Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More On Qitniyoth

5 d'Hol HaMo'ed Pesah 5768

QitniyothIt was told to us that a few years ago, the Rabbinuth HaShomron (Samaria Rabbinic Council) was asked to inspect a factory which produced salads, the primary ingredients of which are qitniyoth. The owner of the factory desired a kashruth certification for Pesah. After the Rabbinuth's thorough inspection was carried out, one problem was revealed. A wheat seed or two was found while sifting through the dried ingredients. The rabbis involved explained that this is highly problematic, but that excellent technology was now available which allows the sifting of varying sizes of seeds, preventing the wheat [or other mahmitz] from getting into the mixture, and eliminating any hashash (concern) of a hametziq product from being produced.

(I am not sure how many times the sifting of each set of seeds was required even with such refined machinery.)

The factory owner bought the special equipment, and was granted kashruth certification from Rabbinuth HaShomron.

The factory then advertised this special stringency it was taking, and as a result, it made a killing.

Other kashruth groups were up in arms, and actually called to threaten the Rabbinuth HaShomron for instituting such stringencies, that they did not have. The Rabbinuth HaShomron held its ground, and would not be intimidated.

Neighbors proclaimed to me, "See?! This is why we don't eat kitniyot!"

My response?

Sounds to me that the Rabbanuth HaShomron's excellent reputation for strict standards of kashruth certification is well-deserved.


Batya said...


I think there's a problem, loshen haraa, when you hint but name no names. It makes people "think" and suspect those who may be innocent. It's worse than telling the truth and naming names.

It may be best to have said noting at all.

Esser Agaroth said...

Batya, I am afraid you are mistaken here.

I erased more than enough of the details.

Furthermore, this story was already made public, thus it is certainly permissible for me to repeat it.

What you are correct in rebuking me for is not getting my facts right.

See the corrected version.

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