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Jewish BDS

י״א לחודש השישי תשע״ה

In answer to BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) against Israel, which Jews around the world seem to be freaking out about, and begging the goyim to love us, through Hasbarah nonsense, I suggest that we just give them as taste of their own medicine.

We could be more self-sufficient than we think, if we would only stop exporting what we need, such as food from the southern end of Israel, exempt from shemitah (sabbatical year), and other agricultural laws.

Instead of selling telephone and computer parts, desert irrigation and solar power technologies and products for cash or credit, we could get guarantees of sales of food and other things which really need. They reneg on their agreements with us, then they do not get their technologically wondrous, adult toys and toy parts.

Of course, this is all just a pipe dream, as the Israeli Government seems to have other, totally co-dependent and otherwise ridiculous, strategies in mind.

So, if the government is not going to help us do something productive, then why don't we just implement our own Jewish BDS (ie. Torah BDS) against those who are the real problem, those who pander to the non-Torah standards of the "international community?" This includes many Jews in Israel who do not realize that BDS is actually doing the Jewish People a favor, as well as the "Jewish" supporters of BDS against Israel, who are doing so for completely the wrong reasons.

So, who should Jews Boycott, Divest, and Sanction?

Lo Techonem - Do not have mercy (Deut. 7:2)
I have two, local choices for health food: Olam HaTeva (Nature World), owned by a religious family, or the store which employs an Arab, both on Agrippas Street near the Shuq. Which do you suppose I patronize?

You see, if Jews believe that Israel is now in a position of power (יד ישראל תקיפה), within its own Land, then we are not to make it easy for any non-Jews to reside here, save for gerei toshav (resident aliens). This is the position of the Ramba"m (Mishneh Torah, Hil. A"Z, ch. 10).

How anyone identifying himself as a "Religious Zionist" could possible think the Israel is not in such a position of power, I have no idea.

Israel's Chief Rabbinate recently demonstrated its understanding of this halakhah (Torah Law) by granting one non-Jew the status of ger toshav (דעת הראב״ד), desiring someone non Jewish to whom it would be permissible halakhically (according to Torah Law) to sell parts of Eretz Yisra'el (Land of Israel), in order to exempt these Lands from keeping the Laws of Shemitah, the Sabbatical Year (ie. Heter Mekhirah).

Even from a Western perspective, it seems that Jews have bought in to the same old double standards the goyim continue to preach.

LGBTQ's support LGBTQ businesses.

African Americans support African American businesses as a form of self-empowerment.

So do women, and in particular feminists.

But, when a Jew wants to support a Jewish-owned business, then all of a sudden, it's racist.

And, when Muslims and Arabs support Muslim and Arab businesses, it is somehow justified, and we are not allowed to call it discriminatory?

Tura Winery and the P'sagot Winery benefit from Christian "volunteers." Of course, they say that they are committed not to missionize Jews. When they praise God while picking grapes and olives, just exactly who do you think they have in mind? Why, their false deity (and/or messiah and/or intercessor and/or rebbe) of course! Take your pick. It doesn't matter. That's because they have changed their strategies,...for now.

They want a foothold on our Land, believing that they are the true inheritors of The Almighty's favor, and thus Eretz Yisr'ael (Land of Israel). Some believe this inheritance comes with the Jews; some believe it comes without. ( They just a foothold in our Land, and to get some pieces for themselves. Boy do they have a rude awakening coming! LOL!

More and more, Christian missionaries are being protected by the spirit of the State of Israel's spirit of democratic, "freedom of religious expression."

Of course, this deMOCKratic protection applies to everyone, except for those Jews the government feels threatened by, and thus calls "extremists," as they dare to hold Torah Law above that of the man-made mishmash of laws from the Ottoman Empire and British Mandate.

No one, however, is protected from the choices we make as to where we spending our hard earned sheqqels.

Do your own Internet search for "Jewish Labor Israel" and you will see just how scathing the opposition is against this one time source of Jewish national pride.

Although demonized as racist, Avodah Ivrith (Jewish Labor) is a highly effective form of BDS.

For referrals of Jewish owned businesses providing the products and services you need in your area of Israel, visit the Moqed Avodah Ivrith website in Hebrew or contact them in English or Hebrew by phone 1-599-588-588 or by e-mail

Treif Sellers
In Jerusalem, there are more stores on Agrippas Street in the area of the Shuq, selling treif (non-kosher food) than ever, not to mention those butcher shops in the center of town!

Need something kosher, an imported product perhaps, which they happen to sell there? Don't think that you can get anywhere else? Well, then take the extra time, and the extra money to buy it at a store which does not sell treif, and which is not open on Shabbath!

Can't find one? Then live without it.

I mean, why on earth would any Religious Jew patronize a store which sells treif ??!!

Why don't you ask the Religious Jew who posted his excitement about "Tel-Aviv's newest hot spot" via Twitter. You can also ask him why he would give them the free publicity.

Prosciutto and shellfish,...but also a selection of kosher products!

Shabbath Violators
I obtained the following list of restaurants opened on Shabbath in Jerusalem from TimeOut טיים אאוט which we should also boycott, except for using it to keep an eye on these issues, I suppose.
...not everything is closed for the Sabbath.

Café Bezalel, Bezalel St. 12
Bezalel is a new entry to the list of Jerusalem businesses which are open Saturdays, and we're already asking ourselves how we ever managed without it. The café, located opposite the building that used to house the founder of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, is a young and vibrant coffee house. Its menu changes throughout the day and fits any and all meals. On Fridays the external seating area becomes part of the Bezalel arts and crafts fair, filling the street with people and colors.

Talbiya, Chopin St. 3
Israeli top chefs Assaf Granit, Yossi Elad and Uri Navon long ago established the famous Machne Yuda group, which operates restaurants all over the city. Though the eponymous flagship restaurant is not open on weekends, the group's Mona and Hasadna certainly are. Now the two are joined by a third sister, Talbiya. Talbiya is defined as a wine bar and functions during the day as a café. Next to your coffee you can enjoy freshly made baked goods, while next to your wine you can choose from various elegant dishes by chef Nir Levi. The meticulously designed space and selection of seating options make Talbiya the perfect host for your weekend.

Zoni, Yoel Moshe Salomon St. 15
Zoni is your regular around-the-clock brasserie, except for the view out the windows: instead of Paris you get to look out at the picturesque back streets of Nahalat Shiv'a. The atmosphere inside, however, still maintains a certain European air, with black leather seats, dark hardwood floors, a wide bar and waiters in fine uniform. The menu, which changes between breakfast, lunch and dinner, is similarly full of treats from far away lands. Recommendations are endless but you will be wise to keep one thing in mind: the french toast – available in all three menus – is by itself reason enough for pilgrimage.

Uganda Bar, Aristobulus St. 4
...Uganda is simultaneously a bar, a café, a hummus joint, a music venue and a CD, vinyl and comic book store. Its different parts all fit in harmoniously under a single roof while still making you feel right at home. Tourists, students, youth and adults all fill the space from noon to the following morning, with the atmosphere constantly changing.

Beit HaKava, Yanay St. 3
“Every drink has its place,” wrote S. Y. Agnon, nearly prophesying this unique café, which in turn is named in an appropriately Agnonesque fashion. Decorating the walls are items as carefully chosen as the dishes on the menu. Some of the dishes are regular while others change daily, and all are written casually on the chalkboard. The small café is located in the renovated Yanai street, hiding from the ever noisy Shlomzion street like a well kept secret. Beit HaKava is slowly turning into a true weekend gem and was recently joined by another weekend-strong café, Etz Cafe.

Adom, David Remez St. 4
The opening of the First Station Plaza is great news for Jerusalem weekenders, as it does not entirely shut down for Shabbath. Adom, which became a serious establishment since its opening in 2001, relocated to First Station from its previous location at Feingold Yard. Here it continues to host guests even – or maybe especially – on weekends. You will feel truly privileged to sit in Adom's sleek space and glance at their menu, which specializes in fresh seafood and fish. Completing the culinary experience is a selection of meats, pastas, salads and a wide array of wines.

Cafe Smadar, Lloyd George St. 4
On weekends the German Colony gets to show its quiet side, as the businesses on Emek Refaim street close shop and all that's left is a green and peaceful residence area. One who seeks carefully will be reworded with finding Cade Smadar...

Link, HaMa'alot St. 3
...Surrounded by a green yard and with plenty of seating arrangements, this bar-restaurant offers a lovely pastime option for the whole family...
Aroma Espresso Bar
Notice some of the words I highlighted, some probable code for treif, as well as suggestions of being in a hidden away location. Good! These restaurants should be embarrassed, as should be their customers!

Personally, I would add Aroma to this list. The Aroma in town on Hillel Street and the one on Hebrew University, Mt. Scopus are also open on Shabbath, not to mention countless other branches.

I was pretty surprised that Aroma, with its crappy coffee, and even worse service, but which everyone slobbers over anyway, did not make the top ten favorite Shabbath hangouts.

Besides boycotting such places, operating on Shabbath, some have suggested more active protesting as well.

Many have heard of Haredi protests against businesses open on Shabbath. But, Haredim are not the only ones organizing protesting. There have been public tefilloth Shabbath (Shabbath prayers) outside of a restaurants on Azza Street and Betzalel Street.

By the way, do you want to see a movie? Well, don't see it at Yes Planet. No doubt you have heard of the complex's recent, grand opening, and commitment to operating on Shabbath.

What's the problem if you see a movie during the week? The problem is that you are supporting a business which is open on Shabbath., and thus encouraging countless Jews to violate Shabbath.

Yes Planet - Jerusalem
Nir Barakat
Mayor of Jerusalem
Last, but definitely not least on the Jewish BDS list is the Mayor of Jerusalem himself, Nir Barakat.

How was this Kadima Party, and now independent, mayor was able to get elected in a city with a majority of voters registered with United Torah Judaism, Likud, and Jewish Home parties?

...An internal, Haredi squabble and left-wing, anti-Haredi fear mongering targeting the Religious Zionist voters in the city.

And, now, we see even see Haredi politicians willing to settle for a compromise on the Yes Planet Shabbath debacle!

Mayor Barakat does not just support the Yes Planet Mall, and its operation on Shabbath, he supports more than a few initiatives which contradict the Torah.

You see, it is crucial to keep in mind that the Torah is not just about "Shabbos and Kashrus shailos;" it concerns every facet of a Jew's life.

Do you want Torah or democracy? You do not honestly believe that you can have both, do you?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Italian Jews or Jewish Italians?

י' לחודש השישי תשע״ה

This was an odd, news report which caught my attention.
YNET: Israeli envoy appointment raises 'dual loyalty' concerns among Italy's Jews
Members of Rome's Jewish community have expressed anger at Prime Minister Netanyahu's decision to name Jewish journalist and former Italian MP Fiamma Nirenstein as Israel's next ambassador to Italy.

Daniel Bettini, 08.13.15

Italy's Jewish community is furious over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's decision to appoint Jewish journalist Fiamma Nirenstein as Israel's ambassador in Rome. Many Jews fear that the appointment will be used by those who claim Italian Jews are more loyal to Israel than to their homeland.

Nirenstein, a former Italian parliament member, is an official member of Rome's Jewish community council. In addition, only two months ago she competed for the position of president of the Italian capital's Jewish community, but lost.

Although Nirenstein will have to give up her Italian citizenship if the appointment is approved, many are asking who will she really represent as ambassador – Rome's Jews or Israel?

Many Jews in Rome have voiced concerns of physical harm following the decision. "Netanyahu has turned us into a fifth column in our country," one Jewish official said in a closed forum. "If a former Italian parliament member, a Jew, becomes Israel's ambassador, it basically means that we recognize the fact that each of us, and every store we own, is in fact Israeli. People will think we have dual loyalty, and this holds disastrous consequences."

The Italian press has also been dealing with the issue. The La Stampa daily, which Nirenstein used to work for as a correspondent, addressed the question Jewish identity in the country, focusing on the comments of Rome's Chief Rabbi Riccardo Di Segni. "Fiamma is an excellent journalist, period," the rabbi said, "but I'm concerned there will be problems."

The Rome-based Il Messaggero newspaper chose to focus on Nirenstein's right-wing views.

Italian website Dagospia, which deals with political and social issues in the country, reported that one of Nirenstein's sons serves in the Italian intelligence agency. According to the website, the appointment has created a lot of confusion in the intelligence agency, as under the rules employees are not allowed to have any family ties to foreign diplomats.
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
I am still not entirely sure what to make of the details reported in this piece. Jews in Italy are concerned with how Nirenstein's appointment will affect them and their standing in the eyes of their fellow Italians. They seem to be especially concerned with the issue of dual loyalties, how Nirenstein will be seen as having dual loyalties, and how this might affect the way in which they are seen, as having dual loyalties.

Italian Jewish Fantasy
Former Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, who had promised to defend
Italy's Jews, speaks at the Council on Foreign Relations [CFR]
Galuth (exile) fear still exists? You mean assimilation into Italian society is not enough to ease your fears?

Good. It shouldn't.

It has never worked before, not in Spain, not in Germany, and hopefully Jews will now see that it is not working in America either. Why on earth should Jews think should it work in Italy, or for that matter, anywhere else, and especially now?

This reminds me of Torah I learned from Rabbi Moshe Lichtner in his book Eretz Yisra'el in the Parsha, which I will paraphrase here.
Yosef ben Ya'aqov was whisked away from Eretz Yisra'el at the age of 17, and became the primary force in establishing Am Yisra'el's exilic, albeit necessary and temporary, presence in Egypt (Gen. 37). While working in the house of Yosef was accused of an unspeakable act, by the lying and reprehensible wife of Potifar, an adviser to Pharoah. In her accusation, she referred to Yosef as "that Hebrew" (Gen. 39:6-14).

Jewish Italian Identity Reality
About 250 years later, Moshe Rabbeinu, a native of Egypt, ran away from his birthplace, and arrived in Midian. There he happened upon the daughters of Yithro, and saved them from being harassed by the locals there. Invited into Yithro's home, Moshe had been identified as he daughters of Yithro "an Egyptian" (Ex. 2:16-20).

Yosef never denied his true identity as a Hebrew, and thus never denied his inherent connection to Eretz Yisra'el. Moshe Rabbeinu did not correct the daughters of Yithro's identification of him as an Egyptian, and thus did not show his connection to the Land.

The results, as suggested in Eretz Yisrael in the Parsha book, were that Yosef eventually buried in Eretz Yisra'el, but Moshe Rabbeinu was not.
Italian Jewish Identity Fantasy
Nirenstein's motivations, views, and any possible consequences to Italy's Jews resulting from her appointment as Israel's ambassador to Italy are actually irrelevant.

The God-given identity and heritage of the Jews is all that is relevant,... whether the Italian Jews like it or not

How the goyim view us is all just part of the plan, to keep us the "separate and distinct people" that we are, and to keep us from becoming too comfortable in lands, which are only supposed to serve as temporary dwelling places, just like Egypt.

Will these Italian Jews, who are so desperately concerned with their image among their Italian neighbors, make it out of their temporarily dwelling place? Or will the be lost like the 80 percent of B'nei Yisrael who never made it out of Egypt?

Jewish Italian Reality: 
Jews getting the boot!
These Jews do not see the blessing in the possibility of being kicked out, now that it is a realistic option to make aliyah (immigrate to Israel), The Almighty doing for them, what they are apparently unable to do for themselves.

Ariel Ben-Yochanan of The Torah Revolution provided information which helped me in writing this piece.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Where Exactly in Israel will the African "Refugees" Live?

ט׳ לחודש השישי תשע״ה

YNET: Released asylum seekers blocked from Tel Aviv, Eilat
Some 1,200 to be released from Holot on Tuesday, Wednesday; those caught in Tel Aviv or Eilat to be detained at Saharonim.

Tova Zimuki, Omri Ephraim, 08.23.15

While some 1,200 African asylum seekers are due to be released from Holot this week, courts approved Sunday a plan drafted by Public Security Minister Silvan Shalom denying them entrance to Tel Aviv or Eilat.

Holot, an "open" detention facility where asylum seekers are held without trial, is due to be emptied according to a Supreme Court decision that limits the amount of time an individual can be detained.

The ruling angered residents of southern Tel Aviv where locals have felt the brunt of Israel's African immigration crisis with tens of thousands of illegal residents remaining in the area.

Eilat has also been a central destination for those arriving from across the Egyptian border with 10 percent of its population currently made up of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers.

In accordance with Shalom's plan to implement the ruling, 600 of Holot's detainees are due to be released on Tuesday and another 600 will follow on Wednesday.

The restriction on movement will be enforced by distribution of special visas to the released asylum seekers. Those caught by authorities in Tel Aviv or Eilat will be removed to Saharonim Penitentiary. It was unclear Sunday how long the asylum seekers could legally be held under these circumstances.

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Oh, don't worry, the Israeli Supreme Court is bound to overrule this "racist" and "discriminatory" policy!

No, not the restriction on living in Tel-Aviv and Eilat, but the re-detention of those caught sneaking in anyway, against the government's decision.

Plus, while Torah-observant, young Jewish men, are sitting in jail without being charged, African insugents will most certainly be allowed to roam around Israel freely, including the "undesirable" areas of Tel-Aviv, such as South Tel-Aviv and the areas adjacent to the Old Bus Station. They will just blend in with the other insurgents already there, raping and pillaging.

So, if you live in the northern quarters of Tel-Aviv, you will not have to worry about them invading your neighborhood. The Israeli Government has got your backs!

Isn't this exciting?! Those of us in Jerusalem, Hertzliyah, and Netanyah have some adventures in store for us! New neighbors on the way!

Just don't you dare defend yourself or your children from harm, because YOU will be the one to end of in jail!


For more information, and to keep up to date, about the plight of South Tel-Aviv resident, follow South Tel-Aviv activist May Golan on Facebook.

"HaIr HaIvrit" fighting for our home! - May Golan

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Frum Stand-Up Comedian!

ד׳ לחודש השישי תשע״ה

Yeah, I know I am very critical of Jews remaining in Galuth (exile). Not only that, but his video is from 2013.

I am also against having to justify our laws and customs to goyim and to nonobservant Jews. Nevertheless, I thought it was cute, and nice to see this religious Jew show the world that although we take our beliefs and practices seriously, that does not mean that we always have to take ourselves so seriously. Who knows, maybe one more Jew will become less resistant to exploring his or her, Torah-true heritage because of it?

Plus, I thought that he was pretty funny.

I shamelessly stole borrowed this video. But, I could not find this comedian's name. I would love to credit him, at the very least. Plus, as this comedian will confirm, it is probably not a good idea to steal or to borrow something without permission, in particular during this month of teshuvah.

In the meantime, this comedian is welcome for the free publicity.

Once found, though, I will gladly taken down and/or use his embed code for this video, if he so requests.

The video and name of the comic has been removed, but the post remains for those who would like to continue the discussion.

Israel's Other "Three-State" Solution

ד׳ לחודש השישי תשע״ה

You have already heard of the so-called “Two-State Solution,” which is completely unacceptable according to the Torah.

You have also heard the various versions of quasi-One-State Solutions, such as those of the now defunct, ב״ה, Techiyah Party, and of Minister of Education Naftali Bennett.

The Bennett Plan vs. The Arafat Plan
Can you tell the difference?
But, have you heard of the three-state solution?

It is not the one with the theoretically Jewish, State of Israel, bordered by two Arab terrorist states, one in Yehudah and Shomron (Judea and Samaria) and the second in Azza (Gaza).

No. This is the one which also has one theoretically Jewish, State of Israel, and is also is bordered on two sides by bastions of Arab terror. However, in this three-state version, these two provinces are part of the same terrorist entity. So, where is the third state of the three-state solution?


That’s right! It has been suggested that Tel-Aviv become its own, independent city state.

Many Tel-Aviv residents are already living in a bubble. So, now it seems, they want to make it official, by becoming a physical bubble, in addition to a psychological and spiritual one.

There was even a 2006 movie made about this called "The Bubble" (הבועה), which I cannot even link to here, due the highly immodest one-sheet (publicity poster). The movie attempts to show how the residents of Tel-Aviv really are in touch with what is going on in the rest of Israel.

But, are they?

Will the City State of Tel-Aviv allow the African insurgents, currently raping and pillaging South Tel-Aviv to remain in their independent Tel-Aviv nation. Or will they make up some creative excuse to leave out these parts of South Tel-Aviv, from their "limousine liberal" paradise, claiming that they were never part of Tel-Aviv to begin with, or some other such nonsense.

What will happen if Arabs from Yaffo want to move into the Northern Tel-Aviv neighborhood of Ramat-Aviv? Will they let them? Or will Yaffo even be included in the Tel-Aviv city state in the first place? I am sure that they convince themselves that it is in the Yaffo Arabs’ own best interest to enjoy an independent City of Yaffo. Segregation, leftist style.

Will Tel-Avivians allow the Filappino, Chinese, Thai, Indian, and other foreign workers, for whom they have been advocating, to obtain citizenship in their new utopia?

Will Tel-Aviv apply to join the European Union? Boasting laws on its books more progressive than some European nations themselves, a high percentage of secular citizens with European heritage, probably willingness to make English or perhaps even German its new official language, and let us not forget Tel-Aviv's large collection of living, Bauhaus architecture, Tel-Aviv's should be cinch, right?

Even many of Tel-Aviv's citizens, not of European heritage, try desperately hard to Ashkenize (Europeanize) themselves, having succumbed to the oppressive, anti-Torah indoctrination as children, and continued brainwashing into numbed-out, "progressive" mouthpieces as adults.

Besides the anti-Torah problems with the Tel-Aviv-Three-State-Solution, a new, City State of Tel-Aviv would not last long anyway. No matter how much Tel-Avivians advocate for their version of "peace" (more like "piece") with the Arabs, they are going to get rocketed out of existence by Hezbollah, Hamas, ISIS, or all all three, as Tel-Aviv remains the prime target within the world of Arab terror.

Unfortunately, Tel-Aviv residents, or citizens, cannot, or will not, see this.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Mosques and Churches Burn! Everyone is Outraged! Synagogues Burn, Who Cares?

ב' לחודש השישי תשע"ה

Synagogue Arson: Books and Tefillin are Undamaged
Employees discovered the fire at the 'rest stop' synagogue just off Highway 6 before it spread into the building.

Hezki Ezra, 8/16/2015

Arsonists set fire to a small roadside synagogue in north-central Israel before dawn in Friday, but the fire was put out before it could consume holy books and tefillin (phylacteries). The synagogue is located next to a rest stop on Highway 6, and enables travelers to make a “pit stop” for praying and then continue to drive down the major thoroughfare.

Mendi Makmal, Chabad's emissary at the synagogue, told Arutz Sheva that the report about the attack was received at 5:00 AM Friday. The same synagogue was burned to the ground in a previous arson attack, 14 months ago, and Makmal feared that the same thing had happened again. Happily, he was proven wrong.

"In the end it was the employees at the site who showed initiative, took fire extinguishers and water and succeeded in putting out the fire,” he recounted. “Thank God, the damage is only external, the tefillin and books remained whole, and only the walls and air conditioners were damaged. We will fix them and activity will resume with even greater gusto.”

Security cameras were installed after the previous arson, and the recordings are in the hands of the police, said Makmal.

While the synagogue is located near the Arab town of Baka al-Gharbiya, Makmal was not quick to point the finger at that specific community. “There are fields and orchards here and a person can approach from any direction. If you want to set the fire, you just have to cover your face and set the fire.”

Makmal said that the arsonists apparently had helmets on. They poured gasoline and set it on fire, and then got away. (cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Apparently, still no word on the analysis of the security camera footage. My bets are on Arabs.

Helmets? A professional job? Maybe. Well-planned out? Definitely.

This was second time this synagogue was set on fire in 14 months. It is "located near the Arab town of Baka al-Gharbiya," yet the rabbi "was not quick to point the finger at that specific community."

However, the rabbi did not rule out Arabs as the culprits either.

More importantly, though, where is the outrage?

Meir David Ettinger sits in jail under an old British Mandate legal action, called "administrative detention," used against Jews fighting for Israel's independence, cohorts of former Prime Ministers Begin and Shamir. Ettinger is being held as a suspect in the alleged arson of of an Arab's house, killing it's owner and infant son.

All evidence appears to be pointing to the consequences of Arab clan wars. But, has anyone recanting their scatching accusatory assumptions that it was Jews? Has any Israeli politician displayed regret for his calls for the death penalty?

A church was burned in the north, and the world is up in arms. Two additional young, Jewish men sit in "administrative detention," accused of the church's arson. But, at least one of them was with his parents at the time the fire started.

Naftali Bennett
...calling for the death penalty.
A mosque was burned down in an Arab village next to K'far Tapu'ah in the Shomron (Samaria), supposedly by Jews. A former neighbor of mine, another grandson of Rabbi Meir Kahane hy"d was taken in for questioning for about eight hours, before being released. Also named for his grandfather, Meir David is nice and bright, young man, as gentle as his father Rabbi Binyamin Kahane hy"d
A leftist professor had a pipe bomb blown up next to him. At least 15 Jews were dragged in for questioning, myself included. This incident still smells like a "false flag event" to me, an excuse to harass Jews who fear The Almighty more than the Israeli Government, and a chance to convince them to work for them.

Arabs burning synagogues, running people down with cars, buses, and tractors are either said to be "acting alone," crazy, freedom fighters, or sufferers of battered wives syndrome.

They go to jail, sit around, watch television and eat pizza, waiting their turns to be released in the next prisoner exchange, after which they can go out and kill some more Jews (May The Almighty save us from ourselves!).

Whereas Jews suspected of killing of killing an Arab, even without any eyewitnesses, let alone any evidence at all, sits in jail, with limited contact with counsel, if that, and are called extemists, and threats to the State's vary existence, and anti-Semites and self-hating Jews have a field day yelling out, "I told you so!" and comparing them to the Taliban and ISIS.

These young men are supposed to be "extremists," because they acknowledge that the Torah touches every aspect of a Jew's life, and not just "shabbos and kashrus shailos."

Whereas the bumbling idiots, hanging on with dear life to their seats of power, call themselves "Zionists," and have obviously forgotten what the term realy means, not to mention the actual origin of the concept, from thousands of years ago.

What's That Drone Doing in Jerusalem Skies?!

ב׳ לחודש השישי תשע״ה

Originally shared on Facebook by Jerusalem's Mayor Nir Barakat, June 21, 2015, with these comments...
וואו! קבלו את העיר שלנו, היפה בעולם, ממעוף הציפור! שבת שלום ירושלים :-)
Wow! Check out our city, a beautiful world, from a bird's eye view! Shabbat Shalom, Jerusalem :-)

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Sure, it's beautiful. It's Jerusalem, for goodness sakes!

Well,...except for those place where false deities are worshiped...

Except for those flagrant desecrations of The Almighty's name on Har HaBayith (Temple Mount)...

Except for that horrid looking bridge, shaped like a crescent...

Except for the so-called house of justice, encrusted with the Masonic/Illuminati symbols...

You get the picture.

But, I digress...

Mayor Nir Barakat
But, besides all the ugliness embedded in the city, passed off as "beauty," is it just me, or does anyone else also wonder where this drone came from?

What about who or what entity operates this drone?

And, why is there a drone flying around anyway?

For our own safety, of course!

The government is not spying on its own citizens, of course! NOOOOOOOO!!

The government is spying on "potential threats" to its citizens.

And, who might these "potential threats" be??


This is the same strategy of control we have seen across history, and across borders:
  1. Reveal a tease to the masses of the power of the government (minyon class).hinting to how it can be used against them.
  2. Put the face of Disney on it.
  3. Leak to the news how this latest technology recently "saved lives."
  4. Make sure the message gets out there just how much the masses "need" the government to protect them.
Our greatest defense against drones is twofold:
  1. Stay informed, connect the dots, and realize what is happening right in front of our eyes.
  2. Don't have anything to hide.
Where Mayor Barakat sits on the powers that be food chain, I cannot say. However, I will hazard a guess that he is not the one we need to be worrying about.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Livni Stating the Obvious and Netanyahu's Election Strategy

ראש החודש השישי תשע״ה
Arutz 7: Danny Danon Will Be UN Ambassador
Science and Space Minister will replace Ron Prosor. Zionist Union's Livni says the choice is politically motivated.

Gil Ronen, 8/14/2015

Danny Danon
Minister of Science and Space
Science and Space Minister Danny Danon will replace Ron Prosor as Israel's UN Ambassador, according to Channel 2 reporter Amit Segal.

If the report is true, Danon will resign from the Knesset, allowing in Sharren Haskel, who was number 31 on Likud's Knesset list in the last elections.

In a Ynet interview in June, Haskel was depicted as a “moderate” who could easily fit into a leftist party – whose top political issues include animal rights and the environment, and who believes in coexistence with Israel's Arabs and “understanding” them as a top priority.

"Okay, I understand that you are trying to be politically correct, but it cannot be possible that you are not awaiting the moment that will enable you to become a Knesset Member,” the interviewer asked Haskel.

"I am waiting patiently and I am excited. I am already ready for the difficult work that will stand before me if I enter,” she replied.

Danon, 44, is also Chairman of the Likud's Central Committee. In the previous government, he served as Deputy Defense Minister but was fired by the prime minister when he voiced harsh criticism of the government in the initial phase of Operation Protective Edge.

The accepted political wisdom among pundits is that Netanyahu wanted to appoint Danon to the UN as a way of removing him from the internal Likud political arena for several years. Danon was making Netanyahu's life miserable in power struggles within the Likud Central Committee and Secretariat.

The Zionist Union's MK Tzipi Livni reacted badly to the news of Danon's appointment. “Netanyahu is abandoning Israel in the difficult diplomatic battle in the international arena, and preferring his personal interest inside the Likud Central Committee over Israel's security interests."

The Zionist Union's response began with a jab at Danon's present job as Science and Space Minister, for which he was mocked by many snobbish leftists as being intellectually unfit.

"Houston, we have a problem,” read the party's statement. “The appointment of the Space Minister as UN Ambassador is another nail that Bibi is hammering into the coffin of Israel's foreign relations. The prime minister is behaving like a low-tier Likud functionary who arranges jobs for people, and not as a leader who has Israel's interests as his top priority.”
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
What can I say about Livni? When she's right, she's right.

Christian "Zionists'" buddy Danny Danon does not seem to be complaining, though, about being pushed out of the way.

MK Miri Regev is interested in the position Likud Central Committee Chair. I could think of anyone better to take over from Danon.

On the other hand, I am not at all thrilled with the prospects of a future MK Sharren Haskel.

Could Prime Minister Netanyahu finally be accepting the possibility of elections breathing down his neck?

Stay tuned!

Another One of Naftali Bennett's "Brilliant" Ideas!

ראש החודש השישי תשע״ה

This post was written with help from the ISRAEL: THE JEWISH NATION group on Facebook and Netanel Feingold.
JPost: Arab students will learn Hebrew from kindergarten, Bennett announces
Maariv Online with Lahav Harkov, 08/14/2015

"Improvement of Hebrew among Arab students will result in their ability to more easily integrate into the Israeli workforce, and economy and society at large," he added.

Education Minister and leader of the right-wing religious-Zionist party Bayit Yehudi Naftali Bennett thinks that Arab students in Israel need to learn more Hebrew. Bennett announced that in the coming year, the Education Ministry will be rolling out a program called "Continuous Hebrew" in which Arab students will begin learning Hebrew as a compulsory subject beginning in kindergarten.

The program aims to improve the Arab students' verbal Hebrew language abilities and will run from kindergarten through grade 12 and will cost an additional 30 mill

Bennett said the decision was meant to narrow social gaps in Israel.

"The decision for Hebrew to be taught in kindergartens in the Arab sector was taken with a view to the children's future," Bennett said.

"We believe that the improvement of Hebrew among Arab students will result in their ability to more easily integrate into the Israeli workforce, and economy and society at large," he added.

Education Ministry statistics show that 93 percent of grade 6 Arab students think that knowing Hebrew will help them to succeed in the future. Only 47 percent of the students have exposure to Hebrew outside of school; 26 percent read newspapers in Hebrew, and only 16 percent watch Hebrew television programs.

Study of Arabic from first grade

In May, MK Oren Hazan proposed a bill requiring Israeli pupils to study Arabic from first grade.

The legislation states that schools in all sectors of Israeli society must learn Hebrew and Arabic – Israel’s official languages – from first grade onward.

“Just as it cannot be that Arab citizens complete 12 years of school without knowing Hebrew, the existing situation, in which Jewish citizens complete 12 years of school without knowing Arabic, cannot continue,” Hazan wrote in the bill’s explanatory portion.

The Likud MK pointed out that Arabic is on street signs and used by public institutions and government offices.

Mandatory Arabic classes “will allow students and citizens to understand one another,” he explained. “Knowing the language of the other is the basis for understanding and mutual respect, which are necessary in the current situation in Israel.”

According to Hazan, knowing Arabic will help Jewish Israelis understand Israeli Arabs’ culture and social codes.

“Knowing the language and being able to communicate with different people can increase our sense of security and serve as a bridge between people,” he added.

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Naftali Bennett working his magic...again!
Seriously? How does Naftali Bennett even come up with this stuff?

How incredibly embarrassing that he is Israel's Minister of Education.

It looks like these Arabs already know Hebrew pretty well.

Arabs vandalize a Jerusalem light rail station in their own neighborhood of Shu'afat.

Hebrew graffiti: "Death to Israel, Death to Jews"
Let me tell Minister of Education Naftali Bennett something. I taught in his the Israeli public school system for eight years.

I wonder how much experience Bennett has in the elementary school classroom.

One of these years I taught in Yaffo, at a school which was two thirds Jewish and one third Arab. It was made very clear that this was a Jewish and Hebrew language school, both by the Ministry of Education, and by the secular, Jewish principle. But, these middle-class Arab students' parents were happy that their kids attended this school anyway,...for integration purposes.

While the upper class Arabs went to private schools, and the lower class Arab kids' parents chose to send their kids to the Arabic language, public school, these middle class Arab students of mine spoke Arabic at home and Hebrew at school and often on the street, most of them without any noticeable accent. They only began to learn how to read and write Arabic in the fourth grade, just like the Jewish kids.

In this school, the Arab kids are already learning Hebrew, starting in the first grade.

If Naftali Bennett is concerned about social gaps, then why doesn't he concern himself with the "Israeli Arab" community internally?

Let me tell Naftali Bennett what happens when middle and upper class, "Israeli Arabs" learn Hebrew.

Iyyad changes his name to Idan, to fit into Israeli society better. Then, in university, or college, or vocational school, he starts dating Rachel. Before Rachel realizes that Idan the Israeli is really Iyyad the "Israeli Arab" Muslim, she is already smitten with him, believing that she is in love.

You won't have to worry about Rachel's Arabic skills, because she is about to get a crash course,...literally!

I wonder how much experience Bennett has teaching Arabs.

As far as MK Hazan and the "social codes" of Israeli Arabs go, just look at the photo above.

Our children do not have to learn Arabic to understand their "social codes." They have to learn more Tana"kh (Bible). It's all there, in the Tana"kh, and in the news. Even the leftist-controlled news media cannot manage to hide all of the truth from us.

The Yishma'elim (Arabs/Muslims) understand physicality; they understand force. And they certainly already understand our social codes quite well, including just how gullible we are, including our Minister of Education.

If Bennett were really a Religious Zionist, and truly right wing, then would be concerned with doing something else to the Arabs, not teaching them Hebrew in the first grade.

He certainly wouldn't be interested in giving some Arabs autonomy and others Israeli citizenship.

The Bennett Plan vs. the Arafat Plan
Can you tell the difference?

Nor would he support any building freezes.

It's all relative, I guess.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

One Israeli's Different Kind of War

כ״ח לחודש החמישי תשע״ה

Avi Ram, a native Israeli, currently living in Florida, is competing in the second season of the television, reality show Skin Wars.
Skin Wars is a show, in which contestants compete against each other in the art of body painting.

Skin Wars is hosted by Rebecca Romijn is no stranger to body painting. She is probably best known for her role Mystique in the X-Men movie franchise. Mystique's costume is painted directed onto the actress's body.

In each episode, there is a short challenge, after which the winner receives a body painting related prize, as well as an advantage in the next, main challenge. The lowest rated contestant in the main challenge is eliminated from the competition.

Avi Ram
official Skin Wars promo shot

In this week’s main, “concept challenge,” the five remaining contestants had to paint their models to look like robots.

**Tzni'us Alert?**

Avi’s creation took inspiration from Israel’s “Iron Dome” missile defense system. Avi is from a town close to Azza (Gaza), and where his mother still lives. In this week's episode, he recounted the times when an alarm would sound for residents to enter their bomb shelters. Sometimes, he remembered, this could happen every 20 minutes.

Noting that the “Iron Dome” is less than one hundred percent effective, Avi created a robot which would never miss intercepting a rocket shot into Israel. The khaki green color is supposed to mimic the Israeli Defense Forces [IDF] uniform.

"Iron Dome 3000"
Avi Ram, Airbrush Hero
"Skin Wars" S02 E08

This week’s judges, champion body painters Craig Tracy and Robin Slonina, entertainer RuPaul Charles, and Academy Award nominated, special effects artist Alec Gillis, seemed to give Avi only one, main piece of criticism, that the Star of David on his "Iron Dome 3000" robot did not pop out more.

RuPaul is known for poking non-offensive fun at all groups of people equally on his own show “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

I wonder if the show will get flack for staying away from politics, and focusing only on Avi's artistic expression, and even complimenting him for drawing on his personal experiences.

If they had mentioned something political about "innocent civilians in Gaza," the show might have been called anti-Israel or anti-Semitic.

Now, enter a group with an opposing view to defend the show's actions, and blame a conspiratorial, Zionist lobbying machine for influencing the art world.

I think you can see what I mean.

Honestly, I believe that the runner up in this episode, Lana, might have edged Avi out. No one would have batted an eyelash, if the judges had awarded her the win. They were that close. (Sorry, Avi!)

Instead, the judges and producers did not shy away from sticking to the sole purpose of the show, an artistic competition, and judging accordingly.

I think that they handled this well, and prevented a big, unnecessary drama which was just begging to happen.

I mention this show's episode as an example of the dilemmas the entertainment industry is being forced to face on a regular basis.

Avi, on the other hand, has a different dilemma to face. In this episode, he said that he would use some of the prize money on a trip to Israel. Avi and his mother have only seen each other for two weeks out of the past seven years. He said that he has wanted to go back, but his mother has told him that it is too dangerous, so he should stay in the U. S.

You can find contact information for Avi Ram through the links embedded above.

If you decide to contact him, to tell him how amazing his work it, do not forget to tell him that, prize money or not, he should come home, and visit his mother!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Terrorists Or Freedom Fighters?

כ"ז לחודש החמישי תשע"ה

This is the bottom line of what they think.
Arutz 7: Israeli-Arab Actor Defends Hijacker: He Was No 'Terrorist'
Israeli Arab actor at premier of 'Sabena' says Black September hijacker who threatened to murder passengers was 'fighter' for 'stolen' land. 
Yoni Kempinski, 8/12/2015 
Award-winning Israeli Arab actor George Iskandar spoke with Arutz Sheva on Tuesday night at the premier screening of the film "Sabena" at Cinema City in Jerusalem, and claimed that the Black September terrorist he portrays in the film "isn't a terrorist." 

The film recreates the May 9, 1972 hijacking by four Black September terrorists of Sabena Flight 571, a passenger flight arriving from Vienna to Lod Airport with 90 passengers on board, and the ensuing heroic rescue mission by Israeli commandos - including future prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu. 
But Iskandar said, "I don't like this word 'terrorist.'"

Referring to Ali Taha Abu Sanina, who he plays in the movie, he said, "I don't call him a 'terrorist,' I call him a 'fighter,' he's a person who had something stolen from him, something taken from him, and he fights to get it back." 
"I can not agree or agree with the way in which he fought. But I don't think that a person who had something stolen from him and fights for it back can be called a 'terrorist,'" he said, terminologically justifying attacks on civilians with the "stealing" of land at Israel's foundation. (cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Well, it seems that "Israeli Arab" actor George Iskandar believes that land was stolen at the State of Israel's foundation.

How many other "Israeli Arabs" feel the same way? For that matter, how many assimilated Jews feel the same way?

But, I digress...

It also seems that there is still a disagreement as to whether Arab terrorists with Jewish blood on their hands are terrorists or freedom fighters, simply because they have a reason behind their desire to annihilate the Jewish People, and not just attempting to do so for the heck of it.

Prime Minister Menachem Begin
(next to his secret police mugshot)
Former Israeli Prime Ministers Menachem Begin (Etzel) and Yitzhaq Shamir (Lechi) believed that the British were ruling over their land, and wanted to be rid of them in favor of a Jewish government. Were they terrorists or freedom fighters?

Since we have museums dedicated to the Etzel and Lechi, I guess that means that they were freedom fighters.

But, Arabs believe that this is their land, so why do we call them terrorists, and not freedom fighters?

Prime Minister Yitzhaq Shamir
(next to his wanted poster offering a reward for his capture)
The only justification for this differentiation is what the Torah says, that Eretz Yisra'el (Land of Israel) belongs to the Jews, and not the Arabs.

But, as long as we remain wishy-washy about this, and relate to only part of the Torah, and not to the entire Torah, we will continue to remain in this precarious position, of there doubt over our claim to Eretz Yisra'el.

Did we steal Arab land, or did we reconquer it? Why are we afraid to use this word "conquer?" The Arabs are not afraid to use it.

PLO military insignia
The Land cannot belong to both peoples. As we have see countless times in the past, the Arabs do not just want Yehudah, Shomron, and Azza (Judea, Samaria, and Gaza) alone.

They want it all, and they clearly do not want to share it with Jews, let alone allow Jews to be a part of its future, deMOCKratic goverment.

Our fellow, yet confused Jews, indoctrinated into Western, non-Jewish society, and constantly inundated with mixed messages from all around them, are looking for self-identity and self-esteem everything except authentic Judaism. After all, who would even think about search for self-identity and self-esteem in a place where the representatives appear to be just as confused as they are?

Whether searching for self-identity and self-esteem within the so-called "movements" of pseudo-Judaism, as an "American," like many German Jews did in the 1930's, by assimilating into Western culture, or by disappear into a shrine, an ashram, a church, or a mosque, these Jews are lost, and cannot blame them.

With whom would you side, one who is direct and committed to its beliefs, or one who is not?

Which of these sides would appear to you, to have a strong self-identity and high self-esteem?

Until we stand up and say directly that Eretz Yisrael belongs to the Jews, and not just "sort of," or "maybe so," or "partly," then we cannot expect our fellow Jews to stop siding with the Arabs' claim to our Land.

And so, I ask you, were Begin and Shamir terrorists or freedom fighters?

They were fighting for the freedom of our Land, Eretz Yisra'el, so the answer should be a no-brainer.


For those versed in Talmud, see the beginning of the Talmud Bavli Babba Metzi'a. Then you will see what I mean.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Synagogue to be Destroyed with a Message to Efrat Residents

כ״ו לחודש החמישי תשע״ה

Yet another Jewish structure is slated for demolition, due to a claim by an Arab that the land it was built on is his.

Jews have documents proving the land's purchase, 20 years ago. Apparently, that is not important to the Israeli courts.

Did I mention that this structure is a synagogue? Israeli courts are in the business of destroying synagogues.

Why does this not surprise me?
Arutz 7: Givat Ze'ev Synagogue Evacuated, Worshipers in Tears
Security forces begin to remove equipment from the synagogue in Givat Ze'ev ahead of its planned demolition. 
Eliran Aharon, 8/10/2015 
Civil Administration forces on Sunday night began to evacuate the synagogue Ayelet HaShahar synagogue in the town of Givat Ze'ev. 

The Supreme Court earlier on Sunday postponed the demolition of the synagogue until August 17, following the intervention of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. While the demolition will be held off until that date, all the equipment in the synagogue will be removed for the time being.

On Monday, the worshipers will hold a special ceremony, following which the Torah scrolls will be removed from the synagogue.

The synagogue, which has been in use for over 20 years, was slated to be demolished after a far-left group filed a petition with the Court, claiming that the structure had been build on privately-owned Palestinian Arab land. 
The petition had been working its way through the courts for at least three years. Members of the congregation have offered the land's alleged owners a high price for the purchase or rental of the land, but they, and their lawyers, have insisted that the synagogue be torn down. It is not clear why the Palestinian claimants waited some two decades to make their claims, the congregants said.

The heads of the congregation are in possession of documents showing that they bought the land from its owners, which is the reason that the court has not yet finalized its decision, their attorneys said. The congregation's attorneys are hoping to make one final appeal to prevent the demolition.
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Over 10 years ago, I remember "Yael," resident of Efrat, and at the time, member of Women In Green, tell Elisheva Federman, resident and activist from Hevron, that she knew that Efrat would never be evacuated, but that if Hevron needed to be evacuated for the sake of peace, then she would understand.

Shortly after this televised panel discussion, "Yael" parted ways with Women In Green.

Residents of Efrat, believe that their town is safe, as the well-behaved, suburban jewel, of the "settler movement," and Israeli Government itself.

Speaking of Efrat, former Gush Etzion mayor Shaul Goldstein moved to Azza 10 years ago, in alleged "solidarity" with those slated for expulsion from their homes. The YeSh"A (Judea, Samaria, and Gaza) Council collaborated with the Israeli Government in the expulsion of Jews from Azza.

Adding insult to injury, on that fateful day of the expulsion of Jews from Azza, Mayor Goldstein faked his own expulsion from his temporary home for the cameras.

Tomer Devorah also remembers similar incidents, of so-called "settlers" turning against each other, some of whom are the same "settlers" who tell us not to show "baseless hatred" toward Arabs. Like their "rabbis," they obviously ignorant of halakhah (Torah Law) on several levels.

Ten years ago, a friend of mine produced a T-Shirt with the phrase...

Tel-Aviv is a settlement.

...while in Tel-Aviv is is possible to see the graffiti, "The Settler is not my brother!" all over town.

Last year's Hamas rockets did not wake them up to the realities of being Jews. Now, it is clear that Hezbollah's missiles have the capability of reaching Tel-Aviv.

Neither have the thefts, assaults and rapes at the hands of Sudanese and Eritrean insurgents in the city's southern neighborhoods.

Aftermath of the destruction of the Tapu'ah West Synagogue.
The destruction was carried out with IDF Rabbinate approval.
Not a whole lot of "settlers" expressed concern when the Tapu'ah West Synagogue  was destroyed in 2003. Even though the land upon which it was built had been in Jewish hands for years, and with the approval of Prime Minister Ehud Baraq, 10 years previously.

Beth-El Ulpana Neighborhood apartment buildings, standing 13 years, before being destroyed.
Remember the Beit Ulpanah Neighborhood in Beth-El? It actually stood for 13 years, before the land upon which it stood was claimed, and the the neighborhood subsequently destroyed.

Quite a few Beth-El residents even joined in the expulsion of their own neighbors from this complex.

Now, we hear about a synagogue in Givat Ze'ev. Givat Ze'ev is a town just north of Jerusalem, with a population of around 15,000. Like Beitar, Ariel, Ma'aleh Adumim, Qedumim, Qiriyath Sefer, and Efrat, Givat Ze'ev is one of those towns in the medium to large range, which no one believes would ever be dismantled and expelled of its Jews, as it is within the "settlement blocks," the Israeli Government has stated that it intends to keep, even it hands over anymore lands at all to the Arabs in a final settlement agreement.

So-called "settlement blocks" viewed as "keepers" by the Israeli Government
(Click to enlarge map.)
Do you see the pattern that I see?

It seems that the Israeli Supreme Court is hellbent on ridding Yehudah and Shomron of every Jew, and handing the land over to Arabs who lay claim to it years after the fact, and often encouraged to do so by leftist "Jews."

Lucky for Tel-Aviv, though, I have yet to see any claims lodged against the affluent, leftist, Tel-Aviv neighborhood of Ramat Aviv or Tel-Aviv University, both built on the Arab village of Sheikh Munis.

This is post is not only a message, or rather a warning, to the residents of Efrat, who see themselves as Jerusalem suburbanites, but also to the residents of North Tel-Aviv, who often appear to be living in a bubble, identifying more as "progressive" Europeans than as Jews living in the Middle East.

No one is safe from expulsion, not a neighborhood standing for 13 years, not a synagogue standing for 20 years, not a Jerusalem suburb, and not even Tel-Aviv.

Monday, August 10, 2015

The Unreported Reality of Homophobia in Jerusalem

כ"ה לחודש החמישי תשע"ה
YNET WATCH: What happens when gay couple walk down Jerusalem street?Only days after the lethal stabbing attack on the city's gay pride parade, Shai and Ophir's modest show of affection is met with abuse.
Nir Cohen, 08.09.15 
Last Wednesday, less than a week after the lethal stabbing attack during the Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade, Shai and Ophir went for a stroll in the city center, holding hands. Ynet's hidden camera accompanied them – and this is what happened. 
What happens when gay couple walk down Jerusalem street?
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Nope. I am not embedding this video here.

I have seen plenty of men in Jerusalem, gay and straight, showing affection for each other in public. Men holding hands received looks, yes, But, abuse? No. Perhaps this was because of the subtle and modest way in which these men carried themselves, in quintessential, Jerusalemite fashion. They could have been brothers or best friends from the army, with their arms around each other, and kissing each other on the cheek.

Ever seen two groups of North African and Iraqi, young men meet each other on the street? Many have the ritual of each member of one group kissing each member of the other group. I guarantee you that no one will be calling any of them sexually abusive names!

Much has been written on the differences between Jerusalemites and Tel-Avivim. Regardless of being religious, Haredi, or even secular, they are different. Many even pride themselves on being able to tell the difference between them, even from afar.

Where are Shai and Ophir from? Jerusalem? Or Tel-Aviv?

Israel is on the Mediterranean Sea, and in the Middle East, areas known for public displays of affection between men. You can also just read the Torah, and the rest of Tana"kh (Bible) and you will know what I mean.

Unfortunately, Shai and Ophir cheapen this tradition with their unforgivable, fashion violations!

These men clearly wanted to make a point. Hidden cameras or not, their methods were clearly NOT scientific.
Pride Flag placed coincidentally in front of the Orthodox Union [OU] Israel Center, Jerusalem.
(Photo Credit: Help me find this photographer)
In my not so humble opinion, the most significant, and the most interesting part of this video is that none of the nasty comments cam from anyone visibly religious looking. There were two dumbfounded faces, one from a Haredi looking couple, and one from a Haredi looking boy.

All of the comments appeared to have come from non-religious looking people, and from women almost as much as men.


Granted, these men did not appear to be strolling through primarily religious neighborhoods. Nevertheless, the video shows that whatever negative attitudes exist in Jerusalem toward gay men, their source originates from across the spectrum, and not just from the Haredi sector, which one might expect, and I believe this video might not have minded to prove. However, if this is it failed.

Why was this not mentioned by left-wing, YNET?

This video seemed to be a version of the 10 Hours Walking in New York as a Woman (or African American or Jew) videos.

I wonder how much footage these men and their crew had to film in order to obtain the less than two minutes, jam packed with nasty comments.

I am guessing quite a bit. Say 10 hours?

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Jews Who Boycott Israel? The Definition of Peace?

כ"ד לחודש החמישי תשע"ה

I have yet to see any satisfactory comments on this topic. So, I will chime in as well. This report is from a few weeks ago, but I believe still relevant, very much so, in fact.
Arutz 7: Jews Lead Israel Boycott on US Campuses
Shocked anchorman for Channel 2 TV interviews 'Jewish Voice for Peace' activists who favor boycott on all Israeli products. 
Gil Ronen, 7/19/2015 
(English w/Hebrew subtitles/באנגלית עם כתוביות בעברית)

Channel 2, Israel's most widely viewed television channel, devoted an in-depth report on its main weekend newscast to the American Jews who play a prominent role in the movement that calls to boycott Israel and end security assistance to it. 
Anchorman and reporter Danny Kushmaro interviewed Candace Graff, a Harvard graduate and activist in Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), who told him: "After spending a year in Israel before I started college, I've never felt less Jewish. I've never felt less connected to my religion than when I was in Israel. Because my Jewish identity is about justice, freedom and equality.” 
A shaky video showed mostly female members of JVP entering the offices of Friends of the IDF and reading out names of Palestinians killed in Gaza, reportedly in a protest against US assistance to Israel.

Graff said that she boycotts all Israeli products, including those made in Tel Aviv. “There is no separation between the Occupation and the economy of Israel,” she explained. A second activist, Brandon Davis, confirmed to a shocked Kushmaro that he has no problem with several million Palestinians entering Israel as part of the “Right of Return.”.

“You want me to gamble on my life,” Kushmaro said to Davis, and explained that the scenario he is supporting would spell the end of a Jewish Israel.

Davis was emphatic, however, and decreed: “We're talking about the end of a Jewish supremacist Israel.”

“I don't have anything against you,” Alice Rothschild told Kushmaro. “I feel that Israel has lost its way.” When asked why this is her business, she refers to US military aid to Israel: “I am responsible because I am funding the occupation.”

A young woman called Tali Reskin (or Roskin) spoke to Kushmaro in Boston an hour after the United Church of Christ voted to boycott products made in Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem, and expressed her excitement over the development. She claimed that JVP is growing fast, and that more and more Jews are supporting BDS.

The [video] report, which is mostly in English, is embedded above.
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
I would like to go over some of the statements made in the above report, one at a time.
1. "After spending a year in Israel before I started college, I've never felt less Jewish. I've never felt less connected to my religion than when I was in Israel. Because my Jewish identity is about justice, freedom and equality.” 
“There is no separation between the Occupation and the economy of Israel,”
Her Jewish identity may be about justice, freedom, and equality. However, these are patterned off of the Western galuth (exile), and assimilationist, "movements of Judaism's" distortion of these Torah (ie) concepts.
2. He has no problem with several million Palestinians entering Israel as part of the “Right of Return.”. 
The Israeli journalist replies, “You want me to gamble on my life,” then rightly concludes that the scenario he is supporting would spell the end of a Jewish Israel.
“We're talking about the end of a Jewish supremacist Israel.”
Supremacist Israel? What is Israel supreme over?

Certainly not the Arabs, who murder, steal, rape, and maim at will, yet either get light sentences, or get release under a prison release program, 1,000 Arab prisoners for one Jew.

Certainly not over the U. S., which yells jump, and for the most part, the Israeli government asks, "How high?" Once in a while an Israeli prime minister will throw up an objection over a plan (Iran Deal/Kerry link), which quite possibly lead to the annihilation to the Jewish People. Then he will gradually cave into U. S. demands, in one way or another, disguising it as an Israeli political victory.

These Jews, those of them who really are Jews, have been trained, or rather indoctrinated into the assimilationist idea, that Jews are just like everyone else in the world, intermarriage is perfectly acceptable, and that Western progressive culture reigns supreme.

They have been trained to believe in the complete and utter fallacy that Arabs want peace, a peace which does not entail the annihilation of the Jewish People.
3. “I don't have anything against you,”
“I feel that Israel has lost its way.”
“I am responsible because I am funding the occupation.”
What occupation? Arabs attacked us, and wanted to annihilate us in תש"ח/1948, and spitting in the face of the decision of the same United Nations, which they currently exploit for power. Israel defended itself, and in the process gained more land.

The same thing happened in  תשכ"ז/1967 (Six Day War) and in  תשל"ד/1973 (Yom Kippur War). Land was won from Jordan, and then from Egyptian, NOT Palestine, because there was never a Palestine!

What are we supposed to do? Roll over and die, after we watch our own JEWISH children die, so that Hamas, human shield children may live,...until they grow up and go blow themselves up, killing even more JEWISH children??!!

I suppose that you truly believe that if Israel would withdraw from Yehudah and Shomron (Judea and Samaria) that everything will be alright.

The "progressive" West demands that we "accept and understand" cultures different from theirs. Yet, I understand Arab culture better that they do! I accept and understand that Arabs want to annihilate us, with the sword, or by making us dhimmis, or by taking our sisters as wives to beat up, and to teach their Jewish children to hate themselves, or by seducing our brothers into taking their women as wives, thus eliminating them from producing Jewish children.

Just read the Tana"kh (Bible). It's all there.

But, why am I wasting my breath? Historical facts have never worked with these people. They believe what they want to believe, what they have been brainwashed to believe by and motivated by low-esteem, and a desire to fit in with the goyim (non-Jews) around them.

Many have suggested that I leave out Torah from my arguments. These Jews are so far away from connecting to it, that I would only push them farther away. However, since the only justification for Jews' claim to Eretz Yisra'el (Land of Israel) IS the Torah, and cannot help but publicize the truth.

What these Jews were taught was Torah, in your "Reform" (link) Hebrew schools, or in those of the other so-called "Jewish denominations," were actually lies and distortions.

In the same light, many of them have been told that they are Jews, when in fact, they are not, due to pseudo-conversions, and the ridiculous idea of "patrilineal descent" having been ingrained in their programming.

The Torah is not "conserved," by searching for sources to justify what we want to do, instead of searching for the truth about what The Almighty wants us to do.

The Torah does not need any "reconstruction" or "renewal" or "humanism." It is fine just the way it is.

And I am the one who has supposedly been brainwashed, because I keep Torah and mitzvoth, and believe that HaZa"L (Our Sages) knew better than I do.
4. expressed her excitement over the development [a liberal Christian organization voted to boycott products made in Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem]. She claimed that JVP is growing fast, and that more and more Jews are supporting BDS.
I, too, believe in peace, true peace, and this true peace includes:
Jews who are no longer self-hating, suicidal, and hellbent on being the best members of Western civilization they possibly can. 
Jews who know the difference between true, Jewish values and sensibilities and non-Jewish ones. 
Jews who follow their heritage, which is the Torah, and not the heritage of others. 
Jews who see that the Torah covers every aspect of a Jew's life, not just what we put into our mouths or which tasks we refrain from doing on Shabbath. 
Jews who love and fear The Almighty, more than they love and fear the goyim.
You want to call be a religious fanatic? Go right ahead.

I am sure that is the way it looks like to you, because you are completely cut off from your heritage, which is Torah and Eretz Yisra'el.

There has been no greater, spiritual war of the Jewish People than the latest, and longest exile. It has been so devastating to us, that many, if not most of us, do not even realize that we are in the midst of it. Or if they do, they do not realize that they are on the losing side, the side falling farther and farther away from Torah, and a connection to The Almighty.

Your vision of peace is just an illusion, one produced by the West, as a way to destroy us from within.

I have no doubt that they will find this to be condescending to them, and arrogant on my part. Nevertheless, I cannot remain silent, and pray that these Jews (those of them who really are Jews) wake up before it is too late.

May The Almighty help and guide you.