said sarcastically.

As I prepared to leave, I encountered another "only in Israel" moment. There were not one, but two minyanim, one after the other, for tefillath minhah.

My afternoon at the beach was capped off with the typically beautiful Israeli sunset on the Mediterranean.

I had nothing over which to be agrieved, and could no longer complain about the minor, necesary detour.


Some beaches, like Tel-Aviv, divide up the days:
Men - M, W, F; Women - S, T, Th.
(Dan Buses #1, 2, 4, 9; Qavim Buses #55, 56 stop here, on one block away on Ben-Yehudah Street. Dan Bus #5 stops on Nordau and Dizengoff.)

Others, like Ashdod and Netanyah, divide up the days, and alternate mornings and afternoons:
Men - S, T, Th mornings and M, W, F afternoons
Women - S, T, Th afternoons and M, W, F mornings.

The break between morning and afternoon for Ashdod is 12:30 - 1:30pm; for Netanyah it is 1:00 - 1:30pm.

A complete schedule for the 17 separated beaches (of a total of 135 recognized beaches) can be found in Hebrew at InfoTravel.co.il. If you find a schedule in English, please leave a link to it if the comments section.

Some of the locations include Ashqelon, Haderah, Nahariyah, four on the Kinnereth, and two on the Dead Sea. Some of the beaches have an entrance fee.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Who Is Rabbi Lemming?

22 of the Third Month 5769

Rabbi Michael Lemming is, in his own words, "a left-wing orthodox rabbi living in Haifa, Israel." He heads the prestigious Yeshiva, "Har Shalom," where he teaches a message of peace, social justice, and love for the world. He also currently hosts the famous "Rabbi Lemming Show" (embedded below).

Episode #1: The first episode ever of the famous "Rabbi Lemming Show"

...a parody of the sissy, pacifist, left-wing segment of the so-called datti-tzioni (Religious Zionist) community...

(Go to time markers 2:43 and 3:57, in case you begin to get concerned that this really is not a parody.)

Here are links to additional episodes:

Episode #2: "Reflections On Tshuvah"
Rabbi Lemming gets a big surprise after inviting his nine-year Arab friend into his home to give him cookies.
(highlights: 4:27, 6:45, 9:50)

Episode #3: "Back From The Dead"
Rabbi Lemming won't even let a near-death beating deter him from spreading his message of shalom.

Episode #4: Part 1 - "I'm An Apple," Part 2 - "Songs For The Chag"
Rabbi Lemming
experiences a miracle before the chag, when his painkillers kick in.

Episode #5: "A Special Shabbat Guest"

Special Shabbat guest Ezra gets "cured" of his right-wing extremism after being zapped by Rabbi Lemming's new invention, the "Lemminator."


You can also find Rabbi Lemming on Facebook, and become his friend!

Haveil Havalim #221 Is Up!

22 of the Third Month 5769

It's Haveil Havalim #221 is up at Ima's....

"The News And Politics Edition," covering President Obama's speech, the shooting at the Holocaust museum and more....

Submit your posts for future editions via the carnival's on-line submission form.

On Dan On Arabs

Mossa'ei Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Shelah 5769
Stop Treating Arabs Like Animals
Dan Illouz, 18 Sivan 5769/June 10, 2009

I, on the other hand, refuse to be a racist. I refuse to use double standards. I refuse to treat the Arabs in a different way than I would treat others. I refuse to expect less. When the Arab countries attack Israel, I will demand a strong response. When the Palestinians send rockets, I will want those who send rockets to be rooted out. When the Arabs refuse to cooperate towards peace, I will work towards solutions which ensure Israel's continue security, rather than demand constant Israeli concessions because "we shouldn't expect anything more from Arabs." (Read more...)

Comment #32:
Dan, You and I often disagree, either on content or logic, usually both. This was kind of clever, though, not really new, I'm afraid, but clever. Maybe someone will get the message.

The West, goyim and assimilated Jews, have also often disrespected Arab culture. They claim that we should respect the Arab culture, yet don't understand what that is, and deep down believe in the superiority of Western/European culture. This is the root of their hypocrisy regarding Arabs.

Anyone reading Tana"kh can see the culture of the Yishma'elim is that of thievery and absolutely no interest in Eretz Yisrael, except for when Am Yisrael is weak. Then they can come to rape, pillage, and kill more easily.

DACON9 (comment #3) is right, though. There is no such thing as a "Palestinian." I am sure you were just using this term for clarification. Try using parentheses ( ) or quotes " " next time.

I keep trying to get Arutz 7 (Israel National News) to do the same when referring to charlatans like Michael Lerner as "rabbis." They still don't seem to get it.


Dan Illouz is a recent oleh (immigrant to Israel) from Canada, and founder of the Tzipiyah Blog.

More Christians!

Mossa'ei Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Shelah 5769

So, my first Shabbath back in Jerusalem, and I get to see Christians on the Midrahov (Ben-Yehudah/Mordechai Ben-Hillel) musically welcoming me into the new week. Just great!

I did my best to let Hebrew speakers know who they are, and what they are doing there. Some haredi kids moved along, yet another religious man was not in the least bit interested in hearing about misswoth (commandments) related to avodah zarah (foreign worship). At least I got this lovely reaction from the group's leader, who, as you can see, was none to happy to hear the word "police," not that they would do anything, let alone come.

Unfortunately, I only had the B'nei Braq number for Yad leAchim (anti-missionary) and not the Jerusalem one with me. They are pretty on top of these things, but still, it never hurts to report in. The worst thing that will happen is that they will tell you thank you, and that they already know about it.

I encourage you to keep these phone numbers handy, and do the same:

Yad leAchim:

Jerusalem (02) 537-1003

Haifa (04) 867-4122

New York (866) 923-5224
B'nei Braq (03) 579-8383

Qeriyath Shemonah (04) 695-1819

Montreal (514) 276-1185

Friday, June 12, 2009

Christians Are Everywhere!

Erev Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Shelah 5769

Christians Are Everywhere! (Click on each of the images to view an enlarged version.) Here they are, between Bilu and Eqron, on the way to Rehovoth. Hopefully, they now know better than to enter Rehovoth, after they were beaten up by both haredi and secular residents a month ago. It's good to know there are some sparks of Ahduth Yisrael (Jewish unity), and that even Israrli media outlets are willing to report them occasionally. This photo was taken two days after their nighttime infiltration into Rehovoth. This group's motto is the lie that their false deity/messiah equals the King of the Jews (yamah shemam!). Out of nowhere, I saw this sign in the Bukharan Quarter in Jerusalem. We can debate the merits or hurtfulness of the International Federation of Christians and Jews [IFCJ] another time. (See for yourself a record of donations the IFCJ has made to Christian missionaries on the Esav Exposed Blog.) Notice the translation? Any particular reason the IFCJ needs to hide the "C" in IFCJ? (Sorry for the poor quality. You'll just have to trust me, or go see for yourself.). It just says yediduth (friendship), without any mention of Christian participation. Do you think that's just a one off? 

  I am truly embarrassed to ask to you to check out this plaque in my very own town of K'far Tapu'ah, in the Shomron (Samaria). There is no mention of Christian involvement here either. What, pray tell, is CFOIC? It's the abbreviation for Christian Friends of Israeli Communities. What are they trying to hide? K'far Tapu'ah's recently completed, $180,000 playground was set to receive a final donation of $30,000 from a Christian organization. (How it cost, I do not know. Ask David HaIvri. Maybe he knows.) When Shomron Regional Head Gershon Mesiqa was asked by K'far Tapu'ah's mayor for a letter on stationary needed to finalize the donation, he refused. Fortunately, someone in the Shomron has some sense. Finally, here is a man who was distributing fliers next to Shuq HaKarmel for a gospel concert in Tel-Aviv. When I asked him if these people were Christians, he said no. I replied with, "We'll see." Maybe he was just some dupe hired to pass out the fliers, and I did not know the implication of the word "gospel." I don't know. That does not change the fact that they working around the clock! The minute Jews begin to question Chritian activities in Israel, they get attacked. Check out Ellen Horowitz's coverage of Christian "legal defense" in Israel at Jewish Israel. Christians Are Everywhere!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jaywalking In Jerusalem

18 of the Third Month 5769

This morning I found myself in line at the Israeli Police Traffic Unit in Jerusalem (Binyan Klal, 5th Floor, M - Th 8:00 - 12:00). It was the last day for me to pay a jaywalking ticket, before the fine went up. Some of you will think I am stupid for jaywalking. Some will say I am a sucker for not trying to get out of it. Some of you will think I am a sucker for paying the fine.

Well, I'll just say this. At the time, I tried to keep walking, but the traffic cop blocked my path. I couldn't play the "I don't understand Hebrew" card, which Americans are often told to play. One look at the aliyah date on my highly worn te'udath zehuth (ID card), and I'm toast!

I decided that honesty is the best policy, took the ticket, and now needed to pay the fine.

Generally, the fine can be paid at the Postal Bank. Unfortunately, the Postal Bank would not accept payment, as the ticket number was partially erased. There would not have been any way guarantee would actually make it out of electronic limbo into the right place to cover my "traffic violation." Thus, I ended up at the Traffic Unit, in order to find out what I needed to do.

The wait was only a half an hour, and the numbers were color-coded: Blue for tickets and fines, Red for accidents, Yellow for an Arabic-speaking officer.

"No problem," the clerk told me. She has ordered another ticket sent to me by registered mail, and has given me an additional 90 days to procrastinate to pay the original amount of the fine.

In the meantime, let's hope I don't get another ticket....


Jerusalem Jaywalking traps:

  • Yaffo and Shamgar Streets - the officer hides behind the building columns next to Bank HaPo'alim

  • Crossing Yaffo Street to and from the Central Bus Station.
  • Sunday, June 07, 2009

    Beach Blanket Havalim!

    15 of the Third Month 5769

    I was going to introduce this week's edition of Haveil Havalim with some summer safety tips from yours truly, a former Southern California lifeguard and swimming instructor. If you want you can check them out here.

    There is an expression: "We plan, and God laughs."

    Here's what happened instead...

    Dear Jack,

    I am truly nuts. I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

    I haven't been at home for Shabbath for four months, and now all of a sudden I have three guests coming. Thank goodness they'll eat our meat (or else!). They want to know why I don't have a gun (that's the last thing I need to worry about! Besides, they'll get to see plenty of guns on Shabbath). They (Vizhnitz, Tzanz, & Belz - sssshhh! Don't tell! I don't want anyone getting kicked out of yeshivah.) don't quite understand that we will be praying in close proximity to three Arab villages, and will probably flip out. I have to do lots of laundry (no machine, so by hand) so they'll have sheets, which are going on 3 mattresses in the tiny living room (let's hope no one gets injure when someone has to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom). I'm hoping they won't mind the light on in the kitchen (No luxury full-house Shabbath clocks for us hicks. Oh, well.),... cooking extra food in case they feel like staying home, instead of going to a place where we're invited with 40 others (I just found out). My landlady, whom I have never met, from the U. S. is staying next door. The last thing I need is for her to want to do an inspection of the house (OY!).

    I also hope my guests will want hot water in the morning. The plata heats up the tiny house too much in the summer
    (It's ice coffee or NO coffee).

    I haven't had computer access for the last few days, so there are 30 more submissions which require my attention.

    I went to a brith milah today. It was crazy mix of Haredim and Kahahistim, a lethal combination, figuratively, not literally. Although everyone almost killed the lone Chabbad messianic. I will get hassled for the next week for not making to an important wedding in Hevron. What can I say? Duty calls. I had to shop and work on this week's HH.

    Oh, yeah, and I am moving on Monday, and haven't started packing (Sssshhh! The landlady nextdoor doesn't know yet).

    Thank God for "luxury problems."


    Never a dull moment in Shomron & Yehudah.... And you thought LA was exciting.

    You get the picture.


    Founded by Soccer Dad, Haveil Havalim is a carnival of Jewish blogs -- a weekly collection of Jewish & Israeli blog highlights, tidbits and points of interest collected from blogs all around the world. It's hosted by different bloggers each week and coordinated by Jack. The term 'Haveil Havalim,' which means "Vanity of Vanities," is from Qoheleth, (Ecclesiastes) which was written by King Solomon. King Solomon built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and later on got all bogged down in materialism and other 'excesses' and realized that it was nothing but 'hevel,' or in English, 'vanity.'

    Now, without further adieu, I would like to present the Shechted Chicken Edition of Haveil Havalim.... (Yeah, I did it again. It's a bit long. Hopefully, my annotations will save you some time...and, don't worry. Photos of shechted chickens will not be found here.)


    Mr. Cosmic X starts us off with some Thoughts On Receiving The Torah.

    Yechezkel at Achas l'Ma'alah v'Sheva l'Matta asks about Evolution - Fact or Mishu-Gosse? He also gives us his take on why some people have trouble believing in G-d and others don't in Doubting Thomases,...And Yosselas.

    Velveteen Rabbi provides her poem on the parsha, Nazir, which reminds us that Jews outside of Israel are behind those of us in Israel in Torah reading, due to the second day of Shavu'oth in hutz la'Aretz falling on Shabbath this year. We read B'ha'aloth'kha, while you read Naso.

    The Rebbetzin's Husband makes a connection between Parshath Naso with the "Big Speech." (The meaning of "Big Speech" is revealed below.)

    Josh Waxman's Parsha Blog also covers Parshath Naso with Poisonous Sota Water?!

    Now I've seen everything. Check out Rafi at Life In Israel's report The Supreme Court Paskens The Bracha For Pringles. What??!!

    Finally, I tell Religious Zionists, Make Up Your Minds!



    Well, Daled Amos has some unpleasant news to report. Lt. General Keith Dayton: US Trained Palestinians Could Start Killing Israelis.

    Abbas, "Weak Leader," Oxymoron carries Batya's comments on a New York Times piece at Shiloh Musings.

    The Torah Revolution comments on the violence against Jews in the Shomron (Samaria) with Who Started It? And How Can It End? and his sarcastic Yes, Of Course.

    In Virtual Medinat Yehudah's report, he asks Are We Having Fun Yet?

    The Jewish Fist expresses his outrage over the government's actions and the subsequent media coverage with May They Be Strengthened! Watch out for The Jewish Fist!

    Speaking of so-called "settlers," Batya at Shiloh Musings asks What's "Natural Growth?"

    Tomer Devorah shows how Jews Are Being Forced To Face the Truth.

    I wonder what Joel Katz thinks of settlers. Our head cheerleader for the probagation of non-orthodox Judaism in Israel presents his coverage of Religion And State in Israel here and here.

    "Israel is the most important/intractable problem in the Muslim world." The Rebbetzin's Husband is none too pleased with CNN's point of view and presentation.

    Joe Settler , posting at The Muqata, has an interesting take on activism, reporting on the recent vigil outside of the U. S. Consulate in Jerusalem with The Left Is Furious.

    The story of the false "Ephraimites" (Christians in disguise) being "welcomed home" in Israel seemed to fly under the Israeli news media's radar. Geulah Girl at The Key To Redemption has the full story, as well as background information here. Where is the outrage?

    Shmu'el Sokol as the Torat Yisrael Blog wants to know where the outrage is over MK Zoabi's Support For Terror.

    Rachel Neiman at Israelity eulogizes Israel's Fourth President Ephraim Katzir. Did anyone even know that he died? Where was the coverage?

    Occidental Israeli gives his take on IDF operations in his report on two, new immigrant brothers from the U.S., and model soldiers, in Every Hebrew Mother.

    Finally, my neighbor responds to being banned from entering the United Kingdom in I'm No Terrorist.


    Yip Bop at News Beyond News says that Partition Is A No, No.

    Batya at Shiloh Musings does not discriminate when she takes on a Jewish organization to criticize. Now, For Young Israel.

    Yoel Meltzer recommends that we move Towards A Jewish Mindset. Check out what he means by this.

    Life In Israel

    Rafi provides us with a regular Life In Israel feature "Interesting Posts." It's a wrap-up the posts which succeed in catching Rafi's eye. He also gives us Are You Ready For Nuclear War? about last week's drill. Oy! You'd better read it.

    Mrs. S. at Our Shiputzim reveals what the "drill" was really about in Yisrabluff?

    A Living Nadnedna makes a shiva call in Into Another World.

    Isramom mourns the loss of Yona Baumel.

    Ricki's Mom at Beneath The Wings Comments On Inclusion.

    The Israel-U. S. cultural connection is covered by Jessica with American Apparel In The Holy City, and David with Angels, Demons, and Israelis, both posting at Israelity.

    More culture is found at How To Be Israeli, where Maya reports on Pride And Prejudice In Israel?? (...as in the book by Jane Austen)

    Toby at A Time Of The Signs never fails to make me laugh. Check out Anyone Need A Steticist? (By the way, she doesn't know this but a bizillion years ago, her brother-in-law and I were hevrutha (study partners) for a couple of weeks. Small world, no?)

    I invite people to join an Israeli English Book Exchange, and In The Middle, On The Right's Pesky Settler describes what she and her family were able to do for an outing in her neighborhood in Visiting Yehoshua.

    Not sure that he will be blogging too much this summer Benji at What War Zone??? leaves us with a letter he sent to his parents from Jewish summer camp 25 years ago, as well as a last minute post from Ben-Gurion Airport.

    Hutz la'Aretz
    (Outside of the Land)

    Avi at Tel-Chai Nation reports on Obama's Belated And Weak Statement On The Jihadi Attack In Arkansas.

    According to Occidental Israeli, Jews in the diaspora have No Right in influencing the direction of Israeli policies. Do you agree?

    Of course, they DO have a right to make an Israel Day Parade 2009. Check out Leora's fantastic photo record of this year's parade at Here In HP. Jacob Richman posts Pictures of the Salute to Israel Parade as well.


    Russell at BaLev V'Nefesh, none too happy with where the Obama administration is taking the U. S., brings us Here Comes the Pain Again. I wonder if he thinks that Jews should get out?

    Occidental Israeli gives us a peek behind the scenes in Washington with Bad News, Rahm. More on the Obama Administration and it's reliationship with Israel comes from Marty Peretz at The Spine with An Inconvenient Truth.

    Daled Amos asks How Much Does Bush's Commitment To Israel's Settlements Count For Now? Eric at The Israel Situation reports some good news. There is Israel Support From Both Sides Of The Aisle. But, is that really good news?

    Elder Of Ziyon reminds us that They Just Don't Get It, that is the U. S. doesn't get the point of Hizbollah.

    "The Big Speech"

    The "Big News" this week seemed to be Obama's "Big Speech." The news was a flurry with the "Big Speech." Of course, the first thing that came to MY mind was the "Big Meeting." Check out the video, if you don't remember, or are too young to recognize the reference. You will see someone talking about "something very important," like Obama, yet a lot more knowledgeable about his chosen topic than the U. S. President is about his.

    However, if you are actually interested in the JBlogging World's take on the "Big Speech," Tomer Devorah preps us before the "Big Speech" in A New King Arose, part 2. You'll see how is Obama like Pharoah.

    Soccer Dad
    also preps us beforehand with The Questionable Centrality Of Palestine. You'll be surprised to found out what Muslims think President Obama's message to the Muslim world should be.

    Sultan Knish, also before the "Big Speech" gives us Israeli To Obama: "No, You Can't!" in which he expresses a more optimistic attitude than mine about my fellow "settlers" and "Israelis." Don't forget to read what the Sultan says after the "Big Speech" in The Evil That Obama Speaks.

    Debbie Schlussel provides us with The Obama Apologist Speech to Islam & Al-Azhar; CAIR and Faux-Conservative Ignoramus Loved the Speech.

    Mr. Cosmic X gives us The "Israel Post" Promotes the Latest False Messiah.

    says that Right Wing Jews Were Wrong about the "Big Speech." The other side of the coin can be found at Yeshiva World's More Hussein Than Obama. The full text is here. You be the judge. Personally, I think they're both off the mark. DB, IMHO, you and the rest of the JBlogosphere, are being imprecise with the use of the terms "right" and "left." YW, the Yesha Council is more accurately described when calling it the Pesha Council or Resha Council, or, yes, even the YeSh"W Council.

    The Jewish Fist gives us his take on the "Big Speech" in President Hussein's Cairo Speech. Bar-Kokhba at For Zion's Sake gives us his take on it in The Cairo Obamination. You can find The Hashmonean's take in Dhimmi In Chief's Troof To Power.

    Obama claims that Islam in Cardoba in the Middle Ages was a source of enlightenment. The Ramba"m tells a different story. Check out Daled Amos's Who Are You Going To Believe: Obama...Or Maimonides?

    Last, but definitely not least, comes Lady-Light at Tikkun Olam with We Were All Duped..., a very good overall analysis of Obama's approach juxopposed to the history and reality in Israel.

    Education & Other Personal Experiences

    Robert at Seraphic Secret's lovely post in honor of his Father's 90th Birthday (Ad Me'ah we'Esrim) not only acts upon the misswah of kibud av (honoring ones father), but also provides a bit of interesting Jewish American history.

    Why Do Shuls Eat Their Rabbis? Ask the Rebbetzin's Husband. Eliyahu Fink ("The Rabbi On The Beach") asks about Athletes As Role Models.

    This Frum Teanick Dentist On Al-Jazeera is a role model. Lion Of Zion looks into what he's doing on Al-Jazeera. He also presents How To Shop For A Yeshiva For Your Child.

    Chana Weisberg at Let's Go For Coffee gives a very interesting take on the generally overly written about subject of Attention Deficit Disorder [ADD] in Does G-d Have ADD?. It's a worthwhile read. So is It’s the economy, stupid. (I SAID, don’t say “stupid!”) from Amy Meltzer at Homeschuling.

    Ilana-Davita gives her First Impressions of the new Koren Siddur. Chabbad.org announces its new Jewish Prayer Section.

    Child Ish Behavior, posting at Not Just Typical, gets philosophical on us in For Those That Come After Us: Humanity's Striving for Eternity.

    Maya from How To Be Israeli in Israel but comments on ex-pat Israelis in the U. S. and the similarities of their experiences to those of U. S. olim in For some balance... "What's Missing in America."

    A Simple Jew shares something with us From The Archives Of Memory.

    Leora at Here In HP presents Nature Notes: New Moon. What do you see in nature?

    Jacob Da Jew seems to think there's something rotten in Lakevood in Hey Lady, Cover Your Nees!

    Last but not least It's Like, OMG! The Real Shaliach is getting married! Yechezkel's daughter is too. Check out Matter-o-money Leave. Wait a minute. So is Mottel at Letters Of Thought!

    Mazal Tov to all of our fellow JBloggers!


    Mike In Midwood
    brings us some Jewish "cultural observations" with A Frum Guide To Chullent Eating.


    Toby at A Time Of The Signs explains Those Funky Hebrew Signs At The Top Of Her Blog, now featured in her blog's title banner. Toby, trust me, there are no such things as coincidences. Check it out to see what I am talking about.

    The Israel Situation is Looking For A Blogger Or Two to help out the team.

    Last, but certainly not least, it looks like we have the makings of an all-out blog war on our hands in the JBlogosphere. Jack does not like that Benji gets top ranking on searches for "Chumus" (AKA: Humous), and so has started the all-important, not in the least bit petty nor envious, Chumus Wars. Watch out, Benji! You do not want to cross Fearless Leader Jack!


    Well, that's a wrap for Edition #220! Don't forget that you can already begin submitting your posts for next week's edition which will be hosted by Ima On And Off The Bima. For your convenience, bookmark this link to Haveil Havalim's on-line submission form. See past editions and who is hosting future editions by clicking here. If you would like to host, contact Jack at talktojacknow (at) sbcglobal (dot) net.

    Also, don't forget to check out, and participate in the Kosher Cooking Carnival and the JPix Carnival.

    ...and, by the way, my guests said they had an awesome time this Shabbath in the heart of the Jewish Homeland, K'far Tapu'ah (See Joshua 17:8-9), thanks to my friends and neighbors!